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Cancer and the Cancer Miasm

Katja Schuett
Written by Katja Schuett

This article describes the vitalistic concept of disease and cancer, its multifactorial etiologies and predisposing factors, cancer themes and personality, and curability, as well as the cancer miasm with its features, activating factors and symptoms.


Cancer is a class of diseases in which a group of cells displays uncontrolled growth, and which is characterized by invasion due to intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues, and sometimes metastasis, i.e., cells spreading to other locations in the body via the lymph channels or blood-stream. These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are self-limited, and do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form a tumor but some, like leukemia, do not.

One of the important tasks of the immune system is to identify and eliminate tumor cells. Tumor antigens are produced in tumor cells and trigger an immune response in the host. If functioning properly then these antigens appear foreign and cause immune cells to attack and destroy them by using killer T cells and T helper cells. If, however, the immune system no longer attacks them, tumor cells go on to become cancer.

Based on Virchow’s model of cellular pathology, orthodox medicine considers cancer to be first a local process, which then generalizes and invades the body. Therefore, the therapeutic intervention is directed at the removal and destruction of the lesion by means of aggressive treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

The homeopathic perception of cancer is based on a vitalistic approach. Hahnemann clearly stated that life is impossible without the vital force, and referred all the phenomena of health, disease and cure under the names of ‘the dynamis’ and ‘the vital force’.

The vital force is universally present, spiritual and instinctual in nature. It is present everywhere in the organism, embracing the whole person in mind, body and spirit. The vital force is the source of human life and the level at which the causation of diseases originates. Its derangement is the very beginning of the disorder and causes changes in sensations and functions long before there is any visible change in the material substance of the body.

When man falls ill it is at first only this self-sustaining spirit-like vital force (vital principle) everywhere present in the organism which is mistuned by the dynamic influence of the hostile disease agent. It is only this vital force thus mistuned which brings about in the organism the disagreeable sensations and abnormal functions that we call disease.” §11 Organon

The vital force is invisible. Its derangement can only be seen by signs and symptoms, whose totality represents the entire extent of the sickness and constitutes their true and only conceivable form. The inability of the vital force to maintain its equilibrium as a consequence of a particular stimulus leads to the alteration in the normal functions of body and mind, and creates mental, emotional and physical symptoms. When the totality of symptoms is removed the disease ceases to exist.

Thus health and disease are only different states of the vital force, and disease is not an entity separated from the living organism. Disease always progresses from functional disturbances to structural changes, and from slight to deep pathological manifestations in the most predisposed regions of the body. Thus, clinical pathological manifestations are only the last stage of the developing disease process, and cancer is not a local disease but a localized expression of the dynamic disease that encompasses the whole subject. A general chronic state always precedes the appearance of cancer.

“The man who believes that he is directing his remedies against germs, or against worms, or against a tumor the patient may have, is in extreme darkness, if he cannot perceive that a healthy man will have healthy tissue, healthy blood, and therefore there can be no soil for germs and worms or morbid growth.” J. T. Kent

As the vital force is the level at which disease originates, and the healing power of nature, it is obvious, that only therapies which are able to rebalance the disturbed vital force, can go back to the very origin of the disease and provide a real cure. Balancing the vital force means regaining and maintaining harmony within the body. Back to its equilibrium, the vital force can rule again with unbounded sway and assert its influence on the organism, allowing the process of physis to move in its natural direction towards normal homeostasis.

The mere removal or destruction of the cancer neither affects the vital process which lead to its manifestation, nor does it touch the patient’s predisposition towards cancerous diseases, which is why the tumor can recur elsewhere and even be more malignant than before.

“The surgical removal of tumors seems to me to be unsatisfactory in every important particular. It only professes to deal with the produce and can never be, even theoretically, a Hunterian cure: the disposition is not even aimed at ! The treatment by the actual cautery gets rid of the superficial effect – the product – the cause is not even considered at all.” J. C. Burnett

The weakening and suppression of the vital force plays an important part in the etiology of cancer growth, just as much as in any other chronic condition. Hahnemann made it very clear: When a chronic disease is deprived of local manifestations, it must take another and more serious form.

