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Readers comment on the March 2021 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone. Comments arrived about the editorial, The Scientist as Criminal, the interview with Bill Grannell who fosters homeopathy in Mexico, Madeleine Innocent’s article on proper diet for animals, and much more.

From Editorial:  The Scientist as Criminal – Alan V. Schmukler

A very important and shocking editorial, thanks Alan!
Elaine Lewis

Thanks for sharing the Lerchl case from Germany. I didn’t know about it.
Manfred S.

Thank you, Alan. This is a very important article. We need many more like them to expose the industrial sabotage which is claiming lives worldwide. The accountability needs to expand beyond the slander of the individual and out to the lives and costs to our society where these individuals and corporations will be taken to tasks for their harms caused.
Ronald Frank

From: Bill Grannell Interviewed by Katja Schuett

A marvelous interview about how a few honorable, dedicated and hardworking people could bring homeopathy to thousands of the disenfranchised poor in Mexico.
Alan V. Schmukler

An inspirational interview – thank you
Theresa Partington

Thank you Theresa,

Bringing homeopathic healthcare to Mexico’s indigenous people is not without challenges. Building a clinic for Dr. Soledad in the Mixtec pueblo of Yanhuitlan, Oaxaca is a must happen project! We need your help and that of others! Please pass on my interview to your friends and colleagues.
Katja Schuett

From: A Pressing Matter Which Changed My Practice – Dr. Gabriel Blass

I have used this process for a number of things, mostly food related allergies, but have also used in when two remedies fit.

Thank you for the article
Laurie Teal

Please relocate to Pittsburgh PA USA!!!! You sound awesome. I tried muscle testing on my mom years ago but never felt very confident about myself.

I am a vet-zootechnician and homeopathic autodidact. I am in a tandem allopathy-homeopathy with my niece a medical doctor trained in Cuba. We have joined on the Covid19 challenge to simply save lives where allopathy not only is irresponsive but causes locally tremendous medicament intoxication problems. I have transmitted your study to my niece for future refining of remedy finding techniques.

From:  How I Came to Practice Homeopathy in Africa – Rebecca Sturgeon

Dear Becky!

Haven’t you come a long way!! Well done on your guerrilla prescribing and long life to you – what a joy you must be to all of those around you. Love to you and all good wishes for further healing adventures!
Penny Edwards

Rebecca Sturgeon Rebecca replied:
Hello Penny

Good to hear from you. Yes, my homoeopathic life has taken me on some extraordinary adventures. It is an honor to be walking this path and I hope to inspire others.

Hi Rebecca India – companion!
Love your article and your story, sharing your experiences along the long path.

You are a healer and pioneer. Chapeau!
Much love
Angelika Metzger

Wonderful article, I enjoyed it very much. Rebecca you are clearly an asset to the homeopathic profession – well done in all your work. I hope to see more articles by you soon!
Kiran Grover

A Neglected String to the Homeopathic Bow?  – Madeleine Innocent

Madelaine, in contrast to what you say, the diets I taught the veterinarians in my homeopathy training program always included the advice not to use the raw meat diets. This was because of the accumulated toxins. This advice was mostly ignored and the problem has become much worse. The 4th edition of our book that came out two years ago, has reworked recipes, balanced and complete, using plant-based for dogs and cats. There are some exceptions that a few included meat for cats, but most are plant based. FYI.
Richard Pitcairn VMD

I cannot find a contact for Dr. Pitcairn but I have used his older book for years to prepare my dog’s diet and dogs before him. My dog had lyme and lyme nephritis and I just went back to leaving the chicken raw. Without Dr. Pitcairn’s and Juliette Levy’s work, he would not be doing so well. I would really like more info on the toxins in the raw meat. I use not only organic chicken legs but ones from Bell and Evans. Their website is certainly worth visiting and seeing what efforts they go to in order to produce the safest and most humane chicken.. Not for me but for Jack the dog – I eat WFPB. I jjust ordered the new edition of Dr. Pitcairn’s book. If the meat, no matter how it is produced, should be cooked, I would really appreciate knowing if there are no exceptions. I will cook starting tomorrow but would love to know the reasons behind this. The old edition has been with me since it was printed. My local vet studied with Dr. Pitcairn so I consider myself and my dogs very fortunate.

Just to be clear, humans unlike hooved herbivores, cannot digest plant cellulose -that was a bit ambiguous in this article: ”herbivores, and humans have alkaline saliva with ptyalin (plant cellulose takes a lot of digestion)” and “Humans are at the herbivore end as can be seen, not least, by their molars that grind up plant cellulose.” Cellulose is better known as fiber and works very nicely to create bulk in stools and facilitate elimination. I read Campbell’s China Study several years ago and adopted a PBWF diet. I had been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for over 30 years and the difference was remarkable. I agree with the author that introducing this idea to clients is often a real struggle. Corporate media has trained us too well.
Tim Owens CCH

Do you personally know each of these dear homeopaths who have passed away from cancer and that they did not follow a plant-based diet? A rather presumptuous judgment if you didn’t. And to speculate they may not have died had they eaten a different diet is, to me, disrespectful. To borrow a phrase from Michael Pollan, it is also now our dilemma that our fruits and vegetables are not only contaminated with cancer-causing RoundUp, but in the case of GMO crops are grown with it imbedded within it.

