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The ‘Biophotonic Resonator” A Synergetic Matrix (II)

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Part two of Prof. Stanciulescu’s discussion of biophotonics and exogenous homeopathy, in which he explores the phenomena and effects of distant healing.

Exogenous Homeopathy, a type of distant healing :

Experimental justifications and practical implications

in human bio-psychical states

To Dr. Liviu Nuteanu, my friend of mind and heart,who, beyond space and time, made this research gain the relevance of light.

ABSTRACT. This second study of a series already beguni endeavours to argue that:

  • the distance between an emitter and receiver of (bio-psychic) electromagnetic waves is not essential at a planetary scale, because the speed of light or other type of wave (such as “psi” waves) are equal to or bigger than Einstein’s c = 3.105 km / second;
  • the healthy effects of informational-energetic therapy / medicine are also manifested through the mechanism of “holographic resonance”, the curative waves being sent and received quasi-instantaneously;
  • this type of distance/distant healing interaction essentially characterizes the mechanism of exogenous homeopathyii, if we take into consideration that the distance between a system / remedy and the human body (DNA, cell, organ, organism) could vary from a few millimeters to thousands of kilometers.

Justifying that such a phenomenon of interaction objectively exists and could be rationally / scientifically explained, is equal to discovering the principles of exogenous homeopathy and the possibilities of its practical application.

I must declare from the very beginning that the present article is not for scientists, who may simply smile, but only for those people who are not convinced that bio-psychic field phenomena are real, yet remain “objective in their subjectivity”; people who – after realizing and finally accepting this – will look for a possible scientific explanation. What follows, in the succession of this series, permits a clearer picture of the deep connection between Exogenous Homeopathy and Biophotonics, a connection defining the “vertebral column” of all of my unconventional research.


To be in communion, ALL TOGETHER, an aspiration still waiting

to be accomplished…

Although known from illo tempore, paraphysical / parapsychical phenomena with therapeutic effects still represent a challenge for science. According to the ancient traditions of magic medicine, this category of phenomena represents an objective, unquestionable reality. For the simple man of ancient times, sophisticated justifications were not needed, in order to understand that: “What is it? Simply …it is.” But, for the modern scientific mind, the presence of justifying arguments – such as the rationality of theoretical models and connection with statistics and repeatability of phenomena – represents a sine-qua- non condition, often transformed into dogma.

Notwithstanding dogmatic thinking, it is natural to ask ourselves:“In this obsession of repeatability and identity, is it possible for the oneness, in turn, to find its’ own place?”The more we are able to recognize the paradox, that, despite the mechanistic determinism which science has elevated to the highest rank of law (i.e. reproducibility of results: the same conditions in similar circumstances generate similar effects), any phenomenon is unique, given that in every moment at least one of the parameters of a repeatable / reproducible experiment in the laboratory changes. The time, the environmental conditions, the cosmic structure, etc. is always different. But most of all, we ourselves, as we experience something, are always in a state of change. This suggests that – according to the Principle of Uncertainty formulated by Heisenberg – we as humans, by changing our own state, can influence decisively a category of “subtle” phenomena known as the quantum / field, etc.

In this category, near the dogma, enter these unconventional phenomena, including homeopathy, both exogenous and endogenous. It is understood in homeopathic therapy that every situation is different, each case being a special and very particular one. The general rule in homeopathy is: There are not illnesses, but ill persons.

Taking into consideration that each person is different from another, we could conclude that:

  • This is the first cause of incomprehensibility for those with scientific, qualitative minds, for whom non-repetition, non-reproducibility and the lack of statistics, doesn’t work;
  • The second cause of incredulity is that in homeopathy “nothing can generate something”, ignoring that the informational fields are the strongest reality possible, even though they may be unobservable; but this apparent “lack of substantiality” doesn’t mean “immateriality”, because fields belong to matter, as information does also.

Synthetically speaking, the adaptive but “non-repetitive invisibility”, manifested at the level of different and specific ultra-weak informational fields, transmitted by “holographic resonance” from a generative source to a receptive one, is one explanation of homeopathy, endogenous and exogenous.

Therefore, it is irrational to refuse evidence of a phenomenon just because its manifestation does not statistically meet the quantitative principles that were randomly established. If we translate into other terms, the intuitive idea stated above, we would say that- If the phenomenon proves to manifest objectively, having unequivocal effects, even if its’ frequency is just one in a million, it should be assumed worthy and appropriate for scientific explanation.

To do this, what should be clarified in such a situation, is the objective nature of the relationship between cause and effect. In this context, we should ask ourselves:

  • Is the phenomenon of the destruction of cancer cell lines caused by the bio-psychical/energy-information influence of a human subject (healer) who is acting on them (in this respect from a distance)?
  • or is the objective effect due to other random causes, unappreciated or ignored (laboratory conditions, weather conditions, time of day or night, etc.)?

No doubt that, as I already stated, these conditions are permanently changing. But according to the “logic of the scientific research”, which Karl Popper has developed, we should conclude that, if the effect is connected repeatedly – even / especially in different conditions – with one and the same cause, which is considered the generator cause, the probability that this cause is the source of the effect becomes maximal. Just in such a situation is located the phenomenon now under research and explanation: a human subject’s apparently subjective actions – with his Bio-Psycho-Logical (BPL) power resources – distant in location (meaning that distance is irrelevant and may vary from a few centimeters to hundreds or thousands of kilometers), is able to generate destruction / inhibition of tumor tissues in vitro and / or in vivo to initiate a therapeutic act, etc.

In conclusion, the scientific explanation of such an action involves the correlation of several work stages, namely the scientific / experimental crediting of the phenomenon in general, with a category of means other than the intuitive ones:

  • experimental validation of the phenomenon, tracked in laboratory conditions;
  • formulation of a relevant scientific explanation;
  • validation of scientific explanation by repeating the experiment, introducing several hypothetical parameters / experimental conditions imposed by the elaborated theory, which would generate the presumed effects.

Such a strategy would undoubtedly validate the objectivity of the phenomenon and the adequacy of explanations, allowing the development of performance driven strategies. For the purposes of such aspirations, the considerations of this work act as a reference support.


In order to demonstrate that a random phenomenon – such as the “language” between the biological systems, telepathy and telekinesis, distal therapeutic influence etc. – manifests in an objective manner, it requires more than assertions / intuitive recognition like: “Talk to the wolf and the wolf is at the door …” (telepathy), ” he can move mountains ..” (telekinesy / resonance), “Godspeed, health” (biopsychic-energizing) etc. Modern science and technology of the twentieth century has opened a gate, making accessible to the scientific realm, that which was previously only accessible to human intuition. In this category of phenomena – within which I too am involved, directly or indirectly – are included Exogenous Homeopathy (ExHo) phenomena. (cont…)

1.1. The living systems language:

Practical experiments and technological highlights

It is already an old intuition – found in popular stories and anecdotally observed in practice – that a common “language” of plants, animal and humans is characterizes the whole living world. To mention some of these type of events is appropriate within this paper’s context.