“The more profound the suppression, the larger and deeper the new manifestation or disease process. Each subsequent suppression includes more vital centers or organs … In this way abnormal growth appears or a new disease process develops, which is being classified as a new disease by pathologists.” J. H. Allen

“These chronic miasmatic diseases, if deprived of their local symptom, are inevitably destined by mighty Nature sooner or later to become developed and to burst forth, and thereby propagate all the nameless misery, the incredible number of chronic diseases which have plagued mankind for hundreds and thousands of years, none of which would so frequently have come into existence had physicians striven in a rational manner to cure radically and to extinguish in the organism these three miasms by the internal homeopathic medicines suited for each of them, without employing topical remedies for their external symptoms.” §204 Organon

In this way pathological manifestations changed over the years and became much more severe. As the chronic miasms become activated at a much earlier age and increasingly concentrated in each generation, the incidence of cancer is becoming more widespread and develops now even at a very young age.

Cancer, however, is not the same as the cancer miasm. Cancer can occur from any miasmatic constellation. With the cancer miasm, however, all four basic miasms are active. Depending on the patient’s miasmatic constellation the cancer will display different characteristics and have a different prognosis.

Psora dominant active miasm:

  • Psora is the fundamental, underlying cause for all diseases and miasms

  • It is responsible for deficiency which leads to hypo-immunity

  • The lowered immunity makes the person susceptible to continuous physical and/or emotional irritation which may finally lead to the development of cancer

  • It provides the irritation as a factor for the development of cancer

  • Continued local irritation slackens the cell-controlling power to its utmost capacity until it ultimately snaps and breaks

  • Especially general irritations of various kinds, such as mental strain, anxieties, worries, excess of work etc.

  • The greater the general irritation or strain, the less local irritation is necessary to break the cell control

  • Slowly growing tumors are characteristic

  • They are often benign

  • Patients with a predominantly psoric cancer can live a long time

  • Burnett points out the detrimental effect of suppressing skin diseases and silencing cutaneous discharges for the development of tumors and cancer [1]

Sycosis dominant active miasm:

  • Sycosis stimulates proliferation, hypertrophy and overgrowth

  • These tumors may be benign and encapsulated in the beginning, but become malignant as the cells proliferate out of proportion

  • Rapidly growing tumors are characteristic

  • J.H. Clarke opines that sycosis seems to favor surface tumors, and that the gouty diathesis in particular seems to favor tumor formation of the epithelial type [2]

  • J.H. Allen warns that the suppression of sycotic skin diseases favors the development of cancer, especially when psora was strong or the tubercular miasm present [3]

Syphilis dominant active miasm:

  • Syphilis is responsible for destruction, cell breakdown, disintegration and degeneration

  • Syphilis contributes the destructive component with the necrotic, degenerative growth and ulceration of the cancer

  • It has far-reaching effects, perhaps especially selecting the harder tissues and the nervous system

  • The malignant property of the cells leads to necrosis followed by pus formation and fistulous openings in the tumor

  • Cancers based on genetic mutation are syphilitic

  • Cancer spreads quickly after the onset of some little pain, demonstrating the destruction and hiding of the syphilitic miasm, and rapid growth of sycosis

Tubercular dominant active miasm:

  • Adds an aggressive component, and the nodular and degenerative tubercles that may lead to cancer of the lung or at other sites

  • It is responsible for migration and hemorrhage; the disintegrated and degenerated cells hemorrhage and then migrate resulting in metastasis

  • Seems to lead chiefly to the connective tissue type of tumor according to J.H. Clarke [2]

Examples for different miasmatic constellations in cancer:

Scirrhus: psora-sycosis-syphilis (lethal activity, but less cruel than others)

Adenoma: sycosis-psora-syphilis (more malignant)

Sarcomatous cancer: syphilitic-sycotic-psoric (more profound, destructive, violent and terrible)

Cancer diathesis

A patient will have a certain tendency to cancer when he displays the following general characteristics:

About the author

Katja Schuett

Katja Schuett

Katja Schutt, Msc, HP, DHM, PGHom, DVetHom, has studied homeopathy with several schools, amongst which David Little’s advanced course stands out as it offers a really deep insight into homeopathic philosophy and materia medica ( Her current focus lies in working with animals and studying history, the old masters, and research.



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