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Integrative Cure of a Patient with Breast Cancer

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Case of metastatic cancer in which the treatment integrated conventional methods, homeopathy, diet and prayer.

Introduction: Hundreds of thousands of breast cancer cases are reported every year in the US, and one in every seven women develops breast cancer during her lifetime. The chance of being affected by breast cancer increases with age.

The good news is that most breast lumps are not cancer, but it is still important to be knowledgeable about this widespread disease. Radiation is a proven cause of breast cancer, and some studies link breast cancer with heredity, dietary choices, obesity and hormones (birth control pills). Cancers in general have also been associated with numerous chemical carcinogens and non-ionizing radiation (EMF). The best way to fight breast cancer is through early detection. Women, who find breast cancer lumps early on, are far more likely to successfully defeat the disease.

Through a combination of self-breast cancer (Homeopathy Treatment for Breast Cancer) exams as well as regular visits to the doctor and mammograms, discovery in a timely fashion is highly likely. Recent studies warn women against routine mammography because of the increased exposure to X-rays.

Analysis of the patient: The patient was a 46 year old female teacher with a diagnosis of breast cancer, based on physical examination, pathological sampling and nuclear scanning.

She saw a general physician, primarily because of severe lumbar pain, but unfortunately the case was misdiagnosed and only analgesic medicine was prescribed.

The pain did not improve so she visited a neurosurgeon. The doctor examined her and ordered an x-ray and whole body scan, which showed several images of increased uptake. A metastatic cancer of breast cancer, in its 4th stage was finally diagnosed.

She was so exhausted mentally and physically that she could not walk and preferred to lie down all the time. A physiotherapist was asked to visit her at home. He did so and gave her some physical exercises to enhance her back muscles. She was given dietary advice to increase her vital force or vitality. Finally she was referred to an oncologist for chemotherapy.

Most colleagues said that she would have no chance of living more than six months, but the authors believed that she could survive. A thorough search was done through the internet. We discovered the large and astonishing number of cancer survivors in the U.S. : 9,000,000.

We studied the best natural methods. Vegetables turned out to have the most powerful nutrients to prevent and fight cancers and of course fruits were in second place, after veggies. We recommended that the patient consume sufficient amounts of both.

I was consulted about the idea of breast surgery and total mastectomy. I disagreed and convinced her husband, saying that his wife was in the fourth stage of breast cancer and such surgery was not warranted according to experts and the literature.

The patient was referred to one of the best known oncologists in Tehran to undergo chemotherapy. She was supported spiritually and a high fiber diet full of vegetables and fruits was suggested. After undergoing the 1st step of chemotherapy, she was treated with cobalt irradiation.

Tamoxifen was prescribed for her by the oncologist. Her vitality decreased significantly from the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatments. She was referred to the author for homeopathic consultation and evaluation of the possibility of using homeopathic remedies. She was given basic information about the homeopathic method of healing.

A thorough homeopathic history was taken and subsequently the homeopathic remedy, Carcinosin 200c was prescribed and taken by her weekly for a month. Her weariness of life almost disappeared and she started to feel more energetic, without stopping her chemotherapy.

Then the oncologist planned a combination therapy of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Meanwhile, because of the indurated nature of the tumor, a single dose of the remedy Conium maculatum was prescribed.

Six years now after the diagnosis of a 4th stage breast cancer, the patient feels well, works at home, helps her children to study and supports her husband financially and spiritually. She has become very much interested in the homeopathic method of healing and has asked us to prescribe remedies for her daughter, son and husband.

From her symptoms, Lycopodium was selected using Radar software. She took it in April 2011, leading to very good results.


Her husband turned out to be a Lycopodium case, also. Her children are now taking Carcinosinum as a preventive measure.

  1. Family history; her grandmother suffered manic depressive disorder for about 40 years; her mother has been suffering from psoriasis for about 40 years and type 2 diabetes mellitus, for the last 8 years.
  2. Her deceased father was a chronic case of paranoid schizophrenia, for about 20 years. Her older sister was a long term patient with manic depressive disease, for about 28 years. One of her brothers has been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.
  3. Her younger brother has been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia as well, for the last 18 years.
  4. Her younger sister had fibrous hyperplasia of the breast.

The patient’s main rubrics were:

  7. MIND – INDUSTRIOUS, mania for work
  8. MIND – AVERSION – family; to members of
  9. MIND-THOUGHTS-compelling
  10. GENERALS- CANCEROUS affections
  11. GENERALS-PAIN-cancerous affection, in
  12. GENERALS – CANCEROUS affections
  13. GENERALS – SIDE – right
  14. GENERALS – WARM – agg.
  17. FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – MENSES- absent(=amenorrhea)
  18. CHEST – CANCER – Mammae
  19. STOMACH – APPETITE – diminished
  20. ABDOMEN – FLATULENCE – accompanied by – distension

Prescription: Carcinocin200c in tablet form improved amenorrhea and she experienced menses and an inner calmness.

Report of course of treatment: After diagnosis of 4th stage and metastatic breast cancer the author, Dr.Sadeghi, searched for a top oncologist who visited her while she was in a wheelchair in 2004. She underwent chemotherapy as an inpatient and afterwards as an outpatient. The oncologist was very skilful but did not let his patients ask any questions, and thus they were treated only physically and not psychologically. Cancer patients need spiritual and psychic attention by medical personnel.

She was visited at home by a physical therapist. He made sure she was able to sit and walk without using any device. He also trained her in certain exercises to strengthen her back muscles.

Healthy eating was the next step to promote and insure her health. Consuming veggies and fruits besides other healthy foods were emphasized by the authors.

Her family was asked to pray for her. Recently a study was conducted on two groups of patients. The families of group “A” were asked to pray for their patients, while the families of group “B” were not asked to do so.

The outcome showed shorter duration of illness for group “A”. The research was studied on the internet, sometime before visiting the patient.

The next step was done by the oncologist who kept her on oral chemical medicines and referred the patient to a radiotherapist., (Dr. Almasi) in the northern region of Tehran, in 2004. She underwent this treatment twice to treat vertebral metastatic bone pains; the first time 12 sessions and the second time, 14 sessions.

After undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy she started to experience general weakness and dyspnea. One of her relatives suggested she visit a homeopath for curative remedies and she agreed.

After taking her case thoroughly, the authors started her treatment with Carcinosinum, 200 c. After 30 days of taking the first remedy she felt much better and the cancer pains improved by about 70 percent. When she came to the clinic for the second time, a careful review of her case showed the positive effects of the remedy on her mind and body. She had experienced a feeling of calmness since the first days of taking the remedy. The other remedies she took included; Conium, Natrum mur., Syphilinum and Lycopodium.

The latest update of the patient is as follows; metastatic lesions of her liver have disappeared, her breast tumoral lesion is no longer indurated and has softened. Her oncologist suggested she see him once a year.

Conclusion: The case involved an integrative approach to treating the patient, including proper diet, physical therapy, chemo and radiotherapy, prayer and homeopathic remedies, which had a clear impact. A patient in the worst clinical condition survived the malignant disorder. The case also demonstrates a good example of homeopathic family therapy.


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Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website:


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    Now we have Iranian homeopathic association, led by Dr.Shahrdar, the moderator of the popular web group, Minutus. There are more than 700 homeopaths in Iran. It has been confirmed by the health ministry and being practiced by homeopaths in large cities of Iran, such as Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan and Mashad.

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