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Cancer Case-Management in Homeopathy

Written by Elaine Lewis

A few guidelines to give you some direction.

“How fast will the right remedy reduce the size of a tumor?”  This is a question I’m frequently asked.

cancer cellTumor size is not important unless it’s pressing on a vital organ and causing pain.  I’m sorry to report that the tumor will remain stationary for a long time.  Pain is what’s important and all the other signs of health that we look for after a remedy — appetite, sleep, demeanor, energy, etc.  The tumor may actually grow!  More tumors may grow (temporarily) — it’s Hering’s Law of Cure!  Lymph glands may enlarge temporarily (without pain).  The tumor isn’t really the issue, the tumor is an “exteriorization” — that’s what we mean by “Hering’s Law”, which states that “healing takes place from the center to the periphery”: first your energy comes up, and concomitantly, something on the surface aggravates — temporarily!  

Think of the tumor as a garbage bag.  The body is trying to encapsulate poison, garbage; it’s trying to clean house; that’s why when you give the right remedy, the last thing it does is get rid of the tumor; the tumor is considered to be “ok” by the immune system, it’s what caused the tumor that needs fixing.  It’s like, when you have to clean your house, the stuff that’s already in trash bags is “ok”, it’s work that has already been done.  It’s the mess that remains that requires your attention.  When it’s all over, you’ll take out the trash.

But, “regular” doctors see the trash bags and say, “OMG!  These trash bags are what’s wrong!”  So they take out the trash and leave everything else behind!  Well, if you’re only trained to look for trash bags… that’s all you’re going to do.  

If you pick all the apples off an apple tree, believe it or not, you still have an apple tree; and it’s going to grow more apples.  All your doctor is doing is picking apples.

If you find a remedy that stops the pain?  And especially if it makes you relax into a restful sleep, lifts your spirits and gives you energy?  That’s the right remedy, stick with it!  The tumor will shrink concomitant with a discharging event, like a cold–something that causes a discharge of some sort; plus, the area may start to itch, which would be a good sign.  

Don’t change your remedy just because the tumor doesn’t shrink, especially if it’s raised your energy and stopped your pain, remember Hering’s Law — healing starts on the inside!

Now, another thing you need to know about cancer case management is that once you find a remedy that really works, be prepared to give it as often as needed to stop the symptoms and in whatever potency is needed because there are no rules here!  Cancer is a tough contender, your remedy may work for a few days, a week, a few hours, but here comes the cancer symptoms charging back! Cancer doesn’t like to lose!  You have to be ready!  You may have to give your remedy five, six, ten, twelve times a day, who knows!  I’m not the one who decides, your body decides!  Listen to your body!  When the pain comes back, you have to be there with your remedy.  Ideally, you will have figured out what dosing schedule makes you pain-free all day.  Stick with that!  Expect to have to go up in potency frequently, as needed, learn how to “plus” your bottle so you can keep your 200C or 1M, etc. going for a long time so you don’t run out of potencies!  I mean, if you started at 200C, and the highest potency you can buy is CM, what does that mean?  It’s means you’ve only got five potencies, that’s not very much!  But, if you can “plus” your bottle (your Remedy Solution Bottle) you can — daily or weekly, as needed — go from 200C to 210C to 220C, etc. and keep the case moving.

See my FAQ article for an explanation of these terms, like “plussing”, “Remedy Solution Bottle”, etc.:


(Brief explanation: “Remedy Solution Bottle” — this is a half-filled bottle of spring water with 2 or 3 pellets of your remedy in it.  Why half-filled?  You can’t succuss a full bottle!  Always “succuss” your bottle before each dose, five to 10 times.  “Plussing” is when you dump out your bottle, refill half way with water and succuss 40 times to bring you up to the next potency.  “Succuss” means pounding the bottle into your opposite palm.)

How do you know when to raise the potency?  When repeating the remedy doesn’t work as well as it used to.  Plus it 10 times and see how well that works.  You have to be the judge of how many times to plus.

