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Speculative Thoughts on Coronavirus – Based on the Matrix Method

Written by Mirjana Zivanov

The remedy suggested by the Matrix team would be: Stramonium 1M. The Code for this remedy, according to the Matrix method, is Horror-Rescue. By taking the remedy, polarities will be integrated into oneness, and people will be free from that mental state.

Note:  The Matrix method is based on meridian therapies and is used to identify a person’s deepest pair of opposite themes, called the Primes or Code.

First, we have to talk about prevention. As we can notice, people are in a state of panic. They are not going out; they try to sit at home, to be only with their family members, closed in houses because that is a safe place. People avoid crowded places.

Fear of the epidemic is everywhere and listening to the news every day, we hear talk about the virus with fear and panic. People are buying food and other essentials, and hoarding these reserves. In the near future, they will fear even to go out, as is already happening in China and Italy. Police and the army are on the streets.

If you look through the window, you can see the horror situation, and people everywhere are searching for rescue by vaccine, rescue by God. Here I am talking about healthy people who need prevention, but also about some stages of the disease. We need a remedy for that state of fear and panic in which there is a felt feeling of horror and a need to be rescued. This state may reoccur during the disease, until the patient gets the remedy for it. So, the remedy suggested by the Matrix team would be:

Stramonium 1M

The Code for this remedy, according to the Matrix method, is Horror-Rescue.

By taking the remedy, polarities will be integrated into oneness, and people will be free from that mental state, which can’t help, but rather opens the door to the illness. If we are calm and in peace, we are in a better position to prevail.

If we carefully watch and listen, we will notice that the situation created by this virus is associated with the theme of traveling – leaving and coming back. The general movement of the people around the world reached an unprecedented level, but in this situation, it resulted in a deadly global pandemic.

We could say that the polarities of traveling are leaving and coming back. A person who travels leaves somebody somewhere, so there is a theme of separation.

Now one of the primary measures to control the pandemic is to limit the traveling, and people are forced to sit in their homes, separated from their communities.

Many countries have closed their borders leading to another level of separation, and the people in quarantine are separated from their loved ones. So, both the traveling that made the pandemic possible and the quarantines as a measure to stop the pandemic, share the same theme – separation.

For the treatment of this epidemic, the theme of separation, together with all the main symptoms of the COVID-19, with its affinity to respiratory system leads us to:

Phosphoric acid 1M

As the first remedy that should be recommend. According to the Matrix method, separation is one of the strongest keywords of Phosphoric acid, and it comes from an even deeper level – from the Code of the remedy. The Code of a remedy is made by a pair of opposites and is the deepest feeling or thought of a person.

The remedies that make the genus epidemicus for COVID-19, according to the Matrix Method are:

  1. Phosphoric acid with theCode: LOVE-HATE,and Keywordsseparation, dry cough, exhausted, leaving, anger, dissatisfaction, destruction of tissues
  2. Droserarotundifolia with the CodeOPEN-CLOSE, boards are closed, people are closed in houses, hospitals, pulmonary diseases, anger, dry cough
  3. China officinalis with the Code: PROTECTED – UNPROTECTED and the Keywords: exhausted, dry cough
  4. Natrium muriaticum with theCode: COLD-HOT,when the temperature starts to change, renal failure, dry cough
  5. Magnesium muriaticum with theCode: ANGER – PEACE, Keywords: leaving, pain in muscles, tiredness, sinking sensation, dry cough
  6. Calcarea phosphoricawith the Code: ANGER – LOVE and Keywords: coming back, going from one place to another where it is safegoing from one house to another, for the regeneration of destructed tissues, dry cough

We can also notice that most of these remedies have the feelings of HATE and ANGER in their Code or Keyword, so the deepest cause of high susceptibility to this virus worldwide today, may be the hate and anger in humankind, which we can notice with our own eyes. We can see it in the attitude towards nature, animals, etc.

