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Tidbits 79: Covid Vaccines, part-2

With 2 more vaccines added to the list, what’s our assessment now?

Last time I wrote on this subject, the key word was ALLERGIC.  If you were the type to get allergic reactions, you were told you probably shouldn’t get the vaccine. 1/   Why?  On account of Polyethylene Glycol–an allergenic substance used in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine leading to anaphylaxis in some cases.  For more information on this, see Part-1:


Now that the AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines are on board, the operant word is BLOOD CLOTS!  (Though we have been assured that there is no need to pay any attention to that whatsoever!)


In fact, J&J has been told to suspend operations due to blood clots (though the suspension is off now with a “warning” on the label) and the AstraZeneca vaccine has been banned in 18 countries, including Sweden, Germany and France for the same reason!


However, you should know that Pfizer and Moderna have been flagged for blood clots too. 2/

Adverse Events Reported to VAERS

Cases of Bell’s Palsy have been reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System).  59% of reported cases came from the Pfizer vaccine, 38% from Moderna and 4% from J&J. 3/  (People should know that only 1% of adverse events are ever reported to VAERS, so, what you’re seeing here is really the tip of the iceberg.)


The ever-present Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a horrendous neurological disorder that always seems to pop up alongside the word “vaccine”, was reported as well.  55% of cases were from the Pfizer vaccine, 40% from Moderna and 10% from J&J. 4/  Is it starting to look to you like they paused the wrong vaccine?  As bad as J&J might be, its track record is looking a lot better than Pfizer’s and Moderna’s right now!

The Spike Protein Causing Blood Clots

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) said in an April 5th press release: “… there are questions about whether the spike protein itself  can cause harm as it [the spike] binds to tissue receptors … [creating] the potential to cause microvascular injury [blood clots] to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways that were not assessed in the safety trials.” 5/ 

By way of explanation, the mRNA vaccines are “messaging” your cells to grow the spikes, so that your immune system will attack them and hence, learn to attack the virus if you ever catch it.  The AAPS is saying here that these spikes are potentially a hazard in the same way that the corona virus spikes themselves are a hazard, resulting in blood clots.  

Thirty-seven people have developed ITP, a rare platelet disorder, the AAPS went on to say.  It was an effect of receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. 6/

What is ITP?  It’s a platelet disorder characterized by the inability to form clots.  So imagine that!  The same vaccines that are causing blood clots are also causing an inability to clot!  What an improbable achievement!  The bottom line?  This spike protein that the mRNA vaccine “messages” your cells to grow is a wild card!

 The Lucky 4

Are there any other issues that should give us pause?  What about the fact that these 4 vaccine-makers are free from liability?  They can’t be sued!  No matter how many strokes, heart attacks or deaths from anaphylaxis they may be responsible for, they can’t be held accountable!  Governments have given them a free pass!  And in countries that haven’t?  Well, guess what?  These manufacturers want to be paid up front to cover all the lawsuits they’re anticipating!  They want these countries to hand over valuable assets — like military bases and embassy buildings — or no vaccine!

‘Held to ransom’: Pfizer plays hardball in Covid-19 vaccine negotiations with Latin American countries

It doesn’t sound like they have any faith in their product, is all I’m saying.

What do we really know about these four manufacturers, anyway?  Would it surprise you to know that Moderna has never brought a product to market?  No, not a single product!  Not a drug, not a vaccine! 7/   And yet, for some insane reason, we gave them millions in tax-payer dollars to make a vaccine!  Why???  Oh.  Isn’t this the company Dr. Fauci has something to do with?  Hmm……  In an article titled “Does Anthony Fauci Have Ties To Moderna?” there appears the following:

Moderna’s vaccine was developed with support from the NIAID [Fauci is the head of NIAID], and, as covered in a past fact check, analysis from Axios found that the National Institutes of Health, of which the NIAID is part, may own intellectual property used in producing Moderna’s vaccine. Dr. Francis Collins, director of NIH, has also said that NIH has a stake in intellectual property used in the vaccine….8/



 OK, I’ve read enough!

What else?  What do we know about Pfizer?  In an article titled “Tough on Crime?  Pfizer and the CIHR”, we find the following:

 Pfizer has been a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results. Since 2002 the company and its subsidiaries have been assessed $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards.  The $2.3-billion settlement in September 2009 … set a new record for both criminal fines and total penalties. 9/


 Holy crap!  Who wouldn’t want a vaccine from that company?

What about Johnson & Johnson (J&J)?  Yes, the company known for its baby powder and baby shampoo (so naturally they seem qualified to make a vaccine, something they have never done before!)

