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TIPS and Important News -November 2023

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the Masters and important news. Tips on Tellurium, Zincum, Helonias etc. from Dr. T.F. Allen, tips from Dr. William H. Burt, news about Atrazine and Titanium Dioxide and an acute case from Susan Sahota.   

 Aurum Metallicum – A remedy of considerable value in hypertrophy of the heart, with tendency to fatty degeneration, wandering pains, sometimes with palpitation and irregular pulse, feeling as if the heart would cease beating.

Dulcamara –  It is a valuable remedy for the cough of old people, < change of weather to cold and wet.

Zincum Metallicum – Suicidal tendency or fear that one is to be arrested on account of crime is a marked indication for the drug in mental alienation.

Ocimum Canum –This drug has been found useful in renal colic, especially of right side, associated with violent vomiting.

Tellurium Metallicum – Eczema impetiginoides of the lids and conjunctiva. Eczema of the external ear, with itching and swelling and painful throbbing.

Teucrium Marum Verum –Tumor of the lower lid (Staph.). Polypus in the nose. Polypus of the vagina.

Oxalicum Acidum – Pains occurring in small circumscribed areas, lasting a short time, but very violent.

Helonias Dioica  – Diabetes mellitus, large quantities of sugar in the urine, with emaciation, thirst, restlessness, melancholia, etc.

Kali Bromatum – Night terrors in children, with shrieking in sleep, trembling, etc. (compare with Stram.).

Kali Carbonicum – Weakness, with low temperature, soft pulse and mental indifference. Pains in every part of the body are acute, sticking. Aggravation from cold (Nux.v.), and from 3 to 4 A.M.

Ignatia Amara – Epilepsy originally caused by fright.  Hysterical paralysis.

Gindellia Robusta – Cheyne-Stokes respiration. If the patient drops off to sleep he stops breathing and wakes with a start and gasps for breath (Lach., Gel., Cur.).

Euonymus Europaea – A very efficient remedy for engorgement of liver, so-called biliousness, headache, coated tongue, bad taste, constipation.

Chelidonium Majus – With the disturbances of digestion and of the function of the liver, the tongue is yellow and shows the print of the teeth around the margin.

Cicuta Virosa Convulsions from various causes, injuries, after opium, chorea-like, epileptiform, tetanic, puerperal, from worms, from indigestion, with insensibility, staring eyes, with jerking of eyeball, muscles of the face and whole body, face red hot, sweaty; or with the convulsions violent opisthotonos, tetanic rigidity of the whole body,

Anacardium Occidental – Extremely valuable in eczema, especially with great irritability of mind, the eruptions itch excessively and burn.

Amylenum Nitrosum Valuable for violent neuralgic headaches, with great flushing of the face, gasping for breath, tremulousness, dyspnoea, or alternating paleness and coldness of the face, especially of one side.

Some Tips from Dr. William H. Burt  –

Apis Mellifica – Inflammation of the neck of the bladder, with painful urination,

 Argentum nitricum – Fluids drunk appear to run straight through the intestinal canal without stopping.

Valeriana – Of great value in hysteria, with excessive nervous excitability; hysterical spasms; palpitation of the heart, and great fear.

Trillium – Passive uterine hemorrhages, with occasional clots, and much fetor; associated with fainting, from great loss of blood.

Sepia – Very fetid urine, depositing a clay- colored sediment, which adheres to the chamber with great tenacity. The urine is so putrid that it cannot be suffered to remain in the room.

Phosphorus – Hemorrhage from the stomach, temporarily relieved by drinking cold water. Inflammation of the liver, with vomiting of blood, and a gone feeling in the abdomen.

Characteristic Materia Medica Memorizer – William H. Burt, M. D., 1895

Titanium dioxide banned in the EU is sold freely in the U.S.

Titanium dioxide, a food additive in chewing gum, cakes, candies, breads and ice cream, is linked to a wide range of adverse health effects, particularly genotoxicity (a precursor to cancer) and intestinal inflammation. It is banned in the European Union but found all over grocery shelves in the U.S.

Cancer causing weed killer on U.S. crops

Atrazine is the second-most widely used weed killer in the United States, with more than 70 million pounds are applied across the nation each year, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It is linked to various cancers, premature birth and birth defects. In the U.S., it is one of the most commonly reported contaminants in groundwater and public drinking water, according to the EPA. The herbicide has been banned for use in the European Union since 2004.

An Interesting Acute from Susan Sahota

The most significant case I can think of was a neighbour who had been in hospital. He had blood coming from his rear, his right lung had collapsed and although normally an extremely fit, athletic young man (more of that later) he could barely hold his body upright and could not control the movement in his eyes. It was very difficult to witness how a man could change.

He had been in hospital but as is the state of the health services in this country, he was ‘allowed’ to go home. I checked all the remedies in my kit then. The last one I noticed was Crotalus Horridus. I remembered from a Robin Murphy lecture, that   he described it as an ‘end of life remedy’.

I read aloud through the rubrics for Crotalus in Boericke and the young man could not believe how it covered the symptoms he was experiencing.  Anthrax was mentioned under skin and the house went quiet. I mentioned above that he was a very fit athletic type, he is a sheep shearer and travels across the globe, Australia, NZ, Chile, USA, Italy etc. His face dropped and he reported that prior to becoming ill he had worked in the worst conditions of his life.

My first thought was ‘I have a child in the house’.  He had palpitations as he had a collapsed lung. I found some 200c and administered it. His lungs returned to normal function the following day, and he recovered quickly. He continued travelling the globe with his work.

This experience really made me question the disease/ bacteria or terrain theory. I still see it as my greatest achievement and undoubtedly saved his life. I know he is grateful along with his family.

Susan Sahota

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