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Tidbits 101: How Not To Manage a Cancer Case

Written by Elaine Lewis

Follow me on my treacherous journey to help a child with cancer.

“Johnny’s” father, “Fred”, is a homeopath.  And yet he seemed to have no idea what to do for his son’s leukemia.  In fact, the child was in the care of allopaths and hospitals.  I’m going to show you our correspondence and I will pop in from time to time (in red ink) to tell you what I’m thinking.

Case Summary by Fred

Johnny, 10 year-old Caucasian male, home-birthed, no vaccinations, no medical drugs, home-schooled.  Enjoys home schoolers get-togethers and groups like outdoor school.

Prior to 6 weeks ago he was a happy well adjusted boy.  Liked to spend time outdoors in nature, winter and summer.  Now he is reluctant to even go outside.  It is now mid summer in Canada.  It has been hot and dry.

Mother had vaccines as a child, father no vaccines.

Main symptom is a nerve pain which comes and goes.  It also moves around the body.  Started in the elbows, then moved to the left shoulder.  At that time it was not possible to touch the shoulder.  But warmth from palms held around the shoulder was comforting.  It then moved to the right forearm.  Next it was the right wrist.  Next it was the right knee.  Then the right thigh.  Warm hot water bottles seem to help.

When the pain moves to a new location it is described as if something surrounds the area and then he suddenly feels stabbing pains coming from all directions around the joint.  The something that comes is like a whirlpool and then there is an explosion.

Once the pain leaves a location it reverts to normal.  Presently his left arm and shoulder has full strength and range of motion.  It is still difficult for him to use his right arm and leg.  His right forearm has limited range of motion and limited strength.  If he accidently uses his right arm or leg he grimaces with pain.

During the pain he cries, weeps and talks to his mother about the pains.  (He and his mother have always been talkative.)  She is either lying beside him in the night or comforting him in the day.  At night he will finally go to sleep close to 4 AM.  He has always been a good sleeper, always sleeping through the night.  There have been a few nights like this recently.

He feels that only his mother has sympathy for him.  His older brother and sister do not care about him, he says.  He is ambivalent about his father (me).  However he will accept and take any remedies or supplements suggested by his father.

He is sensitive emotionally, mentally and physically.  His beliefs, opinions and interests are changeable.  Plays easily with other children and talks freely with adults.

The remedies he has taken during this time are: Phos 30, Lil-t 30, Lil-t 200, Ars 30, Sulph 30, Mag-p 30, and Puls 6.  All have been in water with one teaspoon dose only.

Forgive me for interrupting, but, please don’t say you took remedies and then not tell me if any of them worked….  Also, I have no idea if these remedies were given just once, or daily…it just doesn’t help me. 

What do we know about this case so far?

Joint pain, neurological, wandering, stabbing, exploding, better heat, worse motion.  Arsenicum looks the best but Fred has tried it and apparently it didn’t help?  But, again, no details.  We don’t even know what these remedies were given for—acute pain?  Constitutional treatment?  We just don’t know.  

 But you know what looks most compelling to me?  This child has had numerous head injuries. (Scroll down and you’ll see.)  And what’s our remedy for that?  Ailments After Head Injury?  Nat-sulph.  And what’s in Bold in the leukemia rubric?  Nat-sulph!  If head injury is the etiology, this has to be our remedy. 

He like carrots, apples, peas, green beans, watermelon.  He will not eat eggs nor avocado.  Turmeric is only possible if mixed with rice.  He has had some supplements recently, but only if mixed with water, yogurt or juice.  He has had Pau d’Arco, Noni, Cordyceps, Baobab, Bee pollen, Boswellia, Red Algae and Vitamins C and D, Omega-3 and multi vitamins.  Likes coconut water.

He has had no diseases.  However starting at an early age he has had numerous bangs to his head.  These have been mainly forehead blows from running into a concrete wall or falling during sports.  No serious effects were experienced from these blows to the head.  He has a lump on the forehead from one incident.

If Arnica had been given, that lump would be gone.


Hello Elaine,

Hi Fred, sorry I kept you waiting!

I have decided to write to you because I have always liked your writings at Hpathy.com.

Oh; thank you!

My young son has a rare form of leukemia ALL RH+.  He is in the children’s hospital receiving experimental drugs because there is no drug protocol for this type of leukemia.  Can’t drink or eat anything.

Was he able to eat and drink before you took him to the hospital?

Can’t walk.  Throwing up day and night.

Because of the chemo, I assume?

I’m jumping in here.  This cannot be allowed!  Side-effects from chemotherapy cannot be accepted as “normal”, as something you just have to put up with, anymore than you would put up with any poisoning…food poisoning, etc.!  These side-effects are easily controlled with our remedies: Cadmium sulph 30 or 200C and even Ipecac 30C.  Side-effects must be neutralized because they are like having another disease on top of the one you already have!

Losing weight.  Being fed a chemical formula through a tube in his nose.  Mostly lies in pain.

