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Remarkable Short Stories : Cases To Remember: Part-II

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Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea, Principal of the Allen College of Homoeopathy presents a brief quiz. Can you guess the remedies from these snapshots of cases?

Case Story 1

This is a story of a young, anxious lady who came to me with polycystic ovaries with pain in the lower abdomen, which wakes her up in the early morning. Pain is more on the left side. She has to loosen her garments from the waist as touch of clothes aggravates the pain. She also suffers from excessive hunger, even after meals which is making her put on weight. Another unusual symptom that she has shared, is that her urination is more frequent around her menstrual period! That was enough hints for me to prescribe the desired remedy.

Case Story 2

This is an interesting case of a 28 years old woman who suffers from headache. She feels like her headaches are related to her eating habit and may aggravate after proper meals, but snacking is ok for the headache. She also suffers from acrid leucorrhoea before menstruation. This lady is restless and irritable, has flushes of hot feeling towards the end of her menstruation. What will be your prescription for her?

Case Story 3

This a case is of a lady in her mid-30’s who is obese and flabby with joint pains. She also suffers from pain in the breast before menstruation. Also, she feels there is retention of water before every period. Her skin is unusually dry ++, about which she is unhappy. She feels cold all the time and her hands and feet are cold, as well. What’s the prescription?

Case Story 4

Our next case story is of a young single mother who wants to do things correctly. She is pushing herself to breast feed her baby, but her milk is scanty and she is losing weight since delivery, which is one of her main concerns. She thinks it’s due to lactation. She also suffers from headache which is aggravated by noise. When her baby goes to bed in the evening, she likes to relax and watch TV but has to shut the television because that sound becomes unbearable. She is becoming introverted, as she can’t do things which she wants to! The patient got better with the prescription of one our interesting polychrests.

Case Story 5

Here comes the case story of a man who always suffers from diarrhoea whenever he has strong blue cheese. He loves it but his stomach does not. A single prescription has fixed him for life. Sometimes you need to pick up the salient striking manifestation in the case and find the remedy. What is it?

Case Story 6

Our next case story relates to a pregnant woman in her mid-thirties. This is her  first pregnancy and she is suffering from an extreme degree of morning sickness+++. Even the sight of the water causes nausea+++. She is depressed about this and this is making her sluggish and weak. Recently she developed some fine tremors of both hands! She wants something immediately to stop her morning sickness (Homeopathy Treatment for Morning Sickness), as she believes if her weakness improves, her tremors will go. Look for the opening in the case and that will lead you to find the right remedy!

Case Story 7

This is a young man who suffers from coughing spells in the winter, which surprisingly aggravate whenever he tries to enjoy his steak. He is a very emotionally sensitive person and especially sensitive to any comments being made about him. In the summer months, he loves chilled drinks including water but he thinks that results in loose stool. Another interesting complaint was his sciatic pain during summer, which has occurred for the last three years and generally stays about a week and then disappears. What you will prescribe for him?

Case Story 8

Our next case story is of a young girl aged 14 years who came to me for pimples (acne). Her face was full of spots+++ making her extremely melancholic. She was also quite emaciated and was not gaining any weight as she suffers from digestive difficulties with lots of gas. But interestingly, the discomfort from the gas was better by eating. Think of a polychrest that will cure her?

Case Story 9

This is a case of dust allergy with sneezing aggravated whenever he goes outdoors and sneezing and running nose followed by blocked nose. He loves food with lots of pepper, cider vinegar etc. He also suffers from frequent hoarseness of voice aggravated by being outdoors, working in the garden. He feels his respiratory system is quite weak and he frequently suffers from cold,  sneezing and hoarse voice. I got enough clues to prescribe my polychrest for this patient.

Case Story 10

This short case story relates to debility and headache of a middle aged woman who regularly suffers from headache after her each menstrual period. She also feels unusually hot during her period, which makes her think about premature hot flush as she is only in her early 40’s. Also, she suffers from profound weakness, especially in bed in the morning and on waking. Amongst her generals: she catches cold easily and hates tomatoey-slimy food. These were the main features of the case. This lead me to prescribe an interesting polychrest which resolved all her problems within 8 months.

Case Story 11      

Our next case story is of nose picking and hair falling in a boy in his mid-teens. His mother also complains about few grey hairs and also profuse hair falling after shower and combing. On looking at him, I saw he is quite tall for his age! Amongst his homoeopathic generalities, the remarkable thing was his thirst for cold milk and grape fruit juice.

Case Story 12

This is a patient suffering from pancreatic disease. She is in her early 50’s and also has very offensive stools and flatus. She belches large quantities of wind after every meal. At this comparatively early age, she suffers from hardness of hearing especially for the human voice. She also mentioned having premenstrual depression and lachrymal disposition (pre-menstrually). While going through the case, I noted her tidiness, especially in regard to washing-up and washing clothes. This lead me to prescribe an interesting polychrest which resolved all her problems within 11 months.


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Case Story- 1:

Medorrhinum, 200

Case Story- 2:

Natrum Mur, 200.

Case Story- 3:

Thyroidinum, 200

Case Story- 4:

Phosphoric Acid, 200.

Case Story- 5:

Ans.:- Arsenic, 30, 200.

Case Story- 6:

Phosphorus, 30.

Case Story- 7:

Staphysagria, 200

Case Story- 8:

Calcarea Phos, 200.

Case Story- 9:

Hepar Sulph, 200.

Case Story- 10:

Natrum Mur

Case Story- 11:

Phosphoric Acid

Case Story- 12:


About the author


Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea was born in Calcutta, India in 1957, the fourth generation of a distinguished and widely respected homoeopathic family. He graduated in Homoeopathy from the University of Calcutta with a record number of honours passes in nine medical subjects and with five gold medals to his name, setting himself on a path to become an internationally acclaimed homoeopathic clinician, lecturer and author. He is considered the world"™s leading authority on miasmatic prescribing.
Dr. Banerjea is an Honoured Fellow of several academies; Director and Principal Lecturer of the Bengal Allen Medical Institute, Calcutta; Principal and Chief Lecturer of Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics at the Allen College of Homoeopathy, Essex, England. When he is not lecturing, he divides his time between his clinical practices in the UK and in India where he also acts as Clinical Consultant in various rural and slum clinics. Dr. Banerjea has a passion for homeopathy which he imparts to his students.
Dr. Banerjea together with his brother Joy, son Saptarshi and wife Janet, also play an active role in the Kamala Banerjee Fund, a charity which distributes milk to the poor children of Calcutta.
Visit Dr. Banerjea at his Website :

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