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Tips & Secrets – June 2019

Tips from the masters and important news. Tips on therapeutics of pneumonia, tinea mucosa, abscess of the parotid, the use of Bufo, Cuprum, Calcarea carbonica, Cicuta and Hyoscyamus in epilepsy, Hepatitis B vaccine causing liver cell destruction, scientists warning about 5G radiation and more.

Some Tips from: The American Homeopathist Volume xxvii  – 1901

Therapeutics of Pneumonia According to Dr. Gatchell  

Aconite — Its place is in the treatment of acute, uncomplicated pleurisy. Indications: Acute pleurisy, coming on with chill, followed by fever; thirst; quick and rapid pulse; skin hot and dry; rapid respiration; great nervous restlessness; stitching pains in the chest; dry cough.

Bryonia — This is the leading remedy for plastic pleurisy; it is no longer of use after serous effusion has begun. Indications: Plastic pleurisy, with acute, stitching pains, greatly aggravated by breathing, or the slightest motion. Also, for the ” dry ” pleurisies accompanying pneumonia and phthisis.

Cantharis.—This is the most efficient remedy, following Bryonia, when there is serous effusion or sero-fibrinous exudation. Sensation of heat and burning in the chest; characteristic urinary symptoms.

Apis — For the stage of effusion, to promote reabsorption, especially when the effusion is of recent origin; also, in pleurisy following scarlatina. Absence of thirst; dark and scanty urine; oedema of the chest wall; severe, burning pain in a circumscribed spot.

Colchicine — Acute, general pleurisy, in rheumatic or gouty subjects. A peculiarity of the condition calling for this medicine is often: Aversion to the smell of food, which causes nausea and loathing.

Arsenic — In the later period of the stage of effusion, which has failed to yield to other remedies. There is great dyspnoea, with but little pain; much prostration, the patient being weak and cachectic; cyanosis; restless anxiety.

Hepar sulph — Persistent plastic pleurisy. Great sensitiveness to the open air, moist skin. the patient easily perspires.

Rhus tox—Acute attack coming on after exposure to cold and damp; after a wetting while heated and perspiring. Muscular pains in various parts, pains in the extremities, disposition to change the position of the parts, which is followed by relief.

Sulphur — Plastic exudation, slow to disappear. Also, in cases of serous effusion, coming on insidiously, and lingering. Great need of fresh air, feet and head hot, hands and feet burn, palpitation, atonic dyspepsia.

Kali carb — Dry pleurisy complicating phthisis.

Mercurius corr — Pleurisy complicating Bright’s disease

Phosphorus — Pleuro-pneumonia.

Iodine — In ” scrofulous ” subjects it replaces Bryonia

From: The American Homeopathist -volume xxvii  – 1901


Mercurius precipitatus rubrum

Mercurius precipitatus rubrum is a capital remedy in an advanced stage of herpes of the internal surface of the prepuce.

Tinea Mucosa

I consider the specific for tinea mucosa to be Sepia, which I prescribe at the 30th dilution, and in doses repeated three times a day.

From:  Homoeopathic Treatise on the Diseases of Children -Alphonse Teste MD


Some Tips from W.A. Dewey M.D.

Cuprum arsenicum –is a valuable remedy for violent neuralgias.

Abscess of Parotid

Rhus tox is a remedy for abscesses of the parotid or axillary glands where there is a discharge of a bloody, serous pus. The evident poisoned condition of the system, and tendency of the abscess to take on a carbunculous state will indicate Rhus.

Cuprum Metallicum

Cuprum metallicum is a remedy for nocturnal epilepsy when the fits occur at

regular intervals, such as the menstrual periods. Epileptiform spasms during dentition or from retrocessed exanthema may indicate Cuprum.

Kali bichromicum

Kali bichromicum is a prominent remedy for ulceration of the cornea where there is a tendency to perforate, especially in the circumscribed ulcer with clear cut edges, as if cut out with a punch.

Muriatic acid in Diphtheria

Perhaps the most characteristic symptom calling for this remedy is the extreme weakness. Nose bleed of dark and putrid blood is also a prominent symptom. There

is a fetid breath and edematous uvula.

Arsenicum in Dropsy 

This remedy is suitable in all forms of dropsy, particularly in those depending on disorders of the heart and lungs. In dropsy of renal origin, it also stands prominent.