Now what?  Be prepared to do zig-zag prescribing!  The picture will change in cancer cases.  Maybe weekly, maybe daily…I don’t know, but be prepared, don’t just sit there when it happens, change the remedy!  For example, your cancer patient is suddenly beset with shortness of breath; what are you going to do?  Give Carbo veg!  When that’s under control, all of a sudden your cancer patient has stomach pain with irritability, impatience and rudeness; what are you going to do?  Give Nux vomica!  And now your cancer patient is becoming fatalistic, irritable, angry, vulgar, and says “nothing can be done for me!”  What are you going to do?  Give Nitric acid!  When that’s under control, go back to your cancer remedy as before; it might have been Hydrastis for liver cancer, it might have been Phytolacca for breast cancer or Hekla Lava for bone cancer; but, whatever it was, go back to it and be ready for the next “inter-current” presentation that comes your way.

Now, for your patients on chemotherapy — hopefully they had enough sense not to even go there, but very few of us fall into that category; so, you’re going to have to neutralize every side effect of chemo and radiation that comes along.  Here are your remedies:

Phosphorus–Anemia and prostration

X-ray–Mouth Sores, fatigue, sick feeling, nausea, low vitality, anemia, X-ray burns

Radium brom.–Ailments from radiation, burning and itching, metallic taste, weakness, tiredness

Cadmium sulph.–Gagging and retching, extreme chilliness, exhaustion, prostration, burning and cutting pains in stomach, hair loss, anorexia, liver damage, anemia caused by the treatment, etc.

Ipecac–Nausea and vomiting from Chemo and Radiation, similar to Cadmium sulph.

Carcinosin–Cancer pains.

Arsenicum alb.–Cancer pains, burning pains, end-of-life, diarrhea, chilliness, exhaustion, agitation, fear of death, anxiety, negativity, need for company, fault-finding disposition.

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And needless to say, based on what you’ve read in this article, you’re going to need remedies!  Do you have a home remedy kit?  You’re going to need a 30C and 200C Emergency Kit.  Now, I know, this is going to run into money.  I’m sorry about that, but how are you going to manage a homeopathic case without remedies?       

Amazon.com  sells remedy kits.  So does Dana Ullman at  www.homeopathic.com

Do you have an acute prescribing book?  Like Alan Schmukler’s Homeopathy: an A to Z Home Handbook?  You should have one of those too.  You will probably have to order some of these remedies separately, like Cadmium sulph, because they’re not common and you won’t find them in a home remedy kit, but, I would hate to be without Cadmium sulph, it’s been a life-saver to me.  Amazon has been very good about carrying homeopathic remedies. 

“Why do I have to order the same remedy kit in 2 separate potencies?”  Because you want to start with your lower potency and save the higher one for the eventuality that the lower one stops working.  If you have only one potency, what are you going to do if it stops working, you have nothing to go up to!  And potencies expiring is something that I see a lot of.  But at least get the 30C Emergency kit, even if that’s all you can do.  Maybe you can get by with just that, and plussing your bottle when the potency wears out.  Again, read my FAQ article!

Good luck!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases, write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com



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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Thank you, Elaine. I’ll be printing out this article and giving it to a number of friends, along with your earlier articles. I’ve only used Cad. sulph. once and the pt. experienced an immediate but brief aggravation followed by a marked improvement that lasted several months. I believe Grimmer warned about this, but can’t find it in my copy of his work. Do you happened to remember where that was mentioned?

  • What did Grimmer warn about, exactly? Cadm-s. causing an aggravation? That’s something that can happen to anyone with any remedy. The important lesson is, if you’ve experienced an aggravation, stop dosing! An amelioration may follow, as in this case, and then, no more dosing unless there’s a relapse.

  • Hi Elaine
    How grateful can any one be with such amazing information
    and knowledge God bless you
    Regards Ravi

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