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Tips & Secrets – February 2022

Tips from the masters and important news. Little known keynotes from Dr. Carleton Smith, Tips on cancer from Fortier Bernoville MD, and a study on Ivermectin.

Some Key-Notes from Dr. C. Carleton Smith, MD – Philadelphia–   The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 09, 1881

CINA—Enuresis, with profuse discharge of strong ammoniacal urine. The child is afraid to speak or move for fear she will bring on a paroxysm of cough.

CHINA—In icterus, when there is great depression, feebleness and breathlessness.

COCCULUS—Umbilical hernia if Nux fails and there is stubborn constipation.

COLOCYNTH.—Aggravation from cheese.

CYCLAMEN EUROP—After confinement, patient has colicky bearing-down pains, each pain accompanied by a gush of blood, which relieves the pain momentarily.

ARANEA DIADEMA—She awakens at night with hands feeling twice their natural size, so that she cannot make any use of them.

DIGITALIS—Shuddering in the mammae; feels as if heart would stop beating if she dared to move. (Gels. just the opposite.)

EUPHRASIA—Cough always excited if exposed to south wind.

GELSEMIUM—In “ague,” patient wants to be held during the shakes; sleeps throughout the heat; thirst during sweat.

GRAPHITES.—Feeling of cobweb on right forehead; tries hard to brush it off..

IGNATIA—Trembling of hands; worse right side when writing, and when being watched; worse, also, from extending the fingers.

Iodium—Child very cross, cannot bear to be looked at or touched (See Ant. Tart.). Itching in the lungs low down, and extending upward through trachea to nasal cavity. The itching in end of nose is the signal for the cough to begin. Sensation as if heart were squeezed ( Cactus).

KALI BROM.—He imagines he is especially singled out as an object of Divine vengeance. Thinks all her friends have deserted her.

KALI CARB —Sensation as if a stick extended from throat to left side of abdomen with a ball on each end of stick. Belching of putrid gas like rotten eggs.

LACHESIS.—The least movement causes feeling of suffocation around the heart. Intolerable pinching and itching in spots on lower extremities relieved only by plunging in cold water; worse after sleep.

MAG. MUR— Urine scanty, can only be passed by bearing down hard with the abdominal muscles.

MANGAN. ACET.—Pain in right ear proceeding from sound teeth. Ear so sore cannot lie on that side. Burning of ears as if from very hot stove.

MURIAT. ACID.—All the time keeps pushing his finger down his throat, or keeps clawing at his mouth.

OLEANDER.—Headache improved by looking either sideways or cross-eyed.

OPIUM.—Violent movements of the foetus, especially toward night, preventing sleep.

PHOSPHORUS—Vertigo as if a veil obstructed the sight, with inability to think. Feels that he will surely fall. During pregnancy she cannot drink water; the sight of it causes her to vomit, and she must close her eyes while bathing.

PHOS. ACID —Can’t get up after sitting, from pain in left hip.

RHEUM —Hunger, but a mouthful satisfies.

SABADILLA —Headache better from looking fixedly at some object.

SAMBUCUS —Child inspires, but cannot expire; face livid.

SEPIA—Child coughs till breath is gone, and then gags and vomits mucus. Cough constant when the child is laid down.

STANNUM —Has colic better from leaning over something hard (like Coloc.)


Recently, the joint work of Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash University and the Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity has found that a single dose treatment [of Ivermectin] effectively removed all SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in a cell culture by 48 h. It is hypothesised that its action is likely through inhibiting IMP alfa/beta1-mediated nuclear import of viral proteins.

Liposomes, microemulsion and polymeric micelles have been used to improve the pharmacological availability of IVM. IVM, when delivered through liposomes, reduced cytotoxicity up to five times, improves its activity and effectively inhibit DENV replication (20).

Some Tips on Cancer from Fortier Bernoville MD –

The Kalis are remedies of secondary importance in confirmed cancer. However, the precancerous cases often require Kali carbonicum (weakness, chills, lumbar pains. sweats, wasting) or of Kali bichromicum (gastric or pyloric ulcer which can develop into malignant degeneration. Kali cyanatum has action on lingual cancer.

Carbo animalis is one of the best remedies for the established tumor. Hard tumor, indurated and swollen lymphatic glands, subcutaneous venous distention, bluish discoloration of infiltrated tissues, burning pains, gastric flatulence. It has an especial selective action on the breast or stomach cancer. Has beneficial effect’s (gain of weight, temporary arrest of wasting) and also for its action on the tumor itself which regresses, becomes less hard with amelioration of pains.

Causticum – The mental signs often are of great importance to individualize the patient. The precancerous subject frequently presents a weakened morale, sadness, obsessions, fear of the future, anguish, hypersensitive, altruistic.

Cundurango – have personally observed its value in oesophageal, stomach or intestinal cancers. One of its valuable external signs consists in fissures of the labial commissures. It also acts on cancer situated at the junction of mucosa and skin: lips, anus, lids. Low or middle potencies.

Cistus Canadensis – This remedy acts especially in cancer of the breast, pharynx, or neck and gives rise to very marked cervical adenopathy. Chronic rhino-pharyngitis. Extreme sensitivity to cold.

Hydrastis is as good for the breast as for the stomach. Of great value in cancer, ulcerated or not, with progressive debility, wasting emaciation: hypochlorhydria is frequent before and during the phase of gastric cancer.

Kreosotum – Bleeding ulcerations, vegetations develop rapidly and emit a burning discharge, excoriating, fetid; such are the principal signs of Kreosote which acts especially well in cancer of the cervix.

Ornithogalum – Already noted by Cooper, then used by Gisevius and other authors, especially in low potencies or material doses. This remedy has a remarkable action in the pyloroduodenal sphere whether it acts on an ulcer or an established cancer.

Thuja can act with success in the confirmed cancer if the latter isn’t too intensely malignant, and if the tumor is still localized. In high potencies it is wise to repeat it only rarely.

Nitric Acid – Let us remember of this remedy, complementary to Mercurius and Calcarea carbonica, its tendency to fissures, painful ulcerations (sensation of fine needles), the debility.  It is to be thought of in confirmed cancer in which it can act, if not on the general state, at least on the painful element.

Scrofularia Nodosa – This remedy acts especially on cancers of breast, skin, uterus, rectum, in low potencies or material doses, especially if there is marked glandular invasion. A. Nebel praised its drainage action; Cooper insisted very much on its value.

Lycopodium – Lycopodium evolutes toward cancer through its hepatic insufficiency. In confirmed cancer it barely has any value since it has no power over the tumoral element as have Thuja, Iodium or Silicea.  If the hepatic insufficiency is great, it should be cautiously employed in low potencies for even the 30th has often shown itself to be wrong, in cases of hepatic blockage.

Sulphur – Sulphur ought to be reserved for the pre-tumoral state. It has no favorable action in a confirmed cancer, even at the start, and can even be unwise by favoring the wasting.

Sempervivum Tectorum – Lingual, breast, rectal and other cancers. Its tendency to aphthae, to malignant ulcers, specially indicate it in the ulcerated cancer. It must also be used in mother tincture or low potencies.

Phytolacca – A remedy which must not be neglected in hard or scirrhous tumors, since it can soften and diminish them; or slightly malignant cancers which develop slowly (breast scirrhus) or on suspected tumors which have not yet degenerated (parotids).

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