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Hydrocephaloid comes on during the course of cholera infantum. The patient lies almost in a stupor, face pale and bathed in cold sweat. Do not mix up the case with Veratrum! Eyes half open, pupils react sluggishly to light, urine suppressed, twitching or jerking of a limb. Sulphur acts like a charm and no remedy can take its place. (Violent rolling of head and crying out of Bell are not present, nor the cri encephalique of Apis.)

Clinical Materia Medica – Dr. E.A. Farrington

Septic focus Inhibits Remedy

It is necessary to eliminate the presence of a septic focus before prescribing a nosode, because a septic focus in either an acute or chronic case interferes with the action of the remedy. In acute cases after an operation, a stitch abscess or deep seated infected blood clot may interfere with the remedy. Also, an ear infection where there is mastoid involvement or a dental abscess, can interfere with the action of the remedy.

Homoeopathy in Practice – Dr. Douglas Borland

Pain Meds for Animals

Has your dog or cat been bitten by another animal? Is your pet in pain? Remember Hypericum for injured nerves from bites of animals. Animals suffer pain from injuries, but veterinarians often don’t give pain medication. Hypericum to the rescue!

Boericke’s M.M – Wm. Boericke

Never Well Since

Mental exertion – Kali phos , Silica

Shock or fright from a family tragedy – Opium

Vaccination – Thuja, Sulphur, Silica

Mononucleosis – Carcinosin, Cistus Canadensis

Abdominal or eye surgery – Staphysagria

Homoeopathic Education : The Unfolding of Experience – Catherine R.Coulter

Thyroidinum Warning

Never give Thyroidinum as a routine or specific for all patients who come with a thyroid problem.

The Bedside Organon of Medicine – Dr. Farokh J. Master

Ulcers on Toes

Ulcers on the toes, especially of old people, commencing with a blister, as if caused by a burn, are cured by Silicea; if at the outset there are blue black spots, by Arsenicum, especially if warmth is agreeable ; but if warmth produces pain, Secale is most suitable.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Constantine Hering, M. D.

Iodum Can’t Rest

“If I rest I’ll go mad” is the keynote to Iodum. Never can stay in bed, even with 105o fever. Always too hot and must have cold air. Compulsions to violence without cause. Wants to hurt her child. Always eating, never full, yet emaciates. Shuns company; melancholy, suspicious, suicidal.

Homoeopathy As Art and Science – Dr. Elizabeth Wright Hubbard

Trillium Pendulum

A general hemorrhagic medicine. Trillium is an excellent remedy for bleeding from the nose which is bright red or dark and clotted. The mother tincture applied to the affected part will arrest the bleeding from nose, teeth etc.

Select Your Remedy – Dr. R.B. Dishambar Das

The Essence of Ferrum

The essence of Ferrum is “Persevering in your job” and “Firm”. They are steadfast, straight and to the point. They carry on regardless of how difficult the task. They are determined that a job will be done properly. They work in professions that are demanding and may require the use of force. Disciplined and orderly, the hate chaos. They get irritable from any criticism.

Homoeopathy and the Elements – Jan Scholten

Tetanus in Dogs

Dogs are more resistant to tetanus than humans, but they do get the disease. To prevent tetanus after a wound, Ledum 200x and Hypericum 200x have proven themselves prophylactic. One the illness has broken out, Mag phos 6x or 12x has shown itself the best remedy, even in advanced cases.

Homoeopathic Medicine for Dogs – H.Gl. Wolff MVSC

Dosing During Menstruation

Antipsorics should neither be taken immediately before nor during menstruation. If the menses appear too soon, too abundant, and last too long, she may smell on the fourth day of a globule of a high potency of Nux vomica, and several days after the antipsoric may be taken. Nux restores the harmony of the nervous functions and calms that irritability which inhibits the action of the antipsoric.

The Chronic Diseases – S. Hahnemann


Chilly with aversion to open air. Silent grief and desires solitude. Self reproach. Feels forsaken. Thirstless , salty taste in mouth. Worse from fat, pork, butter, rich food. Visual disturbances and migraine. Purging and vomiting. Better from menses and during motion. Ill effects of grief and terror of conscience.

Synoptic Materia Medica – Frans Vermeulen

Differentiating Four Aurums

Aurum – A sense of loneliness with a tendency to be very quarrelsome. Difficulty expressing anger because of a depressive state.

Aurum muriaticum – When there is enormous anger thinking of one’s ailments, especially after mortification.

Aurum muriaticum natronatum – When there is extreme unrest and impatience.

Aurum sulphuricum – When there is a strong sense of despair regarding recovery from a trauma.

Integrating Psychotherapy and Homeopathy – Kenneth Silvestri – From: Homeopathy and Mental Health Care .

Magic with a Bowel Nosode

A man completely invalided with arthritic changes in most joints had not been able to move for a long time. He said he had never been well since having dysentery at age 16. I gave him just one dose of Dys. Co. 30c and he eventually walked without crutches and went back to full work.

Classical Homeopathy – Dr. Margery Blackie

Note: See Mark O’Sullivan’s article on the Bowel Nosodes:


A tincture or 1X is a remedy for those headaches or neuralgias that drive the patient wild so that he wants to bump his head against the floor or wall and is close to delirium. Two or three doses in half an hour will do all that can be expected. Do not administer over a long period of time.

E.P. Anshutz – From : Caution on the Use of Remedies -M.Fayazuddin


This is a common and mostly unimportant affection, and may generally be left altogether to nature. But if it should become troublesome, so as to prevent sleep, two or three globules of Ignatia or Pulsatilla put on the tongue will relieve it.

