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Solution to Case Quiz from July 2013 – Occlusive Thrombosis in Brachial Artery

Written by Amarsinha Nikam

Dr. Amarsinha Nikam provides the solution to his case quiz: Occlusive Thrombosis in Brachial Artery

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Totality :

–         Cares, worries full of.

–         Desires open air.

–         Anxiety others. (About family & children).

–         Life standard, ideals set high.

–         Duty oriented.

–         Family oriented.

–         Rapid destruction-infarct.

–         Caring.

–         Responsible.

–         Coldness and numbness.

–         Action on blood. (Thrombus forming tendency).

–         Desire : Meat+, Milk++, Spicy++.

–         Industrious > When occupied.


–         MIASM   : SYPHILIS.


  • Remedy Selected : AURUM MUR 30.


  • Response :

The same day, in the evening, the patient found that his pain had reduced slightly. But the coldness and numbness remained the same. The surgeon advised having an operation promptly. The patient’s son became very anxious and pleaded for quick relief.

Reconsidering the case, Aur-Mur was clearly insufficient, since though the pain had reduced somewhat, the numbness and coldness was untouched, indicating obstruction to blood flow. Also he was thermally towards chilly.  So after reconsultation, the next remedy that is very similar to AURUM MUR was given i.e. KALI – MUR  30.

(Kali: Simplicity, Work-oriented, family cares++ (family oriented), lancinating pains.

Pain : < Pressure, < Movement.)

After KALI-MUR 30, the patient stated that the coldness had decreased dramatically on the second day. The numbness also started reducing gradually. There was slight pain only on pressure.  He slept a peaceful night for the first time in the last seven days. The surgeon was firm in his opinion that the hand had to be amputated, because the radial pulse was not being felt. But the patient himself requested the surgeon to postpone the amputation, since he was feeling some relief and wished to wait for some more time.  The vascular surgeon was persistently advising him to do amputation so the patient, frightened that one day the surgeon would definitely cut off his hand, rushed to Pune without giving any information to the surgeon.

The patient actually came to my hospital one and a half months after the medicine was given. I got him hospitalized immediately. To rule out any error, his personal re-consultation was done and it proved that his nature, predicted from the photograph was accurate.

I personally felt his pulse (radial), which was improving day by day. His cold hand gained warmth, and the skin color changed from bluish to normal pink. The power returned and the numbness disappeared gradually. After the 3rd week, I was eager to know about the drug reaction and advised him to get a color Doppler investigation.

The investigation showed an excellent recovery. The blood flow of the brachial artery was perfectly normal with no thrombus. (0% occlusion).

The pulse, which had not been palpable at all, started showing strongly.


  • D/D :

AURUM MUR : My first prescription was AUR-MUR. I tried to match his miasmatic pathology (Syphilis) and I felt that his religiousness was worth noting. He was an industrious and a dominating person.  But he also had muriatic qualities like loving-caring and an attention giving nature. So I was misguided to AUR-MUR.

Then I realized that it was not the exact simillimum. He was a family oriented person and more CARING – more Anxious than dominating. He felt irritable only when any work was not done in time (KALI). He was attached to his son and daughter and anxious about their future and health (care & nurturing = MUR). In spite of his retirement, he was carrying the responsibility of the entire family. KALI-MUR is also > open air like AUR-MUR, but is towards a chilly remedy.


SECALE COR :  It also has destructive pathology, but it is a strongly right sided remedy. It is the only remedy listed in the rubric that forsakes relations. This patient on the contrary is very caring and concerned about the well being of all his relatives.

SECALE COR action is on the vaso- motor nerves; there is first contraction and dilatation of blood vessels. The stagnation leads to dry gangrene of the parts.


Note :  [Clarke’s M.M: The great key notes of KALI MUR are toughness – fibrinous exudations and discharges, too readily clotting blood – hence embolism, indurations and hard swelling.]


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