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From A Distance Successful Complete Recoveries from Diabetes: Another Example of the Tremendous Possibilities of Homeopathy in Conjunction With Radiesthesy

Dr. Sergey Pugach explains how he treats patients remotely by incorporating homeopathy into radesthesia. This is obviously not classical homeopathy, but readers may find food for thought here.

Dedicated to my 89-year old mother, Raisa, who is totally free of a number of toxins now, thanks to the technology which I use.5

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus, and particularly insulin-dependent diabetes (IDD) remains a medical problem, both for conventional and naturopathic medical practitioners due to the uncertainty of etiology. But etiology of IDD is known. According to naturopathic doctor Hulda Clark, Eurytrema pancreaticum, the pancreatic fluke of cattle, causes diabetes. As a proof, I give an example from my own practice. As a homeopath, being armed with radiesthesy, I can eliminate all toxins/parasites/environmental pollutants/ pharmacological burdens, etc., doing this even from a distance, without any restrictions, and then transfer homeopathic remedies to patients. If I compare the method I use with the Zapper approach (invented by Dr. Clark) the advantages of my proposition are obvious. Homeopathy, in conjunction with radiesthesy, can make any remedy and its potency at a precise and designated moment in time.

Keywords: Diabetes/insulin-dependent diabetes, homeopathy, radiesthesy

(radiesthesia), dowsing, treatment from a distance.

“I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the uncanny reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors unknown to us at this time”.

Albert Einstein

“Treatment is possible even in absence of the

patient, simply by sending his photograph“ [9].

Dr. B. Sahni

Today not only orthodox physicians but also holistic medicine practitioners view the cause of type I diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes (IDD) – as an autoimmune assault on the insulin producing cells [1], [2], [3]. For all that, many experts believe this may result from an immune response after viral infection or something related to nutrition [3]. Tomeko Mitsui [4] believes that diabetes “comes from psychological and physical stress caused by one’s environment and autonomic nervous system imbalance caused by abnormal hormone discharge”.

Concerning type II diabetes, or non-insulin dependent diabetes, people with this type of diabetes… “can produce sufficient insulin, but the insulin and the glucose it transports cannot effectively enter into the cells. This category of diabetes is most often linked to a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates and low in fiber and it can usually be treated with an effective diet, exercise, and specific nutritional supplements”[2].

To my knowledge, only one author presented the true etiology of diabetes. This author is Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. According to Clark, “all diabetes cases have a common fluke parasite, Eurytrema pancreaticum, the pancreatic fluke of cattle, in their own pancreas”. [5]. My six years of experience with diabetes cases mostly confirmed Dr. Clark’s opinion. Another author also reveals the true genesis of diabetes – Joseph B. Marion [6]. But his book does not have appropriate reference(s) and the source of this information is unclear.

But, before presenting a typical case from my practice, let’s talk briefly about radiesthesy, because I am not sure that the majority of practitioners know about this ancient esoteric science and how it can be applied to homeopathy. Three definitions attracted my attention among a number of others.

  1. A) As the Dictionary of Alternative Medicine Methods [7]

states “…radiesthesia (clairvoyant healing, medical dowsing, medical radiesthesia) is a method of ostensible diagnosis and treatment selection. The word radiesthesia is the anglicized form of radiesthesie, an apparent euphemism for ‘dowsing’ coined by the Abbe Alex Bouly in 1927. It literally means ‘perception of radiation’. Dowsing (also called ‘biolocation’) is a clairvoyant ‘art’ centered on finding water, minerals, animals,

missing persons, lost objects, or hidden treasure, usually with an instrument such as a pendulum or divining rod (a forked rod or tree branch, or a bent wire). ‘Radiesthesia’ may refer to: (a) all forms of dowsing; (b) medical dowsing specifically; (c) dowsing and radionics; or (d) the ability to detect ‘biological radiations’.

Bouly and two other French priests – the Abbe Alexis Mermet and Father Jean Jurion, pioneered medical dowsing. Mermet’s hypothesis was threefold: (1) everything emits radiation, (2) ‘some kind of

current’ flows through human hands, and (3) holding appropriate objects renders them revelatory tools. There are two basic ‘diagnostic’ modes of radiesthesia: in one, practitioners supposedly detect and diagnose illness simply by passing their hands over the patient. In the latter form of radiesthesia, practitioners base ‘diagnosis’ on the movements of the ‘instrument’”.