Dear God!  Again, pain must be stopped as well!  This is something we can do with our remedies!  And our goal, of course, is to get the child out of this barbaric environment so we can give our cancer remedies while at the same time neutralizing any pain, discomfort, etc.

Fred, did the pain start before or after chemotherapy?

I have to know what’s causing the pain.  If it’s a poison, like Chemo, then Cadmium sulph would be my choice.

Many drugs, which are often changed.  Blood transfusions.  Any hope in your experience?

I would say so.

Attached is a case report from just before the blood test which identified the leukemia.

So the report then is pre-chemo.  OK, I read your summary and it was very comprehensive!  OK, so, the first thing to do is make a water potency out of Ipecac 30C to stop the vomiting.

I would like you to order Cadmium sulph. 200C for ailments from chemo.  Amazon has it.  Great for antidoting chemotherapy side effects!  After we get past this phase, we can talk about a remedy for leukemia.

My immediate goal would be to get him out of the hospital and off the feeding tube!

If you have a cancer patient, Cadmium sulph is a must-have.

Sent: Sat, Oct 10, 2020 6:46 pm

Subject: Re: leukemia

Johnny was slowing down on his food before the chemo.  Then after a couple of weeks in the hospital he was discharged and came home.  Ate voraciously for a few days and then stopped.  So back to the hospital.  More drugs and stopped eating and drinking totally.  That is when the tube in the nose was started.  Still being fed food and drink through the tube.  However in the last 24 hours he is eating again, small amounts but keeping it down.

Then can the tube feeding be stopped?

God only knows what’s in the feeding tube; but whatever it is, it can’t be moving this case forward!

I would like to see him on raw juices.  Do you have a juicer?

People have cured themselves of cancer with raw juices alone!  Cancer patients need nutrients, not poison!

Originally before chemo, he was experiencing increasing pains in his arms and legs. That was why we went for the blood test.  Since chemo the pains are more in his stomach, from the drugs I would assume.

Learn to make remedies out of drugs so you can stop their side-effects!  See my article, “How To Make Your Own Remedy”:

How To Make Your Own Remedy

And learn how to wean yourself off drugs safely, see my FAQ article below for that.  You cannot stop a drug suddenly (all at once)!  They can cause as much damage when you stop them as when you’re on them!

Homeopathy: Frequently Asked Questions

The original pains in the bones were from the leukemia.

As it stands now we are looking to him coming home because there has been a night with no throwing up.

So, if he’s not throwing up, what are the immediate symptoms we have to deal with, stomach pains?

You’ll notice I am not looking for a cancer remedy right now.  I am looking for immediate threats!  I’m looking for pain and suffering, because it has to be neutralized before anything else can be accomplished!

We will administer the tube feeding here.  And there will be daily trips to the clinic in the hospital.

For more chemo?  Is that your choice?

You suggested juicing.  I did start out with this but it did not go well and was abandoned when he simply could not do it.

I don’t even know what this means.  Homeopaths always want to know “Why?”  They are always thinking in terms of a time-line: what led to what.   

What does “start out juicing” mean?  When?  Before the diagnosis?  After the diagnosis?  Before Chemo?  After? 

He “couldn’t do it.”  Why?  The taste?  What were you juicing?  Or couldn’t drink because of nausea and anorexia from Chemo?  Do you see how little I know?  

Careless, casual remarks to a homeopath will not be appreciated.  I will now have to find out what was juiced and why it “didn’t work”.  Why am I going to all this trouble?  Because raw juicing is the actual “medicine” a cancer patient needs!  Juicing heals.  It’s the default cure for all disease!  It’s the ENZYMES in raw foods that give them their healing power.  And you might think, well, can’t he just eat a salad?  How much of a carrot is there in a salad?  Two or three  bites?  Now, how many carrots are in half a glass of carrot juice?  Probably four carrots!  What a difference!  Imagine all the nutrients!  You could never EAT that many carrots, but you can drink them!

Chris Wark of www.ChrisBeatCancer.com always used to say, “I cancelled chemotherapy and over-dosed on nutrition instead.”  You should go to YouTube and do a search for Chris Wark’s “Cancer Fighting Smoothie” and Chris Wark’s “Cancer Fighting Salad”.

Cadmium sulph.  I saw that on your website and said yes that looks right.  Johnny has now, officially, once again, been discharged from the hospital.  I have decided that, when he arrives home, I will try Cadm-sulph 30 as I have that on hand.  And yes I have already ordered the 200.

We will continue the tube feeding here at home until such time we can see that he is constantly eating and drinking.  Without the vomiting.

Do we want the chemo to continue?  I don’t feel ready to make that decision, because it will certainly cause huge reactions with the hospital team.  Chemo did stop his leg and arm pains.

Robin Murphy used to talk about “negative improvement”.  You can debilitate a person to such an extent that they can no longer put out symptoms.  It looks like a victory but the patient is actually sicker than he was before.

And yes we now have stomach pains discouraging eating and drinking.

I’m hoping Cadmium sulph will stop the stomach pains.

So for now we will attend the clinic several times a week for chemo.

