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Hydrocephalus is a condition in which excessive accumulation of fluid builds up in your brain. The fluid that accumulates is cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a fluid that normally surrounds your brain and spinal cord. Too much CSF in the ventricles can put too much pressure on the brain, potentially damaging the brain.

Are you looking for a homeopathic cure for hydrocephalus? This article discusses the homeopathy treatment of hydrocephalus along with the best homeopathic medicine for hydrocephalus treatment.

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which excessive accumulation of fluid that builds up in your brain. The word hydrocephalus comes from the roots hydro meaning “water” and cephalus meaning “head.” The fluid that accumulates is cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a fluid that normally surrounds your brain and spinal cord.

In hydrocephalus, too much fluid builds up, causing abnormal enlargement of the cavities in the brain (ventricles) that contain CSF. Too much CSF in the ventricles can put too much pressure on the brain, potentially damaging the brain.

Types of Hydrocephalus

There are four types, which include

Non-communicating hydrocephalus -Common in children. Types of hydrocephalus occurs due to blockage in the pathway of  CSF. Resulting excessive accumulation around the site of obstruction specially the ventricles of brain. symptoms include:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • abnormal gaits
  • impaired consciousness
  • Decrease pulse rate
  • enlarge head
  • Irritability
  • Poor feeding
  • Seizures
  • Eyes fixed downward (sunsetting of the eyes)
  • Deficits in muscle tone and strength
  • Poor responsiveness to touch
  • Poor growth
  • abnormal movement of extremities

Communicating hydrocephalus – Very common in children. Types of hydrocephalus occurs due to disturbance in production and absorption of  CSF. Resulting excessive accumulation within the ventricles of brain. symptoms include:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) → inflamed arachnoid villi which decrease absorbtion of CSF.
  • Choroid plexus papilloma or carcinoma ( result in excessive production)
  • Inflammation of the choroid plexus

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) – Mostly seen in elderly patients. Usually idiopathic. occurs due decrease absorption of CSF by aracnoid villi in response of inflammation. Symptoms include –

  • urine urging
  • urine incontinence.
  • mrmory loss
  • abnormal gait.

Hydrocephalus ex vacuo

  • Occurs in primary cerebral atrophy or cerebral destructive lesions
  • Actually a misnomer; not a true hydrocephalus

Diagnosis of Hydrocephalus

it includes –

  • Neurological examination
  • Ultrasound of the brain ( in newborns and toodler)
  • MRI
  • CT-scan

HYDROCEPHALUS – Homeopathic Treatment & Medicines

homeopathy cure for hydrocephalus

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. It means that Homeopathic medicine for hydrocephalus focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The Homeopathic medicines for hydrocephalus are selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution etc. A miasmatic tendency (predisposition/susceptibility) is also often taken into account for the treatment of chronic conditions.

The medicines given below indicate the therapeutic affinity but this is not a complete and definite guide to the treatment of this condition. The symptoms listed against each medicine may not be directly related to this disease because in homeopathy general symptoms and constitutional indications are also taken into account for selecting a remedy. To study any of the following remedies in more detail, please visit our Materia Medica section. None of these medicines should be taken without professional advice.

#Calcarea phosphorica. [Calc-p]
Indicated in children with a pale or sallow face; the ears and nose are cold, there is retarded dentition, the stools are loose,green and slimy and there is a constant desire to nurse; children crave potatoes and starchy food, or salt meat. Calcarea carbonica finds its place in the early stage of acute hydrocephalus when Belladonna does not act; the abdomen is distended, the limbs wastes; there is sweating of the head during sleep; weak memory. It suits best lively, precocious, large-headed children,whose bowels are inclined to looseness; frequent screaming without cause. Belladonna. This is the chief remedy in the acute form, with the fever and symptom which will be found detailed under meningitis.


Night terrors; pitiful weeping when awake; turning head from one side to another; child leans its head sideways all the time; frequent hiccough, even during sleep; rattling cough in spells, (<) evening; child never sleeps long at a time; screams and kicks off bedclothes; pale face, looks sickly about eyes.