The Parent’s Guide: Containing The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood – and Their Homoeopathic Treatment. – Dr. J. Laurie, M.P.

When to Take Anti-psorics

The best time for taking an antipsoric is the morning, before breakfast and the patient ought then to wait about an hour before eating or drinking anything.

Chronic Diseases – S. Hahnemann

Two Remedies in Rheumatic Pain

Calcarea phos.: Rheumatism which is worse at night and by heat or cold, worse from change of weather. Rheumatism of the joints, with cold or numb feeling; creeping feeling in the parts affected, numbness and lameness. Every cold brings on rheumatic pains in the joints.

Natrum sulph. in rheumatic pain; pains and stiffness in nape and back; pains in joints, especially of toes and fingers and wrists; pain in hip joints, aggravated when rising in seat or moving in bed.

The Southern Journal of Homeopathy – January 1888 -C.E. Fisher M.D. Editor

Cardiac “As If” Sensations

As if heart were:

Being crushed -Spigelia

Cold – Calc, Carb an, Graph, Helod, Kali bi, Kali m, Kali n, Lil t, Nat m, Petroleum

Pulsating – as if an artery were pulsating on upper surface of the heart -Cocc-c.

Crowded – (had not enough room) Sulphur

Genetically Modified Crops

“There exists not one single GMO seed that provides a greater harvest yield than conventional, nor one that requires less toxic chemical herbicides”

F. William Engdahl – author of “Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. (Genetically Manipulated Crops: GMO Catastrophe in US a Lesson for the World ( )

Coffee for Aggravations

It happens sometimes, that the most violent pains are increased very much by the smallest dose of the suitable remedy ; in such cases give a spoonful of black coffee, and as soon as the aggravation has ceased, repeat the remedy. If made worse again, repeat the coffee, and so on until the improvement is permanent. A homoeopathic physician of the right stamp, a great master, wrote to the author, that he has given remedies in this way with the greatest success, Colocynthis and coffee for colic, Pulsatilla and Coffea for rheumatic pains in the limbs ; and Mercurius and coffee for faceache.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Constantine Hering, M. D.


If we should find pressive pain in the region of the liver, bitter taste in the mouth, tongue coated thickly yellow with red margins, showing imprints of the teeth, yellowness of whites of eyes, face, hands and skin; stools gray, clay colored, or yellow as gold, urine also yellow as gold, lemon colored or dark brown, loss of appetite, disgust and nausea, or vomiting of bilious matter, and especially if patient could retain nothing but hot drinks on the stomach, we would have a clear case for Chelidonium

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E. B. Nash

Can you Re- Use Bottles?

Be exquisitely clean and have vials, corks and everything necessary of the finest quality. Under no condition use the same vial or cork for two different preparations, or potencies, even of the same drug. No amount of cleansing will make them fit for different homoeopathic preparations.

Organon – S. Hahnemann

What Information Should Go into the Materia Medica?

This is a topic debated much lately. Here’s what Hahnemann had to say:

§ 143 After a considerable number of simple drugs has been tested… by healthy provers, and…every symptom of disease which these drugs are …capable of producing, have been …recorded, we shall then possess a true Materia Medica.

§ 144. A Materia Medica of that kind should exclude every supposition, every mere assertion and fiction; its entire contents should be the pure language of nature, uttered in response to careful and faithful inquiry.

Samuel Hahnemann -Organon 5th edition translated by C. Wesselhoeft, M.D.

Impulse to Harm Children

Woman, 46, complains of swelling and stiffness of the joints, markedly< in wet weather, bathing or even drinking water; bitter taste, bright yellow coat on rear of tongue; right-sided flatus,< on walking, can’t bear tight clothing, loose a.m. stools; violent impulse to harm her children; suicidal, has to restrain herself; red naevi. Natrum sulph. 10M, one dose. Marked improvement for two months, when return of symptoms called for repetition.

From “Nervous Moments of a G.P” Elizabeth Wright Hubbard (Read before I.H.A. Bureau of Clinical Medicine, June 17, 1940)

Carbo Animalis

The patient may resemble Sulphur in temperament and physical symptomatology, except for being chilly. Affected organs become slowly indurated, purplish and cause great burning, especially when touched. Cold at night in bed. Malignancy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cataract, Pancreatitis etc.

Desktop Guide – Dr. Roger Morrison


Swelling on bone behind the ear, painful to touch; tearing behind ear, in concha; pain deeply seated with itching beneath the left ear with every cough as if an ulcer would open.

Take a fleshy, flabby, dark haired child with the above symptoms who wants to lie on a hot water bottle but howls with pain if anything cold touches his ear and Capsicum will relieve in a few moments.

Homoeopathic Therapeutics – S. Lilienthal, M.D.

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  • Magic with a Bowel Nosode

    A man completely invalided with arthritic changes in most joints had not been able to move for a long time. He said he had never been well since having dysentery at age 16. I gave him just one dose of Dys. Co. 30c and he eventually walked without crutches and went back to full work.

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    • Ledum and Hypericum are often used prophylactically for tetanus. Once the symptoms appear, the person must be treated homeopathically. Remedies like Bell, Lach, Stram, Cuprum and others may be needed. It is a job for a professional homeopath.

      Alan V. Schmuker

      • alan v. schmuker, i got tetanus from td remedy that was ordered from out of th us, i can/;t get another vaccine because it caused such inflammation and autoimmune thing now i’m really in trouble wi th the tetanus i’ve been getting worse by the day i’ve tried ozone therapy and antibiotics which help some but but getting worse, tried ledum and hypericum helps some, don/;t know what else to do i’m about ready to give up and die which will happen soon anyway.. if there is any thing as a last resort it would be appreciated. sorry my computer is messed up. thank you debra

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