Sent: Sun, Oct 11, 2020 12:46 pm

Subject: Re: I read the attachment

Johnny is home and has actually eaten some rice and drunk some water without throwing up.

Is that before or after Cadmium sulph?  Listen, it really doesn’t help me, as a homeopath, to know that a patient is “improving” if I don’t know why.  If you say you’re going to give a remedy, and then don’t confirm that you did or didn’t, and then mention an “improvement”, it leaves me wondering, “Does that mean the remedy is working?”  After all, what do homeopaths care about: remedies, and whether or not they’re working!

I had a chance to be quiet with him and wanted to get his story as everything has been reported by his mother who has been with him 24/7 for a couple months now.

I asked about the first times taking the pills and why he vomited them out.  He said everything in me, in my body and in my mind said no.  He has always been an intuitive and aware young man.

Don’t say “pills” to a homeopath!  What are “pills”?????  Homeopaths CARE about the names of drugs that a patient is taking because they have to look up the side-effects of these drugs as that often explains what’s going on in the case!  It is often necessary to make a 6C remedy out of a drug to keep the patient from vomiting, having diarrhea, etc.

What pills are you talking about?

First time at hospital he got pain killers, as was in extreme pain then.  Now it is various chemos, antibiotics for preventing sepsis, something for stomach acid.  He also is now getting spinal taps for chemo on a schedule.

OMG.  This is so insane, so reckless, so irresponsible; how to justify a poisoning on such a grand  scale?  I am very concerned that the antibiotics and chemo are destroying his digestive system, along with the antacid — Prevacid, I guess.  And that stomach tube thing.

Even with the pills dissolved in his feeding tube he sometimes will vomit it up in the night.

The juicing did not work partly because he has never been able to take large quantities of either food or drink.

Did you consider just cutting back on the amount of juice and only juicing the things he likes?

He was a fussy eater.  And I also made the mistake of including some beets in the second  juicing.  That was it.  No more, he said.  He has a strong dislike for beets.

So because of that he now won’t drink juice at all?  I have to tell you, there is nothing life-sustaining about rice.  Especially white rice.  You might want to read my “Convalescence” article for tips on what to feed very sick people:

Tidbits, Part-8 – Convalescence

About suppression versus cures.  The medical team wants to continue the chemo to kill any recurrence of the malfunctioning bone marrow cells.

Are they destroying his bone marrow in order to save him?  I don’t know, it wouldn’t be my choice; but, I don’t know if you’re allowed to have a choice.  In America, parents have no choice.  

He has had two nights of reasonable sleep, still up often for bowel movements, which is better than vomiting.

And again, is he not vomiting because you gave Cadmium sulph? 

You can see that I’m STILL trying to find out if he’s even given Cadmium sulph!

Or is there some other reason?  If you’ve started Cadm-s., please tell me what changes you’ve noticed in him, including the following, because this is what we’d be looking for to determine if a remedy is working:

  1. less nausea
  2. looking more relaxed
  3. feeling more centered and present
  4. improved appetite
  5. improved thirst
  6. improved sleep
  7. improved energy

Now, when you see improvements, as soon as they start to disappear, you have to repeat the remedy.  All remedies must be in water with five succussions before each dose.  If 30C is working, don’t go up to 200C just because it’s there, wait until the 30C has stopped working and repeating it has done no good.

Will watch the Cadm-s 30 for a continuance of this pattern to see if it gets better or, as has been the pattern, of wild fluctuations every other day.

If a remedy is working, you should observe a change in his demeanor.  If you do, at the first sign of relapse, repeat the remedy.  There shouldn’t be any “wild fluctuations” when a remedy is working.  You simply repeat it as often as needed to prevent that from happening.

A great resource for you is www.ChrisBeatCancer.com.  Lots of videos of patients who got themselves well through natural means.


Hello, Fred?

How is Johnny?  Refer back to that list I gave you:

  1. less nausea 
  2. looking more relaxed
  3. feeling more centered and present
  4. improved appetite
  5. improved thirst
  6. improved sleep
  7. improved energy
  8. less or no pain (and if there is pain, say where it is, and the cause, if you know it)

What you can do is give each of these items a score on a scale of 1-10.

1=no problem, 10=very bad

By looking at your scores, you can keep track of what’s working and what’s not working, what helps, and what makes him worse, so you can stop doing what makes him worse.

I’ve been looking through my copy of A Homeopathic Approach To Cancer by Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan and he says in the Leukemia chapter, “Once again one observes the sovereign role of Hekla Lava in the treatment of cancers of the bone and bone marrow.”  Because of that, and because you made a point of saying that the Chemo was being directed at the bone marrow, I am adding Hekla Lava 200C to our list of must-haves to have on hand for this case.

Amazon sells all the remedies you’ll need:

Carcinosin 200C (also order the 1M)

Nat-sulph 200C (also order the 1M)

So I am now adding:

Hekla Lava 200 and 1M

Pyrogen (Pyrogenium) 200C for septic fever in case he ever gets one.  Kits tend not to have this remedy but Amazon has it.

