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A Chronic Case of Aconitum Napellus

Written by Carmel Karty

Homeopath Carmel Karty presents a case involving multiple chronic pathologies.

A 45-year-old man comes for treatment in February 2010. He is married with 3 children – two daughters and a son – and works in high-tech. The first spontaneous sentence he utters is: “It’s complicated, everything is connected to genetics. My father suffered from heart and blood diseases; that, plus his heavy smoking, led to emphysema and a heart attack at the age of 32. When he died I was sent for medical tests and, at the age of 26, discovered I had high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I have been taking medication for 20 years and then, in addition, developed high blood pressure that went up and up and, 7 years ago, anemia with a hemoglobin count of 10.6. Over the last 3 years I also developed autoimmune arthritis.”

Two years ago he suffered a heart attack, underwent a catheterization procedure that diagnosed advanced arteriosclerosis and had 2 stents inserted. His pulse is always high, 75 when sedentary, 200 when running. Medications: Salazopyrin – for joints; Aspirin and Plavix for blood thinning; Normetin and Tritset for high blood pressure; Ezetrol for cholesterol; Tredaptive for HDL.

Arthritis: Elbow, hand and fingers, foot on left-hand side that moved to the right-hand side. Swelling and stiffness that impedes hand function. Emotional stress levels further aggravate the problem. Symmetrical muscle pain in legs. Beginning of motion is at first a little difficult, then it is better to the extent that he doesn’t want to stop exercising.

He engages in aerobic sport 3-4 times a week. All his life he has exercised: running, walking. Following the heart attack he entered a rehabilitation program that included nutrition and sport. Five years ago his daughter underwent difficult treatment for a cancerous tumor: operations and tests.

At work: Strain and stress, many issues, intensive, a tight time schedule, fascinating and challenging, dealing with hundreds of issues simultaneously. Surrounded by office politics, people don’t behave according to what is right but according to how they can get ahead at work. He is annoyed by the fact that he has drifted to give up important matters under the pressure to succeed. Since childhood he has suffered from attention deficit disorder and has learned to live with it. Cannot sit still for long periods of time, has to go out, walk around and come back. Practical work is easy for him. Gets bored at work and changes jobs every two years. Needs work that involves being on the move and meetings with people.

His overall feeling is good, happy. He always feels good. He is not worried about his health. He looks after himself and keeps going. Worries about the children, waiting for them to come home at night.

Food: Enjoys a varied diet.

D: seafood, sweets.

AV: pickles and coriander

Drink: water not too cold, diet drinks and coffee. He makes sure to drink a lot.

GEN: He doesn’t like cold weather, loves the sea (3), sun, and summer. Suffers from humidity and the heat bothers him.

Sleep: He needs a lot of sleep and likes to sleep in the afternoon where possible. Comes home from work at 8 in the evening, rests 15 minutes, then exercises, goes to sleep at midnight and gets up at 6 in the morning. Although he gets up feeling rested and refreshed, once he starts driving he feels fatigued.

Digestion: Okay, once a day in the morning. A few years ago he suffered from hemorrhoids because of constipation, now it is okay. Four years ago he suffered from heartburn, was diagnosed with Helicobacter, prescribed antibiotics and now everything is fine.

Weight: In 1990 he went on a diet, had acupuncture and lost 20 kilos; he maintained this weight for 5-6 years and gradually put on 10 kilos and now the situation is stable

He really loves the sea, sailing, has sailed a lot, likes to hear the sea. He can sit and do nothing, read newspapers, but reading a book is difficult. Has no patience for nonsense. Highly ambitious, he wants to manage, to be promoted. He is a manager who enables and supports others. He can be critical and cynical towards the boss. He talks about anything and is friendly, but does not talk about his own feelings.

Nails: There was a period ten years ago when he had a fungal infection; it was treated and is now okay.

Analysis: A difficult, complicated instance of a pathology that has steadily accumulated as a result of a hereditary condition, plus stress levels, plus conventional treatment that suppresses the Vital force.

