Letters to the Editor – July 2023

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Readers comment on the previous issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. Comments on How Not to Manage a Cancer Case, Homeopathy in Epilepsy, Master Homeopathy Academy and much more.

From: Master Homeopathy – A New Beginning – Dr. Manish Bhatia

Master Homeopathy Academy is exactly what is needed at this time!  Many earnest young homeopaths need help in one or more of these areas in order to succeed:  Organon, Materia Medica, Repertory, Clinical Knowledge, Case Taking and Philosophy. Master Homeopathy brings clarity to these topics.  Thank you Dr. Bhatia!


 From: Tidbits 101: How Not to Manage a Cancer Case -Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 101: How Not To Manage a Cancer Case

Hi Elaine,

I enjoyed this column immensely. It touched on so many issues that homeopaths experience in practice and yet are rarely spoken of. I’ve taught homeopathy for many years, at a lecture hall in Jefferson Medical College, at Temple University’s adult education program, at many study groups including my own, which drew about 60 people a month and many other locations. During those years there was one student who really stood out. She had the most logical mind, asked the most perceptive questions and was open to all healing methods. That was Elaine Lewis, the author of this Tidbits column. And, she never stopped learning and sharing what she knows.

Alan V. Schmukler

 From: U.S. Homeopathy Community Pivots Toward Congress -Paola Brown

U.S. Homeopathy Community Pivots Toward Congress

Although I don’t remember where, I’ve read more than once that the U.S. passed a law either in 1937 or 1938 that guarantees all Americans the right to use homeopathy. If it’s true, what the FDA is doing is illegal. The Congressional Research Service is the authority on which laws the U.S. has or doesn’t have. Maybe your group could ask the CRS to settle the question.


From: A Severe Traumatic Brain Injury -Joachim-F Grätz

A Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Thank you Dr. Gratz.  Your cases and articles beautifully demonstrate the power of homeopathy and should sway anyone with an open mind.

Martin Earl

From:  Information from the 7th Chakra – Effects on All Levels -Jiri Cehovsky

Information from the 7th Chakra – Effects on All Levels

Dear Jiri,

Wonderful results applying principles of Autopathy . The case demonstrates how balancing of energies results in health. Thank you.

Dr. Chetna Shukla

From: The Thyroid as the Invisible Determinant of Delayed Development in Infants – Elizabeth Adalian

The Thyroid as the Invisible Determinant of Delayed Development in Infants

Another informative and informed article from you Elizabeth, thank you for sharing it here.

Sue Smith

From:  Cartoon:  An A.I. Homeopathy Takes a Case -Alan V. Schmukler

A.I. Homeopath Takes a Case

Ha-ha! That was hilarious, Alan!

Elaine Lewis

From: A Look at Homeopathy in Epilepsy – Maria Helena Rossi



Dear Maria,

We have a patient, with epilepsy from the age of his 5 years. Now he is 26 and tried his best from all allopathic experts, but all they said that it’s incurable now. We are treating him with Ayurveda and homeopathy. Before starting our treatment he used to get epilepsy attack after some days, but now he passed 2 or 3 months without attack.

Swarn Jeet Singh

From: A Three Year Old Boy with Vaccine Damage -Sohani Gonzalez

A Three Year Old Boy with Vaccine Damage

Well done Sohani!  People need to understand what is happening, especially when their doctors will not inform them.

Martin Earl


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