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Reader’s comments from March 2009 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

From:  Those Measles Outbreaks: Thoughts out of Season – Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Kudos, Dr. Moskowitz, for such a comprehensive and thought provoking article.
Virginia V. Linnell, CHC

Bravo Richard!

Amy Lansky


Great article. Thank you for your bravery, Richard!

Pat Deacon



From: Interview with Dr. Peter Prociuk – Alan V. Schmukler

Wonderful interview projecting the strength, safety and efficacy of homeopathic drugs in the hands of an awakened practitioner.

Dr Gian Singh Aulakh



Regarding Hpathy’s new Library:

Dear Dr. Manish

It’s a wonderful concept and so easy to use and read e books to enhance  homeopathic knowledge.  I really appreciate your initiatives taken for the benefit of mankind.

God bless you

Sunil Sharma


Great job Dr Manish

Keep going.


Dr. Munavvar S


This is amazing!! Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

Jacqueline Pearce-Dickens


This is great, Thanks!

Betty Torrence


Thank you so very much.  What a wonderful resource.

Allison Douglas-Tourner


How wonderful!

Laurie Teal



From: Trauma Relief – My Experience in Using PC Trauma Remedies –  Gunhild Quante

For clarification PC Remedies have been renamed Source Resonances as this represents much more closely the way they are made. PC and SR are interchangeable in the ordering systems.  It’s often just as easy, and immediately available, to work with Source Resonances as streamed sounds off the web site And in my direct experience the sounds are just as effective. The sounds that carry the resonance are the equivalent to the white pills that carry to remedy essence. There is a wealth of further info on the website.

Peter Chappell



From: Homeopathy Treatment for Anxiety Disorders – Dr. Manisha Bhatia

In my practice of 43 years I have experienced that homeopathy has a big role in treating the anxiety neurosis, paranoid, bipolar disorders individualistic counselling and management.

Dr A K Chhibber



From:  Tips & Secrets – Alan V. Schmuker

Very useful and helpful tips.

Dr Gian Singh Aulakh


You will do a great service if you can catenate Tips & Secrets for each year or every 2 years and make it available to interested people. Thanks

G Bhattacharya



From:  A Very Obstinate Skin Case – Dr. Maurizio Paolella

Dr Maurizio Paolella has been practicing for 33 years, has trained with some of the top homeopaths in the world and has worked with numerous cancer patients. This case had been treated for 27 years and was complicated by various allopathic suppressions and treated with several homeopathic remedies. Dr. Paolella does mention that suppressed eruptions were one consideration, along with the patient having aggravation from exposure to animals (cats), she likes salty foods, desires traveling. was a lean person, had specific eczemas, was married to an alternative guy, smoking pot etc (meaning a rebellions nature), and that Sulph, Graph, Nat m and Sepia were already prescribed without effect, etc. His choice of Tuberculinum was explained quite well, and it worked, where many other therapeutic attempts had failed. I considerate this a very well worked case with impressive results. There are lessons to be learned from this case.



From:  Septicemia in a Woman of 83

Excellent case report Dr. Peres!

Dr. Seema Mahesh



From:  Magnesium Salts and Thyroid Illness –  Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad

Brilliant. A very lovely case indeed. Thank you dr. Guarang.

Vatsala Sperling


Nice explanation of the case and a good insight into the Mag Salts.

Dr. Sheetal Bidri


Excellent explanation about that repressed state and about magnesium salts. Thank you for sharing sir



Good interpretation of case with Mag. C.




From: Cartoon – The One Percent – Alan V. Schmukler

Ha-ha! It’s a sad commentary, isn’t it!

Elaine Lewis



From:  QUIZ:  Inept Nursing Leads to Screaming!  – Elaine Lewis/ Shana Lewis

Ok, I’m going to say it’s Ledum. If the nurse had hit a nerve, I would have said Hypericum. But it sounds like a puncture problem, so Ledum is my guess. The bigger issue is, of course, why this poor kid is on some psycho-active drug in the first place. Doesn’t Rosetta know about homeopathy or orthomolecular care? They’re both wonderful ways to treat the cause, not just suppress the symptoms. And, Shana, as always, thanks for the wonderful musical memories.

Linda S.

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