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From:  Utility of Carcinosin in Practice – Dr. Rajiv Peres

Great summary of Carcinosin!
Elaine Lewis

Exceptional article doctor. You provided a great insight of this wonderful nosode.
Dr Abhishek Choudhary

From:  Editorial – Homeopaths Treating COVID-19 – Alan V. Schmukler

Dear Editor
As homeopaths, and I hope I am speaking for all of us, we are aware of the following facts:  Homeopathic medicines are not – and cannot be — an adjunct to allopathic medicines. So I regret, that those in power are not aware of the dangers incurred when patients are treated with a mix of medicines. Furthermore, we homeopaths do not treat “covid -19” cases. We could speak of the Chinese flu, to name this years flu wave, we do not treat disease names and to follow “protocol”. I had about 180 patients seeking help / protection against a nasty flu which some attributed to the named epidemic within the past 4 months. Those without symptoms received the genius epidemicus remedy for this region and remained protected, — none got the flu. Of those 180 individuals, 40 had flu symptoms which needed attention and from this group 8 sought my help with severe respiratory symptoms.

All Patients are well by now without conventional treatment, and have not suffered any of the frequently observed after effects of allopathic treatment.
Hans Weitbrecht
Consultant Homeopath Ireland

With reference to the covid incidence in India vs Russia we need to remember India’s population is almost 10x that of Russia.
Richard Laing

  • A good point Richard. However, the numbers are still high in an absolute sense. If homeopaths had more freedom to treat, especially early on, I’m sure the curve would flatten.
    Alan V. Schmukler

Dear Alan, how do you say that it is reasonably easy to select a remedy during the starting stages of the disease?  Actually, it is difficult to prescribe when all the symptoms haven’t yet appeared. But easier to find the simillimum when there are a number of striking symptoms.  It may be true that disease is easier to cure if treatment is begun early. But it is not easier to find the simillimum at that period unless we already know the genus epidemicus.

  • Greetings Venkatesh,
    We recently published a paper by Rajan Sankaran who defined three levels of treatment. They were – Common Covid symptoms, Individual (SRP) symptoms and Constitutional symptoms. Common symptom are the ones seen early and it is reasonably easy to distinguish Aconite from Belladonna, from Ferrum Phos etc. Even treating at that level can often prevent development into more serious symptoms.

Very interesting editorial, Alan. Imagine if our government were able to say, “Dear alternative medicine doctors, please help us, we got nothin’!” I guess hell would have to freeze over first. Good for India!

Hi Elaine,
I can’t imagine it. I’m not sure hell freezing over would do it. The medical establishment is committed to going down with its ship.

From:  Treating COVID 19 with Homoeopathy – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

One of Dr. Sankaran’s long-time supporters and deep appreciators of homeopathy is the owner of Bajaj Auto. I understand that Camphora was distributed widely to employees of this company, and yet, there were reports that over 200 employees came down with Covid-19.

Here’s that report:

I’m curious what Dr. Sankaran’s analysis of this outbreak is. Does it suggest that Camphora is not as good as we would like it to be, or is there any evidence that THESE employees did not take Camphora?
Dana Ullman

Though not directly in know how of all the details, but i feel that any genus epidemicus , howsoever best selected will not be able to provide prophylactic coverage to each and everyone. But it shall cover majority at least. lets say near 80 percent. By the reports I have observed that out of many thousands of employees, only 200 got infected which I consider very low considering the impact of Covid in the nearby areas. So, from prophylactics point of view, it is successful still. We also need to see the recovery charts of those 200 people. Also as the above article suggests and we all know it too well that significant number of patients will need other medicines also. I am saying this because if we read the success reports of allopathic medications being touted as treatment, u will notice that a medicine giving marginal benefit of near 22 to 30 % is being hailed as a Great achievement and treatment. So why shouldn’t we hail our 70 to 80 percent success in complicated cases as almost a curative treatment. I think We should say so united !
Thanks !
Dr. Pankaj Gupta

Out of many thousand employees in different factories of Bajaj auto, only 200 became Covid19 positive. 2 died were Covid19 positive but had several co-morbidities. So it’s undoubtedly a great achievement. Kudos to Homoeopathy, Kudos to Dr Rajan Sankaran.
Dr Santimoy Mukherjee

I accept efforts of Dr. Sankaran. Basically I am also administering Homoeopathic medicine since 1st day of Covid-19. I had given Camphora but as per the cases. As I observed during practice since last 4-5 months the picture of disease has been changing from time to time. Very few out of the number of patients are coming with similar disease picture. This is a plus point for Homoeopathy, as every case is different with some common symptoms. I am giving homoeopathic medicine on that differentiation and getting very nice results. I came across Camphora, Ars. alb, Veratrum alb, Bryonia, Gelsemium, etc
Dr. Ambrish Panjabrao Uke (MD.Hom)DAFE

One thing stands out of the case studies. Daily monitoring the patients will enable the homeopath or any doctor to prescribe changes commensurate with changing symptoms. Maintaining data scientifically should be the guiding star of all, including homeopath, to collate and compile and present reliable data. Reference to constitutional remedies is important too. If patient’s immunity is improved by remedy, his/her strength will help in fighting COVID or any other ailment.
Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicines practitioners have to do the above and more to strengthen credibility. Simultaneous treatment of other system(S) may help in early recovery.