Calendula 200C — so versatile, so useful, for sepsis, cutting pains, cuts and scrapes…see my website under Emergencies and Acutes for descriptions of first-aid remedies (most kits don’t contain Calendula):

Emergencies and Acutes

The Ramakrishnan Method

Here are the directions for doing the A.U. Ramakrishnan method of treating cancer.  Basically, I will summarize it for you.  Every day for a week, during a 2.5 hour period, you take your cancer remedy every 15 minutes.  It comes to 10 doses during that time.  The following week, you do the same thing only you switch remedies to the cancer nosode—Carcinosin.  You keep alternating weeks in this manner.  Now that I’ve given you the big picture, here are the details:

 Listen people, you can skip over this part if you’re not interested in learning the Ramakrishnan method in detail right now.

The remedy I’ve chosen (Nat-sulph 200C) is taken every day for a week (because it is in BOLD under “Leukemia” in the Repertory but also it is in BOLD under “Ailments from Head Injury”, which your son has had a lot of, and which is the only discernible etiology for this situation that I can think of ).

Now, the following week, week-2, Carcinosin 200C is taken every day.  And in your son’s case, I am adding Hekla Lava to the second week as well to alternate with Carcinosin because it is considered by A.U. to be the main remedy for Leukemia and bone marrow cancer!  I want to make sure I’m covering all bases here.  But I must say, because using 3 remedies is a little unorthodox, I’m not sure where to put Hekla Lava!  I could do Nat-s. on week-one, Carcinosin on week-two and Hekla Lava on week-three.  OR, I could double up by alternating Nat-s. and Hekla Lava on week one, or double up with Carcinosin and Hekla Lava on week 2.  I think I’ll do the latter, though either of those might be fine.

The 3rd week, we go back to Nat-sulph and the 4th week, we go back to Carcinosin and Hekla Lava.

Week 5 to week 9, we do the same thing.  So let’s stop here for a minute because I have to explain the special way these remedies are given.

Buy yourself a bunch of small spring water bottles, a package of 24 is very cheap.

Take a bottle out, pour out half (you can’t succuss a full bottle), drop in a pellet of Nat-sulph 200C.  Label your bottle.

Now, Johnny takes a sip from the bottle.  15 minutes later, succuss the bottle 5 times and give him another sip.  When he has done this 10 times (at 15 minute intervals) stop.  Johnny is intuitive, so, if he ever has a premonition that he has had enough, or that he doesn’t need another dose, stop giving it and try again tomorrow.

Now, I hasten to add; if he is thirstless, no problem.  Even the teeniest little sip imaginable is still a dose!  In fact, even if all you did was pat the remedy on his lips with a cotton ball, that would still be a dose!

The next day, pour out most of what is left in the water bottle ’til there is just 1 swallow left at the bottom and refill with bottled water to the half-way point again.  Succuss the bottle 40 times to bring the potency up to 201C and give Johnny a sip.  Then 15 minutes later, succuss the bottle 5 times and give Johnny another sip.  Then 15 minutes later, succuss 5 times and give another sip and keep going in this manner for 10 sips altogether.  Put your bottle in the fridge; the next day, take it out, dump out all but one sip at the bottom, refill with water half-way, succuss 40 times to bring you up to 202C, and give him a sip every 15 minutes, always succussing five times before each dose and repeat the steps of yesterday.

This process goes on for 7 days.  Save your Nat-s. bottle, don’t throw it away, you’ll start again with it on week 3.  And no, you won’t be starting over again with new pellets and a new bottle!  Got that?  This is very important.  NO, you will NOT be starting over again with a new bottle and new pellets!  OK?  You’ll be picking up right from where you left off!

Week 2:  Time to switch to Carcinosin and Hekla Lava in the same manner that you gave Nat-sulph, only you will give Carcinosin in the morning (or whenever he wakes up) and Hekla Lava in the afternoon.

Week 3:  you’re back to Nat-sulph.

Week 4:  you’re back to Carcinosin and Hekla lava.

Weeks 5 through 8:  same thing.  So that’s 2 months of alternating Nat-s. 200C with Carc. 200C and Hecla Lava 200C.

Week 9: starting the 3rd and 4th month, same thing only you’ll be going up now to 1M.  So throw out your water bottles and start over making new remedy bottles for Nat-sulph 1M, Carc. 1M and Hekla Lava 1M.

Now, months 5 through 9:  We’re going to do the alternating weekly but instead of taking the remedy every day, we’re just going to take it in the same manner ONE DAY A WEEK.  That’s once a week instead of every day.

Starting month 10, the constitutional remedy is given once a month.  Johnny could be a Phosphorus or a Pulsatilla or maybe a Silica; I haven’t taken his constitutional case yet.  And I have 10 months to get up to speed on what potency AU wants to give his constitutional in and for how long.

Consider buying:

A Homeopathic Approach To Cancer

by AU Ramakrishnan 

You might ask, “Why this weird method of every 15 minutes once a day, every day for a week?”  Because AU said that the standard prescribing methods rarely succeeded for him in cancer cases.

