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Readers comment on the May 2017 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

I just want to thank you for Hpathy. It is always a treat to receive it!


Véronique Bouan

From:  Heroic Times in Italian Homeopathy: An Interview with Dr. Elio Rossi – Part 1 of 2 – by Linda Nurra PhD.

Heroic Times in Italian Homeopathy: An Interview with Dr. Elio Rossi – Part 1 of 2

This is such an interesting read. Can’t wait till next month!

Marilyn Freedman

It’s extraordinary what Dr. Rossi has accomplished in promoting homeopathy. An important interview.

Alan V. Schmukler

From: Tidbits  46–Homeopathy and Uro-Genital Disorders  – Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 46–Homeopathy and Uro-Genital Disorders (Somebody’s Gotta Talk About It!)

Thanks Elaine! Another great “to the point” article.

Gina Tyler DHOM

From:   Editorial – “Plus Ça Change…”  – by Alan V. Schmukler

“Plus Ça Change…”

Wow, Alan, such an enlightening editorial! I also knew nothing about the painting, thanks! You’re right, we don’t “bleed” people anymore but ITP is listed as a side effect of just about every drug, including vaccines…

Elaine Lewis

From:  Magic Pills- The Film – A Critique – Gill Graham

Thank you for this review of Magic Pills Ms. Graham. I hope many people get to see it this film. It may help cure the disease of skepticism.

Martin Earl

From:  The Cephalopod: Sepia Officinalis – Dr. Atul Rajgurav

The Cephalopod: Sepia Officinalis

Thank you for this article and accompanying case Dr. Rajgurav. Nicely done.


From : A Tale of Two Cases – Dr. Dr. Arup Bhattacharya

A Tale of Two Cases

These are wonderfully worked cases.  A fine example to all homeopaths.


From:  Jacob’s Case part 2  – Daniela Karsten

Homeopathy In “Behavioural Disorders” Jacob’s Case – 2nd Installment

Thank you Ms. Karsten for these two articles on Jacob’s progress.  They will give hope to so many people with children in similar circumstances.

Martin Earl

From:  A proving of the perfume Chanel #5 –  Sandra Benassini

Proving of Chanel # 5 –Fourth Year Student Project

I still think and feel that human beings are still not ready to understand homeopathy for 100 years more, and to appreciate the provers is still farther ahead! Very stimulating article, thanks

Dr. Shaikh G. Sadiq

From:  Tips & Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

May 2017 Tips & Secrets

Dear Sir,

Your description of comparative remedies is very useful in busy practice.


Dr. CS Gupta

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