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Homeopathic Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) Patient

The authors present an interesting study on the effect of Homeopathic remedies on a patient with Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

Introduction: Type 2 (formerly Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus) appears to be prevalent at ‘epidemic’ levels in many places  mainly due to changes in life style, but also because of better diagnosis and improved longevity. Higher prevalence occurs in Asians, men, and the elderly (18% in men over 80 in Liverpool). Most are over 40 years but teenagers are increasingly getting type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Cause: Decreased insulin secretion and insulin resistance. It is associated with obesity, lack of exercise and calorie excess. There is about 80% concordance in identical twins, indicating stronger genetic influence than in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Typically progresses from a preliminary phase of impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose. Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY) is a rare autosomal dominant form of Diabetes Mellitus affecting young people with a positive family history.

Analysis of the patient: A tall, rather thin and sad 64 yr old widow suffering from this disease for at least five and a half of years, referred to me on the 10th of December 2009. Her father was also a diabetic patient. Her 2nd daughter had been affected by a stage 4 breast cancer 6 years ago. My patient had been deeply influenced by this occurrence. The patient has been mostly independent financially and otherwise, since 35 years ago when her husband was affected by a schizoaffective disorder. She used to reproach him badly in front of others. She has done the same to her children. She has been suffering from cramping especially during sleep. She liked to sleep even during the day and her eyes showed peri-orbital edema without any renal involvement. After taking the case, Nux vomica was found to be the most similar remedy.

Prescription: Nux-v. 12c in solid form caused her mild hypoglycemia (Homeopathy for Hypoglycemia) which was treated instantly at her home. Her fasting blood glucose was checked twice a week. Thereafter she was put on aqueous Nux.v30 c., which was taken continuously, always after succussing the remedy.

Report of course of treatment: After prescribing the remedy and  insisting on her diabetic diet , her oral anti diabetic agents, Metformin and Glibenclamide  were continued and not tapered, until her FBS decreased from 130 mg/dl to the normal range of 85  mg/dl after 28 days of taking the remedy. She did not experience any aggravation of her blood sugar. After 60 days of close observation and follow up, her 3 tabs of 500 Metformin and 3 tabs of Glibenclamide were tapered gradually and finally stopped. She had become more alert and not so sleepy as she was in the beginning of treatment. Her careful obedience to my recommendations and diets helped very much. After stopping the tablets, she was only taking her homeopathic remedy, Nux-v.30c which was also tapered and stopped after 2 weeks. Her FBS was checked once a week. Her mental condition was much better than before starting the treatment. She felt more energetic and started managing all her seven children who had been married. Thus she imposed a high level of stress on herself. Thereafter her blood glucose began to rise again. A single dose of Sulphur 30c was prescribed and given as a complementary remedy to stabilize and deepen the effect of Nux-v. on her blood glucose and also because of her mentality. She had been loquacious ever since we knew her and very frightened of snakes,  but always with good self confidence. She took  two other remedies during the 17 months of follow up as single doses: Lachesis mutus 30c and Lycopodium 30c.

Her last blood and urine tests were taken on Jan. 16, 2010. Her Fasting blood glucose 102 mg/dl , Hb A1c near normal limit and her blood pressure ~130/80. Her blood cholesterol and triglyceride had not changed from the treatment, and were mildly higher than the normal range. Last Monday she was visited at her home. Her mental condition was very good, hopeful, optimistic, and she was only taking 1.5 tabs of Glibenclamide bid. She was happy and content with her treatment . While on the Nux v., she developed a wart behind her left ear.

Discussion: I prescribed 1 tablet of Nux-v. 12c and recommended a special diet appropriate for a Type 2 diabetic patient. First she experienced a mild hypoglycemia, but was treated immediately. I increased the potency of the remedy to 30c, but in liquid form. She was  taught how to succuss the remedy by shaking it 12 times after each dose. She continued to take her 3 tabs of Glibenclamide and 3 tabs of 500 mg Metformin until her FBS decreased to 85 mg/dl, while  repeating the first remedy.  Her oral anti-diabetics were tapered and finally stopped after two months of taking the last remedy. Nux-v. was continued for two more weeks and then tapered and stopped. Her mental condition had become much better than before taking the remedy. She became free of the anti-diabetics for 60 days! But her FBS began to rise again so the tabs and a single dose of Sulphur 30c in liquid form were given. Two other remedies were prescribed and taken by the patient – Lach-m. 30 c and Lycopodium Her last FBS was taken on Jan.16, 2010.  FBG of 102 mg/dl and normal, Hb A1c near normal limit, her blood pressure ~130/80. Last Monday she was visited at her home. Her mental condition was very good, hopeful, optimistic . She was taking one and a half tabs of Glibenclamide bid. She was happy and content with her treatment .