WASHINGTON – Global health care giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and its subsidiaries will pay more than $2.2 billion to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from allegations relating to the prescription drugs Risperdal, Invega and Natrecor, including promotion for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and payment of kickbacks to physicians and to the nation’s largest long-term care pharmacy provider.  The global resolution is one of the largest health care fraud settlements in U.S. history, including criminal fines and forfeiture totaling $485 million and civil settlements with the federal government and states totaling $1.72 billion. 10/


 I’m sure they can be trusted!


London-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca is the result of the 1999 merger of Britain’s Zeneca, a spinoff of the old Imperial Chemical Industries specializing in cancer medications, and Sweden’s Astra AB, which was best known for the ulcer and heartburn medication Prilosec. Since that deal, the combined company has been embroiled in numerous controversies over illegal marketing, product safety, anticompetitive behavior and tax avoidance.

In 2010 the U.S. Justice Department announced that AstraZeneca would pay $520 million to resolve allegations that it illegally marketed its anti-psychotic drug Seroquel for uses not approved as safe and effective by the FDA. … Among other things, the company was accused of having paid doctors to give speeches and publish articles (ghostwritten by the company) promoting those unapproved uses. AstraZeneca agreed to sign a corporate integrity agreement regarding its future behavior. In 2011 AstraZeneca settled a related Seroquel case brought by state governments by agreeing to pay another $69 million.



Well, they seem like nice people….

Antibody Dependent Enhancement

Now there’s a euphemism for you!  Here’s the thing, and this is no small matter:  No successful coronavirus vaccine has ever been made!  And they’ve tried!  Every time they try they meet up with a problem called “Antibody Dependent Enhancement”, which basically means that the vaccine blows up in your face as soon as the vaccinated person encounters the “wild virus”.  And I have to tell you, I have two clients now in India, both have COVID 19, they’re in the hospital, and both were vaccinated—two weeks prior to catching it!  It was their daughter who hired me.  She said, “I don’t think the vaccinations work.”  Really?  For an explanation, see below:

 In the 1960s, scientists attempted to make an RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) vaccine for infants. In that study, they skipped animal trials because the trials weren’t required then.

 In the end, the vaccinated infants got much sicker than the unvaccinated infants when exposed to the virus in nature, with 80% of the vaccinated infants requiring hospitalization. Two of them died.

 After 2000, scientists made many attempts to create coronavirus vaccines. For the past 20 years, all ended in failure because the animals in the clinical trials got very sick and many died, just like the children in the 1960s.

 A summary of this history/science is here:

     In 2004, the attempted vaccine produced hepatitis in ferrets.

    In 2005, mice and civets became sick and more susceptible to corona viruses after being vaccinated.

    In 2012, the ferrets became sick and died.  And in this study, mice and ferrets developed lung disease.

    In 2016, this study also produced lung disease in mice.

 The typical pattern in the studies referenced above is that the children and the animals produced beautiful antibody responses after being vaccinated.  The manufacturers thought they hit the jackpot.

The problem came when the children and animals were exposed to the wild version of the virus.

When that happened, an unexplained phenomenon called antibody dependent enhancement, also known as vaccine enhanced disease, occurred where the immune system produced a “cytokine storm” (i.e. overwhelmingly attacked the body) and the children/animals died.

Here’s the lingering issue: The vaccine makers have no data to suggest their rushed vaccines have overcome that problem. 11/ 


Well, that about takes care of it!

I could go on but…. We don’t even know if these vaccines work!  They certainly didn’t work for my 2 clients in India who got covid 2 weeks after their shots.     

News Flash: There are actually effective treatments for this virus!

Yes, it’s true, there are therapeutics for this virus that apparently work very well and have no down-side!  Even Rachel Maddow of NBC News has been talking about this on her show a lot:

MADDOW: You know how sometimes we do something on this show that nobody else in the news is talking about? This is one of those. This is why you watch, I know.

All right. Here goes. There are two big, well-marked exit doors from COVID that we, as a country, are basically not using. One of them is something we are screwing up because of disinformation, malicious and otherwise, about vaccines.

That`s exit door number one that we`re not using. …

Here is the other one. The other exit door from COVID that we are not using, but this one, no one`s talking about. This is something that is available. …

This one is an exit door from COVID that we`re not using, just because people don`t really know about it, because it`s not being offered to them, and they don`t know to ask for it. It`s treatment. It`s new drugs that successfully treat COVID. So if you get COVID, you won`t get sick and die from it.

These treatments have been around, for a little bit now. … President Trump, himself, got treated with one of these drugs when he was in the hospital. These drugs are around. There`s been a lot of studies already showing that they are effective.