  1. B) In his book Vibrational Medicine Richard Gerber [8] gives us the following definition of radiesthesia: “A psychic perceptual ability of being

able to sense various types of subtle energetic radiation.”

  1. C) Science and Invention, The Illustrated Encyclopedia [11] informs us: “Other applications of dowsing include finding missing people or lost articles, the diagnosis and treatment of illness and soil analysis. All aspects of dowsing, however, are serious practical fields of dowsing and are not for the inexperienced. To be proficient and reliable the dowser must know the background of the field in which he is working and be experienced, as a dowser, in that field”.

Now, what is an application of radiesthesy to homeopathy?

A homeopath proficient in radiesthesy can:

– select the similia (100%)

– select the correct potency (100%)

– determine (with 100% accuracy) the frequency of the remedy

– define the exact moment when to stop taking a given remedy;

– determine exact moment to prescribe a new remedy or

to repeat a prior one.

Radiesthesy can also with keeping proper diet and water intake, which are very important in general for all patients but in particular for patients with diabetes. Usage of radiesthesy can help us to recommend precisely what to eat, how much and when.

Working with my patients I found the importance for them of tongue cleaning and teeth brushing and the frequency of this may vary,

depending on the concrete health level (which, again, can be exactly determine with the help of radiesthesy as well).

The Method

This case illustrates how I typically handle a case using my methods of treating from a distance . I live in New York City and the patient presented in this paper is a citizen of Kazakhstan, Asia.

Lady S., 62 yrs [now she is 67], lives in Kazakhstan. At the time she asked for help (October 19, 2007) this patient was on daily 60 IU of insulin injections (since 2004) and also suffered from severe obesity, a variety of

toxins (among them – Eurytrema, chlorine, fungi, environmental pollutants, etc.), arthritis, nephritis, high levels of cholesterol, plus arterial hypertension.

It is interesting that her Eurytrema “came back” to her (relapsed) 15 times (!): the first time I took this parasite out was 10/23/07 and the last one was on 05/15/09. Since this date (July 2011) no more relapses were observed. In less than one year, she lost 18 kilograms (from 90 to 72) and her pancreas came back to its anatomical and functional condition (at the beginning of the treatment she had just 8 percent of beta-cells working, while in one year it was 86%.

The lowest potency of homeopathic remedy I used in the treatment was 3c while the highest one was millions of mm. The following miasmas were found in this patient – Sycotic, and much later (in one year), Tubercular. Let’s track down the dynamics of the potencies I used for these miasmas:

04/07/08Medorrhinum 1000 m (please notice that the first prescription for nosode was made six months after beginning of treatment, so, in my opinion, without radiesthesy one can not determine the moment/day/even TIME when the patient should get the right remedy/ potency).

05/03/08 Medorrhinum 10 lm, 07/18/08 – Medorrhinum 14000 m, 08/09/08 Medorrhinum 10000 m, 10/20/08 – Medorrhinum 20000 m, 10/28/08- Tuberculinum 2 m, 11/04/08 – Tuberculinum 6 m, 11/10/08 – Medorrhinum 24000 m,

11/11/08 Tuberculinum 4 m (again, note that the interval between Medorrhinum 24000 m and Tuberculinum 4 m was ONE day only), 11/25/08 – Medorrhinum 20000 m.

S’s health dramatically improved to the extent that even friends who did not

see her for a relatively short time could not recognize her. This patient’s positive dynamics were confirmed by clinical and para clinical

examination along with pH of patient’s body, 10-points health level scale and bio-field radius which were determined by mean of radiesthesy.

In homeopathic treatment, mouth hygiene is VERY important. Meanwhile, I

did not find any information which is connected to this topic. And, for example, according to this patient’s health status, she had to clean her tongue five, and then four times a day and to brush his teeth four, and (later) three times a day. According to my experience working with any kind of patients, I found that if they do not keep the recommended mouth hygiene, the potencies of remedies could not be adjusted to possible maximum levels and, together with enough of water intake, these two factors are decisive in terms of positive dynamics of treatment in my patient(s).