Conclusion: The results of this case report, as an observational study, reveal multi- potential characteristics and capabilities of the prescribed homeopathic remedies , Nux-v., Sulphur, Lachesis mutus and Lycopodium. They not only decreased the patient’s FBS to the normal level, but also helped her remain free from taking anti-diabetic drugs for 60 days. She was able to decreased her need for anti-diabetic tablets and developed a much better mental outlook and improved vitality. Her children, who were very anxious about her treatment by homeopathy, have become very positive due to the wonderful effect on her totality of symptoms. The homeopathic treatment has not only been effective in normalizing her blood sugar and decreasing her need to for anti- diabetics,  but has also improved her totality of symptoms including  significant improvement in mood. Perhaps, if the complementary remedy Sulphur had been prescribed and taken right after ceasing the first remedy, she might have experienced longer duration of amelioration or been totally cured.


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About the author

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website:


  • Dr. Sadhegi,will you kindly share your approach and questions during the case-taking, specially regarding the mental symptoms? I am a student of 5th year of B.H.M.S. course and have not prescribed as practitioner. I will be greatful to you and I think those, who reads Hpathy ezine, will also become thankful to you.

    • Dear Aninda Das

      Hi. According to the 6th edition of the Organon of Medicine of our Master Dr.Samuel Hahnemann in chronic cases we must do a thorough case taking.
      Aphorisms; 84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 93, 94, 95, 82, 83, 91, 92, 98, 99, 96, 97, 104, 211,213, 217, 218 and 220.

      Good Luck and Best Wishes, Dr.Sadeghi

  • The case of type 2 diabetes appears to have been handled well.While finding the suitable similimum is very important, administering the remedy in appropriate potency and dosage is equally important. I would like to know from Dr.Sadhegi that what was the dose of Nux v 12c prescribed once daily or more than once, similarly what was the dose of Nux v 30 advised? Overall the case has been tackled very well and Dr. Sadhegi deserves all appreciation.

    • Dear Dr. Kuldip Singh

      Hi. Thank you for your concern. The patient took the 12c potency Tab. only once. The 30c potency was taken 20 drops every other day for about 30 days, 15 days 20 drops daily and 15 days 20 drops twice a day. As I have mentioned in my article she shook the bottle 12 times before taking the remedy.

      Best Wishes, Dr.Sadeghi

  • What happened to the high potency deep acting remedies to restore miasmic balance? Low-potency will only help in short term amelioration and worse, result in homeopathic suppression. Nux-V is not a deep acting medicine. Diabetics are usually in the pseudo Psora/ Tubercular group and requires a deep-acting remedy in high potency (>200C). This should explain the re-appearance of her condition after a few days.

    • Dear Colleague

      Hi. Thank you for your comment. We’d better start our treatment by a

      constitutional or miasmatic deep acting remedy. This is the way I am acting

      now to act more effectively.

      Best Wishes, Dr.Sadeghi

  • 1. Congratulations on a very well taken and treated case.
    2. you mentioned that a wart appeared behind left ear during the treatment.u did not mention any treatment of that.whether u gave her thuja or medorrhinum or any other suitable anti-sycotic remedy.
    3. please tell me the ratioanle behind the remedy use in solid form and aqueous form.

    • Dear Dr.Saif

      Salam. Thank you for your kind comment.

      The rationale behind prescribing the remedy Nux-v. 12c in solid form

      primarily and

      and 30c liquid form afterwards is that the solid form of tablet is of high

      strength but low potency ( Nux-v. 12c) and it was a very good trigger for

      her ill and

      weak vital force but according to the 6th edition of organon of medicine of

      Master Samuel Hahnemann we can not potentize solid form of remedy by

      vigorous shaking or succussion, however the remedy in liquid form can be

      dynamized by shaking before each repeat. If we must repeat remedy in cases

      like these, we should not choose solid form because according to the same

      referrance, aggravation of our prescribed remedy can create unwanted

      symptoms in our patient. Of course we can start and continue our

      treatment in liquid form from the beginning.

      My Best Wishes, S.Sadeghi Homeopathic Physician.

  • Homeopathy is at best a trial and error system of medicine as the drug needed for a particular constitution has to be determined from renmedies having very similar symptoms. I tried homeopathic treatment for all my life for diabetes cure and it did not work! waste of time and money Im 57 now. If it works in a prticular case it is a fluke. It does not work with every one. How can you call it a good system

    • Dear Dr.Dasharathi

      Thank you for your comment. As you know Homeopaty Medicine is a holistic

      method of healing. I don’t know how much you are familiar with this devine

      method. I have been a Medical Doctor for the last 23 years and a homeopath

      for more than 2 years. and I have been treating diabetic patients for the

      last 24 months. I myself had no belief in the effectiveness of this method

      at all. But after studying seriously and practicing and treating my

      diabetic patients by both methods I EXPERIENCED Classical Homeopathy much

      safer and more effective in normalizing their mental and physical health.

      As you know this method of healing has been used for more than 214 years.

      You can study our Encyclopedia Homeopathica which explains so many cured

      diabetic patients. Dr.Zamorana ,an skillful Homeopathic Physician has

      experienced 15% of complete cure and 85% relative treatment and very good

      control of the patients’ FPG and HA1c and high level of general health and

      also prevention of acute complications like ketoacidosis and diabetic foot.