  • Through waves equally emitted by non-living and living systems, is achieved the “animistic” connection, as the primitives used to call it, of all things of the world, in which everything communicates/enters into resonance. What once seemed unclear and hard to understand, as it was manifested in the invisible zone of reality – at the (bio) electromagnetic wave system level generated by the bio-physical systems – today is easier to put in evidence / illustrate using modern technology, as is shown in several experimental examples chosen to justify it.

Figure 1. Communication between plants: the interaction of bio-energy-information fields between two ivy plants (photo scanned with a computational program from NASA) by professor Marioara Godeanu) [cf. [Ciupa, 2005]. The informational-wave undulating relationship between the two systems, which transfers mutually the information from one to the other, is clearly evident.

The conclusions of the engineer Vasile Ciupa in his doctoral thesis, which I had the chance to evaluate from a biophotonic perspective, are the following: By means of the bio-electromagnetic wave channel, two or many biological systems – such as plants are – can exchange bio-information, generating adequate effects of stimulation or inhibition. Russian researchers revealed that through this disregarded channel of bio-electromagnetic waves, two biological systems can mutually influence a health or disease condition, a condition of stimulated or inhibited development, etc.

  • As evidence of such influence, the recent experiments to stimulate plant growth systems under the influence of the Biophotonic Resonators (based on an active substance, exclusively biological and recently patented) [Stanciulescu, Apopei, Poenaru, Brasoveanu, 2007-2010] – which will be more detailed in a future article – were made by both Romanian and foreigner researchers.

Figure 2. Biophotonic stimulating effect on a biological / vegetal system, achieved with a Biophotonic Resonator: (a) Electronographic image of the biophotonic resonator RB1 effects on a wheat culture: (b) difference in growing between the blank (left) and the culture sample stimulated with RB (right) after 12 days from germination (experiment conducted by Traian D. Stanciulescu & Mihai D. Apopei, Romania); c,d) an experiment using three types of seeds (cilantro, basil, chives), 16 days after planting : e) plants stimulation with a RB1 and watered with structured water, f) no biophotonic stimulation and using a normal water (the experiment was conducted by pharmacist Ann Simard, Canada [2011]).

  • The bioelectromagnetic interaction between biological systems of different types (such as between man and plant) may be proven by means of advanced technological equipment used by Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp [1989], the father of biophotonics. In this context, a relevant experiment was initiated by myself [2003b], together with professor Rajendra Bajpai from University of Shilong India [2004].

Figure 3. Biophotonic stimulation by hands – from about 5-10 cm distance – and by positive thinking on a sample of lichen: a) change in biophoton emission before and after stimulation; b) variation of biophotonic emission before and after energy-informational stimulation .

The experiment was realized by using the bio-photocounter at the laboratory of the International Institute of Biophotonics in Neuss, Germany, in regards to the distal influence of a biological system, by the bio / psycho-human field. The experiment used a lichen species, Parmelina Wallichiana. After measuring the normal emission of bioluminescence / fluxes of biophotons, the sample was stimulated for about 5 minutes, by myself, with my hands from about 5-10 cm distance. The experiment was repeated three times, and each time the results was the same: both spontaneous and stimulated signals are different in pre and post-energized measurements, presenting an evident increase of biophotonic emission.

Of course, the phenomenon could be associated with many causal explanations, involving both the bio-radiating nature of the human hands, able to change the plant’s bioelectromagnetic field (coupling different radiations from the emission of heat / infrared radiation generated by the human hands / palms, to the bioluminescent emissions of the human body), but also involving the positive stimulation of my own thinking, practiced by a mental command such as: “Please, illuminate...”. Thus, the “undiscovered” and the practical significance of such an experiment consisted in its objectivity: the plant’s bioluminescence increased, by a certain modification of its metabolism. This modification is essentially dependent on the psychical and emotional state of a human being, and by positive or negative thinking also.

In this respect there already exists a tradition of experimental research. For example, it is relevant to recall the experiments performed by Cleave Backster [Ostrander, Schroeder, 1977: 27-28] who highlighted the plants’ response influenced by our thoughts (good or bad), by connecting them to a highly sensitive galvanometer. So, if human thought directed at a plant is a bad one – “I will burn you“, for example – the values of measurements will dramatically decrease, showing an inhibitory effect. To the contrary, if the thinking is positive – “I will water you, I will take care of you” – the electro-magnetic / electric values are changing, adequately / proportionally increasing6.

Or course, into the frame of this experiment we should ask: is a plant able to know the value of good and evil, of true or false? The answer is certainly no. But, in this case, what is the plant feeling? From a biophotonic perspective, we should recognize that the plant is able to receive and recognize – by “holographic resonance” – the modifications from the biofield of a human being who loves or hates, speaks truth or lies. From this perspective, it is impossible to confound states of resonance, frequency, etc.

  • In a similar way, using the biophotonic instrumentation, the experiments carried out by Van Wijk became classics [2002]. He placed the a biotherapist at a distance of a few meters from an algae which “perceived” the mental / informational influence of the human thought by changing its’ bioluminescence (reflected by the photo-counter equipment used in the International Institute of Biophysics of Neuss, Germany).

The change of the bioluminescence field, related to the stimulating or inhibitory nature of the mental emission of a certain issuer, results in two consequences which impose, in turn, an explanation, namely:

a certain distant influence of an issuer on the plant target is achieved;

objectively, among others effect, the nature of the influence achieved on the target can manifest itself in a stimulating or inhibitory form, depending on the “positive” or negative” nature of the formulated thoughts.

  • Finally, it is profitable to remember two relevant experiments realized by Dr. Masaru Emoto [2001], who put into evidence :

the metamorphosis of water crystals by simply saying / thinking: “I love you“; and, the frozen crystals of the water – visualized by the electronic microscope – became incredibly fine [http://www.masaru-emoto.net]; the opposite happened with the crystals of water receiving the information: “You make me sick. I will kill you“, as is already presented in the previous article of this serial;

the effect of human psychical states and words on rice with water from 3 jars, covered tightly. Every day for 30 days the same words are addressed to the jars : stimulating, inhibiting or ignoring.

The results presented above provide relevant proof that the simple water or the water and organic elements like rice can respond to informational or / and structural-substantial influences.