Timeline: For 20 years – from the age of 26 – he has been prescribed medication for cholesterol and high blood pressure, which went up and up, and anemia with a hemoglobin count of 10.6.

Four years ago he was treated for Heliobacter. Over the last 3 years, he has been treated for arthritis, apparently autoimmune-related. According to Hering’s Law, I expect an improvement: that is, first the arthritis, then anemia and high blood pressure and, of course, cholesterol. At the same time he experienced an improvement in attention deficit disorder problems.

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According to the Herscu model, we have a segment of hyperactivity containing impatience and high blood pressure, in conjunction with a segment of cessation: arthritis, muscle pain and the need for a lot of sleep. The segment of the exciting causes includes a difficulty to accept injustice, genetics, ambition and anger about stupidity, versus MOD, a love of the sea, the joints improved by the administration of local heat, D for ice cream, an improvement through sleep and a liking to be on the move.

Rx: The genetic factor is very clear, with the type of pathology and great love of the sea. I decided to start with C200 MED as a miasmic remedy.

Late April 2010: Follow up Meeting

Initially, there was no change but two-and-a-half weeks later changes were apparent. The arthritis, which the medication had made less acute and even improved, began to show signs of relapse. The joint pain worsened and an eye infection developed – red eyes and a feeling of dryness, sand in the eye, a little itchy. Blood tests indicated relapse: higher cholesterol and lower hemoglobin count. This was stressful for him due to his awareness that balancing his medication was difficult. The joints are now improving, but the eyes are not. He reduced the dosage of the arthritis medication Salazopyrin by a quarter and then went back to the original dosage because of the relapse. He reduced the dosage or Normetin by half and his blood pressure was fine. The muscle pains were better during this period.

At work it became easier for him to control his reaction to events, and to act selectively according to his own judgment, and still remain at peace with himself. The problem of concentration has perhaps worsened to some extent. His appetite has generally increased, not necessarily for sweets. He cut out coffee and when he went back to drinking it, it was really difficult to fall asleep. He feels better with the change in the weather, less sensitive to humidity. He is much less tired; the day passes more easily without the evening crash. His digestion is absolutely fine.

Evaluation: The remedy did have some effect, but definitely not enough. Now is the time to administer the constitutional remedy. What is unique about this case is that despite the condition of his health, which is deteriorating, he feels strong and is continuing to engage in extreme physical activity to the fullest extent. The existing cause for the onset of arthritis and the deterioration of his health over the years, is without a shadow of a doubt, the diagnosis of his daughter’s cancerous tumor. This was an enormous, sudden emotional shock that affected his entire life and that of his family.

Rx Aconite 200C. One dose

AconiteACONITE is also suitable for arthritis: the type of pain and the benefit of warmth (see repertorization above).

Late June 2010

He has moved to a new job. It is a good job with good working relations.

The arthritis has improved slightly from the previous relapse and the pain and inflammation have reduced. His right forefinger and wrist is swollen, the level of pain has decreased. Joint pain does not wake him up at night.

His fatigue has improved significantly, he is more alert. He feels less that the battery is winding down. His digestive system is a little unsettled but okay. His eyes are better, a little red at times

Evaluation: Things are starting to move and the improvement in alertness and in the joint problems indicate that we are on the right track. The pace is slow because of the type of pathology and all the medication he is taking.

Late July 2010

For the last month the dosage of Salazopyrin, prescribed for joint pain, has been carefully reduced. It isn’t going smoothly and there is sensitivity and pain. Sleeping better, attention deficit disorder shows a slight improvement.

Evaluation: Advance the process with a daily dose of Acon LM2.

Late August 2010

On a flight to the United States for work – unlike on previous flights – there was no joint pain and no swelling in the legs. The last blood tests revealed a sharp decrease in cholesterol and HDL and a rise in hemoglobin count. There is still slight muscle pain, but much less, and the swelling in the fingers has decreased.

