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Adventures in Healing From a Homeopath of 86

The extraordinary homeopath, animal nutritionist and author Pat Mckay, now in her 86th year, offers a snapshot of her adventures in healing. Pat contributed greatly to the raw food revolution for cats and dogs.

Sunday evening 10/13/19 I tripped over one of my own dogs and fractured the humerus of my right arm; I heard the weird sound of the crack as I fell, took Arnica right away of course.  I knew it wasn’t broken just by feeling my arm.

The pain was so intense, I could not even think of moving my arm for six weeks. I found a position where I could hold it with the least amount of pain. Too painful for even trying to do a sling.  Fortunately I was in a sweatshirt and sweat pants, so I wore the same clothes for six weeks.  I was able to care for myself to some degree with my left arm.

My neighbor fed my dogs and me, did all the housework, and most importantly typed all my emails so that I could continue caring for my patients.

No way was I going to a hospital or even an allopathic doctor.  I just did various remedies as needed: Arnica, Hypericum, Staphysagria, and Symphytum were the main ones.  I did not keep track of dates or remedies; just took what I needed when I felt the need.

Amazingly I spent approximately twenty or more hours a day in bed and was able to sleep most of the time; no restlessness, just wonderful sound sleep.

After six weeks I was able to take a shower, very carefully change clothes, and type.  An RN friend of mine said I was about three months ahead of schedule compared to allopathic treatment.

I still do not have full use of my right arm; can’t lift anything heavy, and my middle, ring, and little fingers on my right hand still won’t bend completely, so I can’t write legibly yet.  Other than that I can do most everything for my three dogs and me.

Another plus to this whole story is that I have always had problems with my transverse colon; I had a gastrectomy in 1965 and they accidentally cut my transverse colon during the incision; however, I give the doctors credit they told me right away, so I wasn’t surprised when I had problems with scar tissue.  I really believe my transverse colon is now working optimally, and I credit that to the number of times I took Staphysagria for my arm.

Second Chapter of this Story

Around the end of November last year the back of my neck started to itch; I noticed the itchiness was primarily over the large muscle on the right side of my neck. Google says that’s the Sternocleidomastoid muscle…for those who have studied anatomy.

I need to go back 74 years ago and say that I got polio from an experimental polio vaccine; I won’t go into the whole story; however, fortunately the hospitals were full during the epidemic. I was in a boarding school, and Sister Kenny came to our school and showed the Sisters how to care for us.  Eight students out of 46 came down with polio after we were given the vaccine.

Sister Kenny said “Keep those muscles moving.”  Allopathic treatment was to keep the muscles immobile.  Sister Kenny was so right, and no matter how much it hurt, the Sisters were religious about exercising my neck two to three times a day.  The polio was in my right sternocleidomastoid muscle.

I was able to again use that muscle and all was well within three months of care, except a chronic pain in that muscle that I had for years until I took my first remedy in 1985.  I took Sepia 1M, and immediately after taking the Sepia, the pain came back in my neck just as severe as when I was 12, and minutes later, the pain was completely gone; it was unbelievable.

That’s what convinced me I had to study homeopathy. Actually I wasn’t even taking the Sepia for the pain in my neck; I had become accustomed to it and thought I would always have it.

Now back to the itchiness in this neck muscle…it continued for weeks…the same muscle where I had polio.  I took Baryta carb 6C 12/13/19.

I finally decided after my arm had improved, to apply the Black Salve and see what would happen.  Here are the photos:

Applied Black Salve 12/13/19

12/16/19                           The white dead cancer cells


01/03/20 Three weeks after Black Salve application:


Photo without flash                Photo with flash

Lachesis 200C taken 01/10/20

I attribute my health and ability to repair and heal so well to nutrition and homeopathy.  I eat according to my blood type; have taken my own supplements, BIO-8 & CLO-3, for the past twenty-five years, and do only homeopathic care.  Not even an aspirin since 1985.  I do admit to local anesthetic for a couple dental extractions.  I’m not that brave.

Pat McKay
39 years experience in animal nutrition
35 years experience in classical homeopathy
[email protected]
As we heal our animals, we heal ourselves!

I tak

Pat McKay 2019




About the author

Pat McKay

Pat McKay
Acknowledged pioneer and leader in the development of the raw and fresh food diet, animal nutritionist, counselor and author, Pat McKay is nationally recognized by animal health care professionals for her contribution to the raw food revolution for cats and dogs.

She has synthesized her findings, creating a complete nutritional guide, which offers the most up-to-date clinical information and quick-step menus that make raw, fresh-food preparations both fun and easy.

All Pat"™s animals are on her fresh, raw food program, including naturally grown meats and vegetables. Pat uses homeopathy for all medical needs. Authoring several books, her latest is:
NATURAL IMMUNITY, Why You Should NOT Vaccinate! Visit Pat McKay at : www.patmckay.com


  • Nice to see you again here, Pat, and thanks for your interesting contribution!
    To overtake responsibility for themselves is surely a lesson many people still have to learn.

    Best regards

  • Pat,
    You are one amazing homeopath. You told me this as you were going through this. Happy you shared this journey of yours with others . I wish you would share all the stories you have in your treatment of animals with homeopathy including mine. But that would be a good thick book . Maybe someday .

    Georgia Rosen

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