Figure 4. The influence of different psychic attitudes against rice and water, after 30 days of stimulation by: a) “I love you“; b) “You fool“; c) indifference (no word addressed) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atiMC8gXZaI]

Such influences by the mediation of bio-psychic-fields suggests that the medium of transmitting information is water, that is able to transform its structure. But not only the liquid medium is necessary for generating such an experiment, taking into consideration that living structures are characterized by their inner biological water.

  • The research of the specialists from the Agricultural Resort Simnic (Craiova), regarding bio-energy applications on soybean seeds by a qualified therapist is also of particular importance.

Figure 5. Effects of bio energy application with palms from a distance of about 50 cm of the soybean seeds (experiment & Photo: Cornel Naidin): a, b) soya plants which were not bio-energy stimulated (control sample, left hand) and stimulated ones (right); c) BIOCOR soya plants grown from bio-energy stimulated seeds having the biological performance production increased about 2-3 times (left). comparing with the normal production of seeds (right).

Such an experiment represents relevant evidence for theoretically understanding and practically using – where possible on small agricultural surfaces, the age-old practice of seeding the land by hand and directly stimulating / bio-energizing the seeds.

  • Also known, are experiments conducted by Russian researchers on animals, in which telepathically, distance transmission phenomenon were demonstrated through a rough experiment: a female rabbit – connected to an electroencephalograph – invariantly felt the shock when, at a distance of tens of kilometers, its whelps were slaughtered [cf. Constantin-Dulcan, 1981].

Specialists such as Rupert Sheldrake [1999] studied the receptive sensitivity of animals (such as dogs) when approaching their master, in situations when their master was in danger, at great distances, etc. Objective phenomena like these sustaining once more:

  • the hypothesis of a distant interaction between the living systems, proving that exogenous homeopathy is functioning in the case of plants, animals, humans;
  • the probable existence of a certain informational or / and energetic field able to support the process of emission and reception of stimuli-information (possibly to be used for transmitting curative informational stimuli on a larger scale).


In synthesis, we could say that – with the help of biophotonic equipment and through this – two very important conclusions can be formulated:

  • by using bio-resonating systems, we can establish spectacular effects by influencing with energy-information (resonance in the biological field / aura, without genetic modification) the properties of biological systems (plants, animals, people) and implicitly, we can generate extremely valuable technological solutions to address specific crisis situations ranging from food production to the health of the human body;
  • if the relationship between the human body and a plant system is able to be put clearly into evidence, it is very likely that a vice-versa connection is also available: the plants’ presence are influencing – by their bio-field resonance (by their own prana, as it is named in the Oriental, by their vital force, as homeopathy names it) – the metabolism and health state of the human being; it is a truism to say that being among herbs, flowers, trees etc, the human BPL (bio-psycho-logical) state optimizes implicitly.

In other words, these conclusions experimentally/practically sustain the idea that living systems are interactive with each other, and that this interaction is represents the practical basis of the mechanism of Exogenous Homeopathy on the one hand, and the realizations of the Biophotonic Resonator device (containing “living powder” substances, having a vegetal and /or animal origin), on the other hand.

1.2. On Exogenous Homeopathy:

distant healing effects between human subjects

As we have already postulated from the very beginning that the mechanism of Exogenous Homeopathy (ExHo) could be assimilated with a “distant healing” process, accomplished by the “holographic resonance” generated by the (bio) electromagnetic waves / ultra-weak fluxes of biophotons emitted by living systems, some justifying examples are beneficial in this context.

The presentation of such examples and of there objective manifestation, scientifically proven and explained, is essential for understanding:

the principles of an Exogenous Homeopathic therapy, applied in the case of two interactive systems: one acting as a remedy (curing system), the other one functioning as a receiver (patient);

the possibility of clarifying the principles of a “Transpersonal Homeopathy“, applied to the scale of a whole group of people, as Harry van der Zee already postulated [2004], a subject which will be discussed in another study of our series.


  • The phenomena of distant influences performed between humans worldwide, and known as “white magic” or “black magic”, with beneficial or evil effects on the affected system, is more subtle. The bio-energy information type therapies such as Reiki, radiant technique, virtual massage, etc. – and finally exogenous homeopathy – have had the privilege of entering into the field of alternative and complementary therapies. Practices such as these, until recently rejected or ignored by the scientific world, can now be explored by modern technology to reveal their effects, such that specialists must now give them due consideration.

The unconventional interactions-telepathic type, as evidenced by Kirlian photos of a human subject, on whom a therapeutic distant intervention was performed by means of Reiki procedures, reveals the existence of the interaction channels, able to determine the change of the state of the contact system [Caraush, 2005].

Figure 6. Holographic / biophotonic resonance: 1) photos taken with a GDV Kirlian camera, exhibiting: (a) the aura malformations of an ill person, (b) body aura regularization after a series of distant therapies, by Reiki procedures (information received from the author, as a Reiki scholar, included in: [Caraush], 2004: 80-84]).

Because such intuitive therapeutic strategies have been used by man over the ages, one must insist upon their scientific study and seek explanation.

In this context, as a corollary to the phenomena of influencing biological systems by transmission from a greater or lesser distance for stimulation / inhibition effects to effect human health, we have chosen to reveal, among others, the very special performances of a Romanian physician – Dr. Liviu Nuteanu, specialist in neurosurgery – who proved, with conclusive results, the effects of bio-psychic-energy and informational therapy, achieved not only from short distances (from a few centimeters to several meters), but also from long distances, in two reference situations:

  • experiments in vitro, designed to destroy, in well monitored laboratory conditions, the different types of tissue / cancer cell lines (and others);
  • experiments in vivo, aiming at the inhibition of cancer tumors in human subjects, in various stages of manifestation.

Because the relevance of these experiments is significant for this paper, for proving that an ExHo type therapy could efficiently work in the case of neuro-psychical illnesses, a brief presentation of them is quite appropriate in the present context.

  • Distant experiments on pathological human tissue (neoplasia). The first reference experiments with cancer tissue (neoplasia) were made in 1992 at the Hospital “Dr. Gheorghe Marinescu” in Bucharest, the tissues were taken from two subjects with malignant brain tumors. All samples were prepared as suspensions and stored under appropriate laboratory conditions. Some of them were kept as blank (control) samples and others as test samples for the evidence of clinical therapeutic / inhibitory action. On them was performed a bio-energy action for about 10 minutes, with palms, from a distance of about 5-10 cm. The results that followed immediately after completion of the action, revealed – with the help of the Trypan-blue test – the death of cancer cells treated with this unconventional procedure, at a rate of about 77% in one particular type of tumor cell and about 50% in another type of cancerous cell.

A similar experiment was conducted recently at the University of Medicine in Craiova by Dr. Nuteanu, influencing the state of cancer tissue samples from a distance of about 2,500 km from Spain. The results of the experiment – which have not been made public yet – revealed in turn, a relevant percentage of tumour cells which were destroyed, namely: about 37% of cancerous cells, differently as in the first two experimental cases.

