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Homeopathy for Everyone January 2009

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Homeopathy for Everyone January 2009

Homeopathy for Everyone - The Hpathy Ezine
 January, 2009
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Remembering Masi
Exploring the Life & Work of
 Edward De beukelaer

“So was Dr Masi out of touch? Hopefully this edition of the  Homeopathy for Everyone will help you in deciding for yourself.”

Letters to the Editor

“..hearty congratulations to the team for this month’s special issue on the use of homeopathic potencies to heal and help plants
– Dana Ullman”

 Homeopath in the Hot Seat
  SML Fayeton– interviewed by Edward De beukelaer

“Ananda’s conceptions are very close to Dr. Masi’s ideas. The Wound is the Vulnerability. The Wall is the Egotrophy. The Mask is the ‘hidden’ Egotrophy””

Francis Treuherz – interviewed by Louise Mclean

“Baum and others wrote that letter to Primary Care Trusts claiming that homeopathy was bunkum and they shouldn’t allow any more referrals.”

 New Papers on Dr. Masi-Elizade
  The Work of Masi– SML Fayeton

“In the alterlytic reaction, the individual accuses others of being the cause of his suffering.”

What Holds Together A Human Being From The Innermost -Part I – Susanne Studer

“The patient counters a “primal guilt” (the
so-called primary Psora) in a first reaction phase, with fear (secondary Psora).”

A Reflection on Dr. Alfonso Masi-Elizade – Kamlendra Tyagi

“According to Masi-Elizalde, homeopathy is still in a scientific nursery and its maturity will require the permanent and vigilant effort of many generations”

The Application of Masi’s Method in Case Taking – Dr. Nora Caram

“The Application of Alfonso Masi Elizalde’s method in case taking allows us to make a hypothesis about the metaphysical origin of the patient’s disease”

Did Hahnemann Plagiarize Aquinas? – Silvia I. Waisse de Priven

“..A religious – actually a Roman Catholic – homeopathic approach was naturally destined to give rise to the most heated polemics.”

Goodbye Dr. Masi Elizalde – SML Fayeton

“..He had the courage to confront the medical world…, to re-introduce into the medical perspective the spiritual dimension.”

An Homage to Dr. Alfonso Masi Elisalde – Dr. Guy Loutan

“The disputes between schools have no foundation if we take a wider view of Hahnemann’s writings.”

The Masi Method and the Mention of God – Dr. Guy Loutan

“The use of God in the work of Dr. Masi should not make one believe that the dynamic miasm is only for religious people.”

Virtue, Vice and Mean: Aristotle’s Categories and Their Practical Application to Masi Elizalde´s Aristotelic-Tomist Concept

Dr. Conrado Mariano Tarcitano Filho

“Human passions are directly connected to human action – which involves a transcendence.”

 New Papers
  The Two Faces of James Randi– George Vithoulkas

“Mr. Randi didn’t wish to go ahead and found ridiculous excuses for withdrawing.”

Tips and Secrets 21 – Alan Schmukler

“Valvular murmurs of years’ standing have disappeared under the action of Spongia – E.B. Nash”

History of homeopathy in Uruguay – Pablo Korovsky

“Guillermo Darrouzain, …. was persecuted and imprisoned for some time by the Hygiene Council of Rosa’s Government for practicing homeopathy.”

The Medicine of Experience – Rudi Verspoor

“Hahnemann identifies the divine nature of the human mind and its ability to discern the curative powers of nature.”

  Lecture on Aphorism 19 to 25 | Audio Version (15.4MB)– Manish Bhatia

“It is so common to experience low energy, bad taste and indigestion after a round of antibiotics.”

 More Than Words!
  January 09 Cartoons– Alan Schmukler

Look for a new cartoon every month in this new section of the ezine!

 From the Clinic – Cases Highligting Masi’s Method
   A Buck Rang at the Door– SML Fayeton

“She rang the psychiatrist who told her : ‘bugger off'”

Carsinosinum – Dr. Enrique Caturla Martinez

“She is convinced she carries a responsibility for the appearance of her disease.”

Toxicophis – SML Fayeton

“The fear of drinking became an obsession; it’s unbearable, utter madness.”

A Case of Vipera According to the Method of Dr. Masi Elizalde – Marie Christine Duniau

“Dreams often that she walks in the mud, paths full of mud. She associates the mud with the dirt inside herself and the colour of her expectorations.”

Themes: A Parameter for Following a Case

Dr. Conrado Mariano Tarcitano Filho

“A theme is a group of symptoms that expresses the same idea, the same content and the same subject.”

No Unfinished Business – SML Fayeton

“Dear Sir, maybe you do not realise this, but we are all mortals and we should accept this.”

  COCOTA- A Lucky Chicken– Dr. Bathick and Dr. Gõmez

“All animals, including chickens, deserve a life where they can achieve the higher purposes of their existence.”

  No One Said Being A Homeopath Was Easy!– Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting “Christmas Headaches!”– Elaine Lewis

Answer to the last month’s case quiz.

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