OK, so all this that I’ve laid out is flexible!  If we see reactions we don’t like we have to STOP and make changes.  If we see new symptoms, we have to give the appropriate remedy to stop them; or maybe we have to do the Aggravation Zapper.  Even if he gets suddenly dramatically better, we might want to make changes — give remedies less often, for example.  So, we’re always in flux, always re-evaluating, re-assessing the situation, it’s a daily thing, a daily assessment, especially if he continues with chemo, we have to concern ourselves with poisonings and antidoting while all this is going on!

I have actually no desire to continue with chemo but it’s your choice.  To me it’s like this: take any other disease, like Colitis, let’s say, and if you come to me and say, “Elaine, what can I do for Colitis?”  You’d be shocked if I said, “We can give Arsenicum or Nitric acid, but, first I would want to poison you, but fear not because then I can give remedies to antidote the poison.”  You’d say, “What are you, crazy?  Are you insane?!  You wouldn’t have to give any remedies to antidote the poison if you would just not poison me in the first place!”

But, somehow, when the disease is cancer?  We “accept” that we have to be “poisoned”!  “It’s the only way!” 


And I know, you said, “The pain’s gone, thanks to chemo!” but they’re ruining his health!  His health is non-existent!  He’s a mess!  He doesn’t eat, he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t go out, he’s up all night, he needs a feeding tube, his stomach hurts, he falls, he throws up almost every day….   Do you know that chemo itself is a carcinogen?  There’s not a lot to be encouraged about here.

OK, keep me up to date with the Cadmium sulph., hopefully it’s working?

I still have no idea what’s going on with that.

Sent: Tue, Oct 13, 2020 9:45 pm

Subject: Oct 13

Johnny woke up yesterday in good spirits and ate some food.  In the afternoon he had a fall removing a book from a bookshelf.  Fell backwards and landed on his rear end.

OMG!  And what did he say?  Was he in pain?  Did he fall on his coccyx bone?  That can be very painful!

He then laid down for a couple of hours.

He should have gotten a remedy right away; Arnica or Hypericum or both.

During the last weeks in the hospital he went through a period of falling every day.

OMG!!!!  If he falls and gets injured, he needs Arnica.  Every injury or sickness or shock represents an “energy leak”, a set-back.  Leaks must be plugged up.  This is what homeopathic first-aid is for.  You hurt yourself, you take a remedy, you’re right back up and running again.  It doesn’t set you back.

His legs are somewhat emaciated from losing weight.

Yes, I’m sure.

He came to the dinner table and ate a good portion of the evening meal.  I have not seen him eat that well for months.

And PLEASE tell me what we can thank for this?  Idle conversation for its own sake does not interest a homeopath; I need to see if remedies are working!  That’s my job, the reason I’m here; it’s to find a remedy!  If a patient is suddenly eating better, needless to say, I want to know why!

He went to bed and woke in the night to vomit.

Oh no, a set-back.  I wish I knew what caused it.

Today off to the spinal tap.

OMG.  What is the spinal tap for?  Chemo delivery?

Mother says he awoke from the sedation more slowly than other times.

Then the anesthesia was excessive.  You need Phosphorus for ailments from anesthesia!  And possibly also Hypericum for ailments from puncture wounds (the spinal tap).

On the drive home (a one hour drive) he vomited in the car half way home.  (He is not comfortable with the car shaking.)

Why is your car shaking???  Again, Ipecac, Phosphorus for nausea from anesthesia and possibly Hypericum as well.  Is car sickness normal for him?

Vomiting was so strong that he brought up his stomach tube.

OMG!  Fred, homeopathy is not being utilized as it should be in this case!  All these misadventures can be averted with remedies!  I have a case you should see, a mother who used homeopathy after her son’s heart surgery, she picked off one “crisis” after another with remedies as soon as they happened—Phosphorus for the anesthesia, Calendula for throat pain from the intubation, Causticum for trouble urinating, Hypericum for IV needle pain and so on: 

Tidbits 72: Pain-Free After Heart Surgery

By all rights, your wife should have an emergency kit with her at all times!  Knowing that he throws up all the time, either Cadm-s or Ipecac should be in her pocket along with Arnica for all his falls.  You said he came out of anesthesia slowly; that suggests more of it was used than necessary.  Immediately he should have gotten Phosphorus, the second he woke up.

His mother had to pull it back out of his nose. When he got home he attempted more vomiting but did not have much left to bring up.  He went to sleep for several hours.

Obviously, you and she must learn, that moments like these require that a remedy be given right away, not hours later.

Later this afternoon he awoke and was very quiet and refused to take anything (not even vitamin C).  A while later he thought he was going to vomit again so I had a chance to try Ipecac.

At long last!

No more vomiting so far.  Now getting close to bedtime and he has eaten a little and walked on his own to the bathroom.  Looking like a quiet night is possible.  So these have been a number of vomits not directly related to taking any pills.

Fred, what do you call anesthesia?  It’s a powerful drug known to cause vomiting, everybody knows that!