#Helleborus. [Hell]
This Homeopathic medicine for hydrocephalus suits apathetic cases when torpor predominates, unconscious, with the cephalic cry; the urine is suppressed and the eyes do not react the light. There is an automatic motion of one-half of the body; the forehead muscles are corrugated and there is a constant chewing motion of the mouth; the patient is thirsty and drinks with avidity when drink is offered. Helleborus corresponds to the stage of serous effusion; the sleep is soporous and interrupted by screaming spells. Censorial apathy or the period of beginning paralysis marks the remedy. Digitalis has scanty albuminous urine, slow pulse and cold sweat.

Phosphoric acid –

LISTLESS AND APATHETIC, does not want to do anything; does not want to talk, hardly answers; sinking back in apathy; involuntary; undigested, diarrhoeic, painless stools; copious urination, especially at night; child weak, pale, cold; emaciation.

#Apis mellifica. [Apis]
In the tubercular form of meningitis, when the child bores the head into the pillow and rolls it from side to side ApisApis melifica Homeopathic medicine for hydrocephalu will be the remedy. Every little while he arouses with a shrill, piercing cry; this is due to the pain; one-half of the body is convulsed, the other half paralyzed; there is strabismus, rapid and weak pulse and scanty urine. It is a slow acting remedy and its favorable action is shown by an increase of urine. The child is very drowsy and the accumulation of fluid in the brain is very rapid.

Kali brom – 

Anaemia of brain from loss of fluids; constant drowsiness, coma; pupils dilated, sunken eyes and eyeballs moving in every direction without taking any notice; feet and hands blue and cold; pulse imperceptible.

#Zincum. [Zinc]
The indications for this Homeopathic medicine for hydrocephalus are the following: The patient rolls head and wakes from sleep as if frightened; the occiput it hot, the forehead cool; there is grinding of the teeth; the eyes are sensitive to light, fixed and staring; the nose is dry; there is jerking of muscles during the sleep, and a fidgety motion of the feet; the head is enlarged, with a sense of great outward pressure ; the child is weak and cold, bores head into pillow , cries out. It is great remedy for the non-development of a disease.

First the diathesis, the scrofulous Sulphur child. Then symptoms of stupor , cold sweat, jerking of limbs, spasms ofSulphur Homeopathic medicine for hydrocephalu the big toes, suppressed urine. If from retrocessed eruptions it becomes all the more indicated. The eyes are half open and the head falls backwards. It is most suitable to the hereditary form. Tuberculinum. Burnett recommends this remedy highly, and it appears to have wrought much benefit; exact indications are wanting. Evidently it acts better, the tuberculinic types.

#Apocynum [Apoc]
corresponds to the stage of exudation; the head is large and there is bulging of frontal bones; the fontanelles are open; there is squinting, paralysis, but no cephalic cry as in Apis. It is most useful in the simple form with suppressed urine , and lessens the pressure of the fluid and increases the urine. Cartier advises its long and persistent use in the 6th dilution. Constant involuntary motion of one leg and arm.

Argentum nitricum – 

    Suppression of urine; stools every four hours, of creamy consistency, not offensive and not painful; vomiting of greenish water in small quantity, or of milk about an hour after taking it; stupor; pupils dilated.

#Iodine [Iod]
suits glandular subjects, tubercular form. Kali iodatum. Kafka’s specific. Darting pains in head, redness of face; dry, hacking cough, worse at night; scrofulous constitutions are the special indications.

#Silicea. [Sil]
Head large, sweat on whole head rather than on scalp alone, sudden startings in sleep, sour eructations, redness of face, cold hands and feet will well indicate Silicea. Baryta carbonica. Large head, thin, scrawny neck, scrofulous diathesis, child does not want to play, tendency to glandular enlargements, hacking cough, emaciations are the special indicating symptoms of this remedy.

Hydrocephalus Cases Cured with Homeopathic Medicine

A Case of Hydrocephalus – by Pawan Pareek

A Cured Case of Hydrocephalus – by Punit Sarpal

Hypertensive Hydrocephalus Syndrome with Fluid Dynamic Crises After Repeated Shunting with No Effect (4 yr follow-up) – by Elena Serzhantova

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  • Dear Dr. my daughter is 2 months old and is suffering with HYDROCEPHALUS doctors have recommended for VP Shunt, my baby also had RUPTURED MENINGOMYELOCELE, ARNOID CHIARE TYPE II, PFO/PDA/ MODERATE PAH, and was operated same day of birth. after the surgery they said some of the vanes have been cut and due to that her right leg have very little movement, for that we are having p/therapy and have got better results. No for the HYDROCEPHALUS, her head size is increasing and has increased upto 40.cm, now after reviewing lots of cases on net and complications we are not in favor of a VP shunt at all and we surely belief in Homeo medicine, and want our child should be treated through homeopathy, can you help?

