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Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder, part 2–Carcinosin

Another video case on Obsessive/Compulsive disorder.


Mati Fuller

Mati Fuller

our friend Caralyn sent me this video for us to figure out; but, I don’t know if it’s long enough or tells enough of a story.  This is a video of a lady who performs rituals because she’s afraid if she doesn’t, her son will get cancer and die.  The rituals protect him from dying–she thinks, or hopes.  Let me know what you think.

[editor’s note: the video is no longer available.]


  Elaine Lewis

we could start by looking at what core situation we are dealing with.  The lady is trying to prevent her son from getting cancer because she won’t be able to handle the possibility of him dying.  That would be the end of her; and she cries, as if it had already happened…which, in my opinion, is exactly what HAS happened somewhere in the distant past, in her core story; it could be a past life, or her mother’s remedy picture that got passed on to her, that she inherited.  Why else would she be compulsively trying to prevent it from happening again unless it’s something that’s already happened?  Why is she trying to save her son, who at the moment is completely well?  Simple – this is what happened to her way back when, and the “memory” of this event is still with her and affecting her life.  What we are dealing with here is a compensation caused by her core story.  In a past incarnation, her son might have died from cancer, and even though she tried to save him, he ended up dying anyway and she never recovered from that blow.  Which remedy story does this remind you of?

Oh geez, if only I had known there was going to be a quiz, I would have studied!  OK, I’m going to go with………Carcinosin!


And look at the woman in the film, Mati, the mom; she’s very likable, very down to earth, very loving and giving, a real sweetheart (like me!) You feel very sympathetic towards her, she seems very kind and caring, your heart goes out to her; plus, you see the fastidiousness Carcinocin is known for (“I hate odd numbers!” she says, showing the desire for symmetry/balance, things being in order), “If I perform these rituals, I can stop bad things from happening.”  So, this is all part of the Carcinosin picture, is it not?

I knew you would get it, Elaine!!!  Notice, too, how she has no concern for herself or her own situation.

That’s true, and look how down-to-earth she is, her face isn’t made-up, hair not fussed over, dress is casual….

She is a single mom, which is not easy. Someone must have abandoned her, but, not once does she complain about her own situation.

Right.  Is being a single mom a clue to Carcinosin, or just a coincidence?

No, it is the lack of complaining that is the clue!


Carcinosins don’t complain, even if they are abandoned and end up with nothing from the relationship, and often no help and no money.  They don’t feel very sorry about themselves, because they are usually more concerned with others.

Aha again!  That is so true!

Her only concern is to keep her son safe, and she’ll do whatever she can to save him, even if it hurts her foot, and she has to spend 5 minutes turning off the water at the sink.  If she thinks it is going to help, she’ll do it anyway!

She has to do it evenly.

In the Carcinosin story, the person was in some kind of crisis, and of course, she was the only one who could save the day.  And, there was time pressure, and the need to do the perfect thing, or else…

Yes, and odd numbers are definitely not “perfect”.

Right!  And, someone was relying on her to save them.  And, because she wasn’t able to save the person, she could never get over the fact that she possibly could have saved him, but didn’t, and it was all her fault, and she just couldn’t cope with it for the rest of her life.  She might even have committed suicide as a result (“it will be the end of me”).

Keen observation!

So, in this lifetime, such a person is born feeling an unusual amount of responsibility, especially towards anyone in an unfortunate situation.  You’ll find Carcinosins working in emergency rooms, where they get to save people all the time.  They put their own needs aside and work overtime with no thought of how tired or hungry they are, and there is time pressure and a need to do the perfect thing, or the person won’t make it and it is all their fault!

Or, you’ll find Carcinosins that have adopted special needs children.  I remember one nurse who decided to adopt a baby who had diabetes.  He lived in the hospital because his parents had abandoned him, and the hospital was getting so much funding for keeping him there, that when the nurse decided to adopt him and take him home, the hospital threatened to fire her.

Because the fund-raising would dry up?  Holy Mary Wilson Mother of Motown!  And we trust hospitals to do right by us when we’re sick?  That basically means that any therapy that isn’t profitable is rejected out of hand!

Who trusts these places?  Not me…

Come to think of it, I don’t trust them either!

So, Carcinosins are always ready to sacrifice themselves for a good cause.  It is the archetype of the martyr we are dealing with here, and of course, they never receive any thanks for anything they do (that is part of the picture…)  Anyway, I’m rambling, here.

No, no, you’re not rambling!  Ramble on, by all means!  But why do they never receive thanks for what they do?

It has to do with the delusions that go with Carcinosin.  Carcinosin is under the delusion that if they save someone, that person will love them forever, or at least show their appreciation in some way.  And, because this is a delusion, people won’t thank them, and then they build up resentment and feel unappreciated.  One of the lessons they are here to learn is to appreciate themselves, and to stop expecting it to come from others.  Once they learn this lesson, and drop the idea that saving someone will give them love, then thanks and appreciation can come, but it only happens if no expectation is there.