  • Energy-Information distant treatments performed on human subjects with various health disorders. A series of therapeutic experiments conducted on different types of patients with extremely serious health disorders (from brain cancer disease) have been performed by Dr. Liviu Nuteanu using unconventional strategies of the bio-energy-information type, in conditions of near or distant interventioniii.

In regard to the way in which all these exceptional studies are done – and to which many others should be addediv Dr. Liviu Nuteanu declared the followingv:

As explanation, I detect the pathological head and I send a complementary energy-informational field having as vector resultant, the Normal (normal healthy situation). When I perform an action on cancer cells, for example, I send the necessary information to initiate the apoptosis, the order destroy cancer cells. Everything is based on my knowledge gained as a doctor. I apply them energetically. Firstly, I study the cancer cells and the disease that I want to treat and after that I act on the known mechanisms.

With regard to the destroying of cancer cells, it would be very interesting in a future project, to study how I manage to send the specific information of apoptosis in the nucleus. The doctor R., specialist in cellular biology, who helped me during the performance of the direct experiences, told me that she has never seen such nuclear modifications and she regrets, as a skilled doctor, that she has no possibility to study it.

The photo image contains all the information about its content. I act on this information, as in an action performed directly on the subject. In addition, I use PSI for transmitting the information at a distance… Basically there are several people (but not too many) in the world who can act at distance”

To these relevant experiments, which unequivocally prove that it is possible to achieve the healing phenomenon from a distance (and regardless of distance), we could add another hypothesis which may be demonstrated empirically, namely: therapeutic effects are stronger in vivo for human beings than in vitro situations.

This is due to the fact that a key role in the reception and activation of some profound therapeutic resources plays the psycho-logical state of the subject, respectively for his positive or negative thinking.



In order to highlight the status of subjectivity and/or objectivity which the distant influence of the positive or negative thoughts can have on the BPL status, it is necessary to present two experiments which I personally performed, and having a certain significance: that everyone is able to initiate a certain competence in distant transmission, as emitter and /or receiver (interpreter). The experiments at the beginning, did not have a rigorous protocol, being spontaneously initiated, but step by step they began to be better controlled. In this regard, they should be considered and understood anecdotally only for the benefits of the present study.

2.1. Positive thinking and telepathic suggestion experiences

A first experiment was realized on May 16, 2010, in the morning, using advanced bio-resonance equipment (AURA VIDEO STATION), capable of showing the modifications of the BPL (bio-psycho-logic) status of a female subject (MV, 41 years old). The experiment was conducted from a distance of about 400 km, the distance between the town Iassy – where I work – and the town Cluj-Napoca, where MV is living. A system of video-webcam was used for starting the experiment.

Before starting, I asked to my partner – as a preliminary condition – for harmony, to develop the experiment in an atmosphere of total trust and mental “opening”, without psychic blockages, explaining to her that the result could be a very relevant scientific one. By giving this agreement, MV relaxed, being prepared for passing without stress to the next steps of the experiment.

First, I asked MV to measure – using AURA VIDEO SYSTEM apparatus – the following BPL states:

the normal BPL state (Fig. 7a), phase of reference, characterized by a relative under-energy, with aura amplitude of about 40% and diminished values of the seven chakras (ROYGBIV spectra), the fundamental / basic frequency being defined by the yellow color;

the mental stage of a positive decree (Fig. 7b), by repeating in my mind – for 5 minutes, without interruption – the statement: YES, YES, YES …, resulted in an increase of aura energy, around 90% and an optimization of the color spectrum, so that the fundamental frequency corresponded to the green color;

the mental inhibitory stage (Fig. 7c) by repeating in my mind – for 5 minutes, without interruption – of the negation: NO, NO, NO …, resulting in a drastic reduction of aura energy intensity and a 20% decrease of the color spectra, which generated a fundamental frequency of orange color.


* *

A spectacular return – to a situation with very strong optimized parameters – was possible through a synergic strategy making a combination of:

  • 10 minutes wearing a Biophotonic Resonator RB1 type (Fig. 7d), which generated an optimized increase in aura amplitude, which reached again 90%, plus a large increase in chakra activities (almost all surpassed the percentage of 80%), generating an average frequency of green;
  • decreeing in the mind for another five minutes, the statement: “Yes, you are the right one for me ..”, resulted in a more evident optimization of the situation by stabilizing the fundamental frequency in the indigo spectrum, an absolutely amazing performance for such a relatively limited time.

Figure 7. Experiments of self stimulation (positive and negative) using the AURA VIDEO STATION equipment

The conclusions of the experiment – clearly evident – perfectly match with the expectations, namely:

  • an act of specific subjectivity, such as positive or negative thinking, influences objectively and adequately the energy-informational structure of the human subject;
  • the BPL status of the human subject may be influenced both objectively- biophysical / biophotonic (by simply wearing the biophotonic resonator) and subjectively by adequate positive thoughtvi.

In this context it is very important to note that the receiver (research subject) was blinded. Not being explicitly informed in regards to the parameters, stimulating or inhibiting, the possibility of placebo effect was ruled out.


In a second version of the experiment, performed several days after the first one (on May 22, 2010), the subject being the same person (MV, both receptive and intuitive) was subjected to an experiment of distant influence initiated from Iassy and monitored in Cluj-Napoca. The undersigned, as issuervii – I sent a number of suggestions / mental influences, with different end purposes, to the human receptor. Interaction was done with the consent – agreement of the recipient (which was previously suggested to be open to receiving distant information and in a relaxed state, (waiting), but without being informed about the nature of the types of mental suggestions to which she was supposed to be subjected.

Moreover, the receiver was asked, before the experiment began, to make an energy-information analysis, used currently as a standard sample by means of the same equipment previously used – AURA VIDEO STATION (MV being accredited legally to use it).

In order to perform the distant transmission, we made the internet connection using a video camera, establishing a direct online connection between the issuer and receptor. In order to establish the mental connection, the issuer used, in turn: the photo of the subject, sent just in time by means of the web-cam, the sample photo sent via e-mail by the receptor, the mental viewing (of the receiver) performed by me, the undersigned.

The experiment was conducted in a sequence of four evaluative stages, as follows:

1) First Assessment – Figure 8. STANDARD SAMPLE & A1 taken around 10: 30 in the morning (a.m.) – showed a relatively good energy state of the subject MV, with aura amplitude of about 90%. In change, the information values corresponding to the activities of the seven chakras showed a decreased intensity / activity and distribution, the only value – that one of the heart chakra / anahata, scoring a rate of 50%, all the other chakras showing decreased values. The dominant color green is the basic one of the BPL aura taken as a standard sample in the starting stage.