  • dear Dr my wife age 27 is ill of hydrocephalus and this disease effect his eyes vein swelling and dr said that shunt will be passed away can u help me in this regard for homeo treatment.

  • Hello Dr. Sharma, my best friend is 47 and she has a bad case of hydrocephalus. She is unable to afford selfpay Tx so I have encouraged her to do her research for homeopathic options that she can purchase affordably as her medical doctors have been unsuccessful. Please is there something she can take daily that can reduce the fluid build up? She also has developed a mild case of scholiosis.

  • My preterm baby is suffering from congenital hydrocephalus. He is 66 days old as on today. VP shunt was passed around a month ago, unfortunately shunt got infected and later on that was removed. Now CSF is clean the doctors recommended revision of shunt. However I am looking for homeopathic treatment instead of shunt. His weight at present is 1.95 kgs.
    Kindly recommend medicines for his treatment

  • Hello Doctors,
    My wife is 33 yes old undergone tp shunt operation
    one and half years ago and came back to normal life,we had a girl baby now 3 and half months.now she is having two days of severe head ache and vomiting same symptoms which she told before tp shunt operation. Please we are in a situation can’t afford for daily food,please help us any treatment? She is crying and can’t wakeup also.

  • Hello Dr my son is 2 months old and now doctor confirmed hydrocephalus in brain and they recommend stunt but I am afraid and when he born he got fits after 1 hour ,and they given medicine for fits due to it he was drowsy and his muscle strength is weak can you recommend some homepathy medicine

  • 7.5 month old male baby, 6.5 months gestational age, head circumference 18.5″, sunset eyes in the mid-late afternoon. Ultrasound showed enlarged ventricles; MRI scheduled for July. Rolls head rapidly back and forth when lying on a comfortable surface, frequently rubs his face rapidly with both hands, sleeps with eyes slightly open, still exhibits occasional strabismus. Tremors of both arms and hands after a startle. Copious drooling may be normal for age, may be teething. Low-grade fever was present until last month. Was a “spitty” baby, but seems to have outgrown most of his spitting up over past four days after changing formula. Formula-fed due to middle-aged mother unable to produce milk, exorbitant cost of breast milk ($1200/month) not covered by insurance.
    Mother was quite ill throughout pregnancy, hospitalized with viral meningitis for 10 days at 26th week. Baby delivered at 36 weeks due to maternal high fever precipitating early labor, by C-section due to multiple placental problems (anterior placenta, marginal cord attachment, short umbilical cord, placenta decaying in utero). Apgar really good at delivery and 5 minutes, no respiratory issues, birth weight 6.4 pounds. Baby fell from a high bed onto a carpeted floor 5 weeks ago, suffered a mild concussion and right shoulder soft-tissue injury. His cranium has appeared large in proportion to his facial features since 2 weeks of age, however, his head circumference did not exceed 95th percentile until last month, so his pediatrician was not concerned.
    Baby is very responsive, good-natured, meeting developmental milestones for gestational age to date.
    I started baby on head-&-neck and spinal (effleurage-pressure) manual lymphatic drainage while waiting for medical doctors to complete their assessment and make recommendations.
    I would like some guidance on homeopathic remedies as his symptoms are yet mild and do not fully match any of the hydrocephalus remedy profiles. Thank you.

  • Hi, my name is Cheri Wellbrock, I am hoping you may have a way to help me help my husband. He started having his normal bronchitis symptoms, we went to urgent care to get prednisone (as he is used to doing) but this time the Dr Dx him with covid instead of bronchitis and gave him an antibiotic and prednisone, he didn’t take the antibiotic but a few dads later he was still not feeling right. We went to our Drs office where a different Dr then Dx him with pneumonia and wanted him to take the antibiotic and the now antiviral. After starting these meds his balance started getting bad and he started falling. On 1/23/23 he fell hard and hit his head and cannot account for the time he fell. The ct scan is saying hydrocephalus but I don’t believe he has this before the meds he started. Is it possible that you may be able to help without him having surgery by helping him naturally with herbs?

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