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Tips & Secrets April 2014

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More homeopathy tips and secrets from the masters. April 2014

Bryonia in Typhoid

Dr. W. H. Dickinson claimed that in seven out of every ten cases of typhoid for which Bryonia was indicated, it would be the only remedy indicated, because the symptoms of the drug correspond to those of every stage of typhoid.

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica -George Royal, M.D.


Antibiotics disrupt intestinal flora long term

A study by L. Dethlefsen found that a short course of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin greatly reduced the diversity of the intestinal flora, and after six months there were still several species that failed to recover.


Bellis Perennis

Bellis Perennis vies with Arnica as a remedy for the relief of sore, bruised sensations during pregnancy and after confinement, and will often succeed where Arnica fails.

Dr. L. L. Danforth  – The Homoeopathic Recorder, Volume XVI 1901.



Passiflora M.T. is a good remedy for spasmodic asthma in allaying asthmatic paroxysms and preventing their full development.  It was Dr. E. M. Hale, in his book, New Remedies, who rescued the drug from oblivion.

The Homoeopathic Recorder, Volume XVI 1901.



Collinsonia is a specific remedy for haemorrhoids. A recent case can be cured  between three days and one week. The worst and most obstinate cases can be relieved and permanently benefited by Collinsonia.  Aggr cold, excitement. Amel heat.  Sensation of sharp sticks in rectum. Sense of constriction.

Dr. S. R. Schultz – The Homoeopathic Recorder, Volume XVI 1901.


Opium and Noise

Opium is very sensitive to the slightest noise. That is why people who are dying and in an opium state hear so well. Be careful with people who are seemingly in a coma, unconscious with open eyes. They do not react, but they understand everything!

Dr. Alphonse Geukens


Rhus Tox

Rhus tox. is a very useful remedy in acute suppurations , especially in suppurative conditions about the eye. It has proved curative in abscesses about the parotid and axillary glands ; the pus is bloody and serous, the pain is intense, and the swelling is dark red. Rhus corresponds very closely to septicemia.

Practical  Homoeopathic Therapeutics -Ed. W. A. DEWEY, M. D.


Salvia Officinalis

It was found that Salvia acts even more favorably on the tickling coughs of consumptives than Belladonna, Rumex crispus etc., so that preparations of Morphine and Codeine could be dispensed with. Salvia should be used in the form of the tincture in doses of 20, 30, or 40 drops, in a tablespoonful of water.

New Old And Forgotten Remedies –  Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz



One does not often think of Iodine as a remedy for diarrhoea, yet it is indicated for purulent stools, with cutting pains in the intestines, accompanied by nausea and vomiting and sour taste in the mouth.

The Medical Visitor Edited by Temple S. Hoyne,  M. D,  1895


Four Tips from Dr. J.T. Kent


It is used in valvular troubles of the heart, in young persons who grow up with cardiac valvular diseases. If the valvular trouble is congenital it cannot be cured. In school boys and girls who have no symptoms, this is the generic remedy for this kind of complaint. Always prescribe Naja unless guided away from it by some specific symptom.



The routine remedy for retention of urine after labor is Causticum.  It is a great remedy for the effect of strain upon muscles and parts, and the violent effort that a woman passes through in expelling the child in many instances leaves all the pelvic muscles tired, relaxed, paralyzed.



Gratiola is a great remedy for nervous prostration; marked lassitude, with mental and bodily weakness. Closely related to Coffea and Nux vomica and especially useful for the weakness of the will and neuralgic pains in coffee drinkers.  Better in the open air, but chilly in a warm room. Fear of the future. Complaints from pride.



When a syphilitic patient has suffered from a course of typhoid he may be very slow in convalescing, but a single dose of Syphilinum high will cause him to eat and feel stronger and gain rapidly.

Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent,  M.D.



In a man bedridden for nearly ten years, it was found that Arnica oil was the best remedy for the inevitable bed sores. By the use of this agent he was kept quite free from those troublesome sores during that long period.

The Homoeopathic Recorder Vol 24 – 1909


Very Serious Provers!

Dr. Hahnemann formed a group of students and designated them as a Union of Provers of Medicine.  The two most prolific were Karl Franz who took part in 37 provings including 1900 symptoms and Gustav Gross who helped prove 42 medicines, including 2380 symptoms.