But as a leftover of the Trump administration`s general non-strategy for COVID, this was another thing the federal government, under Trump, didn`t really do anything about. They just assumed the states would come up with something, in terms of distributing these treatments and making sure that people who needed them, got them.

Well, it turns out, most states didn`t do that. Most states, to this day, offer no easily-accessible data about where and how to get access to COVID treatment, if you`re COVID positive and you have got symptoms.

If you have already got COVID, a vaccine to keep you from getting COVID is not going to help. But if you do get infected, 50,000-plus Americans are still getting infected every day, there are drugs, new drugs, that are sort of shockingly effective at treating it.

The Trump administration left the administration of those treatments to the states. Most states have blown it, in terms of getting those treatments actually used by people they can help. And you may have seen headlines like this one out of the state of Michigan last month. Why is a stockpile of promising COVID-19 treatment sitting unused in Lansing? Why…?


DR. MARCELLA NUNEZ-SMITH: The positive impact of these treatments has become pretty clear. These treatments can make a huge difference. Eli Lilly`s newest monoclonal antibody combination therapy has been shown to reduce hospitalizations and deaths by up to 87 percent.


MADDOW: That`s the Biden White House, trying to get out the word, Dr. Michelle Nunez-Smith.

And I think they are trying to get out the word, particularly to doctors. Hey, start using these freaking drugs! They drop the chances of hospitalization and death, in high-risk COVID patients by 87 percent. That`s really close to a cure for the people who are most at risk of dying. Why are we not treating people with this? 13/


Yes, why aren’t we?  Why aren’t we treating people with monoclonal antibodies and other effective therapeutics which, as Rachel pointed out, are a way out of this pandemic?  Why are we all but forcing people to be vaccinated when, 1. it’s not clear that they work and 2. it’s not clear that they’re safe.  And yes, of course, we homeopaths have our own “vaccination”: Novus-CV 200C which you can order from www.homeopathyplus.com. and which I’ve been using it myself; not to mention Oscillo:

I just received this facebook message:

Doctor, I am not feeling well since yesterday morning. Slight throat irritation and body pain etc Probably I have anxiety too, because of the serious COVID cases in India. I don’t know, how I suddenly became sick. I am not going out of home for the last one week. 
I was unable to sleep in the night due to body pain and then got up around 12:30am in the night and took one dose of Oscillococinum 200C. Within a few minutes, I felt better and then slept through the night. I have still not recovered fully but feel better. I have given Oscillococinum 200C to my wife and 2 kids also in the morning.

But, to Rachel’s point, the drugs that most people would be inclined to prefer are very much available, so, what’s behind the secrecy and the push to make all people submit to vaccination or lose their jobs, their right to travel, their right to an education, etc.?  That’s what I’d like to know! 

I could be cynical and say, “The investors in these vaccines just want their money; they’ve gone to a lot of trouble, they’ve made a lot of big plans, and by golly, no one’s gonna ruin it!”  The CEO of J&J has already given himself a 30 million dollar raise, for heaven’s sake! 14/ 

But, if you’ve got a better explanation for why genuine therapeutics are being kept a secret?  I’d be happy to hear it.




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  • There is a surge in new variants of COVID-19 virus all over the world, which are said to be more potent and more easily transmittable.
    There seems to be a strange co-incidence with the onset of vaccination across the world and emergence of these variant. As much as we’ll keep pushing it, it may keep mutating.

    It was harmless virus that would not cause ANY symptom in about 80% of the cases. This is obviously in exception of countries where ‘modern’ medicine was too far deep, US for example. It would enter the host, find a gush of antibiotics or such meds already, and mutate. This mutated version would then be fatal.

    We have perhaps just sped up that rate of mutation with all the vaccines around the world. Just look up the rate of mutation occurring in India alone.

    I am resident of NCR Delhi, and here the life had pretty much returned to normal, with exception of everyone masking themselves. And then vaccines and we’re back in time, back in lockdown, back in curfew times.

    Great !!
    (Now, I’m just an engineer. So, please do exercise your judgement. But being an engineer, I know, we’re not allowed to mess up, and nothing like at colossal scale at which allopathy has ! Zero accountability I swear !)

  • There is concern that there is m R N A shedding that could be contagious to the un jab-bed and ppl are suggesting Pine Needle tea as the antidote. My question is if Thuja would be a good antidote as harvesting pine needle comes with dangers if you don’t harvest the right kind.

  • Thank you Elaine for this hard hitting, well documented article on the vaccines. This information is currently being censored in the major press and even on Facebook.

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