Also, it is necessary to note that, unlike Dr. H. Clark, I do not believe that ALL diabetes cases are caused by the presence of Eurytrema pancreaticum, as I had insulin- independent diabetics in my practice and the treatment is reduced to strict diet intake (the diet was extended gradually) in conjunction with using of homeopathic remedies.

I want to note that Dr. H. Clark has used a special device to eliminate parasites from patients’ bodies, which is called the “Zapper” [5, p. 13] and, accordingly, zapping is a process of electrocuting selective pathogens [ibid]. It takes three treatments to kill the pathogens and each treatment lasts seven minutes [ibid, p. 19 ]. However, the Zapper is “not perfect”, as H. Clark establishes: “Zapping current does not reach into gallstones or into living

cells, where the Herpes virus lies latent or there is Candida fungus… but zapping 3 times a day for a week or more you can deplete these populations, too, often to zero” [ibid, p. 20]. In persistent cases Dr. Clark recommends resorting to herbal therapy (for example, taking “2 tablespoons of Black Walnut Hull Tincture” [ibid, p. 21]). And, also, she did not recommend using the Zapper if the patient is pregnant or wearing a pacemaker [ibid, p.


I am firmly convinced that Dr. Clark’s method is complicated, and to a degree, restricted. Secondly, she could not work with the Zapper from a distance. In contrast, to kill parasites and eliminate toxins I use our proven principle of homeopathy (“similia similibus curantur”), which, in conjunction with radiesthesy, works safely and reliably, though in same cases I need to repeat the process of killing/removing the parasite from my patients.

Note: Dr. B. Sahni does not use the homeopathic potencies that I do (millions and billions of lm/mm) [10].

Summarizing my approach in healing patients with ANY kinds of problems

I would like to formulate its basic principles:

  1. I) Defining the patient’s minimal living forces (in %) which allows the patient to respond to therapy. Otherwise I cannot treat/harmonize him/her;
  1. II) Conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis of the patient’s health which includes but is not limited to the following:
  2. Defining the causes which may lie in patient’s health misbalance;
  3. Determining main characteristics of patient’s health (bio-field radius,

pH of the body, health level, etc.).

  1. Detecting the variety of toxins/parasites/environmental

pollutants/pharmaceutical burden/viruses/bacteria/fungi/one-cell parasites, worms, etc. (including geopathic stress including electromagnetic smog) and eliminating them. Counseling patients on how to avoid geopathic stress in their homes/places, where they live/work.

  1. Establishing an order and speed of decreasing of doses of medications

from the arsenal of orthodox medicine.

  1. Providing patients with quantitative and qualitative analysis of their

mistakes, connected with diet inaccuracy and prescribing the right diet.

  1. Patients’ education in my method of keeping mouth hygiene which is

different from that which is generally accepted.


  1. Etiology of insulin-dependent diabetes is known: it is Eurytrema pancreaticum fluke.
  2. Homeopathy in conjunction with radiesthesy can eliminate any toxins/parasites from patient’s organism, even from a distance (a practitioner just needs the patient’s photo or specimen). The distance does not matter.
  3. If indicated in concrete situation by radiesthesy, the homeopath can make/produce (and transfer to a patient) ANY potency of given homeopathic remedy/nosode at the precise designated moment (day/time).
  4. Keeping a strict diet, along with right volume of water intake plus strict mouth hygiene are the key factors for patient’s ongoing treatment progress and recovery.


A year after the original article came out and as a result of further research, I was able to establish that even in the complete absence of a biological field/living forces, these could be successfully regenerated in patients who strictly adhere to my recommendations in terms of adequate hydration, diet and mouth hygiene. Thus, those patients whom I was not able to help earlier, now obtained a realistic chance of becoming healthy by getting rid of their chronic pathology. Insulin dependent diabetes is discussed here just to illustrate.


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About the author

Sergey Pugach

Sergey Pugach Ph.D trained as a pediatrician. He was introduced to homeopathy in 1992 while studying social pediatrics at Research Institute, Almaty, Kazakhstan and combining his job as a physician of Intensive Care Unit for premature newborns (same institute). He has lived and practiced in the United States since 1996. He has been a dowser (radiesthesist) since 2005. He is also a U.S. Board Certified Naturopathic Physician and Diplomate of the National Registry of Naturopathic Practitioners (USA).


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