You ask about the right to refuse treatments.  I don’t know what the legalities would be.

You should try and find out.  It shouldn’t be too hard.  Did you check out Chris Wark’s “20 Questions To Ask Your Oncologist”?

I can say that his mother has been around the medical people for months and doesn’t feel she can abandon them because so many of them have helped out in the hospital in so many ways.

You know what?  That’s how they get you!  You’re around them all the time, you start to treat them like “family”, you don’t want to do anything to “upset” them, don’t want to “betray” them, “disappoint” them, you know that they “care” for you, so much so that you sacrifice your own child for the sake of their “feelings”!  Look at what you said: “…doesn’t feel she can abandon them…” as if she owes them something!   I see it all the time;  patients who are getting the worst advice from their oncologists, like being told to eat junk food to keep their weight up, and they won’t even dream of questioning their so-called “knowledge”!

Do you know what I would do?  I would say to them, “I would like a chemo holiday for one month for my son, because I think the treatment is getting the best of him, he needs time to bounce back so he can tolerate more.”  And then I would go full steam into the homeopathy treatment and nutrient therapies, and after a month, bring him back, have him re-evaluated, and by all rights, the doctors should be saying, “He’s doing really well!”  Whereupon you would say, “OK, one more month then, and we’ll be back for another evaluation.”

My wife also hopes this system will be effective even though she has usually been inclined to be in favor of alternatives in the past.  I believe the low probability of successful treatments with this unusual type of leukemia keeps her following their protocol.

I’m just asking for one month, Fred; and better on-the-spot case-management, and I think we can pull off a miracle.

I did have a homeopathy practice for ten years.  I stopped when the socialist bureaucrats finally took control of homeopathy.

What do you mean?  I’m really not sure why you can’t have a homeopathy practice, unless you mean that Health Canada won’t cover it and patients have to pay out-of-pocket?  That’s a trend the world over.

I have most of the remedies and can get the rest locally.  I used Murphy’s Repertory and Morrison’s Desktop Guide in my practice.

So do I.

Your theory about the head injuries being a factor is not something I had considered.  I was leaning more towards psychological factors.  He has such intense and deep understandings of the human condition and life’s processes that I am sometimes speechless when he explains something to me.

And you think that would cause cancer????

What could be the other side of a personality like this that would result in bone marrow cancer.

Nothing!  If you ask what is most striking, strange, rare and peculiar about his case?  It would be the sheer number of head injuries he’s had!  But, we are covering all the bases by adding in what A.U.R. considers to be the “sovereign” remedy in bone and bone marrow diseases: Hekla Lava.  And then, of course, Carcinosin, which is also a leukemia remedy.  We’ve got a good chance!  All I’m asking for is, clear the field, and give homeopathy and nutrition one month!

I would be willing to follow the suggested remedy program.

OK, good.  Now, remember, we are going to treat every acute, every injury — the moment it happens or even before if we know something is about to happen.  Your wife needs a remedy kit that she can have with her always.

Sent: Sun, Oct 18, 2020 10:05 pm

Subject: Oct 18

Hi Elaine

Hi Fred, I haven’t heard from you in a long time.

For a few days I was unmotivated and listless.


Then I realized I was probably recharging because things had been quieter than they had been for months.

Oh, that’s encouraging.  When things are changing for better or for worse, it’s important for you to tell me WHY.

A few days ago, Johnny lost his feeding tube.

Is that good or bad?  And what does that mean, that it has to be put back?

The next day he was throwing up all morning.  Ipecac 30/200 did not help.  At one point as he was retching up stomach acid he said to me, “I can’t stop doing this”.

Did you try Cadm-s.?

The perennial question.

He did soon stop and then slept for a few hours.  When he awoke he was changed.  He was ready to eat and drink and take his pills.

Please don’t say “pills” again, Fred!   What pills are you talking about?

He has not vomited since then.  He has two sides.  Cheerful vs. remorse or loquacity vs. aversion to conversation.  It seems that that statement he said to me in deep earnestness somehow allowed him to switch sides.  He has been cheerful for two whole days.

Well, that’s great!  Do you know why?

He is experiencing headaches.  My wife had been saying it was just a side effect of spinal taps.

Oh no!  Fred!!!!  Spinal tap headaches need Hypericum!!!  Please, I beg you, try to treat symptoms!  TREAT SYMPTOMS!  There’s no such thing as “just” a spinal tap headache, there’s a remedy for it and if you don’t give it, you’re slowing down the resolution of this case.  If he still has a headache, give Hypericum 30C and let me know what happens.

Then we realized that the spot that was most painful with the headache was a lump on his upper forehead that he has had since one of his head injuries, years ago.  We had always just ignored the lump.

That’s Nat-sulph.  You need Nat-s. for that.  Try Hypericum first because it matches the etiology.  But, you have to start the Nat-sulph 200C as I explained in my last email.

I thought I should mention that Johnny and his mother have been closely connected his entire life.  In the past his mood would shift when his mother came home after being away all day.  His mother is a lifelong sugar addict.

Oh geez!