The value of the frequencies distributed to the whole body is average, varying between 600,000 and 800,000 units. A certain imbalance between yin and yang energy characterizes also this standard stage.

2) The first experiment – of distant influence, its signification being ignored by the subject receiver – aimed to increase the aura values, of its’ specific parameters. Having the left palm placed on my body, at the heart level, and the right palm straight to the video image / and after that to the photo image of the subject, I began to suggest to the subject the need to optimize the well-being state as I mental transmitted: “Yes, from all points of view, you feel better and better …”. You stimulate yourself, you raise the activity of your chakras, you harmonize yourself.

It happened that after 2-3 minutes from the start of the experiment, this one to be interrupted due to a phone call that required the subject to stop the experiment, because of an urgent activity. Therefore, the relevance of this first experiment seemed to be compromised, having importance only to keep evidence of a start of the process of optimization. However, after a break that lasted about 15 minutes at a first measurement taken with AURA VIDEO STATION – a certain trend of change of parameters could be observed – not very strong but evident – see Fig. 8. STIMULATION PSI 1 & A2.

Thus, while the aura intensity decreased a little, as a result of stress / inhibition generated by the unforeseen event, a trend of increasing in chakras activity had become evident, especially of the higher chakras, blue, green, indigo and violet, which were targeted by the mental stimulating action. Overall, an increase of aura frequency level might be observed, by shifting the fundamental frequency from the yellow-green to blue-green.

3) The resumption of the experiment, by reinitiating the distant influence phase, happened in safe conditions, with the mobile telephone off and particular attention of the receiver. This time, the positive stimulation effects achieved solely on the photo of the target subject were clearly evident, as illustrated in Fig. 8: STIMULATION PSI 2 & A3.

The comparison with the standard state and with the PSI 1 stimulation highlights: a clear activation of the seven chakra system, all increased up to nearly 100% and a sudden change of amplitude of the aura circle up to 80%.

4) The following sequence of the experiment strengthened the belief that the mechanism of distant transmission can provide both stimulating and inhibitory effects. To clarify once again, the person subjected to such influences should be open to such a kind of influence, to approve it even without knowing when and how it will be mentally acting on him / herviii.

Figure 8. Distant stimulation performed with AURA VIDEO STATION

In the above case, the receiver subject – being opened to the experiment and giving approval to the issuer, was implicitly subjected to distant induction, without having any idea of the nature and effects of such induction, stimulating or inhibitory. In such a situation the subject was suggested, by mental viewing over five minutes, to relax his vital functions, and to inhibit his condition, reducing the value of his own frequencies and intensities … All the values were symbolically “lowered” – visualized and mentally pulled “by hand” by myself, as if it were already lowered.

I let several minutes pass before the measurement was taken. The sudden interruption, namely the untimely phone call, had a very important role, namely: to see that in the case of the distant stimulating / inhibitory effect the informational effect needs a particular period of time (15-20 minutes) to install itself and to be measured by the equipment, in comparison with the situation of self-induction when the YES or NO effect was almost immediately revealed by the equipment.

Figure 9. Inhibitory suggestion experiment

The effects measured by the equipment [see Figure 9: Inhibition PSI 3 ] are unequivocal, being validated by an action “in the blind”: the subject while not knowing the type of stimuli to which he was subjected, registers suddenly – without any apparent reason (on the contrary, he / she is still in a positive state, previously induced, suggesting the PLACEBO phenomenon in this case is not invoked)ix – values obviously diminished of his/her aura parametersx:

the picture of the aura degraded it’s consistency, uniformity, being charged with spots of different colors;

  • the energetic value of the aura decreased with two steps, reaching from green-blue to the orange-yellow spectrum;
  • the value of all chakras diminished in connection to the previous level fully grown almost at maximum, remaining more active only at the “low” colors: red, orange, yellow;
  • the aura amplitude decreased from 80% to 70%;
  • the energy level of different parts of the body had declined to about 600,000 units.

Figure 10. Stimulation with the help of RB 1

5) In a final sequence of the experiment it was proposed to the subject, that after this inhibition of the biophotonic parameters, to wear a biophotonic resonator for approximately two hours, during a trip to town. Only wearing this without any other complement / mental stimulating – neither from the issuer nor from the receiver, by self inductive mental viewing – it was able to improve, moving to a higher frequency, the condition of the subject under experiment (which from yellow moved back to orange). In addition, the amplitude of the aura reached again the starting parameters, meaning a high value of 90%, and the values of the chakras and its’ homogeneous state being obviously optimized.


* *

In conclusion, regarding the two above experiments, we would say that:

  • In terms of quantity and statistics, the relevance of the experiments cannot be considered as being one of reference, since there are only two experiments, relatively separate, each of them with several stages (4 and 5) of initiation and measure.
  • But in terms of quality, the results of tests show that the distant influence manifests objectively, both in positive and negative effect, stimulating or inhibitory, resulting in an additional potential for healing, which is not a placebo-effect as one might think. In other words, depending on the situation, each of the both mentioned alternatives of distant influence can be beneficial because:

  1. the stimulation action of the energy-informational resources of the patient is necessary when these are uncompensated (such as in the case of hypotension, for example);
  2. the inhibitory action of BPL states are imposed whenever the human subject is hyper-stimulated, super-energized etc. (as in neoplasia tissues, for example).

If we are not acting in this way, by adequately using the energetic-informational resources of the distant emission, the effect may not be efficient or could even aggravate the BPL states of the receiver / patient.

Finally, some particular conclusions can be formulated, saying that:

the aspects obtained are those ones I tracked with priority as an issuer; in what manner the therapist can follow and implicitly stimulate from distance a higher range of parameters, is a question for which the future experiments should ask / check;

it was found empirically – that unlike the self-induction effects previously achieved – the consequences of distant influence action involve a period of “incubation” (for about 10-15 minutes, in our case), required for the effect to install and to be detected by the measuring equipment.

2.2. A distant healing experiment: between suggestion and placebo

For completing the above mentioned data, apparently by chance only, another very simple but relevant experiment of distant influence was realized a few days after. Under a certain mental influence of mine, the subject responded by modifying his health parameters. This time, suggestion and placebo effect were both involved.

The subject M.I.P., a 60 year old scientific researcher, with oscillatory blood pressure asked me to verify the effects of the distant influence upon his own states of blood pressure. The experimental outlet was very simple, being conducted by Yahoo messenger and by phone connection:

  • The emitter had to modify the heart tension state of the receiver without any certain expectance: the receiver didn’t know what type of influence to expect: an increasing of a decreasing one;
  • The influence had to be mentally sustained by the emitter for 5 minutes, by looking at a photograph of the receiver and by representing him in a real state too, in a condition of total acceptance / positive to the receiver.

