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Tips & Secrets – September 2021

Tips from the Masters and important news. Tips from J.T. Kent and E.A. Farrington. News from Dubai and Bangladesh and the Global Homeopathy Summit.

Global Homeopathy Summit

A Global Homeopathic Summit is happening between Oct 1-3rd. This is an international collaboration of homeopaths from all over the world and it is aiming to become an ongoing forum for communication, dialogue and sharing of knowledge across different countries and languages. See the link below.



The High Court on Saturday ruled that people with homoeopathic and Unani degrees cannot use “Doctor” as a title before their names. They can use Integrated Physician, Complementary Physician, Integrated Medicine Practitioner and Alternative Medical Practitioner.

They ruled that as per the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) Act 2010, no one other than a person holding an MBBS or BDS degree from a registered institution can use the doctor title in their names.

Dubai Health Authority to Cover Homeopathy

In a circular issued on July 7, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) upgraded the essential benefit plan, for insurance buyers in Dubai. The announcement stated that blue-collar workers in the emirate will now receive coverage that includes mental health, and alternative therapies — such as ayurveda and homoeopathy — as part of their basic health insurance plans.

Some Tips from Dr. J.T. Kent


Belladonna is not a good remedy for recurrent complaints for it lacks periodicity, just as it lacks continuance of complaints. Belladonna is suitable in those complaints that if conquered have no tendency to recur; those complaints that end in death or recovery. It will only mitigate those complaints that are periodical.

Benzoicum Acidum

It has cured many times involuntary urination in sleep, when the bed that has been wetted several times becomes uncleanable. You can smell it almost as quick as you go into the room; the children all smell like urine, strong urine; the house smells like urine.


“Radiating from a particular point,” is a distinguishing feature, and it puts Berberis almost alone for radiating pains. This is such a strong feature that Berberis, has cured renal colic in many instances because of its well known ability to shoot out in every direction. It cures gall-stone colic when these little twinges go in every direction from that locality


In the field of vision there are spots, fog, bluish colors, flickerings, glittering objects; various colors – now yellow, and again green; fiery sparks, smoke; halo around the light, black specks or flies.


His sleep is full of horrible dreams, nightmare, fright. Dreams of falling, that is very common with cardiac affections. When the pulse is too slow, when it is irregular, the brain is irregularly supplied with blood during sleep, and there is a turbulent state.


Iritis from rheumatism or in connection with rheumatic joints. Ulceration of the cornea. It has cured Pannus. Pustular inflammation. Opacity of the cornea after injuries of the eye. It is suitable in the most violent acute conjunctivitis.

Ferrum Metallicum

A strange thing running through all the constitutional conditions of Ferrum is that the pains and sufferings come on during rest. The palpitation sometimes comes on during rest, the dyspnoea comes on during rest, and even the weakness. The patient is ameliorated by moving gently about, but any exertion tires and causes faintness.

Fluoricum Acidum

We see that it is suitable in some brain diseases. In persons who have overworked, who have been working day and night to establish a business, or to keep it up, and when there has been constant use of the brain it is suitable

Veratrum Album

Mind: The mental symptoms are marked by violence and destructiveness he wants to destroy, to tear something; he tears the clothes from the body. Exalted state of religious frenzy, believes he is the risen Christ screams and screeches until he is blue in the face. Exhorts to repent, preaches, howls, sings obscene songs, exposes the person.


Many cases will not recover promptly if they are tobacco users and great smokers, wine drinkers or convivial men, they run around a good deal and are high livers and with such you have a slow case on hand.


They are self-willed, obstinate and selfish. When they have been encouraged to resort to crafty cunning, to have every whim gratified from infancy to eighteen years of age, they become fit subjects for Moschus.


The child comes down with cerebro-spinal meningitis, the neck is drawn back, the face is intensely hot, red and shiny, the eyes congested or glassy, the head and upper part of the body are very warm, the feet and hands and lower portions of the body and the extremities are cold and covered with cold sweat.

Lectures On Homoeopathic Materia Medica –  James Tyler Kent, M.D.

Some Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington


In ovarian cysts, Apis is an excellent remedy to control the trouble, especially in the incipient stages. In addition to the burning and stinging pains, numbness down the thigh and  over the right side of the body, feeling of tightness across the chest, with cough. This is not a symptom of lung disease, but is reflex from the uterus.


Helonias, according to Dunham, produces profound melancholy, deep, undefined depression, with sensation of soreness and weight in the womb, ‘a consciousness of a womb.’  Helonias is an excellent remedy when there is a tired, aching feeling, and some burning in the back and legs.


When itch has been suppressed, Psorinum is an excellent remedy to redevelop it; usually, too, it will cure the disease after its redevelopment.  Psorinum is also useful when pustules or boils remain after itch has been cured by some other remedy.


Cinnabaris is an excellent remedy when there is a combination of syphilis and sycosis.  The figwarts are apt to be fan-shaped.   There is a great deal of itching, especially about the joints.


Pulsatilla is also an excellent remedy in small central corneal ulcers,with no vascular supply, especially when occurring in scrofulous subjects.

Glonoin in Trauma

Glonoin has been found an excellent remedy for pains and other abnormal sensations, following late after local injuries.  Long after the reception of an injury, the part pains or feels sore, or an old scar breaks out again; then Glonoin seems to relieve.

Clinical Materia  Medica  –  E. A. Farrington, M.D.

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