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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2007

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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2007

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 Initiating a Dialogue – Dr. Manish Bhatia

“People with little understanding of homeopathy were sitting at the helm of all our administrative and professional bodies and there was a continuous struggle to show their supremacy.”

Letters to the Editor

Hot-Seat Interview
 Grant Bentley and Louise Barton – interviewed by Dr. Manish Bhatia

“Nobody knows Homoeopathy like its founder and if Hahnemann says that the miasms should be central to every chronic disease prescription, then that’s what should happen.”

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New Papers
 Sycosis – Dr. Jawahar Shah

“Sycotic children are dull, lazy, sluggish and slow to act.”

Lectures on Organon of Medicine

Understanding ‘Aphorism Three’ [ Audio mp3 (12.3mb)] – Dr. Manish Bhatia

“People will say – ‘This patient needs Calc-carb. because she is fat, fair and flabby’ or ‘This patient needs Sulphur because he sits with stooped shoulders.’ Unless the remedy covers the symptoms of the disease process, such prescriptions are not justified.”

Understanding ‘Aphorism Seventy’ – Part II –         Dr. Leela D’Souza

“People with advanced pathology treated by modern medicine end up pill-popping, often almost up to 20-25 ‘life-saving’ pills per day!”

Defending Homeopathy – Alan V. Schmukler

“Aside from their lack of knowledge and experience, allopaths who attack homeopathy are on shaky ground for other reasons. They often challenge our research, but their own is totally compromised.”

Nine Steps To Practicing Homeopathy using Facial Analysis – Grant Bentley

“Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is the most straightforward and accurate way of determining a patient’s miasm.”

The Aggravation Zapper – Diane Fuller, Elaine Lewis

“You know, if I hear, ‘Hooray, you’re getting worse!’ one more time, I’m going to scream.”

Homeopathy in the Medical Profession [pps-131kb] – Gabrielle Traub

“Don’t criticize doctors for things they have no conrrol over; for example, corruption of the pharmaceutical companies….”

From the Clinic
 Miasms and Facial Features – Grant Bentley, Louise Barton

“Too often in Homeopathic constitutional prescribing, practitioners have faced the dilemma of trying to discern one remedy from another. Attempts at overcoming this hurdle have focused primarily on continuing education regarding the nature of our remedies. However, with HFA, trying to spot the increasingly subtle difference between remedies is no longer necessary”

A Sensitive Woman – Robyn Williams

“She complained of constant nausea, which was worse for eating. This was often followed by burping and then a one sided headache.”

Grief – Louise Barton

“She cries a lot and goes to her room to be alone. In the past she would write over and over how she wanted to die.”

A Case of Meniere’s Syndrome – Louise Barton

“Her sleep is poor and she feels as if she hasn’t slept. Her employer ‘rips her head off’ and doesn’t listen nor allow time off.”

A Case of Tourette’s Syndrome & ADHD – Margaret Nolan

“Hugh presented at the consultation as restless, fidgety and disruptive. Pushing his sister and pulling her hair, rolling around on the floor, climbing on the furniture and interrupting the consultation process”

A Case of Psoriasis – Dr. Urvi Chauhan

“What if this (points out at his palms) turns out to be some dangerous illness- like-Leprosy or Tuberculosis, who will take care of my family then, their food?”

 Appearances and Circumstances – Grant Bentley

“The work started by collecting cured cases of a well known anti-miasmatic remedy like Sulphur, Mercurius or Thuja and then analyzing the facial features of the patients to find the common characteristics.”

Materia Medica
 Hepar Sulphuris – Marc Brunson

“Hepar sulph. lives in the anticipation of a menace.”

 The Godfather – Part III– Elaine Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “The Godfather, Part II” – Elaine Lewis

and the winner is..

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