Folliculinum, is made from Oestrone, a synthetic form of estrogen. The source we are using today comes from Donald Foubister [1]. Although there have been no organized provings in the traditional method, millions of women have been proving it since the discovery of synthetic hormones in the 1940’s. L. de Mattos has done exhaustive clinical studies on the remedy and has published her work in French [2]. You can also find a good picture in Julian’s Materia Medica [3]. Much of what I will be relating here, however, comes from my own experience with the remedy, especially the mental picture. I have been using it a great deal over the past four years, with remarkable success.

I wish to begin by explaining how and why I came to see the wide indications for Folliculinum, I feel that an inherited miasm is being created by the indiscriminate use of synthetic hormones. When I was a student I was going to write my thesis on the remedies with relationship to the moon. So about four years ago I started using moon menstrual calendars, asking my patients to fill in their symptoms on a chart. I am still using them today because they are so incredibly useful. All sorts of interesting patterns emerge. It soon became clear that many women had symptoms between ovulation and menses and most of them had been on the Pill at one time or another.

Another amazing thing to emerge was the fact that many young women were having these problems who had not been on the Pill, but their mothers had been on the Pill before they were conceived. Remember the Pill has been available for thirty years now. At first I confused the picture with Medorrhinum symptoms such as early sexuality, urinary infections, spaciness etc., but as I got to know the Folliculinum picture better it began to dawn on me what the causation might be.

I have used folliculinum with both girls and boys in their teenage years where the symptoms were drained, slow, and unable to identify with their selfhood. I have heard it said that children of the sixties often are a bit spacey because of all the social drugs their parents were on. However, there were many more women using the Pill than were ever using hash or marijuana. Studies have shown an increase in a rare type of chromosomal disorder in the aborted embryos of women who conceived within three months of stopping the Pill. I would like to see questions asked in the initial case taking around these issues so that we can see just how many children of Pill taking mothers have been effected. I am afraid the signs are increasing that show the inherited damage due to the Pill.


The other indicator towards inherited disease through hormone abuse involves a drug called Diethylstilbestrol (DES). This is a man-made estrogen. Beginning in 1940, it was given to pregnant women who had histories of miscarriages, premature births, diabetes or hypertension, or showed signs of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.

We don’t know how many women were given this drug in the U.K., but in the U.S. it numbered well over a million. It was well known as early as 1953 that DES did not prevent miscarriage, but its use for this purpose was continued into the 70’s. A previously rare form of cancer, vaginal clear-cell adenocarcinoma, has been found in increasing numbers of daughters of women who were given DES. Over 500 cases have been diagnosed with a direct link to the hormone. Although these cancers can start as early as age eight, many are not triggered off until the girl is exposed to more hormones, e.g. the Pill, or another hormonal treatment. (Perhaps this is a case of an acquired miasm triggering off an inherited one?)

There is growing evidence that shows a sharp increase in breast cancer and as much as a five-fold increase of cervical dysplasia in DES daughters. A high percentage of those who have not yet developed cancer have a condition in which glandular type tissue normally found in the mouth is found in the vagina – a matter of confusion in differentiation. They can have a whole range of abnormalities including incompetent cervix which prematurely dilates causing miscarriage, a higher chance of having difficult menstrual problems, and a lower level of fertility. Abnormalities of the genitals have now been found in male children also together with small testes, infertility, and subfertility. And as high as 40% of DES sons have low sperm counts or abnormally shaped sperm.

The ‘morning after Pill’ is made from DES and is still administered quite freely, even though the effectiveness of preventing pregnancy is not established. Large doses of DES were given to animals to fatten them up for slaughter and is still used to dry up women’s milk after childbirth. So, from these two facts alone, DES daughters and sons, and children whose mothers were on the Pill before they were conceived, we have a frightening idea of what we may be facing. Our regeneration is at stake, much less our health.

Folliculinum is a remedy which expresses so much of what is out of order in our world today. So that we can see the whole picture of what is going on today, we need to go back in history and lift some of the mists of time. So I am going to tell you a little story. Let me call it a drama documentary. Settle back, relax, close your notebooks, and open your eyes, your heart, your mind, or whatever you need to open when you read.

A Story

Once, in the very first times, there was a land where women were respected – where women’s business was women’s business, and they loved and respected themselves and each other. The women lived a bit separate from the men at times in order to carry out this business. They were in charge of their own religion and their own bodies. They celebrated the monthly ritual of bleeding by the moon and they all menstruated together. It was a time of high energy and creativity and the great mother Goddess was worshipped. She was earth centered and life giving. The celebrations took place in the Women’s House that was called TAPUU, which meant magic. When a girl had her first menstruation, the women welcomed her into the magic of being a woman. Her expectations were to celebrate being a woman. Her health and well being belonged to her sisters and herself and she felt powerful.

About the author

Melissa Assilem

Melissa Assilem has been teaching for 21 years and practicing for 25. She has focused strongly on women"™s health issues, and especially the harmful effects of hormone abuse. She developed the remedies Folliculinum (oestrone), Lac humanum, and Luna.
She has conducted numerous provings and her latest book, Matridonal Remedies of the Humanum Family focuses on the remedies Lac humanum, Folliculinum, Placenta, Amniotic Fluid, Vernix, and Umbilical Cord.
Melissa divides her time between California, London, and Lesbos. Her main home now is in California, where she is busy writing and teaching.


  • Hello! I am a veterinarian from Bulgaria. I successfully use preparation Folliculinum (oestrone) the treatment of hormone-dependent urinary incontinence resulting from sphincter mechanism incompetence (SMI) in ovariohysterectomised bitches (i.e. in dogs having had the ovaries and uterus removed surgically).

    I would like to ask you is there any contraindications using preparation Folliculinum (oestrone)?

  • I am a homeopathic practitioner specializing in infertility and women health. Folliculinum when given at the right time during the menstrual cycle using the correct potency for each unique case has an incredible positive effect in stimulating ovulation and re-establishing the menstrual cycle even in cases of PCOS and estrogen dominance causing fibroids and endometriosis.
    I mostly recommend this remedy based on the physical symtoms, but I am seen more and more how the Folliculinum mental picture plays a veryi mportant role in each case.
    Thank you for posting the information on this remedy. I believe that more women are in need of it as a result of long term use of birth control pill use, which is affecting a woman’s fertility leading to difficult conception and poor ovarian response.

  • Hi, I was prescribed folliculinum a couple of years ago and it worked well. I’m now entering the menopause and took another dose (LM10 to help with symptoms. It seems to have triggered anaemia, which I have suffered with on and off for years. Is this a possible side effect of folliculinum?
    Thank you

    • This is a return of old symptom which indicates that the remedy was successful in treating a layer. Your homeopath will now be able to look at your new picture a repertoise again.

  • Hi, i am Saranya from India , i have infertility problem because of endometriosis, had one laproscopy for endo , lost my left tube . now i have two ovaries and one tube .still i have some symptoms like rectal pain , i am taking some homeopathic medicines like Thiosinaminum 3x, Calc-fluor 1m , Caulophyll , Nux vomica30. can u prescribe some infertility medicine .

  • Hi, I’m a 64 year old woman just having taken folliculinum. I find your long article totally inspiring Melissa. Many things resonate. In the last 3 days after a 30 potency I feel clearer, more in charge, more effective and centred in myself! Wonderful! Caroline.

  • My wife has Raynaud’s syndrome and has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago. A lady posted on another site that her Raynaud symptoms completely disappeared and never returned after taking Folliculinum. Has anyone else had this same experience?

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