Many have lost their loved ones in this pandemic, and for them the most suitable remedies would be:

  1. Mancinella-massive death when many people die, Code: DISGUSTING-BEAUTIFUL and Keywords: hording things, dry cough, getting fast from one place to another
  2. Nat-m – Keyword: Sadness
  3. Ignatia amara – Code: POWERLESS-JOY

NOTE: These are some speculative suggestions and ideas for my fellow homeopaths, and by no means should this be used by the patients to self-medicate. Also, it is always necessary to observe the totality of symptoms if possible.

So, the first remedy for prevention is:

  • Stramonium 1M

The first remedy for treatment is:

  • Phosphosricum acidum 1M

After the death of many people:

  • Mancinella 10M

In this situation, in time, people are losing themselves and get into an Alumina state with the Code: Empty-Full. We can see empty streets, restaurants, shops, while the homes are full, as well as empty airports and planes and full hospitals…

Soon, they can totally forget who they are, and they can lose their own identity. That would be the Corona madness!

About the author

Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov DDS, Registered homeopath, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. She has 20 years of everyday clinical practice in classical homeopathy, at the Homeopathic Clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. She is the founder of this Clinic. She is an associate member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK. She is the author of the books: “Homeopathy in Practice”, "Homeopathic medicine - Principles", "Homeopathic medicine - Invisible Influences", and many published articles. The books published by BJain on her Matrix Method in 2018 are: "Matrix Method with Tetractys Model in Homeopathy" and "Opening the Secret Door with Matrix & Tetractys in Homeopathy". Dr. Mirjana is the creator of the "Matrix Method" in homeopathy, and she presented it at international congresses: IHS London 2015, IHS London 2016, IHC Bangalore, India 2017, lecture at SLD Novi Sad, Serbia 2017, and at the IHC London 2018, IHC London 2019. She was awarded with the HCH “Star of Homeopathy” in London, 2019. and in 2020 with CoA CORONA WARRIOR by SYSI, New Delhi. In 2021 Dr. Zivanov developed the Karmic Labyrinth method. More information: www.karmiclabyrinth.com and www.homeopatskamedicina.rs Dr. Mirjana Zivanov’s contact: [email protected]


  • You are giving credence to one side of the coin that fear of Pandamic outbreak and hatred towards animals, it s all right to prevent fear of outbreak at some extend ..What about to tackle the disease per se ?
    I think we will have to do more prolific work on combating KOVID 19 itself so please come out with some Genus Epidimicus like Kali Mur, Spongia Tosta, Drosera, Kali Carb…..

  • the panic, fear and horror are neither surprising nor peculiar. when there is the threat by such a terrible disease as the corona virus disease and people are dying en masse, I don’t know any other reaction than panicking. It is not something unusual rare and peculiar. Has of no great value in finding the similimum.

    Prescribing the genus epidemicus involves picking up the different symptoms from several people and constructing the totality as if all the symptoms were presented by a single individual.

    Kindly note that the symptoms this epidemic has been consistently presenting as observed, heard and witnessed from various videos of the affected people of China and around the world are.. Sore throat,Cough, pneumonia, nephritis and the “sudden falling to the ground in a swoon-may be dead” and of course the extreme prostration. All these constitute the totality. And there is a remedy answering this exact picture- MERCURIOUS CYANATUS.

    It had been helped as a genus epidemicus in the past against diphtheria which shared these symptoms. One most desirable feature of Mercury bases remedies is that, it can propagate through the body fluids of one who taken it. Thus anyone coming in contact with the mucous droplets flying from the nose mouth etc of the person administered this remedy will also be passively medicated and remain protected for a while. Mass medication would spread exponentially too just like how the disease spreads ! That is Mercury !

    I recommend the 30th potency, three times initially and only to be repeated after 10 or 15 days.

  • Dear Dr. Your observation is nice and worthy. But unless and until you treat directly it’s invane to say. Everyone needs proof….if you have any case with you of covid 19…please explain..

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