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The Soul of Remedies: Calcarea arsenicosa

Written by Rajan Sankaran

Dr. Rajan Sankaran shares his remedy portrait of Calcarea arsenicosa. He states that the remedy has the mistrust of Arsenicum with the insecurity of Calcarea. Other characteristics include being chilly and worse from excitement.

Calcarea arsenicosa is a mineral remedy of the cancer miasm. In Arsenicum there is a feeling: “I need people but I cannot trust them – they may rob me”. The patient cannot trust anyone. In Calcium there is a need for security and support. So we see in Calcarea arsenicosa a person who feels insecure as well as mistrustful.

In Calcarea arsenicosa the need for people is almost a dependence, and this along with the mistrust, makes him highly anxious and insecure. He feels: “I may be cheated, let down (mistrustful – Arsenicum) by the people on whom I depend for protection (Calcium)”.

Calcarea arsenicosa is full of anxiety, extremely insecure. I had a case of a menopausal woman who came with the complaint of severe palpitation, which came on from the least anxiety, fright or bad news.

She had a son and a daughter. The son went abroad and she got the feeling that he might never come back. All her complaints were worse when he left, especially after her husband fell ill.  She felt that her future source of support (in case her husband died) had become untrustworthy.

This created extreme anxiety in her, and she would call her son over the phone every week. I gave her Calcarea arsenicosa on these features of mistrust and insecurity. Also Phatak’s Materia Medica gives: “Complaints of fat women around the climacteric, when the least emotion causes palpitation”.

Later, they may become extremely sad (Kent’s Lesser Writings). In the compensated state, Calcarea arsenicosa may be very careful and cautious. He is very independent.

Physical symptoms:

  • Chilly patient.
  • Palpitation from least emotion.
  • Breathlessness on ascending.
  • Desires soup.


  • Ailments from excitement, emotional.
  • Anxiety, future, about.
  • Anxiety, health, about.


  • Heart, palpitations, emotions, slight, aggravates.

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About the author

Rajan Sankaran

Rajan Sankaran, MD (Hom), is reputed to be a clear and original thinker and is best known for his path breaking concepts in Homoeopathy. His understanding of ‘disease as a delusion’ followed by his discovery of newer miasms, classification of diseased states into kingdoms and the seven levels of experience, brought in much more clarity into understanding diseased states. The Sensation method has now evolved into a more comprehensive and synergistic approach, which strongly advocates to encompass and integrate the old, classical and traditional approaches with the latest advances.

Dr. Sankaran heads ‘the other song—International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’, in Mumbai. This academy primarily focuses on imparting advanced clinical training to students and practitioners, integrated with a homoeopathic healing centre. Also he has his own personal clinic at Juhu area of Mumbai, India. He is also the President of Synergy Homeopathic, which is dedicated to the development of reliable, comprehensive homeopathic software and teaching tools.


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  • calc full of fears, wants house walls thick high for protection as olden time forts,will not dare to sleep in open yard at night.nature why so injustice given tons of money deprived sleep wets pillow.bihari brothers say we are not worried about corona,their worry is daily wage,what homeo remedy will work for such cases not seen any article.

  • When law of right living not followed, blood chemistry imbalances. Mental and physical imbalance causes anaemic. Those patients starves for oxygen due to low Hb, naturally palpitations, fear, all pave way for heart problem. This soul remedy will help lot especially for weak patient.

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