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Success Story – Alopecia in a Man of 17

Written by Kavita R. Chandak

Dr. Kavita Chandak shares a case of alopecia in a man of 17. After three remedies the problem was solved.

Hair fall is more dangerous than nightmare! Face, skin and hair possess cosmetic value. Falling or greying of hair at a certain age is absolutely fine. When it happens at an early age it’s alarming! I have many patients suffering from depression due to hair fall.

There must be some reason behind hair fall and alopecia in early age. Homeopathy always look for the underlying cause. In our day-to-day practice, a homeopath has to face few questions daily. Patients keep on asking ‘Doctor how I can save my hair. What can I do to make my hair shining…how to get rid of the dry hair or dandruff ’.

Basically, hair is a derivative of the epidermis and consist of two distinct   parts: the follicle and the hair shaft.  Hair is made up of water and proteins like keratin and biotin. Sometimes in absence of melanin, our hairs become grey or light coloured as we see in the patients of Albinism.

Alopecia areata has two types: Alopecia areata totalis and alopecia areata universalis.  Androgenetic alopecia is a type of hereditary alopecia common in society but can be well taken care of with homeopathic medicines.

Anamnesis – A boy of  17 visited me 2 years ago for alopecia. On observation, I found that he had almost landed in baldness status.

There were no hereditary issues and he himself never suffered from any major disorder since birth.

Family history did not give any clue…now how to proceed in such cases?

It’s a type of one-sided disease with only 1 or 2 symptoms.

During interview he told me that he was spending more than 5 hours on his mobile phone either playing games or surfing Google.

In his book ‘Cancer Cure’  Dr. J. H. Peterman, M.D., Ardmore, Oklahoma mentioned Lycopodium for alopecia while talking about general diseases. I looked at Lycopodium in our literature and found malnutrition, either as a cause or effect, or both, is a prominent keynote of Lycopodium.

There is no specific reason behind alopecia in this case. Instead of healthy fruits and vegetables, youngsters now a days prefer junk and fast food.

I decided to go with the stalwart’s experience. Lycopodium 200 one dose per month with Bellis per 30 twice a day was prescribed.  Within 2 months the baldness converted into alopecia.

Why 200 potency?

As I wanted to correct the disease at the physical level and it’s a type of chronic disease, so best not to shake the vitality with high potency.

Why Bellis per 30?

Bellis per spagyricus is the remedy which has ailments from use of mobile phone. I could not find this remedy so decided to go with Bellis per. Sometimes we use the remedies from same family to feel the lacuna.

The radiation from overuse of electronic gadgets definitely puts some load on immunity. 30 potency has been chosen as it is low potency and safe to repeat.

After 4 months there was status quo. No more improvement as well as no worsening in the case.

I gave him Syphillinum 1M one dose per month.  I selected Syphillinum as premature falling of hairs and baldness is syphilitic. Lycopodium with Bellis per repeated for 2 months.

Hair growth began!  After further 3 months he had 1 or 2 spots left on occiput only…vertex and sides of the head were covered with hairs.

Recovery was good. I gave him Lycopodium 10 M to complete the cure process.

He visited me after 2 months. Only a small bald spot was there on his occiput. Growth was good but very slow and he complained about hair thinning…so I gave him Silicea 30 twice a day for 60 days as it has a specific action on hair, nails, connective tissues and skin with its mineral energy.

Result– When he visited me after two and half months I really needed my attendant’s help to find if any bald spot was left there on his scalp!

Conclusion-This journey of recovery took 13-15 months. The duration of treatment may vary as per individual. There is no fixed rule regarding time and medicine.

About the author

Kavita R. Chandak

Dr. Kavita Chandak MD(India)PG.HOM(London), Ph.D. (France), achieved first merit position in homeopathy in 1998, honored by two Golden Book Of World Records for treating kidney disorders and success in a case of mucormycosis. She is an author, international trainer, speaker, practicing since 1999. She specializes in autism, psychiatric and behavioral disorders, addiction, infertility, allergic disorders, kidney disease, and cancer. She is on the board of directors for the Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association and the advisory board for the Turkiye Klinikleri Journal in Istanbul. She is a scientific committee member at Duzce University, Turkey, and LMHI 2022. Dr. Chandak is associated with P.D. Jain HMC (Parbhani) and she is PG Guide at Nashik University. A speaker at national and international seminars and conferences, Dr. Chandak will be speaking at the International Congress of homeopathy in New Zealand and Latvia in 2022. She has written six books and 294 articles and teaches several online courses, including How to Master Psychiatry with Homeopathy, Womanhood – A Power Pack of Homeopathic Solutions in all Disorders including Cancer, as well Homeopathy and Autism – In and Out. For her socio-medical contribution, she received various prestigious awards including the recent ‘Excellence in Homeopathy-2022” by

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