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Two Cases : Welwitschia mirabilis – Living with high sensitivity

Welwitschia mirabilis
Written by Marijke Creveld

Homeopath Marijke Creveld presents two cases which required the plant remedy Welwitschia mirabilis. Marijke had conducted a proving of this remedy.

Marijke Creveld

March, 2013


Namib desert, Welwitschia mirabilis, Radix Welwitschia mirabilis, Gnetophyta, two leaves, the number two, male and female, good and evil, highly sensitiveness (HSP), clairvoyance.


In the Namib desert, a very particular tree by the name of Welwitschia mirabilis grows. Its Afrikaans vernacular name is Tweeblaarkanniedood which translates as ‘Two leaves, can’t die’. It’s a living fossil, a survivor from primeval times, reaching only about one metre in height. However, its taproot is some thirty metres long. It has just two leaves which however are many metres long. It’s dioecious (male and female plants exist separately) and is classed with the order, Gnetophyta. This group is intermediate between gymnosperms (like conifers and ferns) and angiosperms (flowering plants). The tree is connected with the number two.

Homeopathic remedy

The homeopathic remedy, Welwitschia mirabilis (Wel-m) was made of material collected from old female and male trees growing in the vicinity of Swakopmund, near a uranium ore deposit. During the dream proving, apart from the number two, the number of duality, the themes of lucidity and clairvoyance occur both during dreams as well as in everyday life. The remedy can help us in the transformation process connected with duality, in particular in matters of male and female and good and evil; the transformation process of the current epoch. It can help people who are highly sensitive (HSP) (literature à Creveld 1 en 3).


I prescribed the remedy to clients who are highly sensitive, are hampered by too many stimuli and are unable to ignore this multitude of stimuli. They find it hard to stay with themselves but quickly pick up atmospheres and emotions; sometimes they are in rapport with the deceased. Oversensitive people can use the remedy to strengthen their stamina on a psychological, spiritual and physical level.

The results experienced by two clients who used the remedy, Welwitschia mirabilis, are described.

Case 1

A 12 year old girl who is in first form of secondary school comes to see me in my practice.

She tells me:

‘I’m usually extremely tired and sensitive to stimuli. I know everything about other people, I can’t shut it out. I’m constantly doing things on behalf of others. At school I’m bullied. Other people are often so blunt. I have a high sense of norms and values. I could dance before I could walk, and murmur before I could talk.

In the past I often thought: I want to die, I’m completely incapable of doing anything. My second name means, rainbow in the sky’.

Dreams, clairvoyance, anxiety and physical complaints

She talks about the dreaming and clairvoyance themes:

‘I can see angels and deceased people, in particular in my sleeping room, during the night. Sometimes I wake up in a panic. I often have nightmares – ghosts are pursuing me. Some time ago I said, Stop!, and they did and I could get away.

I saw a small girl with her grandfather – both were dead. Would I be so kind to tell the parents that they are all right.’

She tells me about her anxieties and physical problems:

‘I ‘m afraid of diseases. Several times each week I come home from school suffering from headache and earache. Sometimes I don’ t hear well. I used to have grommets in my ears. It’s hard for me to fall asleep and frequently I lie awake for long. I’ve tested positive for ADD and they want to put me on medication.’

I prescribed Radix Welwitschia mirabilis 200K for her.

Two weeks later I speak to her over the telephone and my client informs me that she is more alert, less sluggish and has not had any headaches.

Follow-up seven weeks after the first consultation

After five weeks, I repeat Radix Welwitschia mirabilis 200K because she’s feeling very tired. After seven weeks she is elated when she describes her situation:

‘At school camp I had a better sense of belonging. I did lots of things along with the others, and also more of my own things. I was successful in asserting myself, and with my parents, too. When we presented a gift to our teacher I went up front in the queue, whereas before I always used to be the last. I haven’t had any headaches or earaches, even coming home from school. Falling asleep works out well and I don’t wake up at night any more. Also I’m visited much less by the deceased during the night. And my anxiety about diseases has gone.’

Follow-up after three months

‘I have seen my guardian angel again. I’m now in secondary school where boys are bullying me. I gave one of the boys a good kick. Several boys now respect me because of that. I was relocated to a form that has more girls and is quieter – there is another girl diagnosed with ADD. In the boisterous class my ears were too much stimulated because of the constant hubbub. This is better in the new class. I have not had any anxious dreams.’

Her mother informs me:

‘She has become a different child – naughty, alert, active and with a good sense of humour. A test showed she has a moderate syndrome. Now, they’re going to run some sensory motor tests. My daughter is clumsy, speaks with a lisp and makes errors in writing.’

Follow-up after five and a half months

 ‘Seven weeks ago I was tired and had a headache and a sore throat without being really ill. Nevertheless I did not sleep well. The Radix Welwitschia MK I took then has helped me quickly and effectively.  Now I have even more energy and I am in good spirits. I ‘m getting good results at school, and my connections to other children are much better. Over the past two months I’ve had some eczema near the left corner of my mouth. I went to see the remedial educationalist to take a test for ADD. At school they allow me more time for the tests. I’m still clumsy. Following the sensory motor test they prescribed physiotherapy exercises I have to do.’

