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We invite you to send in your favorite Tips and Secrets on homeopathy. We will publish a select group each month, acknowledging the sender. They may be based on your own experience or taken from homeopathic literature. Please identify the source of your information and your name and country. Send your tips to us at [email protected]

Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

These are the tips of our readers and do not necessarily express the views of or ‘Homeopathy for Everyone’.

Apparent death

Carbo veg -Face blue, head hot with hot perspiration, body is cold. Bloating in abdomen. Prior to collapse, much belching and desire to be fanned

Antimonium tart – Face pale blue with cold sweat. Rattling of mucus in airways. Prior to collapse nostrils flare. quivering of chin.

Cuprum – Muscles of hands, feet, jaw contracted. Skin blue. Foam at mouth.

Camphora – Icy coldness of body, breath cold. Prior to collapse patient refused covers.

from: Homeopathy – An A to Z Home Handbook

Ledum May Save the Day

Ledum helps prevents infections after puncture wounds. Its use in preventng tetanus and Lyme disease have been established. It may also be useful for Hepatitis C and AIDS when they are introduced through a puncture wound. While there is no research on this yet, it seems prudent to try it. Medical personnel exposed to such risks, should take note, since there are few other options.

Horror of Mathematics

For fear of mathematics, explore : Lycopodium, Silica, calc, natrum muriaticum, staphysagria, sulphur.

Homeopathic Medical Repertory- Dr. Robin Murphy

Love for Animals

Remedies associated with love of animals are : Aethusa, Carcinosin, Medorrinum, Phosphorus, Sulphur.

Aethusa – Reserved and emotions kept in. Fear to go to sleep lest he should never wake. Nibling appetite. Mental exhaustion. Aggravation from milk.

Carcinosin -Sympathetic, affectionate, romantic. Sensitive to reprimands. Anticipatory anxiety, desire to travel, and loves dancing. Craves butter, chocolate, spicy food. Worse after short sleep.

Medorrhinum – Greats sense of hurry. Things seem unreal, as if in a dream. Exhilaration at night. Seems as if everyone moves too slowly. Desires cold food and drink.

Phosphorus – Outgoing, affectionate, empathic, sensitive to sensory impressions. Aggravation at twilight. Craves cold drinks, ice ceam, spicy food. Better after a short sleep.

Sulphur – Philosophical, likes theorizing, pedantic, abundance of ideas. Warm blooded, craves open air. Worse from bathing, being overheated. Hunger 11am. Craves sweets, fat, spicy food, alcohol.

Boericke M.M, Synoptic M.M. F.Vermuelen, Medical Repertory – R. Murphy, MM.of the Mind H.L. Chitkara

Treating Cancer

Efficacy of Homeopathy Over Allopathy

Everyone knows about allopathic medicines, especially in cancer, the bad effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and some of the steroids (mainly gluco corticoids and cortico steroids). They have done no good, but meanwhile produce secondary effects like, spinal oesteophorosis, immuno suppression, and innumerable forms of disease.

Our role as homoeopathic practitioners:

We can improve quality of life, thereby strengthening the vital force (immunity) and curing, I repeat, “cure of cancer”!

What we have to do:
1.Good case taking (obesrvation, interpretation, proper history etc.).
2. Treat the cause and not the effect (don’t bother very much to treat cancer, treat the cause, so as to give vitality to the vital force- the body heals itself)
3.Monitoring is key factor (includes necesssary investigations).
4.Remember that ony the similimum can cure (don’t deviate from basic principles).
5. Moral support to the patient is very important.
6. Do not change the medicine for minor complaints (don’t be in hurry to prescribe when there is slight modification in the symptomatology (allow medicine to act ).
7. Point number 6 doesn’t mean that you should not change the medicines, it means GIVE IMPORTANCE TO THE GENERALS.

Think over these 7 points
Keep Studying, Keep asking why. All the best


Wild Strawberry

Frageria – For anaphylaxis from strawberry allergy, explore frageria in high potency – Tongue swollen, strawberry tongue, urticaria, petechial and erysipelatous eruption.

Boericke MM

Organ Stress

Ferrum Picrum – The symptom that especially calls for it, is failure of an organ under exertion: e.g. — The voice that fails after public speaking. Second and third trituration. Boericke MM


Increases the amount of hemoglobin that combines its oxygen with toxins and destroys their virulence. Stimulates phagocytes. Degenerative conditions of arteries and liver. Arteriosclerosis. Fatty heart. In tuberculosis, chlorosis, neuresthenia, it increased appetite, strength and weight. Wm. Boericke -M.M. , J.H. Clarke Dictionary of M.M.


“There is perhaps no remedy that has more decided action on he gums ( not even Mercury).” Gums painful, swollen, dark red or blue and the teeth decay as soon as they are born. Keynotes of Kreosotum are hot excoriating discharges, pulsation all over the body, profuse bleeding of small wounds. Ulceration, burning pain. Painful dentition with anger and capriciousness similar to Chamomilla. H.N. Guernsey, M.L. Tyler

A Thirsty Pulsatilla

Pulsatilla is normally thirstless. But in fever, if heat is both objective and subjective, then it is attended by thirst. Pulsatilla can be very thirsty. Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever – H.C. Allen

Carduus Marianus

Prevents gall stone colic, its recurrence and formation of bile-stones. Use as mother tincture, five drops in water two or three times daily. Dr. TP Chatterjee


Calendula is an excellent hemostatic in tooth extraction.

Dr. Niranjan Mohanty -Textbook of Homeopathic M.M.

The Heart of a Dog

In treating the aging heart and cardiac weakness from serious llness, we use equal parts of Crataegus 1x and Cactus mother tincture. Five to ten drops, three times daily. Homoeopathic Medicine for Dogs – H.G. Wolff

Cats -Feline Distemper

When : violent vomiting, high fever, greenish-yellow mucus, foul breath, diarrhea, dehydration, rim of tongue inflamed, drooling, apathetic, cannot eat. Baptisia can work miracles. If diarrhea is primary symptom, Mercurius Corrosivus.

Your Healthy Cat – H.G. Wolff

Assortment of Tips

For hypersensitives I use skin mode of delivering remedies. Also in my opinion 6c is ideal for them. Decimals are very helpful except that it should be the absolute similimum, otherwise aggravations are inevitable. In rainy season I usually provide my regular clients with Rhus tox, just to avoid Viral Fevers, Chikengunya etc after getting drenched. If I am totally confused about the case, but urgently have to deliver some remedy, I give Arsenic in 30. I give Sulphur or Sepia accordingly if Nat Mur is strikingly similar but fails.

Thanks to: Rekha Srinivasan, B.H.M.S., from Chennai

Editors Note: Free software for determining potency and dose is available on It provides recommendations from the 4th, 5th and 6th editions of the Organon, as well as Dr. Bhatia’s professional opinion. Go to :

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