To this day she still has caches of candy bars.  Johnny has always favored carbs and sugars.

Sugar is what cancer uses as fuel!

But he loves fresh carrots and peas.

Make him carrot juice!

Tidbits 47–What To Feed Your Kids (and your adults who eat like kids) So They Don’t Wind Up Sick (Or Stupid!)

sent: Tue, Oct 20, 2020 11:13 am

Subject: Oct 20

Hi Elaine

Yesterday I gave Johnny Hypericum 30 in water, 3 doses after 5 succussions about every 2 hours.  An hour after each dose I asked about his headache and each time he said no change.  However after the second dose, I noticed that he and his mother were talking and playing a game just like in the past.  So I am assuming something changed.

That’s all the proof you need!  You know about Hering’s Law of Cure, right?  Healing takes place from the inside out?  So, first change after a remedy: the mentals change for the better.  The complaint might still be there but the patient feels “OK” with it instead of tormented by it.

Today they are at the hospital.  Went for chemo early this morning.

Why?  What good do you expect to come from it?  Do you even know the name of the drug so you can look it up?  It’s only going to make him sick.  Did your wife go there with the Cadmium sulph so that she could give it before chemo and after?  Why keep me on if all you’re going to do is chemo?  It’s like hiring an expensive gourmet chef and then eating at McDonald’s.  

But, it turns out it will be a blood transfusion.  Don’t know why.

Shouldn’t you find out?  How does he tend to feel after a transfusion?  There’s a rubric in the Repertory—“Ailments from blood transfusion” (China, Carcinosin).  You know, the herbalists say carrot juice is like a blood transfusion.  I asked you before if you had a juicer and that a Vitamix and a juicer are not the same thing, but you never answered me.

I will wait until later this evening when they should have returned home to see how he is today.

“20 Questions To Ask Your Oncologist”:


Also, please watch:

Sent: Thu, Oct 22, 2020 12:55 pm

Subject: Oct 22

Hi Elaine

We are going to keep up with the chemo.  Johnny’s mother trusts this process.

Why?  What has gotten better?  What has improved?  Did she even ask if the chemo is expected to cure him?  Or just prolong his life?  What, exactly?

I am going on with homeopathy at the same time.

Everything I do as a homeopath is going to be in the cause of antidoting the chemo!  If we’re successful, it will be because we antidoted the very treatment your wife says she trusts.

Johnny had a blood transfusion because his red blood cell count was low.

Did you look up the side effects of his chemo drug to see if it causes anemia?  I’m sure it does.

And yes we have a juicer.

Are you using it to make him carrot/apple juice?  He likes apples and carrots, and carrot/apple juice is delicious!

You can probably tell I’m getting frustrated and irritated with the parents’ failure to “get with the program”!

Johnny gets drugs from his mother every day.

Every day?  What drugs?

Not willingly or cheerfully, but he takes them down with no noticeable ill effects.  He gets a vitamin c drink twice a day.  Not cheerfully but he takes it down.  He has always had vitamin c for most of his life so he is OK with it continuing.

I have been noticing how I am dragging my feet on the Nat-s routine and in the middle of the night I realized what I was picking up.  To add a 2 and a half or 5 hour routine every day of taking remedies by mouth is not going to work.  The main reason he had a feeding tube installed was because he would not take down the drugs by mouth.

Who could blame him?

With the tube they were to drip in during the night as he slept.  Now the tube is gone and he is managing to take down the drugs during the day.

So these are the chemo drugs he takes every day?

This daily drug routine has one more week to go.

And then what?

My assessment is that if he needs to take a remedy 10 or 20 times a day, he might be OK at the start but would soon become irritated by it.  Then as he has in the past he will simply refuse to continue.  If we try to force it, trauma will be the result.

It’s only water and will only taste like water.  It can simply be dabbed on his lips with a cotton ball if he doesn’t want to swallow anything.

I am thinking what I could do is add the remedies to his daily vitamin c drink

No.  We can’t put remedies in your good glassware.  A remedy does not wash out.  At some point, every glass in your house will be a remedy!  If you only want him to have one dose of Nat-s. a day, give it to him from the water bottle, not as part of his vitamin C drink.  Bad idea.  Are you familiar with muscle-testing?  It’s a way to determine if your body needs or doesn’t need a remedy (or anything else, even a drug, a vitamin, etc.)  This would help us determine (rather than guess) if he does or doesn’t need Nat-sulph on any given day.  See my article on muscle-testing, click below:

Homeopathy and Muscle Testing

Johnny had one dose of Cadm-s 30 about a week ago.  Results:

  1. less nausea: Very little now.
  2. looking more relaxed: Yes more relaxed.
  3. feeling more centered and present: Yes more present
  4. improved appetite: Somewhat better
  5. improved thirst: Somewhat better
  6. improved sleep: Much better, no vomiting for a week
  7. improved energy: Yes somewhat, still weak in legs

So then, at the first sign of relapse in any of these areas, you have to repeat the Cadm-s.  OK?