The results of the experiment were registered and noted by M.I.P. himself, in the following table, sent to me for interpretationxi.

An integrative table of the registered results

A preliminary interpretation of the obtained results is simple and clear enough:

(1) The first experiments proved that the mental suggestion: “Decrease, decrease, decrease…relax, relax, relax…”, diminished the receiver’s tension from 66/135/85 to 58/127/51 first, after 4 minutes of induction13. A successful result. The tension modification was exactly as the induced one. No certain expectancy, no PLACEBO effect influenced in this experiment the mental state of the subject.

After looking at the final results, the subject said: “Perfect blood pressure. But, please, don’t decrease it too much…”. It seemed to me be a joke, but I realized soon that – only thinking and saying this – a certain PLACEBO expectancy was installed in the mind of the receiver.

(2) The second experiment tried to increase mentally, this time – for 5 minutes of transmission – the subject’s blood pressure. I suggested mentally: “Increase… increase up to 140…” …And it happened, but not so much: the result was “only” 57 / 132 / 79. But, I said angrily, saying in my mind: “Oh, I asked for 140 and I succeed only 132…“. In fact, I ignored my own blockage of MIP, with his own inhibiting request: “Please, not too much…”. It was exactly the suggestion which his sub-conscience retained. So, my own suggestion was somehow blocked, but keeping the sense of its action: the increasing one.

(3) A third stage of the experiment was a subjective one, represented by the subject’s own (auto) stimulation. During our discussion about the experiment, the tension of the subject begun to oscillate, decreasing after 5 minutes to 57/128/78. How and why I asked myself? The answer is simple. A BPL situation becomes stable when no stimuli are perturbing it. The subject, MP, was afraid of decreasing blood pressure, and so it happened.

(4) I suggested in this case optimizing the situation by using the two types of Biophotonic Resonators BR1 & BR6, which the subject is normally using. The BR performed its duties, by acting homeopathically… And the inhibition process continued, until the very diminished values of: 57/114/58. But, very soon – in about 3 minutes – it began to increase to: 58/120/76. Already very good.

A last action of the subject was to optimize these values by using an explicit autosuggestion (“I am OK, I am OK…”). And, the last results arrived: 60/128/83. A perfect one for a human person having the BPL coordinates of MIP.

(4) The next morning, the experiment was retaken by MIP himself. It’s apparently strange, but after a night of sleeping his blood pressure increased to the higher limit of the normal, namely” 65/139/88. (Strange how that was exactly the limit chosen by me, when I tried to increase it, without success.) By trying to optimize this situation, the subject put at his neck his two BR and began for a few minutes to self-regulate his blood pressure by auto-feedback.. The modification was quite evident: 134/78.

(5) After relating this situation by telephone, MIP also confessed to me that his psychological state was in a poor disposition for beginning the scientific work he had to do. I said: “OK, Let’s try to optimize your BPL state. Open yourself…”. And, during 5 minutes, looking at his photos, I transmitted mentally: “You are OK, you are OK. Change your BPL states in the best way. You are in the best BPL state for working…“. And again.

The objective result: a maximal relaxing state, namely: 65/114/63. And, subjectively, MIP declared: “I am indeed very well. I feel so peaceful and relaxed. I am starting to work…”. Induction, placebo, BR, or all of them?

By following the whole experiment’s results, we could observe a few aspects accorded to the previous one, that the distant suggestion has: (cont..)

a certain delayed period of time (about 10-15 minutes) for installing an objective stable effect at the level of the receiver states;

a more intense effect is installed when the receiver is using a Biophotonic Resonator, and – especially – when both emitter and receiver are using the same type of BR;

the conscious defense of the receptor subject can inhibit any type of induction of the transmitter;

if not adequately deleted, a transmitted message could become subliminal and work during the night (the lack of the awakened consciousness), the strong suggestion made during the evening acting during the sleep period;

the subliminal message could be sometimes more powerful than the personal one.

Of course, these hypotheses must be verified by many more repeated experiments. But, despite this lack of statistical verification, a double conclusion is quite certain:

  • paying attention to the numerous unusual oscillations of the blood pressure, it is clear that a certain PSI effect – distant and/or (auto) induced was obviously manifesting, and:
  • therefore, certain effects of the Biophotonic Resonator are also healthy, influencing the BPL (bio-psycho-logical) states.

Consequently, the empiric relevance of all experiments mentioned above – traditional or recent – show a single conclusion, namely: the objective existence of a phenomenon of distant psycho-mental influence, with complex effects (including therapeutic) on the receiver subject.


In conclusion, I trust that the main purposes of this article – namely to present intuitively some aspects proving that the existence of a phenomenon such as “distant informational-energetic interaction” or “distant healing” could be profitably connected with the postulates of “Exogenous Homeopathy” and “Biophotonic Resonantors,” already formulated in a previous study – are accomplished successfully. For justifying this expectation, let’s take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Having in mind all types of ExHo situations mentioned during the present study, we could speak about the “distant healing” – as a process of interactionxii – between fields [Stanciulescu, 2005: 78]:

1. Two physical systems, the connection being in this case of a reflection type; the sun or moon rays are reflecting / refracting type on the water of a lake, by heating it, structuring it, etc.;

2. A physical / natural system, such as the information-energy of air, light etc., which beneficially influences the state of a biological system (vegetal, animal, human);

3. Two biological systems (vegetal, animal, human), beneficially influencing each other by “ultraweak luminescence”; this is the first function of the Biophotonic Resonators, being able to stimulate all types of living systems;

4. A biological system (vegetal, animal, human), which is influenced by the information-energy of some natural Biophotonics Resonators, combined with “manufactured” elements (such as architecture, clothing etc.);

5. A human system, which can influence by BPL stimuli the state of any other type of biological system (vegetal, animal, human).

