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Revisting: “We Are In Hell!”

Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s ear-piercing quiz!

Who missed last month’s exciting quiz?  Actually, just between me and the 30,000 of you, it looks like everyone did! 


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – We Are In Hell!


Was this case too hard for you people?  Because only five people voted which is ridiculous, and I thought at the very least I would get a whole bunch of votes for Theridion–the remedy so famous for being sensitive to noise–and I did get two votes for Theridion (good for the both of you!) but, that wasn’t the right remedy.

There were two big issues in this case: sensitivity to noise and insomnia.  Now, what could that be, what could it be, what could it be…oh, I don’t know…could it be… COFFEA?  Yes, it could!

Here’s a little chit-chat I had with alert reader Barbara Lowry:


Hi Elaine,

At first I thought it might be Aurum, but Aurum, even though Aurum has fear of least noise, they are better for music and “Jose” is worse for ALL noise to the point of covering his ears all the time.  Also, Aurum wants to kill himself and I think Aurum is a tetch too syphlitic for this case.

Nux Vomica looks good on many counts: shrieking, irritable, weeping, restless, waking at night, and doesn’t wish to have anything to do with anyone.  But — I doubt that the Nux-v person would want to wake in the night to play because Nux-v people are restless but exhausted.

Aconite is incredibly irritable but “fearful, anxious and dreads things” (Clarke).  There’s no dread here, nor exciting cause.
Chamomilla doesn’t fear noises.

Coffea cruda is my choice: all kinds of noises are intolerable.  They are wakeful in the night because of an alertness, which this boy is.  He wants to play in the middle of the night.  It has the increased thirst.  They avoid talking, or being talked to and loathe everything.  Phatak: “Sanguine choleric temperament, complaints during infancy and dentition.”  “Children cannot bear to be carried about.”  Sudden emotions and aversion to touch.

MIND – SENSITIVE – noise, to – voices, to = Coffea and Nux-v are right up there with 35 other Rx in Synthesis.

I choose Coffea cruda because of the alertness in the middle of the night in addition to: shrieking, fear of noise, oversensitive to noise, thirsty, weeping, restless.  If that wasn’t the remedy that cured, then my second choice would be Nux vomica.

Cheers, Barbara Lowry
Holistic Arts, LLC
Mountain Lakes, NJ

Barbara, congratulations!  I was expecting a ton of votes for Theridion, though.

I guess a case could be made for Theridion based on the fact that he doesn’t want to sleep at night and wants to play, but nah.  Theridion is the most tubercular spider remedy.  It didn’t seem like he was that hyper, just oversensitive.

I looked at Theridion again and see that, according to Peter Fraser, Theridion is indicated by 2 strange and distinct symptoms: they’re sensitive to their environment and they are worse for shutting out that environment.  They’re sensitive to light but worse for closing their eyes.  Worse for sleep and are subject to vertigo during sleep.  “Jose” was fine when he was left alone and his sensitivity to noise made him constantly put his hands over his ears.  If he was Theridion, he would not be able to keep those hands over his ears.  “Though they would very much like to escape from the world by shutting their eyes or going to sleep they must remain aware of what is going on.”

Don’t you just love this stuff?!


Yes, pass it over and quit hogging it!  Now, are you saying that Theridion is sensitive to noise but won’t cover their ears?

I’d say that Theridion would cover their ears, but it would be cover/uncover, cover/uncover.

Because even though they want to escape from the world, they want to remain aware of what’s going on — at least according to Peter Fraser.  It’s the most tubercular spider, so they probably would not want to hide themselves away from all these painful things – sun, noise.  Instead they’d be zooming around in circles in the midst of it all, screaming that everything is making them nuts.

Speed is very important to them.  Also, they’re very impatient.  Hurrying people up, getting them to move faster.
They’re known for their fruitless activity.  I should probably look in Massimo’s spider book.  OK, here ‘s what I see: It’s a web spider.  They have to be alert to the slightest vibration; you know, they sit on their web, and if it moves ever so slightly, it means an intruder or prey has touched the web, so is nearby and acting quickly is a must!  So, you can see why they wouldn’t be inclined to cover their ears or close their eyes because they have to be hyper-vigilant.

Thanks to Barbara Lowry for sharing her analysis of the case and congratulations to our other winner as well, Sinziana Patrulea.  Isn’t that a great name?  Sinziana Patrulea?  Let’s all say it together now:

Sinziana Patrulea!

Dr. B, what prizes do we have for Barbara Lowry and

Sinziana Patrulea?  

Well great!  Dr. B has disappeared!  I’ll tell you what, here’s a prize for you, “The Coffee Grind” by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters!


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