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Tips & Secrets Dec. 2017

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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the masters and important news. December 2017 Tips & Secrets

Two Tips from J. Compton Burnett MD

Cholesterinum in Tumour of Liver

I learned its use from the late Dr. Ameke, of Berlin, who claimed to have derived much advantage from its use in cancer of the liver. This is a weighty statement, and is true. I believe I have twice cured cancer of the liver with it. I commonly use the 3 X trit. in six-grain doses three times a  day, but this will here and there act very violently, and when this happened I have found the third centesimal trituration effective.

Hydrastis Tincture in Gallstone Colic

I have treated gallstones and gallstone colic many times and have found myself best in the painful attacks with Hydrastis Canadensis.  I have used as much as ten-drop doses of the tincture of Hydrastis, given every half-hour  in very warm water, and known it succeed in a few hours after everything had failed. After the attack it is best to set about curing the liver itself by a long course of homeopathically indicated remedies.

The Greater Diseases of The Liver: Jaundice, Gall-Stones, Enlargements, Tumours, and Cancer: and Their Treatment – J. Compton Burnett, M. D.

Some Eye Tips from Dr. Farokh Master

Atrophy of retina due to abuse of tobacco, liquor: Nux vom 200

Chalazion :  Thuja 200

Sudden Color blindness, dimness of sight: Santoninum 30

Macular degeneration:  Chrysolith D30,  Retina 30

Muscae Volitantes:  Crocus 200, Dysentery Co 200, Petroleum 200, Psorinum 200

Bedside Clinical Tips in Homeopathy – Farokh J. Master, M.D.

Merc or Phytolacca?

Don’t be too quick to believe it is Mercurius with a coated tongue and saliva. Phytolacca is very important.  Phytolacca also has the restlessness at night. Mercurius cannot do the work when Phytolacca is indicated.

Dr. A. Geukens – Homeopathic Practice Vol 3.

Seven Tips from Dr. William Boericke

Anthracinum –  This nosode has proven a great remedy in epidemic spleen diseases of domestic animals.

Croton Tiglium –  It is one of the antidotes to Rhus poisoning.

Gallicum Acidum  – Wild delirium at night, very restless and jumps out of bed, swears, is afraid to be alone, rude and abuses every one.

Antimonium Arsenicosum – Found useful in emphysema with excessive dyspnoea and cough. Worse on eating and lying down.

Phellandrium  – A very good remedy for the offensive expectoration and cough in phthisis, bronchitis, and emphysema. Tuerculosis infecting generally the middle lobes. Continuous cough for hours in the morning with dyspnea and prostration. Must sit up.

Hydrocotyle  – Has considerable reputation in leprosy and lupus.  The skin symptoms are very important. Of great use in ulceration of womb. Pains of cervical cancer. Very copious perspiration.

Artemisia Vulgaris – A remedy for epileptic conditions and convulsive diseases of childhood.  Petit mal. epilepsy without aura, after fright and other violent emotions. Several convulsions close together.

William Boericke – Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Cardiac Tips from G.H.G . Jahr

For thickening of valves, Spig and Kalmia are very efficient remedies. Spigelia is excellent in thickening and ossification of any part of the heart.

Starting from sleep at night in a fright, with fear of suffocation – Spongia

For palpitation caused more particularly by going up an eminence, Sulph, Nit ac. and sometimes Thuja relieve symptoms.

Dropsy from inveterate hypertrophy has yielded in my hands to Lycopodium

G.H.G . Jahr – Forty Years Practice


The belief that saturated fats are not healthy is based on the now debunked lipid theory of heart disease, which states that consumption of saturated fats leads to elevated levels of cholesterol, which leads to an increase in heart disease. Ancel Keyes was the original researcher to put forward this theory, which was later adopted by Congress as part of USDA dietary advice, and his research has been completely discredited. In fact, the science actually points to the opposite, that people with high levels of cholesterol actually live longer than those with low cholesterol.