OK, I’ll have to think about that for a minute…..

I’ll leave you there to think about it while I get back to the case.  She says “I do all this stuff to stop bad things from happening!”

This is what I was talking about in the last case we did – superstitious behavior is all about controlling your luck and preventing bad things from happening.  Well, in this case, this is really the ONLY thing she can do.  How do you prevent cancer from happening in a healthy person?

That’s a good point!

Well, you can feed them organic food and stay away from as many harmful chemicals as possible.  But what if she was feeding him good food when the original story happened, and he still got cancer and died?

Mati, your average person is totally unaware of the things we take for granted in terms of preventing cancer.  Diet?  Drugs?  Vaccinations?  Electromagnetic fields?  Microwave ovens?  Electric blankets?  I don’t think anyone’s made the connection!  They think cancer is something that’s “out there”, hovering, and can just pick you out at random and there’s nothing you can do about it!

True.  It is time people became aware that everything advertised on TV isn’t necessarily good for our health.

In fact, Mati, it’s even worse than that.  A lot of the food we buy has been chemically altered to make it addicting to keep us coming back for more!  That’s why I always say, “Don’t buy corporate food!”  If it’s advertised on TV, don’t buy it!  Cancer is something we give to ourselves through unnatural lifestyle choices–food and drugs, chief among them.


Then it is down to luck or destiny and how do you control someone’s destiny?  It is not an easy thing to do.  If there is a chance that superstitious behavior and rituals would save your son, would you do it?  I know I probably would….

If you think about it in a bigger picture, you’ll find that aboriginal peoples all over the world perform rituals any time they need to control what is happening, whether it has to do with sickness, crops or making it rain.  I think it has to do with creating some kind of conversation with the universe about what they want or don’t want, and we know from science that thought is energy, and this energy carries intention, and this intention has an effect on the environment, so maybe this kind of behavior does make sense in its own way.  Maybe we, as civilized beings, have come so far away from our natural state that we no longer believe that what we do can make a difference…

Mati, now you’re rambling!

Sorry it sounds like rambling, but there is a point in there.  The point is, that doing rituals is a natural part of our human heritage.

I got it!

You got it?

I got it!


The problem in this case is that her ritualistic behavior is obsessive.  She thinks that if she does these things enough, that she will have the power to stop bad things from happening.  The problem is that if someone puts that much energy into trying to stop something bad from happening in the future, she can actually create or attract exactly what she is afraid of.


Oh, that is so true!  It’s like they say, “If you go looking for trouble, you’ll find it.”

We can see this in all the remedies – people always attract or create the fears that are associated with their remedy profile.

That is so true!

We attract them because that is what we are here to learn more about.  So, from that point of view, a Carcinosin must, first of all, learn to overcome their fear of cancer…

Cancer-schmancer!  (How’s that?)

…and also must learn to let go and allow life to take its own course, and the hardest lesson of all is to let other people do their own work.  Carcinosin will gladly jump in and take over the whole situation, and do whatever it takes to get a situation under control, and people don’t learn anything from that.

True again.

They learn from doing their own work, and Carcinosin must learn to step aside and just watch what happens.

The biggest problem with Carcinosin is that they love to play God – they want to take on all the responsibility and be in total control – which of course is impossible.  So, learning to let go is a big thing for Carcinosin.

Mati, is that really the case?  That they want to play God?

Yes, they don’t think God is doing a very good job most of the time, and of course, they can do it better.

I think maybe they can!  Would you turn in a project that looks like this?????

Probably not.

Why REALLY do Carcinosins get into these situations involving rescuing people and animals?

Why?  Because they weren’t able to rescue the being/person in question in the original story, so they are compensating for the rest of eternity.

Ooohhhhhhh!!!!  Very good answer!  Just as a point of interest, do you know how many dogs I had at one time?  Three.  All strays.  Do you want to know how many cats I’ve taken care of because people needed someone to take care of their cats?  Six.  Oh, and “thanked”?  Was I thanked?  I don’t think so!  Do you know why?  Because the “people” left their cats with me for so long that I was shocked when they came for them!  Was I paid to take care of them?  Of course not!  So, coming for the cats became a trauma for everyone instead of a “thank you”.  Do you want to know what happens when I say “No”?



I’m going to keep that in mind next time I need someone to take care of my cat.


How do you like my Afro?

Oh, and for heaven’s sake, pleeeeeze buy Mati’s book, Beyond the Veil of Delusions…Amazon has it.  Thank you!  Bye, Mati!