Looking at these alternatives, intuitively presented in the frame of the present study, we could note the following comments and conclusions:

  • In a certain way, each of these types of interaction by ultra-weak fields – involving different degrees of “holographic resonance” – established between a certain emitter and receptor, contribute to the appearance of certain BPL effects. This effect could be connected somehow – if it is a healing onexiii – with the mechanism of Exogenous Homeopathy. But, we must also accept that these mechanisms and effects are becoming truly ExHo, only under human control achieved through focus and intent.
  • Because of strongly opposed positions, people are often forced to choose between nature and culture, alternative and allopathic therapy¸ resulting in not only a lack of ratio, but also an impossibility. Both options have advantages which should not be denied by the opposite practice : “giving peace a chance”, choosing to accept, understand and use – as an alternative – the privileges of an Exogenous Homeopathy which both the traditional and the new technologies are implicitly assuming.
  • The mechanism of distant transmission of information-energyxiv is essentially connected to the psycho-mental resources of human beings involved in the experiment. Consequently, some aspects strongly implied in distant therapy are psycho-mental illnesses, which the present study implicitly takes into consideration and which ExHo and Biophotonic Resonators are able to cure.
  • The extraordinary force of positive thinking – by simply saying “YES” – proves that every type of therapy should utilize it. In the case of (exogenous) homeopathy presented here, positive thought is used to generate a “pre-healthy” state of conscience. This state cannot be confused with PLACEBO, since the placebo response requires an expectancy of positive effect, instilled by the proclaiming of such by the therapist. Because the experiments of distant positive stimulation, combined with the resonant effect of RB did not involve a certain expectancy of the subject-receptor – who was not at all advised of what to expect from the experiment – the suspicion of PLACEBO cannot be invoked. We could add this conclusion to many others which could prove the objective functionality of the homeopathic remedies, including BR.
  • The implicit presence and use of BR in some experiments presented in the study suggests my current and active interest in the benefits of this very special ExHo biotechnical solution, which a future analysis will present exhaustively.
  • If we are corroborating all types of experimental researches and practices, it would be difficult to deny the existence of such phenomenon as distant influences.. But, a last question could still save the position of skeptics, who will finally ask:

OK, how do you explain of all those phenomena?”

To explain this mechanism – able to generate effects of distant healing / optimizing information and influences, exactly what Exogenous Homeopathy is defining – represents indeed an essential scientific duty, which the next article in the seriesxv will try to assume and resolve.

English translation & correction, by:

Sanda Romosan, Ann Simard


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i Traian D. Stanciulescu, “Biophotonic Resonator”, a connecting matrix. From Exogenous Homeopathy to bio-psychic health fundamentals (I), in: Homeopathy for Everyone, January 2011.

ii We remember that EXOGENOUS HOMEOPATHY (ExHo) is a predominantly informational therapy, closely correlated with the classical, endogenous homeopathy, which stimulates from outside the process of releasing the resources stored in E-I (energy-information) “traps” of the human body, through a “holographic resonance” mechanism determined by the ultraweak biophotonic properties – bioluminescence, frequency, intensity, amplitude, etc. – of the (bio)electromagnetic emissions generated by a series of materia medica, selected, preserved and used in various forms of aggregation (micro- and macrostructural), in order to initiate general or specific effects in the recipient organism.

iii3 From numerous examples of bio-energy-information therapy that Dr. Liviu Nuteanu has sent me, I have chosen only two of them as reference, as they were reported by the author in a very inciting book: Bioenergy and Integrative Medicine [http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/bioenergy-and-integrative-medicine/326008].

Case 1. “A young man, 23 years old, goes to the doctor with a fluid throat tumor mass that is excised in hospital and found to be a malignant lymphoma. A few weeks after surgery, the throat swells and the patient can not eat anymore. He lost weight, did not go to work anymore (the doctors said to the family that the young man should retire, not knowing how much longer he had to live). I was asked a few days after he had not eaten anything and the parents were concerned that he would die of starvation. After the first bio energy procedure, the tumor mass (fluid, examined by the doctor who operated him and who stated that this can not be solved surgically anymore) had broken and he “spitted it”, and the next days the patient started to eat. The evolution was good, first in sinusoidal form, good days, alternating with bad days. After a few months he recovered completely, to the point that I advised the family that the young man should try to return to work. Since then a few years has passed and the young man has had no further health problems related to malignant lymphoma. I want to say that this is not a single case. There are other cases more or less similar.

Case 2. “In multiple sclerosis, the effects are very good. I would like to describe a case, of a young woman of 34 years old, who came to me with a difficulty in walking, slowness, balance disorder, impaired speech, abnormal urination and less defecation. This woman complained in particular that she can walk with difficulty, only with a walking stick; the healthy state was gradually worsening, with no improvement during the treatment performed in neurology. The diagnosis was “multiple sclerosis,” established by the neurologist in whose evidence she was. Because of the worsening of the urinary disorders, she used to walk only around the house. I started the bio-energy procedures and after about a month, her walking was better, without the stick, on short distances and flat ground. The balance disorder were considerably diminished, practically she could walk and return back without having fear that she might fall down. Her speech was almost normal and the urinary disorders completely insignificant. The neurologist and the family doctor didn’t know what to think about this case. It seemed incredible to them. After two months from the beginning of the treatment she could slightly run and climb the mountain (short and easy roads) and all the other healthy problems were solved.

iv4 Dr. Liviu Nuteanu is also recognized for his special ability to act in a non-entropic sense on physical, natural phenomena, such hurricanes, which are brought by him to the stage of ordinary thunderstorms. Here is only one of the exceptional abilities of the human being, which the formers used in “magic” (experiential) manner, but which the actual science still ignores and ridicules.

The connection between the human emotional and mental states, manifested as specific and very strong magnetic fields, in the one hand, and the magnetic state of the Earth, on the other hand was already proved by the amazing experimental researches conducted by Dr. Rollin McCraty [2010]. This proved that the modification of the human heart and cerebral magnetic fields could influence – at a larger scale of stressed population, for example – the magnetic field of the Earth, having an immediate telluric consequence, by determining very strong events such as earthquakes, tsunamis etc. The invisible of informational fields is generating the delivery of Earth’s energetic resources, exactly as we have already argued that happens in the case of homeopathic remedy / frequencies, by the action of the exogenous homeopathy namely. In this explanatory context, to accept that a single person is able to influence homeopathically – in a certain way, by stimulating or inhibiting – such huge events, seems not to be any more impossible.

v5 The information was submitted via email to me, by Dr. Liviu Nuteanu, on May 15 2010.

6 A similar effect happens it the situation when the human subject is thinking a true or a false assertion, such as: 1 + 1 = 3. That’s why, the experiments of Backster generated a very interesting technology: the plant “lies detector”.

vi It must be mentioned, in this context, that the values on the measuring equipment are strictly virtual, that means that they show what will happen if the subject will wear a biophotonic resonator BR for a longer period of time, and if he will keep the positive thinking state, respectively. Details about this aspect, in a next issue…

vii The quality of an issuer initiates an experiment involving some certain capacities for distal transmission of mental information; capacities that – with a few exceptions – we have not practiced in particular. But such attributes virtually characterize any human subject. The difference between people is that, depending on the objective factors involved, some people are more skilled in generating strong, evident effects through distal transmission. The power required for influencing / distal therapy is possible to achieve through training and knowledge of the types of information to be transmitted, the nature of the receptor on which the action is performed, the types of processes which are to be triggered by a stimulating or inhibitory effect, etc.

viii One such agreement is important from two points of view: a) the moral aspect, no one is allowed to enter in someone’s subconscious universe to influence from outer the free will of the subject; b) an agreement from the person who benefits from the treatment, generates a positive expectancy that influences positively the success of the experiment. This last aspect is not absolutely necessary in cases of distal therapy, given that – as Dr. Liviu Nuteanu told me – treated patients, which openly said that they “do not believe in bio-energy treatment”, could be however healed in this way.

ix For example, a particular evil will not befall one who does not fear it, as any fear for a certain danger is equivalent to opening a large gate to its occurrence. In general, the dog bites only the person who is afraid of it.