She becomes emotional telling me this and she ‘s crying. She says this is because she is different from the others. Again I prescribed Radix Welwitschia MK for her.

Follow-up after seven months

 ‘I don’t get distracted as much by the others in my class. I fell out with a friend, but that does not bother me anymore. I have not had any headaches or earaches. The eczema is going away, there’s just a little spot under my lip. I’m highly motivated to progress to vwo [superior school type] because havo [intermediate school type] does not present any challenge, My homework is going well and I’m getting good marks. Focussing on homework remains hard to do. I went to a smart dress party where everyone appeared in black; however I dressed in white and they all liked it.’  (duality good and evil)

I repeated my prescription of Radix Welwitschia MK.

Follow-up after nine months

When she came to see me she was in good spirits and talking all the time, whereas previously it was her mother who did most of the talking. She says she finds it easier to use her body and has become less clumsy.

Follow-up after one year and ten month

Her mother informs me:

‘She’s doing well. She is open and is much more present. She is able to co-operate well with other children. She’s reacting well, almost in an adult way, to things she has to deal with. Her concentration level is good and she’s coping well with the multitude of stimuli at school. She is no longer visited by deceased people or angels. She does not cry anymore, except when she’s very tired. She has few headaches and sleeping has improved very much. Her motor functions have also improved. Last winter she suffered some relapse – she was tired and her concentration level fell off. She had the flu and had regular headaches. I think that happened because she had too little time for her creative side, being too busy learning for the vwo. We’re now searching for another school where there would be more room for her own things. Since then she has done well again.’

Radix Welwitschia mirabilis was prescribed, based on:

  • high general sensitivity
  • bothered by too many stimuli which she cannot shut out
  • seeing, and speaking to, deceased people and angels
  • she wears white clothes, others black (duality good and evil).

Case 2

A woman aged 24 comes to see me in my practice. She is living with her boyfriend, there are no children. She is a professional who works as a residence consultant for mentally challenged people.

She tells me:

‘I ’m sensitive, especially to sound, but also to colours and smells. It’s hampering me, I get overloaded quickly. In 2010 I had a nervous breakdown. Sounds are often too loud, like a crackling crisp pack, newspapers or cutlery in a drawer. I can’t filter that out, sound is dominant, I feel I’m getting cranked up and angry, I freeze and want to get away. It hurts my head and ears and I feel light headed. I can’t focus on a conversation any more. Everyone has to shut up. When the sound has gone I feel glad and am able to relax.

     I easily tap into atmospheres. I always notice sadness in other people. I have changed my job – now I have fewer clients and fewer colleagues. I like caring for other people but find it hard to stand my ground and to say no. I feel uncomfortable when people are standing close to me, they should not touch me. I quickly notice a shortage of oxygen in stuffy rooms.

     When I was a child I was introverted and dreamy. At school I lived in a world of my own. I felt compassion with everything and took home children who were bullied. I thought up stories that I wrote down, about talking trees, leprechauns and witches. I’m still a day-dreamer and sometimes I just sit there staring, inventing things. I love being outdoors, in nature, in particular if it’s quiet – and I love beautiful things.’

Dreams, anxieties, physical complaints

‘My dreams are vivid. As a child I sometimes dreamt I was flying. When I was a preschooler I once dreamt of being pursued by a witch. A while ago I had anxious dreams when sleeping on my back, about other people behaving aggressively to me, and I screamed.

I’m afraid to lose my relatives or my partner. I’m very afraid of violence, rape, that someone I know well has a bad experience. I don’t feel comfortable in small rooms, in the dark. However these anxieties don’t dominate my life – as a child I did not need a light at night. But I get the creeps when I see eerie situations. I tended to have a headache every day, in some cases just at work. In the past I used to have migraines and I had to vomit and I could not bear any light. It’s difficult for me to go asleep, I hear every little sound. I often knock myself on things and get black and blue.

    Since I have reacted very emotionally to oral contraceptives, I’m using a Mirena coill. This is leading to variable physical complaints: feeling tense, painful breasts, abdominal pain and headaches. I use the coil to prevent me getting pregnant. I don’t want children. Before using the pill I used to have intermediate periods on account of my uterine stoma bleeding rapidly. This improved following a treatment with nitrogen.

    Because this world is so unfair I am by principle a vegetarian. Animals are being fed with plant foods from third world countries. I also stopped drinking coffee – coffee makes me a different person altogether, not nice. I hardly drink alcohol.’

I prescribe Radix Welwitschia MK for her.