      Anyway I PROPOSE you to study more to be safe in your judgement. Our

      current century and millenium is going to be the golden era of

      complementary and alternative Medicine( CAM )especially Homeopathy, because

      of the true and excellent results experienced both by millions of patients

      and their medical healers.

      My Best, S.Sadeghi Homeopathic Physician, Iran

  • Dear Dr. Sadeghi,
    I am grateful to you for sharing the medicine and case history on this website. I am diabetic and started taking Nux. Vomica 30 C about 10 days back and found remarkable change in my blood sugar level.

    Now fasting is 85 and PP 110 and earlier with allopathic medicine it was not in control whenever I missed the medicine.

    I have reduced my allopathic medcine, will share the results after I take medicine for 60 days period.

    Please accept my thanks

    With Warm Regards


  • I am type 2 diabetic. I take glimeperide 2 mg and in addition I also take chromium 200mcg and Acidum phosphoricum-Q 10 drops a day. My BS remains normal, mainly I think due to glimeperide.
    After reading above posts I want to Nux v 30c for diabetes, but I am afraid Nux v will nullify the affect of the homeopathic remedies that I take like crategus-Q and R-25.
    Any comment pse.

  • Dear Dr,
    I am an Iranian medical doctor. I would like to share my homeopathic experience with you. I will be glad if you send an email for me.


    • Dear R.K.Dhall

      Hi. Thank you for asking me to help you through homeopathy. As you know

      one should participate in an interview or fill a complete questionaire,


      Then the symptoms are repertorized by Radar or another standard

      software. After analysis of the symptoms a similimum or constitutional

      remedy or the most similar one is selected by homeopath.

      Best Wishes, Sadeghi M.D. & Homeopath

  • Dear sir,

    I am having diabetes from 2 years and taking 2 x 500mg Metmorfin tabs daily.My sugar level si around 200 PP.

    Please suggest which homeo medicine I should take to bring it under control.


    • Dear Hitesh,

      If you want to try a homeopathic approach, your case must be taken by an experienced homeopath. The homeopath will take much more information and manage your case. Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here:

  • Honourable Doctor,

    I am living in Dubai. I have diabetes since 5 years. Its not remain constant. sometimes FBS range 167 mg to 200mg and after fasting level is 245mg to 300mg. When I do walk, yoga & diabetes exercise and measure the level of BS I found 103 mg. I am using Janumet 50mg/1000mg twice a day and its combination of sitagliptin & metformin HCl. Its not remain control. Can I use Nux-v-12c instead of these medicine? Please advice as soonest. Regards. Rana from Dubai

  • Dear Rana Deb

    Thank you for your good question. Taking Nux-v. is not a proper prescription for all diabetic patients. I suggest you to send your case in brief to my gmail; [email protected] to get your proper answer.
    Continue taking your medicine as prescribed by your physician. Wish you complete health. Continue your proper diet and exercise, as well. I can help you reverse your diabetes with homeopathy, proper diet and enough exercise.

    Be Well, Dr.Sadeghi

  • Iam 46 years old I suffered diabetic type 2 from last 10 years now I used allopathy medicine with
    Insulin Novorapid I know allopathy medicine damage my body but what can i do i have no another solution to control the diabetic please you help me ,suggest good homeopathy medicine which is control my diabetic,please suggest iam waiting for your valuable suggetion Thanks you

  • hello sir,
    i am very much impressed by your suggestions.i would like to share my health issues with you.i am anxious to get your valuable remedies.
    i am a 53 year old male working in is a mechanics based FBS is 110.0mg/dl and PPBS is 215mg/dl from past 6 months.i do not have any symptoms of polyuria,polydypsia,polyphagi or nocturnal urination.i do consume increased amount of carbohydrate diet specially rice items.i am not taking any allopathy medication.i would like to undergo homeopathy medication.i also have few other problems like dry mouth,foul smelling mouth,knee and elbow joint pain.frequent common cold and fatigue and lethargic.
    i hope to have some worthy advice from you.
    thank you

  • respected doc. sadeghi i hv seen your prescription ….it was not a single due two 3-4 med. in a short span of time and not minimum bcoz giving 20 drops repeatedly and not gentle bcoz side by side two system of med. were on . 60days break of med . is not a big deal if there is diet restriction. and again your pt is still on other med. side by side … sorry . i do not mean to hurt you but only to explore homeopathy plz dont take me other ways .

  • I am prediabetic.FBS around 104 and PPS around 140. for the past 6 months. I would like to take Homeo medicine to prevent Diabetis. Can u help me

  • Hi, myself P. K. Gupta, I have solved so many cases in India of diabetes using nux v, and sulphur plus some other medicine according to the mental condition, you can save your body after avoiding allopathy medicine. Type 2 can be handel in two to six months of homeopathy. Keep in mind there is no fixed medicine for blood sugar but nux and sulphar are fit in most of the cases. If you will describe correctly your condition to your homeopathy doctor you will get 100% result. Still you are facing the problem you can write your condition on [email protected].

    Thanks and regards
    All of you.

  • Hello Dr,
    I have been diabetic-type 2 for last 22 years. My A1c has been from 7 – 8 but last one was 9.7.
    I need your help to manage my diabetes. Kindly contact me

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