Sent: Tue, Oct 27, 2020 2:01 pm

Subject: Oct 27

Hi Elaine

Johnny has had three good days in a row.

That’s good, but why?

Sleeps all night, good energy all day, pleasant mood, eating well, moving around on his feet, doing crafts, and playing computer games. He is tired by the end of the day.

His main drug is Imatinib Mesylate 400mg daily.

How long has he been getting this, and when does it end?

This is for his Philadelphia ph+, the rare form of leukemia that he has.

They’ve named a form of leukemia after Philadelphia?

I use pendulum dowsing instead of muscle testing.

Pendulum dowsing IS muscle-testing!

I test every day before I give him anything.

And it’s saying Imatinib Mesylate is good for him?  Here’s some information I found on it:

General Precautions

Long-term Therapy

Consider potential toxicities suggested by animal studies, specifically, hepatic and renal toxicity and immunosuppression.  Severe hepatic and renal toxicity observed in animals receiving imatinib for as little as 2 weeks.  Immunosuppression reported in animals receiving imatinib for up to 39 weeks.

Cardiomyopathy (e.g., cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation, resulting in cardiac insufficiency), chronic progressive nephropathy, and preputial gland papilloma reported in animals receiving imatinib for up to 2 years.


This is a very dangerous drug.  And you can see it suppresses the immune system.


Updates From Fred Stop

On Mon, Nov 28, 2022 at 5:15 PM Elaine Lewis <[email protected]> wrote:

Fred, I know you’re surprised to hear from me after more than a year but, I’m anxious to know what happened with Johnny.  The last I heard, Cadmium sulph was having a good effect, but after that I didn’t hear anything.  Do you feel like filling me in?  When I was actively involved in Johnny’s case, my main advice was to “treat everything”!  I gave you a list of items that signify improvement after a remedy, to help you evaluate success or failure.  Give me an idea of what’s been happening, if you don’t mind.


Hi, Elaine,

Johnny has recovered.  He is totally off drugs.  He still has one weak leg.  He can run but not like in the past.  I believe that I have cleansed the drug residues although I am closely monitoring for long term consequences.

Emotionally, he is in good spirits but can have tears over situations.  He is back in home school and doing very well.  Diet is much better but not what I would like to see.  Has never been a good eater.

Spends a lot of time on computer Minecraft where he has made a lot of friendships.

Thanks for asking about him,



Oy vey!!!!  Well, I still maintain there are a lot of lessons to be learned  from this exasperating case, which somehow turned out OK.  Maybe, in the final analysis, all Fred was willing to do was give Cadmium sulph, and maybe, that was all that was needed!  And I suspect he also learned how to stop headaches, ailments from anesthesia and the vomiting with acute prescribing.  Maybe he even started juicing, I guess we’ll never know.

So, listen, that’s it!  I am way late getting dinner started!  So, if you don’t mind….
See you again next time!!!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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  • I enjoyed this column immensely. It touched on so many issues that homeopaths experience in practice and yet are rarely spoken of. I’ve taught homeopathy for many years, at a lecture hall in Jefferson Medical College, at Temple University’s adult education program, at many study groups including my own, which drew about 60 people a month and many other locations. During those years there was one student who really stood out. She had the most logical mind, asked the most perceptive questions and was open to all healing methods. That was Elaine Lewis, the author of this Tidbits column. And, she never stopped learning and sharing what she knows.

  • This was interesting to read. Figures you’d get a client with a disease state named Philadelphia! This case really resonates with me because of what I call the “medical vacuum” that gets so intimidating for parents of kids being treated — and for anyone being treated, really! It is hard not to get “sucked in” to the proposed treatments and then the proposed treatments usually come with domino-effect repercussions — one medication causes two new symptoms, which then get chased with other medications, and so on. Also, sure wish we knew if Fred ever tried Nat sulph because of the remarkable number of head injuries — if he didn’t, one wonders if Johnny’s remaining weak leg or subpar appetite might have improved!

    • Hi Claire, thanks for your insightful comments. No, I don’t think Nat-s. was ever tried. All we know is that Ipecac once worked, Hypericum once worked and Cadmium sulph. once worked; so, maybe he was encouraged to go forward with these remedies. I do think that Ipecac 30, however, became too low a potency at once point; so, if he ever did try repeating it, not sure that it would have done any good; but, Cadmium sulph could have taken its place; I think it was the saving grace in this case.

  • Hi Elaine – the book I can’t do without when I have patients on chemo or radiotherapy is Cancer and Homeopathy byDr Jean-Lionel Bagot , a French Homeopath. Basically he tells you how to deal with specific chemo drugs given for specific cancers. He also goes into great detail what to give to prevent and stop the side effects. It is well worth buying despite the fact it is now over 10 years old.

    The other thing I do is I get remedies for the chemo drugs a patient is taking usually from Helios who will also make them up for me and give a 6c after each treatment . This stops side effects and according to Ton Jansen may help the chemo work better.

    I really enjoyed reading what you wrote above and felt your frustration!! Iused todoDr AUR’s protocol and would do again with a patient not doing chemo.

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