There is puffiness of the face with oedema about the eyelids, waxy transparent skin, thirst.

Kali muriaticum – Deafness

Kali muriaticum is one of the most useful remedies in catarrhal conditions of the middle ear; it seems to clear the Eustachian tube. Slowly progressing deafness will often yield to the remedy. It is also a remedy for obstinate eczemas about the auricle especially if accompanied with the gastric disturbances of the remedy.

Capsicum in otitis media  – with rupture of the membrana tympani, and great soreness of the mastoid portion of the temporal bone. Chronic suppurations of the ear with bursting headache and chilliness.

Graphites in catarrh of Eustachian Tube

Graphites has catarrh of Eustachian tube and hardness of hearing, which is better riding in a carriage. Gluey discharge will indicate as well as eczematous manifestations.

Silicea in suppurative middle ear troubles

With caries or necrosis of the bones and attended with a thin, ichorous and offensive discharge containing little pieces of bone. Perforations of the

membrana tyinpani heal rapidly under Silicea. A peculiar symptom leading to the remedy is an itching and tingling in the locality of the Eustachian tube.

Lachesis  –Roaring and singing in the ears relieved by putting finger in ear and shaking it.

Chenopodium has deafness to low tones, while the higher ones are heard distinctly. Its special field of action is in affections of the auditory nerves.

W.A. Dewey MD- Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics


Calcarea carbonica will frequently be the remedy with which to commence treatment of epilepsy. The characteristic relaxation on falling asleep and the sweating of the head and neck are fine indications for its use.

Bufo rana

Epilepsy arising from fright or sexual excesses, will often find its remedy in Bufo rana. The aura preceding the attacks starts from the genital organs.

Cuprum metallicum is a very deep-acting remedy. It is among the most curative remedies for epilepsy in childhood.  The attack is usually ushered in by a

shrill cry and the cases are most violent and continued. Dr. Halbert says that Cuprum will stop the frequency of the attacks more satisfactorily than

any other remedy; it is his sheet anchor in old and obstinate cases.

Oenanthe crocata – Epilepsy with Sudden and complete loss of consciousness, swollen livid face, frothing at the mouth, dilated or irregular pupils, convulsions with locked jaws and cold extremities.

Cicuta virosa is indicated in epilepsy by sudden rigidity followed by jerks and violent distortions, and these followed by utter prostration. Another characteristic of Cicuta is fixed staring eyes.

Hyoscyamus -In epileptic convulsions Hyoscyamns is a most valuable remedy. A violent fright will produce an attack that will call for Hyoscyamus. There is much twitching and jerking and hunger previous to the attack, there is frothing at the mouth and biting of the tongue.

Stramonium also has epilepsy from fright. Sudden loss of consciousness and jerking of the head to the right. The Stramonium patient fears darkness and hates to be alone.

Belladonna is especially a remedy for acute epilepsies, when the cerebral symptoms are prominent, where the face is flushed and the whole trouble seems to picture cerebral irritation.

From:  Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics by W.A. Dewey MD


Hepatitis B vaccine causes liver cell destruction.

Research published in the journal Apoptosis found that hepatitis B vaccine, which is supposed to prevent Hepatitis B virus-induced damage to the liver, actually causes liver cell damage. The hepatitis B vaccine induced a “loss of mitochondrial integrity, apoptosis induction, and cell death” in liver cells exposed to a low dose of adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine. The adjuvant used was aluminum hydroxide


Pharma Buys Another Senator

In 2015, California enacted SB 277, a law that banned philosophical and religious exemptions for childhood vaccines. Children in kindergarten who don’t receive twenty-seven doses of vaccine and fifteen different vaccinations may not go to public or private school. That law was authored by state senator Dr. Richard Pan, who has received campaign donations from the pharmaceutical industry of $100,000 every legislative session.


180 scientists / doctors from 35 countries, warn about 5G radiation

We the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.

See the full document here:


Case: Cosmetic caused pustules

Ms T. used some cosmetics to brighten her face for her upcoming engagement. She started getting pustules all over her face along with itching. I gave her Sulphur 30, to be taken 3 times per day. I selected Sulphur because of the irritating itch she felt on the pustules. She desperately wanted to scratch and felt it was unavoidable. Within 6 weeks her pustules disappeared, leaving her skin absolutely clear.

Mrs. Erum Nadeem

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