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Tidbits 44: Moving Again–Thanks to Homeopathy!


What happened to Elaine this time?

I guess some of you will remember “Walking Again, Thanks to Homeopathy” (Tidbits-40).  That was when I innocently reached to straighten a picture on the wall when the next thing I knew, I heard a “crack” and I couldn’t move my left knee at all!

Well, now another crazy thing has happened!  About a week ago I was sitting innocently at my desk (which is really the dining room table), holding a pen and a newspaper clipping out in front of me in my right hand, trying to read it, when all of a sudden I sensed a nerve pain in my right neck/shoulder area getting stronger and stronger to the point where I could no longer ignore it; and I’m, like, “Hey! What’s going on here, is this some kind of a joke?  There’s no way this is happening!!!!”

I wasn’t able to turn my head to the right or turn my body to the right!  So I turned to the left to get up out of my chair (see chair below), thinking that if I walked around a little bit, the whole thing would disappear, but there was just one problem: I couldn’t get up!!! The pain stopped me; in fact, I remembered a quiz we once had called “The Pain Has Stopped Me Completely”

Revisiting: The Pain Has Stopped Me Completely!

and that was exactly what was happening with me, the pain really had “stopped me completely”!

There I was, sitting hunched over on the left side of my chair,

not able to stand up, not able to turn my head or body back to the center, and that’s when Shana walked in.

“Shana,” I said, “I hurt myself.”

“Doing what?”

“I don’t know.  Reading.  While holding a pen.  Go get me the Hypericum.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s in the first-aid drawer, Hypericum 200C, it’s in a very small bottle, a tiny bottle.”

“Here it is.”

“No, you have to do it, I can’t move, I can’t twist the cap off, I can’t do anything!  Just tap a few pellets into the bottle cap and toss them in my mouth.”


She did it, and then trotted off to the kitchen.  Seconds later, I sat straight up, turned my body back to the right (back to facing my computer), moved my head to the right, and proclaimed loudly, “It worked!!!  Hypericum worked!  I can move again!  I’m cured!!  I can move!!!!”


Now, what can we learn from this?  Well, first of all, how great is homeopathy?  Let’s hear it for Samuel Hahnemann!

Without Hahnemann, I would still be hunched over, sitting in that chair!

What do “ordinary” people do in these circumstances?  Would Shana have had to call 911?  That’s our number for Emergencies.  Would I have had to go to the hospital?  Would they have given me morphine after putting me through X-ray?  It’s hard to imagine all the twists and turns this unfortunate, insane incident would have led to… instead of… what happened seconds later?  Back to normal?  Back to my routine as if nothing had happened!  Is there any comparison???

So here are the lessons we should take from this:

  1. Hypericum is for ailments or injuries to parts rich in nerves.  So, “nerves” is the magic word here that leads to Hypericum.  (It was so clearly a nerve pain.)
  1. High potencies!  Do you have your high potencies?  They are for acutes!  The 200C was clearly the perfect potency as it acted in seconds!  People are giving 200C’s to people with advanced, chronic pathology, and that is not a good idea! Start these chronic patients off with 6C in water with 5 succussions before each dose, 2 or 3 times a day.  Experiment to find out how many times a day the patient needs it.  A striking improvement means give less and less often.  An aggravation means stop dosing.  Generally, a 6C is given 3 times a day; but tailor the dose to your patient’s needs, and yes, low potencies wear off and you have to raise them but that is not the end of the world!  If you don’t give your remedies in water with succussions before each dose, your patient will develop a tolerance to them at first, and ultimately, an aggravation.  It’s in The Organon of Medicine, 6th ed., by Samuel Hahnemann, # 247, look it up!
  1. Buy a remedy kit!  The sooner you treat an acute, the sooner it goes away!  This case illustrates how giving a remedy as soon as the event happens can clear it up completely and potentially in seconds!  The longer you wait, the harder it is to cure and the longer it takes to get rid of!  I’ve heard homeopaths say, “I don’t treat acutes.”  Are you kidding me???  I’ve heard some of my students say, “In my country, the homeopaths send all acute cases to the doctor.”  They do???  OMG. No, no; treat acutes!  Get yourself a 30C Emergency Kit, an acute prescribing book, and treat acutes!  This is where homeopathy shines!

I know so many people who are just dragging their feet about buying a remedy kit; they think they’ll never need one, that it’s somehow superfluous.  They don’t see the point; they’re thinking, “I already have remedies in my shoe box,” or, “If I need a remedy, I’ll order it or I’ll buy it from the health food store.”  I can’t tell you how insane this thinking is!  Imagine being in my spot, thinking, “I’ll order Hypericum from Amazon; oh I forgot, I can’t move!”

  1. Your remedies are no good if you don’t have them with you; that means, they need to be in your backpack, your pocket, your house, your car…. I have remedies in all those places–my house, of course; but also, I have a first aid kit in my backpack, I have Arnica, Aconite, Calendula and Hypericum in my pocket.  In my car, I’ve got injury remedies and indigestion remedies in case I ever run up against a bad pizza.  (It could happen!)

The remedies can’t help you if they’re not with you!

  1. Some of you might be thinking, “Why are you telling us to buy a 30C emergency kit if you needed a 200C of Hypericum?”  That’s a very good question!  Ideally, I would tell you to buy the 50-remedy Emergency Kit in the 30C, 200C, 1M and 10M potencies!  And some of my clients have actually done that!  Gabi and Kelly and I’m sure others have too.  But I understand the reluctance to shell out large sums of money!  So I am usually between the 30C and the 200C.  The 200C kit, of course, costs more money which is a problem for most people.  So I compromise by saying, “Buy the 30C emergency kit and when you get a chance, get your common first aid remedies in the 200C–like Arnica, Hypericum, Belladonna, Apis, etc.  For most acutes, the 30C potency will work fine; and, in fact, to assume that every acute needs a 200C will lead you to causing aggravations unnecessarily in certain people.  Better to start with the 30C, and if it doesn’t work, or does work and then stops working, you’re then justified in going up to 200C.  In my case, I felt the pain was so severe, the 200C was appropriate; but, who knows, the 30C might have worked too; I simply elected to use my judgement and chose the 200C.

By the way, I have a whole section on emergency prescribing on my website:

Emergencies and Acutes

  1. Where can a remedy kit be purchased?  Any homeopathic pharmacy, but Amazon sells them too:

OK, and now I have to thank Shana for saving my life.

Mom, shouldn’t we be working on this month’s quiz?  I have a lot of announcements to make!

Back to normal.


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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  • Thank you Elaine for another insightful Tidbits column. Yes, where would we be without Homeopathy? What homeopathy can do simply and safely is handled allopathically by invasive tests and toxic drugs.

  • I have worsening pains in my feet. On the L foot its just below the toes and in the middle lower part of the foot. In the R its mostly in the middle lower part of my foot. I also have bleeding & receding gums. This has been going on for a while. Now I have a boil on the palate of my mouth, just behind the 2nd R upper tooth.

    • Arti, you obviously need to see a good homeopath, as you have a lot wrong with you. The pain in your feet is a mystery to me. The bleeding gums, etc. suggest you need to supplement with vitamin C and see a dentist.

  • That is why I love Homeopathy, and those homeopaths like
    Elaine. It is so simple, direct and effective!

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