Follow-up after five weeks

My client tells me:

 ‘Following ingestion of the remedy my head felt heavy and for two days my chest felt weighed down slightly. Five days after ingestion it occurred to me that I had a lot of energy.  Now I can handle a greater work load and am better able to deal with meetings with a lot of other people. Also I’m recuperating faster. I do things without having to think everything out, which happens in the evening, after work, as well. I’m projecting a good cheer and are better able to say no to colleagues. I feel good, I’m really another person, I’m experiencing my energy very differently. During the first weeks my emotions had the better of me, after I realised that “this is how other people live”. Starting last week the energy is falling off a little, although I’ve done much work. However that has not put me down as it used to. I’m still sensitive to sounds but I’m no longer so full of it. Before, I used to hear beeps or have ringing ears after the sound stopped, but that’s much better now. I recuperate faster. My sleep is better, I just fall asleep without milling over all things of the day in my head. When I had my period I have not felt any pressure on my head. My breasts were a bit tense, but not painful. Some abdominal pain, though.’

About her dreams she says:

‘I was dreaming during the first night, about water. A man, a kind of leader, opened the door and pointed out to me where I could swim in the sea. I felt I could trust this leader. I also dreamt of leaving my parental home. I was young again, starting my studies.’ She tells me also some dreams with the number two in it, the number of duality.

Follow-up after two months

 ‘Four weeks ago I took Radix Welwitschia MK because I experienced more stimuli. After taking the granule I was able to handle my work well. In daily life I am more assertive and I feel in balance. I sleep well, and deep and rise well rested. I don’t wear earplugs now, when kids in the street are noisy during the night I think ‘it ‘s their problem!’ I’m still bothered by loud sounds but I don’t feel bad anymore. Also I’ve knocked myself less and hence I’m no longer black and blue.’

About her dreams she comments:

‘After ingestion I dreamt about repairs on a computer and I was in a swimming pool. It felt very familiar. For me it feels that the mental and emotional part has been healed.Another dream that occurred several weeks later: There are boats in the moat. I had to cross, keeping my balance going over them. It was very tense and wobbly. I pulled it off well and found it easy. That was together with friends and it was important to get to the other side.’

Follow-up after five and a half months

My client tells me she’s not doing so well. She just heard that her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and she’s been forgetting to take her rest. I prescribed Radix Welwitschia 10MK. Seven weeks later she calls me to tell that she has improved again:

‘My energy is better again and I’m less susceptible to stimuli. Sounds hardly bother me any more. I’m spending much time with my mother and have to cry much over it. I hardly had any headache and my migraines never came back.’

Follow-up after ten months

My client has called to say she’s had a relapse and more complaints. I repeated the prescription of Radix Welwitschia mirabilis 10MK.  Five weeks after she comes to see me, and she comments:

After several weeks I noticed again that the remedy is helping me. From that time I haven’t had any headache. Ringing ears don’t bother me any more when I go to bed and I’m dealing better with the multitude of stimuli, at work in particular. When I go shopping I’m able to let go of all I see and hear. My energy has improved and I have less black and blue spots because I don’t knock myself so much anymore. Sleeping is another story, I’m afraid. Too many things inside my head – and I wake up very early when the birds start singing.’

She promises me to call again after a few weeks.

Follow-up after one year

I receive an e-mail, a month after her last visit, telling me she is doing well: ’I ‘m sleeping better now and sound stimuli don’t bother me much. I feel a bit tired, but that is probably due to a succession of temperature changes in the weather.’

Radix Welwitschia mirabilis was prescribed, based on:

  • high general sensitivity
  • bothered by too many stimuli, sound in particular
  • picking up emotions in other people
  • picking up atmospheres
  • dreamy
  • dreams with the number two, the number of duality
  • dreams of flying, when a child.

The remedies, Welwitschia mirabilis and Radix Welwitschia mirabilis can be ordered from Hahnemann pharmacy in the Netherlands, from Denys pharmacy in Belgium and from Helios pharmacy in the UK.

The book Three Trees, Survivors On Earth including the full proving,

repertorium rubrics can be ordered from Merlijn book shop, Haarlem, the Netherlands.

For more information please contact Marijke Creveld, [email protected],, or


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Marijke Creveld, PhD. was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She graduated the University Utrecht in 1973 as a researcher in plant ecology, and in 1981 she completed her Ph.D. in plant ecology. She has conducted fieldwork on lichen ecology in Norway and on old, indigenous trees and shrubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. She was a biology teacher from 1970-1996. Ms. Creveld trained at The Dutch School for Natural Medicine and later with George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran and Jonathan Shore. She has been in private practice as a homeopath since 1989, occasionally integrating spiritual and shamanistic therapies into her practice. In 1999 she began making new homeopathic remedies using tree roots, which she connected to silicon (15 Radix remedies). She conducted dream provings of these remedies and has written and lectured about her research.These provings lead to the discovery and manufacture of the Diospyros kaki remedy in the 2000. Marijke lives and works in Zwolle (the Netherlands). She is a member of the Dutch Association of Classical Homeopaths.

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