Calendula is an excellent haemostatic in tooth extraction. It’s also useful when pain is out of all proportion to injury, due to nerve involvement (hyper).

Dr. N. Mohanty – Textbook of Homeopathic M.M.

Autism in the U.S.

New statistics released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that one out of every 36 children in the U.S. are now diagnosed with autism. In 1980 it was one in 10,000.

Four Tips from W.A. Dewey, MD

Anacardium is a remedy much used in low melancholic conditions, and its clinical record is a brilliant one. It is an excellent palliative in the dementia of old age.

Dr. Talcott believes that Arsenicum oftener relieves suicidal tendencies than Aurum.

Aconitum – fear.  Stramonium – terror.  Belladonna  – Violence.                Cantharides – madness.  Veratrum – frenzy.

Nitric acid. With this remedy there is a disposition to swear, the patient often imagining that she has a devil within her.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics, W.A. Dewey MD

Three Small Remedies


Suspicious, haughty.  Fear of rain, stroke, snakes, being alone, disease, robbers.   Desire for country.   Craves ice, oranges. Hemorrhage of dark blood or black blood.


Pain lasting a long time (even hours) after stool.  Touch of rectum unbearable.

Oxalicum Acidum

Pain in spots.  Aggravation from fruit, especially strawberries. Numbness of arm with cardiac disease. Cold cyanotic fingers. Angina with sharp stitching pain. Arrhythmias, Congestive heart failure.

Roger Morrison, MD  – Desktop Guide

7 Tips from R. W. Nelson, M.D -1882

Poisoning — From decayed or morbid animal matter, by inoculation, inhalation or swallowing. Arsenicum

Ulcers on gums and tongue. Hydrastis c. and Alum wash.

Collapse of pulse, cold extremities. Veratrum alb. 3x.

Dilatation of pupils with vertigo. Gelsemium s.

Excessive dilatation of pupils with complete loss of sensibility to touch. Hyoscyamus

Great inactivity of rectum, even a soft stool cannot be passed without great pressing and straining. Alumina

Feeling as if boiling lead was passing through rectum – Thuja occ.

A Clinical Assistant: Being An Index Of Diseases, Their Symptoms, And Homoeopathic Treatment   – R. W. Nelson, M.D., M.R.C.S.L.    (1882)

How to disable some smart appliances

4 Tips from William H. Burt, M. D. – 1895


Especially useful where there is great debility, independent of any organic disease. Debility from loss of vital fluids, or remaining after severe acute diseases, with copious sweats, and the patient despairs of ever getting well.


Hysteria, where the throat symptoms predominate over all others, with all kinds

of spasms and nervous excitability, as fits of great joy, laughter, or great anxiety; face flushed; constantly changing position. Sensation as if a lump or spasm were ascending in the throat, causing difficulty in breathing.

Kali Chloricum  

Especially useful in aphthae and stomatitis. Follicular ulcers in the buccal cavity

and on the tongue.  Mouth full of saliva, glands enlarged and tender. Gums inflamed, very sensitive; bleed much. Heat and dryness of the mouth, peeling off of the lips. Breath excessively fetid.

Acidum Benzoicum

Rheumatic and gouty subjects, with excessively fetid urine, smelling like that of

horses; can hardly stay in the room where it is, the smell is so cadaverous.   Urinary calculi, in rheumatic subjects, with fetid urine. Concretions in the joints, with rheumatism or gout and fetid urine.

William H. Burt, M. D.- 1895 – Characteristic Materia Medica Memorizer

Pharma Surrogates in press attack Prof. Montagnier

Professors Luc Montagnier and Henri Joyeux held a press conference on the dangers of vaccination, at the Michel Theater in Paris, November 7, 2017. Their comments were immediately attacked in the press. Montagnier is a virologist with a Nobel Prize in Medicine, member of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medicine. Joyeux is a former professor of oncology, specialist in digestive surgery and a laureate of the Antoine Lacassagne cancer prize.


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