I am thankful to all my patients who showed belief in homoeopathy in this pandemic. After experience of treating many patients I largely divided patients into 3 groups. 1. Symptomatic with Covid 19 test positive. 2. Symptomatic with Covid 19 test negative. 3. Asymptomatic with Covid 19 test positive. For the first 2 groups I found the following symptoms:

Fever, body pain, loss of taste mainly or food tasting either bitter or salty, chills, breathlessness on exertion or climbing, loss of appetite. It took 24-36 hours to become asymptomatic. No patient required ventilator. No adverse effect/ outcome encountered. Prominent remedies which helped were: Bryonia, China, Belladonna, Eup.- Perf in first phase. Stannum met, Sulphur, Pyrogen in second stage. After discharge from hospitals many patients had loss of taste and weakness. In theses cases Bryonia or China worked very well. All medicines were used in 200 potency with 3-4 hourly repetition. Asymptomatic patients received no medication. Patients received medicine till their test reports. Those who turned positive were referred to either government or private hospitals for further treatment.

Covid-19: Itajaí research suggests positive results in homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicine and distributed to residents since April 29; Research Suggests Drug Contributes to Mitigation of Covid-19 Symptoms
ND WRITING, FLORIANÓPOLIS17/07/2020 ÀS 20H00 – Updated4 days ago
A survey conducted by the company Dr. Care, hired by the health department of Itajaí, followed the use of the homeopathic medicine Camphora officinallis 1M FC to residents since April 29. More than 93,000 bottles of Camphora officinalis have been distributed in the city as of this Friday (17).  The survey heard 1,171 residents who answered a questionnaire, 75.3% of whom had taken the medication. It also collected information from the health network. In the final report, the researchers concluded that the results “suggest a reduction in the suffering of patients and a reduction in the severity of the disease” through the use of Camphora officinallis 1M FC . Medication was distributed by the Itajaí City Hall to residents – Photo: Itajaí City Hall / Press Release / ND Residents take Camphora officinallis 1M FC as a single dose, containing five tablets. They had to sign a term recognizing that it was an optional measure and that it was not a vaccine, highlights the City.
In the term, they could also include a telephone number to be contacted later, depending on the research. As of June 24, the researchers began to send SMS to residents, with a link to complete a questionnaire.
In the 21 questions asked, patients answered questions regarding the use of the medication, habits, comorbidities and symptoms suffered. They also reported whether other medications were used as well as whether or not they had the virus.
The survey also collected information from patients who were hospita lizados, ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and did not resist, through hospitals and official agencies.
Reduction in lethality rate and symptoms
Comparing the number of deaths among patients who took the homeopathic remedy and those who did not, the survey found that the number of deaths among the first group was 43.9% lower than the second, which may indicate that the remedy contributed to decrease the virus lethality.
Research shows lower lethality in – Photo: Research / Disclosure / ND
The survey included information regarding the first 50 fatalities of Covid-19 in Itajaí. The survey also found that patients who took the homeopathic medicine had a 21.8% lower prevalence of symptoms than patients who did not take it.
“These results suggest a reduction in the suffering of patients and a reduction in the severity of the disease. Eight of the nine symptoms had a higher prevalence among those who did not take Camphora officinalis 1M FC, ”concluded the researchers in the report. The researchers also claim that the pandemic delay in the municipality, which occurred from May 25, “may be linked to the use of Camphora”.
Dr. Rajan Sankaran


Melanie D’hervilly—A Great Unknown – by Mrs. Henry Wood

Very interested in your brilliant article on Mélanie d’Hervilly.  I work on my homeopathy site in particular on the historical part. I prepare various sections on characters and subjects related to this homeopathic medicine which influenced various sociological currents during the 19th century: medical (human, animal), literature, theater, music, opera, painting, caricatures.

Regarding Mélanie d’Hervilly, future wife of Samuel Hahnemann, I collected various documents on her various stages of her life: artistic before her marriage (painting, literature), her life with Hahnemann, and until her death in May 1878
I found the information of his death in several newspapers mentioning his death.
But the information was very sober and very limited.

I have not found to date documents on the memory of this historical figure a priori forgotten on his death by his contemporaries and the homeopathic medical community. I haven’t finished writing my article on Mélanie because my project is exciting but huge. There is an unknown wealth to be found and exploited. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information on this little-known character.

Best Regards
Jean-François Royer

I enjoyed the article, however I had to wonder, how does a homeopath die of bronchial catarrh? Voilà: Pulmonary edema.  It’s usually caused by heart problems. If the heart is ill or damaged, it cannot pump out enough of the blood it gets from the lungs.
NR Dupree

From:  Repertory Round-Up- When The Case Is Confused By Drugs –   Elaine Lewis

Wow, Elaine, amazing case solving! You both saved the girl’s life. Interesting aspect of dosing too. I am amazed. Thank you so much for posting it.

WOW, what a great article. The way you approached the case and the way you explained it was so articulate and easy to understand. I loved reading this and learning from you. Thank you for having the heart of a teacher.
Jennifer Kapur

Lastima que no hay muchas Elaine.
Roberto Camacho

  • Gracias, Roberto!
    Elaine Lewis

From:  Tips & Secrets  – Tips from the masters and important news –               Alan V. Schmukler

Thank you, for all this valuable information!
Ciurdariu Ramona Carmen

From: Severe Oligosperma In A Man Of 27 -Dr. Kavita R. Chandak

Nice case of Oligospermia Dr. Kavita.  Thanks for sharing this Nat-c case.
Dr. Javed Akhter

From:  Reversal of Pathology in Cerebrovascular Accident – Drs. Kajal Jain and Prabhakar Y. Devadiga

Fantastic Sir! Thank you for sharing.
Dr. Sujatha Nair

Excellent results. Posting such results will help people in building trust in homeopathy and that it heals gently and permanently.
Dr Nisha Shah

Elaine Lewis

From Cartoon:  The Mask  – Alan V Schmukler

What a subtle meaning!! And wonderful correlation to the present scenario.
You alone can do it Alan!!!
Vamsi Sudha

Alan, another great drawing!
Elaine Lewis

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