And sadly, even our organic foods, unless grown ourselves, have been detected to have pesticides. It is hard enough to get our clients to give up coffee, let alone change their entire diet. It would be more realistic to suggest general guidelines to eat a whole food diet with as much organic as possible, the elimination of fast and processed foods; and a drastic reduction in sugar intake; that would make a vast difference. Lastly, Dr. Hahnemann was very specific in regard to diet in the “Chronic Diseases” but you won’t like his advice. Among other peculiarities, he mentions, “Beef and good wheat – bread or rye – bread together with cow’s milk and a moderate use of fresh butter seem to be the most natural and harmless food for men.” And, “Next to beef, mutton, grown chickens and young pigeons can be used.”

From:  Cartoon – “Knowing” – Alan V. Schmukler

I think that’s a fun cartoon with a serious side. We’re really all miasms, all kingdoms. The skill is in finding what’s uppermost, what’s causing the problem. We have to filter out the noise. High sensitivities can be in minerals. Competition can be found in plants and minerals.
Madeleine Innocent

Thank you Madeleine, well said.
Alan V. Schmukler

Shows how difficult homeopathy can be. Great cartoon.
Wayne Garry Butcher

From:  Homeopathic Constitutional Types: Lycopodium – Jeff Korentayer

Thanks, very good article. I get the impression that the Lyc person is haughty, trying to, as you say, compensate for his perceived inadequacies.
Jim Hebert

From: World Travel/ Injuries and Thank God for the Homeopathic Medical Kit! – Carla Carmichael

World Travel/ Injuries and Thank God For The Homeopathic Medical Kit!

Carla, what a terrible accident! Yes, the difference between knowing and not knowing homeopathy; but this is why I carry Arnica 10M and Hypericum 200C in my pocket, so they are always at hand–not at home in a remedy kit or shoe box where they can’t help me. So many times I’ve had accidents where I needed them right then and there and I’ve made fast recoveries!
Elaine Lewis

From:  A Case of Hypothyroid in a Boy of 10 – Shawn Vale

Lovely piece, Shawn. You did an especially nice job of elucidating the themes in this boy’s case.

From: Psoriasis in a Man of 25 – Dr. Ketan Kumar Singh

Psoriasis in a Man of 25

Great case, thank you! Listen, it appeared to be Sulphur all along. Do you think Psorinum helped at all? It seemed to make him worse. Also, since he had no outbreaks on his face, what did he think people were staring at?
Elaine Lewis

From: Tidbits 78: Elaine Lewis, DDS!  – (Elaine treats another gum abscess) – Elaine Lewis

Amazing courage Elaine! If it happens to me, I don’t know if I will be courageous enough to cut the abscess and make a remedy. Why do you think those remedies you took didn’t help at all? I am wondering what could be the remedy to stop having the tendency for abscesses to reappear?

Elaine responds:

Maria, abscesses are so intolerable, I assure you that you will find the courage to lance it. As to why remedies didn’t work? Well, one clearly did work—Abscess 6C! You know, making nosodes really is a legitimate part of our practice, especially when many remedies have been tried and failed. Also, making drug remedies when people are suffering from side-effects, that’s something that we have to learn to do too. I explain all that in my article “How To Make Your Own Remedy” which is on my website. I’m sure you can google it as well. Thanks for your comment, Maria.
Elaine Lewis

Wow! That was amazing! I was drawn to your article because I have oral thrush and 2 small abscesses. I’ve been gargling with water and baking soda, water and apple cider vinegar and/or salted water. I was doing a detox with a homeopathic blend (Dolichos pruriens 3X, Nux vomica 3X, Lycopodium clavatum 3X, Amyl nitrosum 6x, Leptandra virginica 3X, Podophyllum peltatum 4X, Cardus marianus 3X, Chelidonium majus 2x, Boldo 2x). I’m guessing that’s what brought on the thrush. I’m wondering now if I could scrape off some of the coating on my tongue and make a 6C nosode remedy?
Joanne Lagace

Elaine Responds:

I’m not sure what you think brought on the thrush? But sure, make a remedy out of the tongue-scraping.

Dear Dr.
I think you are having unmatched courage to cut the abscess. In my opinion first apply Kreos Q 3- 4 times. It will burst the abscess. Also apply Plantago Q for pain. Take Cham 30 and apply ferr phos 6x powder to control blood. It is what I am doing. You are not wrong in any way in making a nosode.
Dr C S Gupta

Hello Elaine,
Did you try Myristica Seb?
Paul Booyse

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