 As I explained in other contexts [Stanciulescu, 2010], the increase or decrease of parameters measured with AURA VIDEO STATION equipment describes a virtual process manifested only at the bio-field level, in the first phase, which does not influence immediately the BPL status of human subject. Such an influence is realized on the physiology / morphology level only after a longer period of constant reception of one and the same stimulus. Therefore, the inhibitory sequence of the scientific experiment could not be followed by negative consequences on the target subject having in mind that: a) the inhibitory stimulus transmitted was maintained only for several minutes, b) the inhibitory action was implicitly followed by an compensating equilibrant-stimulating one. It is also very important to understand – in this context – that in certain situations, such as yang-type of illnesses (generated by hiper-energizing causes, as happens in the cancer case), it is very important to decrease / inhibit certain BPL parameters first and then to stimulated them. So, if the ethical factors are correctly respected by the distant healer, to know how to adequately stimulate or inhibit the organism’s functions represents a problem of therapeutic competence.

xi The sent data were accompanied by the following message: “I am attaching you the EXCEL file with measurements. The devise used for the evaluation is « BLUTDUCK COMPUTER », it indicate the pulse, the systolic and diastolic tension. It seems that everything if perfectly functioning: the distal communication, the auto-induction and the Biophotonic Resornators too. I am waiting for data interpretation“.

xii  The distinction between the two concepts involved here – “communication” and “communion” – presented in my Romanian book, namely: “SEMIOTICA IUBIRII” (Semiotics of love. Introduction into the science of communion) – is quite simple: the “communication” involves especially the cognitive-mental / logical and volitional resources of the participants, meanwhile the “communion” supposes the implicit involvement of the affections and emotional attributes of participants, mediated by the resonance of their bio-psychical fields So, even though it is essentially intuitive, communion is a longer lasting and stable connection, meanwhile communication is a more efficient and immediate change of information. Signals and signs, nature and culture, able to interact…


 It is necessary to mention now that the distant communication – by (bio)field resonance – is able to generate not only functional / healing effects, but also mal-functional consequences. This happens in the case of a certain incompetency in transmitting distant information or in the situation of a deliberate emission of malicious stimuli, as in the case of the well-known “black magic”.


 The presence and the implications of these two components of the “distant signs” – information an energy, signifier and signified – will be semiotically and physically explained in another context, arguing that both of them are implicitly acting for generating the distant effect: the comprehensive and/or healing one. To understand this dialectic connection is an essential problem of the medicine, still split into a substantial one, an energetic informational one.


 Initially, this study was to be published as a complete one, in the present issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. But, due to certain objective and subjective causes, regarding especially the amplitude and difficulty of study, I opted for its division in two distinct parts, risking that the normal continuity of the discourse suffer in a certain way. For this, I apologize to the interested readers.

About the author

Traian D. Stanciulescu

Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu graduated from the Institute of Architecture and from the Faculty of Philosophy. He is currently a full professor at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iassy in Romania where he teaches semiotics, hermeneutics, creatology, etc., and coordinates doctoral papers in these fields. He is a senior scientific researcher at the National Inventics Institute in Iassy. He has written and coordinated 32 books including Signs of Light and Semiotics of Light. For his theoretical and practical research, he has received many international awards.
Prof. Stanciulescu is President of ROASS (Romanian Association of Semiotic Studies) and Vice-president of ANATECOR
(Romanian National Association for Complementary Therapy)


  • Your extremely interesting article clearly merits several reads, but I couldn’t help but make a few comments. I find it rather strange that whilst the western world tends to dismiss such things as distant healing as fraud, a Marxist materialist country such as China and formerly Marxist countries such as Russia seem to have no difficulty at all.

    Indeed, English language books published under the auspices of the government in China refer to the phenomenon of ’emmited qi’ and certain celebrated individuals over almost the entirety of China’s long recorded history who have been able to perform such acts as healing, often at large distances from their patients. I have even seen it claimed that one of the reasons that Chinese leaders tend to live so long whilst at the same time smoking quite deadly Chinese cigarettes, is because they are all treated with emitted qi.

    Some years ago, I was in contact for a while with a lady who was a Reiki healer. On one occasion she told me that she would send me some healing, but that she would have it arrive when I needed it. On one particular night some time afterwards, I had woken up and was unable to get back to sleep and was tossing around in bed. Suddenly, I felt an immense calm enter my body as a series of waves. Soon I was asleep again. Up to that point I had been a skeptic but I recognised the implications.

    It strikes me that whatever the phenomena are that are responsible for such events, they could be extremely useful to society. Indeed, anyone who has found lost items by dowsing over a map for them will know that the world we live in is far stranger than the skeptics would have it. Sadly, the scope for profit from such things seems limited.

    Thanks again for a very thought provoking article.

    • I do not find it strange at all that China has little difficulty with distant healing. They have used a different medical paradigm from the West for thousands of years.

      Since retiring a few years ago I have been able to pursue my interest in the science of homeopathy. The most enlightening experiences have all taken place at conferences with mostly presenters from China and former Eastern Bloc countries (Czech , Poland etc). In these countries commercial profit was not the motive for nor funded research and therefore it was not supressed by drug companies etc – something the West has suffered from for over 100 years.

  • DEAR DR,

  • Respected sir,
    No doubt, it is a timely article, well written & thoroughly analyzed. I would like to submit some,
    1.EVOLUTION (of Consciousness) is unstoppable. We are evolving from matter to energy, to consciousness, to what next ?
    2.Telepathy, & other para normal techniques were existed since time immemorial. Science is only rediscovering viz. Copenhagen Experiment, etc.
    3.Scriptures are available in many regional languages of India & other East Asian countries regarding use of Cosmic power as well as what makes the human body makes the Universe, manipulating the tiny(human mind) can effect changes in the macro level Earth, etc.
    4.Like it or not we are heading for a paradigm shift.

    “LOVE’ is the basic binding force/energy of every ‘thing’.

  • Sir, you are talking about effects, physical method of determination, but you have no idea about the biophysical phenomena. You are a philosopher

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