Attention and concentration – there is a sense that it is better, a too-big lowering of blood pressure – the medication must be reduced. Eyes are a little dry. He is more satisfied with work and with relationships at work. Less impatient. Worrying less about the children – sleeping better, doesn’t wait to see that they’ve come home.

Food: Less desire for sweets.

Summer is hard, high humidity levels, and he is not suffering.

Rx Acon 4 Lm.

Mid-October 2010

Hemoglobin count rises to 12, blood fats are fine, and the joints are better, decreased dosage of the joint medication Salazopyrin by three quarters.

Rx Acon Lm 6 and then Lm 8.

Mid-March 2011

Experiencing fatigue again. Interesting work, less stress, concentration is improving nicely. Not eating properly and is gaining weight. No longer has an eye infection.

Arthritis: Now starting to think that it will just go away, this is the first year he hasn’t needed to take steroids in the winter. Evaluation: The situation is improving very nicely.

Treatment: In order to accelerate the healing process, I administer one dose of C200 followed by a daily dose of Acon LM 10.

Early June 2011

The combination of the remedy C200 and LM almost completely reduced the joint pain and infection. Over the last month there is a certain decline in the situation, a slight limitation in the range of movement, no outward symptoms. The swelling has completely gone. A dramatic improvement! There has also been a dramatic improvement in the fatigue that was maintained until fairly recently.

Blood Pressure Medication: Dropped the Normetin, replaced with Cardiloc and Tritset. There is still the need for blood thinning as a result of the heart attack, the catheterization procedure and the tablets to reduce cholesterol. Arthritis medication has been dropped completely.

He exercises 3-4 times a week. Concentration and attention levels are good. Last week he managed to sit for a whole day of meetings at work. Eating healthy food. In all, he is satisfied with life and work. Blood tests continue to improve, CRP completely reduced, the hemoglobin count continues to be stable. Pulse when sedentary is 65-70.

April 2012

He lost 7 kilos. Exercises 4 times a week for double the amount of time. There was an incidence of recurrence of symptoms in the joints of the left arm, but everything went away by itself – the cause was a period of high stress relating to the health of his daughter.

Blood tests results:

April 2012 February 2010
12.6 10.6 hemoglobin
90 180 cholesterol
37 48 cholesterol


165 400 CPK
80 150 triglyceride


After two and a half years:

September 2014

The patient attends follow-up meetings twice a year. In the intervening months, we hold follow-up telephone conversations as required. The situation continues to improve with the aid of the ACON remedy, with variable potencies as required.


The sudden emotional shock following the diagnosis of his daughter’s cancerous tumor, pushed him into an “acute state” of fear and worries. With the remedy Aconite, he lets go of the tension. The pattern of improvement is as I expected, the arthritis improved first and today the situation is really good. When there was a stress in his life, there was a relapse, but it passed with no medical intervention. He is now without arthritis medication and doing fine.

Heart: Improving. Here, there is an obstacle to recovery; since he had a heart attack and the catheterization procedure revealed blocked arteries, it will be very difficult to drop the medication for high blood pressure. As regards the blood thinning medication, there is no change. For the same reason, it will take time until the doctor agrees to reduce the cholesterol medication completely.

Program: Continue with the remedy in increasing dosages. From time to time administer a high potentization of Aconite 1M, together with LM.


About the author

Carmel Karty

Carmel Karty, RCHom, is a founding member of the Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy. She has worked as a homeopath since 1990, and has taught in leading schools for homeopathy in Israel. She began studying homeopathy in the United States in 1983, continued her studies in Israel, and, over the years, has attended advanced studies worldwide with leading homeopaths. In 2005 she founded the Segula School for Advanced Studies in Homeopathy. Carmel has also specialized in personal and business Coaching, Theta-healing, and is an NLP master practitioner. Carmel Karty now lives and practices at her private clinic in Zichron Yaacov, Israel. In the past Carmel worked as a Computer Scientist for several years.


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