Iman Navab:


Four Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Opium is probably the best remedy when, from fright of the wetnurse, the child has retention of urine.

Hyoscyamus is one of our best remedies for hiccough occurring after operations on the abdomen.

Ind. is said to be a good remedy for ascarides, especially in melancholy children. Teucrium should also be thought of in this connection.

Ambra Grisea is particularly indicated in thin, spare men, who have a decidedly nervous temperament, in whom nervousness predominates at the expense of nutrition. It is particularly indicated for the nervous complaints of old people, especially when they are forgetful and cannot remember the simplest fact.

Clinical M.M. – Dr. E.A. Farrington


Caution with Belladonna

Let me warn you against the use of Belladonna for the pains of glaucoma. Never give it low for that condition and watch closely if you give it in the 30th or 200th.

Dr. George Royal


Bacillinum Potency

Bacillinum should not be given below the 30th and not repeated frequently. One dose a week is often sufficient to bring reaction.

Dr. William Boericke


Urtica in Gout

Burnett concluded that in acute gout, Urtica urens, 5 drops of tincture in a wineglass of water every 2-3 hours would cut short the attack. Under its use, pain and swelling subside and large quantities of sand are passed.

J.H. Clarke/ W. A. Dewey


Sabal Serrulata

Sabal is valuable for underdeveloped breast glands, and has increased breast size. Langour, apathy, indifference.  Fear of going to sleep. Promotes tissue building. Five drop doses of mother tincture.

Dr. E.P ANshutz – Sexual Ills and Diseases


health food storeAll Natural Foods?

In the U.S., The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is pushing legislation at the federal level to not only outlaw GMO labeling laws at the state level, but also to get the FDA to declare GMOs as “natural”, so that foods made with GMOs can claim “all natural” on their labels.


Selenium and NAC

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Researchers from the University of Hawaii discovered they could slow down the growth of asbestos induced mesothelioma in cell cultures, by using Selenium along with N-acetylcysteine. Seleniuum used by itself slowed some cultures, but speeded up others. The combination of Selenium and N-acetylcysteine slowed growth in all cell lines.


Three Remedies in Miscarriage

The treatment of miscarriage begins with the commencement of the hemorrhage and the uterine contractions. In almost every case where the appearance of the blood is the first morbid symptom, Sabina will prove the right remedy, whether pains are present or not.  Belladonna ranks next to Sabina if the hemorrhage commences with violent colicky pains and sensation in pelvis as if pressure were made from above downwards. Opium is recommended, if a miscarriage is threatened in consequence of fright.

The Science of Therapeutics According to the Principles of Homeopathy  Bernhard Baehr, M. D. 1872


Aethusa Cynapium

Aethusa Cynapium is our mainstay for vomiting of curdled milk in infants during dentition, or at other times. The vomited matter comes with a “rush,” and the vomiting exhausts the little patient. I have known Aethusa to relieve the pain and soreness in the gums of teething children when vomiting is a prominent symptom.

E. A. Farington, M.D – A Clinical Materia Medica

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Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.



    • uric acid in joints causes gout. hence lab test needed to confirm its level.
      UU alone cannot help in all situation, it is necessary to know which joint point there is pain, accordingly remedies needs to be chosen. in 90% cases, combination of urtica, colchicum, berberis, ledum, Benzoic acid helps lot, in between one dose of sulfur will give great relief.
      to treat gout cases it is very important to diagnose kidney, liver function also. all depends upon patient’s medical history.

  • Excellent tips again, as usual, Alan! Thank you.

    @drcsgupta, sorry, but I beg to differ! Urtica Urens Q is clearly mentioned in the article for ACUTE episodes of gout. And why do you say that gout is incurable by any homeopathic remedy? That is simply not true. The right selection of chronic remedies after a thorough study in a case of gout are well able to bring about permanent cure.

  • It is a practically and instantly useful collection of details of Remedies for various common health problems.While mere appreciation doesn’t suffice,other alternatives also are not seen!

  • All are very good tips. I had excellent results using Sabal Serrulata MT in two cases of undeveloped breasts in young girls. Thanks for the tips which are always useful.

  • very useful information …pearls of homoeopathic wisdom brought together ..thanks dr. alan!!

  • yes,
    tips are more useful and Bulls eye target approach to treat for specific problem

    thanks everybody.

    Dr venkatesh cs

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