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Feedback and letters to the Editor from the January 2021 issue. Comments on Prover and the Repertoriser by Jeremy Sherr, Phosphoricum Acidum in Treatment of COVID-19, and much more.

From: The Prover and the Repertoriser – Jeremy Sherr 

The Prover and the Repertoriser

This is very well thought and thorough analysis of the difficulties and short-comings! Also the use of repertory-rubrics, its meaning and application depends on the skills of the prescriber! Every good prescriber will try to look into the origin of the rubric and its context in the original proving. To find such dedicated-talented provers and repertorisers is so difficult in our times. Good teachers and practitioners of repertory are very few, these days. This work needs lot of time and reflection that goes into every symptom in the proving. I salute dear Jeremy for highly skilled dedicated and consistent high quality work over years. Love and Light

Dr Jayesh Shah


Thank you for that article- much needed! A familiar rant to me as I can longer teach with the books (repertories) which include every remedy ever proven in square brackets. Makes teaching MM impossible – especially to first year students. Back to basics I’m afraid! GIGO if you use a computer repertory and are not skilled enough.

Elaine Watson


Thank you Dr. Sherr for bringing this problem to light. I have also been dismayed by practitioners using the repertory as materia medica, especially considering the confusion regarding over-abundance of rubrics and remedies therein. Your article provides a path towards amelioration of this issue.

Wendy Jensen

From:  Cartoon: “Perspective”  – Alan V. Schmukler


This reminded me of a TV programme in UK called Catch phrase. The catch Phrase here must surely be Life on the Edge!!! Great cartoon yet again.

Rochelle Marsden


A very ponderous cartoon! Gives us a lot to think about.

Elaine Lewis


Reply to Elaine Lewis

Thanks Elaine, the was the idea.

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Diabetes and Hypertension in a Man of 61 – Dr. Manoj Patil

Diabetes and Hypertension in a Man of 61

A few comments –
1. Hahnemann didn’t advise on disease portrait. It is always on symptom similarity especially the peculiar ones. We can see mathematical accuracy in applying this. Of all master’s disciples, Boenninghauaen applied this religiously in his practice.

  1. It is surprising to see the repetition of a drug like Kali Carb every 15 days and later 3 times a week. Neither Hahnemann nor Boenninghausen gave medicines like that. At least, the master’s new mode of preparation (millesimal) could have been used which will allow such repetition.
  2. Understanding the disease is advised to be gathered through the symptoms – not through the pathological terms (like pedal oedema) in order to capture the peculiarity.
  3. When there is no improvement after a year, the second best remedy could have been used (using concordances).
  4. Instead of publishing the results of repertorisation, the relevant symptoms of Kali could have been published (as Boenninghauaen used to do in his lesser writings).


“In chronic diseases I have found it best to give a dose (e. g., a spoonful) of a solution medicine at least every two days, more usually every day.”
Chronic Diseases – Samuel Hahnemann.

“All perceptible signs represent the disease in its whole extent, that is, together they form the true and only conceivable portrait of the disease. These matters the true physician regards as actual symptoms of the disease, and they aid him to discover the nature of the disease, and to form an accurate portrait of it, so as to enable him to cure it with a similar medicinal morbific agent.” Organon of Medicine – Samuel Hahnemann 6th edition.

Dr. Joshi

From: Phosphoricum Acidum in Treatment of COVID-19 Patients-  Part 1 –

Mirjana Zivanov

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. My son got infected at Uni in March last year and my recommendation of Gelsemium and 2 days later Bryonia from his Helios kit stopped the development of pneumonia or any severe respiratory symptoms. However, he until today has not overcome the fatigue and muscle pain and the exercise tolerance despite many homeopathic remedies and 5 element acupuncture.

I remember him saying “I feel dead inside” which I found under Phos ac. All I had was a 30c which didn’t seem to do anything admitting that I didn’t repeat or order a higher potency. Now I will have another look at this remedy. Would I be right in thinking that Phos ac goes to the root of the mitochondrial energy metabolism? Your work is worth a book if you ask me.


Michaela Just VetMFHom MRCVS


Wonderful and very useful article.

Tariqul Alam

From:  Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Woman of 37  -Rajiv Peres

Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Woman of 37

Great case! But what does P.L. stand for at the end of the Follow Ups. I haven’t come across that before.

Rochelle Marsden

PL = Placebo

Dr. Manish Bhatia

From:  Tidbits 76: Dog Scratch! Another Picture Case -Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 76: Dog Scratch! Another Picture Case

Hi Elaine,

Another perfect case of wonder remedy and how homeopathy works in minutes.



Well, if not minutes, certainly by the next day. Thanks Vamsi.

Elaine Lewis

From: Soul of Remedies – Calcarea carbonicum – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

The Soul of Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica

Beautiful Materia Medica of Calcarea carb. Thank you Dr Rajan.

Dr Santimoy Mukherjee

From: Clinical Study of SarsCov-2 19 Nosode (SCN) Post Covid Sequelae Management with (SCN)  – Dr. Chetna Shukla

Clinical Study of SarsCov-2 19 Nosode (SCN) Post Covid Sequelae Management with (SCN) and Indicated Medicine

Thank you for such a lovely glimpse of your cases as well as ready reference of your handy repertory.

Dr Pankaj Gupta


Where did you get the covid nosode and is it available to other homeopaths



Hello Maggie

The SCN ( Nosode) has been made by me in India (written in the article). Kindly write an e- mail on the address mentioned in the article and I will guide you further.  September 2020 and October 2020 issues of has published a 3 series article on the therapeutic effects of SCN that qualify as evidence based homoeopathy (10 active cases fully recovered , 2 cases of ILF with correction of X ray findings and proving of SCN in 06CK with reference to its effect on inflammatory markers associated with Covid 19). You will get detailed information of the therapeutic powers of SCN.

Chetna Shukla

From: How Homeopathy Can Help Address the Current Major Public Health Issues – Hélène Renoux

No system of medicine should be held responsible or to be blamed for the health issues of the present society. Our blatant violations of the laws of Nature. our faulty lifestyles in every aspect of our life and the governments’ laxity in implementing the Laws mainly to stop quackery and abuse and unnecessary and overuse of higher antibiotics and unethical medical practices by the doctors are responsible for the present state of affairs. Unless and until these menaces are removed no system of medicine can help to improve the situation

Dr. P. Jaffar Ali Khan


Wonderful writing.

Tariqul Alam

From:  TMJ, Cystic Acne and Hives in a Woman of 35  – Zoë Alexandra

TMJ, Cystic Acne and Hives in a Woman of 35

Great work and love hearing your path to homeopathy. Great and hope you continue to help more people interested in the natural, drug-free health path. Keep on learning and healing Zoe.



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