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Questions Patients Ask-32

Questions patients and students ask about homeopathy and natural healing.

Ask Questions And Demand Answers!

You know, it never occurs to most people to question anything their doctor says.  We have elevated these people to the status of royalty, which is not always well-deserved!  Here is a case in point.  Wonder Woman just wrote to me, wanting to know what remedies to give to Wonder Boy after his wisdom teeth surgery—3 wisdom teeth out at once!  Immediately, alarm bells went off in my head.  Here’s our conversation:


Hello doc, Wonder Woman here….

Hope you and Shana are doing well.  Wonder Boy’s 3 wisdom teeth extraction is scheduled for Friday morning at 7:30 AM.

Egads!  3 at once????  Is that really a good idea?  Wouldn’t one at a time be less traumatic?

One of our good friends is a dentist, he referred us to the orthodontist.  The orthodontist said only one tooth is crooked (or something) and needs to be extracted but he is getting 2 more wisdom teeth which might create an issue in future.  Since he will be given anesthesia, he suggested it is best to get all 3 extracted at the same rime.  We took another opinion from our dentist friend and he also said the same thing.  So, we decided to follow their advice.

Removing healthy teeth because of what MIGHT happen in the future?????  This will more than double his post-surgery pain and discomfort and prolong the operation for no reason!  And the one that “has” to come out?  Why?  Does it hurt?  Is it infected?  Is there a cavity?  Did Wonder Boy complain about it?  Did you ask what will happen if it doesn’t come out?  And if he had just the one tooth out, would they still insist on general anesthesia with all its side effects, including nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shivering from cold, inability to urinate, etc.?  It seems so unnecessary when after local anesthesia, a patient can simply get up and walk out.  Dental surgery is normally done with local anesthesia.

Should I give him Arnica before the procedure?

No!  Didn’t I mention that in my surgery article?

Tidbits-18: Pain-Free After Surgery With Homeopathy!


Thanks doc, will follow this and will keep you posted.

The point is, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t feel that you have to give consent to something right away, take some time to think!  It’s very easy to be intimidated by doctors and feel obligated to go along with whatever they say; but you may discover that a particular procedure actually makes no sense, and is being proposed only because of how expensive it is!


Sciatica Pain From Prolonged Sitting

Hi Elaine!

Oh wow!  It’s Wonder Woman again!

I don’t remember if i told u what i think are the possible reasons for my excruciating sciatica pains:

1) I did a silent meditation course for 3 days, so I sat for too long, stretching my legs while sitting on a couch though I tried to walk between the sessions.

2) On the 2nd day, the yoga session in the morning was pretty intense.

I get nervous when people start describing Yoga as “intense”.

Well, I thought you would like to know, Kali Iodatum helped reduce my sciatica pain!

Wow!  Good for you!  How did you come up with Kali iodatum?

Most online blogs said to take that if the pain started due to sitting for long hours and getting worse at night.  That matched my situation perfectly, so I ordered it on Amazon and tried it.  Thankfully, sciatica pain has reduced considerably.

That is such useful information, Wonder Woman, thank you!

P.S.  I just asked Wonder Woman for a follow-up.  She said her sciatica is completely gone now after 3 doses of Kali iodatum.  I should have asked her what potency but I imagine it was 30C:

Wonder Woman, how much improvement did you get after the first dose?  Did you redose based on relapsing?

Yes doc, I felt 60% improvement with the first dose.  I re-dosed when it relapsed.  My symptoms matched exactly with Piriformis syndrome and specifically with Kali Iodatum per this link (worse on sitting for long, better walking, worse at night, pain from hips radiating to the legs) 


Color and Thickness of Mucus

Dear Elaine,

My functional medicine doctor put me on a low dose of Ivermectin 3 weeks ago and I have noticed that the mucus I cough up in the morning now is yellow.  It seems like the mucus is thicker and I have to clear my throat more.  Other than that nothing has changed.

This is not good!  Colors matter.  Mucus going from clear to yellow and from thin to thick is a step backwards, it means Ivermectin is not helping you and most likely making you worse; so, stop taking it.  Also, it does not make me happy that the “Functional Medicine Doctor” prescribed an unusual “treatment” and never checked back to see if it was working!  Also, taking two treatments at the same time will make managing your case very difficult because you won’t know which result to attribute to what. 


Homeopathic Gunpowder

Elaine, can you please explain what Gunpowder is for?

Don’t you have Murphy’s Materia Medica?  I believe it’s an antiseptic, to prevent or cure infections.  OK, see below:

“Gunpowder is for wounds that refuse to heal, or for accidents, or from bad food or water.

Gonorrhea and syphilis.

Gunpowder is a very good homeopathic remedy for acute infections, boils, abscesses and bites.  An anti-septic for bites and gunshot wounds.  Blood disorders in general.”

Wow!  It seems to have many important uses!



Itchy Dog (a relapsing case)

Elaine, thinking I aggravated Lola with her last dose of the remedy, I did the Aggravation Zapper in the 12th cup this morning, and this is what happened:

She napped very deeply for several hours.

Good sign!  The right remedy often puts the patient to sleep, especially children and animals.

By afternoon, her ears looked slightly better.  She’s been happy and has wanted to play somewhat.

Her itching was reduced, though not gone, but now it definitely seems to be worsening this evening!

What should I do?  Another dose of the 12th cup zapper, stirred first?


Or go to a higher zapper cup?

No!  When a remedy works well, and then relapses, it’s best to stay with what worked and not change to anything new.  So, I would stir the cup, which is hopefully a plastic or paper cup, with a plastic spoon or straw, and give her another dose.  To dose an animal, you only have to pat her lips with a cotton ball dipped in a water potency of the remedy; no need to make her swallow, there’s nothing to digest.  A water potency is your remedy pellet dropped into a cup or bottle of water.


Anyone not familiar with the Aggravation Zapper, click below:

The Aggravation Zapper

That’s it for now!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!  See you again next year!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

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