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Mati Fuller

Mati H. Fuller, DIHom (Pract) was born and raised in Bergen, Norway and came to the United States in 1985. She lives and practices in Colorado and is author of "Beyond the Veil of Delusions, Understanding Relationships Through Homeopathy." [email protected] http://www.homeopathyonline.biz


  • Elaine,

    WOW!!! What an eye opener. I enjoyed the article very much. I do wonder however what if one was to perform the same rituals to just ward off evil of every kind (prevent bad things from happening), Cancer being just one type of bad thing. Do you think Carcinosin fits that picture as well?

    GREAT JOB!!!

  • This is the first time I’ve heard a hair style referred to as “interesting”!
    Caralyn, I will try to get Mati to answer your question.

  • The video was very helpful in demonstrating what or how to recognize a person that has OCD and hope to see more videos in future articles.

  • Hello all! Jim and Caralyn, I think what the two OCD videos Mati and I have shown so far indicate is that having the diagnosis of OCD doesn’t mean that one remedy will cover all or most cases. Caralyn, the lady in the video is Carc. because….You tell me. Can you guess?

    1. She doesn’t care about herself.
    2. Carcinosin’s perfectionism and desire for harmony (“I hate odd numbers”)
    3. Carcinosin’s over-blown sense of responsibility.
    4. Her concern is for someone other than herself; whereas in the first video, the concern the patient had was solely for himself.

    I hope this helps cuz I’m falling to sleep!

  • Hello Elaine,

    Thanls for the insight. may I ask how the lady responded to treatment. Not sure when the case was taken and when she received carc.


  • You just pegged me. I have six cats (adopted the whole litter) and am known in the neighborhood as the rescuer. I endured years of my husband’s ugly treatment for the sake of providing a stable home for my kids and pets. Now my life is consumed with my adult son who has emotional issues. Taking care of myself is an afterthought. The kids, the pets, the family business,my churchmates all come first. Now I understand why. Thank you.

  • Paul, this lady was not seeing a homeopath. What we’ve done for you here is show you an image of Carcinosin. What makes her carcinosin? See the post right before yours. We hope it helps you recognize carcinosin when such a person is before you.

  • This article was so interesting I didn’t want it to end. I agree we’re all here to learn lessons. It’s the only explanation that makes sense out of the craziness and seeming randomness of life. To me, it makes a lot of sense that so many people are carrying on the lessons not completely learned by our ancestors. And if we don’t learn the lesson in this lifetime, do you think we’re stuck being forced back to Earth for yet more lifetimes until we learn the lesson? I really resonate with Carcinosin as I try to rescue my younger son from his meth addiction. I don’t know how to cure his self-hatred, self-pity and anger that I think is at the root of his addiction. But I can’t give up and let it go. Mati, I love your book, “Beyond the Veil of Delusions.” I hope you and Elaine keep writing more articles and books.

  • Dear Linda

    Mati sent you the following message care of me:

    There is a very simple reason why rescuing doesn’t work. It is actually disempowering. Think about it: If you rescue someone who can’t rescue himself, you are actually showing them that you are more powerful and capable than they are. So, they feel disempowered, and disempowerment leads to anger! This is why Carcinosin doesn’t get any praise or recognition for their sacrifices. But, helping people is very much a 4th Chakra (heart center) quality. Caring doesn’t happen at the lower Chakras. It happens when you reach your heart Chakra, so I believe most Carcinosins are at this level. We want to save, rescue and help everyone in need, take their suffering away and make them all feel better. But they don’t feel better if we disempower them in the process.
    So, we have to expand to the Fifth Chakra (throat) and become the teacher instead. Teaching people how to help themselves is so much more empowering than to try to save people. Esther Hicks says that we somehow believe that we can change someone’s life by changing their conditions (helping them), but unless they change their underlying mindset, nothing will change by our efforts. This statement really made an impression on me.
    So, how can we help people help themselves? This is the hardest thing we can do as Carcinosins, because we are soooo compassionate, and we really want to make things better. From my own point of view, it has been helpful to remember that everyone has their own path, and that we have to honor the path and the process they have chosen. We can guide them, point them in the right direction, help them see things from a more positive perspective, but ultimately, it is their job to walk their own path! Even if it leads to suicide! They are here to have their own experiences, not to always do the right thing. The only mistake you can make when walking your path, is to not learn from your experiences.
    So, as Carcinosins, we have to take it to the next level. We have to offer to reach out a hand, but they are going to have to take the hand and pull themselves out of the ditch. It doesn’t help if you climb into the ditch and carry them out…
    This is the hardest lesson for a Carcinosin to learn. How to be available as a teacher/conselor, without getting sucked into the drama of someone else’s life path. I don’t know if you will find this comment helpful, or just annoying. I’m just sharing what I have learned and understood from a long life of being a Carcinosin myself. Maybe you can find something in it that resonates…

    Mati H Fuller, Intuitive Tarot Reader
    Mati H Fuller, Green Beauty Cosmetics

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