Letters to the Editor – Comments on the Aug. 2023 Issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

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Readers comment on the August 2023 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

Great Editorial! Your work and writing are immensely important, worldwide, and deeply appreciated!  All the best to you and your wife as we all work our way thru August.

Abrazos galore, Barb Grannell, A Promise of Health

What a great article Alan! Thank you.


Sue King

Thank you for your words of wisdom and keeping Hpathy going strong. We rely on your work to unify and strengthen our community.

Lia Bello FNP CCH

From: Right to Homeopathy Being Threatened in Canada -Ananda More


Right to Homeopathy Being Threatened in Canada

Thank you for bringing awareness to this very important topic! I have written my letter.

Barbara Peters

From: A Child of God – Wiet van Helmond

A Child of God Wiet van Helmond

It’s a wonderful case.  Learnt a lot! Thanks for sharing.

Dr Kavita Chandak

Fascinating! Thank for sharing this interesting case.

Lissi Sigillo, CCH, RShom

From:  Cartoon – SIDE EFFECTS – Alan V. Schmukler

OMG !! Pandora box of diseases ..with one dosage of antidepressants.

Alan, very humorous way of expressing the grave situation  🙂

Vamsi Sudha

From:  Taking the Case in Covid Times: A Reflection on the State of the Human Condition  –   Richard Pitt

Taking the Case in Covid Times: A Reflection on the State of the Human Condition and the Homeopathic Perspective  

Thank you Richard for your well considered words on where things stand in our precious world. We can each take leadership and join with others who are committed to the self healing wisdom of the body. Your communications are helpful and bring hope and creativity to go forward in our corner of the world.

Lia Bello FNP CCH

From:   The Plant Doctor –   Radko Tichavsky

The Plant Doctor – Dr. Radko Tichavsky – Aug 2023

Interesting articles. Thank you, Plant Doc!

Linda S

From: TIDBITS 102 – Itchy Issue!  – Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 102: Itchy Issue!



Your readers are learning from your very clear, down to earth columns on homeopathy basics.  The way she reasoned this out was proof of that!

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Therapeutic Utility of Oleander – Rakesh Gupta, Resham Somaiya, Pooja Pal, Umezahin Shaikh

Therapeutic Utility of Oleander in Skin Disorder Through Boger’s Concept of Tissue affinity

A very interesting and knowledgeable article.

Salman Manzar

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