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Male Sexual Health – Questions, Myths and Misconceptions

Doctor Bhatia answers the common questions and myths about male sexuality and male sexual health. Advice on men’s sexual health including problems with the penis, testicles, ejaculation, impotence, erections, masturbation etc.

Male Sexual Health

Male sexual Organs

As young boys grow into adolescence, they experience a flood of information about human sexuality coming to them. Most of this information comes from friends or pornographic content in magazines, movies or internet. Sexual education in India is non-existent and sex is considered a taboo subject within families, so parents never discuss anything about it with their children.

The dependence on pornography is so much that out of the world’s top 100 websites, 10% are purely pornographic. And in the lower ranks, the number is alarmingly high. This lack of good information, gives dependence on hearsay and non-medical information for sex education. This in turn, gives rise to lot of myths and misconceptions about human sexuality.

In our clinical practice, we often find young males have very little understanding about their genital organs, their use and function. And therefore a lot of our time in our clinic is spent on counseling and guiding young men about what is normal and how to improve what is deficient.

Homeopathic medicines do play an important role in recovery as they not only address the sexual issues but also the underlying psychological issues. Through this article, I will try to address some of the common myths and questions regarding male sexual health.

( Questions and Myths are given in Bold, answers and explanations are in plain text)

1. My penis is too short.

The medically measured statistical average length of an erect penis is 5.1 inches. Most men have an erect penile size between 4 to 6 inches. Most claims about an 8 or 9 inch penile length are lies and exaggerations. Such lengths do occur but they are exception and not the norm.

Also sexual gratification does not depend upon the penis length. Keep in mind that the average va-gina is just three to five inches long. So a longer penis just stays outside and does not contribute to sexual gratification by itself.

2. My penis is too thin.

The medically measured statistical average width of an erect penis is 1.6 inches. Most men have an erect penile width between 1.2 to 1.8 inches and it does increase through the puberty years. Also sexual gratification does not merely depend upon the penile width. So if your penis width is in the normal statistical range, don’t worry about anything.

3. My penis is not straight.

That’s normal – a very straight erect penis is quite rare. A slight bend to a side is called penile torsion – and is normal. It may also get curved upwards when erect. If you have the typical curve of 30 degrees or less, it shouldn’t cause trouble.

However, if your curve is more severe or if intercourse is painful, you may be among the 2% of men who have Peyronie’s Disease. It’s caused by scar inside penis. This scar tissue doesn’t expand and that causes the erection to curve. You might need to consult a physician in such cases.

4.  My testes are not equal. One hangs lower than the other.

This again is perfectly natural. It is rare to find males with perfectly symmetrical testes. In about 80% men, the left testis hangs slightly lower than the right one.

5. I have a bad habit of masturbation. How do I quit it?

We often come across young males who carry a huge guilt complex about masturbation. They start developing anxiety, involuntary nocturnal emissions, premature ejaculation, week erections and often depression. And then they fall pray to quacks and products advertised in newspapers that claim to cure them of all ills. Medically, masturbation is not supposed to cause all this.

It has been statistically recorded that at least 95% young males mast-urbate regularly. Most of the problems that young men develop are because of the guilt complex that they develop once they hear that it is a ‘bad habit’ or when they read news-paper ads of products that will cure them of their ‘youthful sins’. So if you do masturbate, don’t feel guilty about it. It is considered a normal sexual practice in medicine.

However, do remember that excess of everything is bad! In each ej-aculation you do loose millions of sperms, which need lot of protein and minerals and vitamins to build. Your body has the capacity to generate such large number of cells but if you do it too frequently or do not take care of your nutrition and health in general, your body can suffer secondary problems.

Read more about the potential side effects of masturbation.

6. I occasionally get erections while sleeping.

Involuntary erections during sleep occur in all men. It has been recorded that a young male on an average gets five such erections per night but you never become aware of them. It is a kind of maintenance that your body does to keep your organs healthy. If you wake up and find an erection (very rare) that you did not initiate, don’t bother and go back to sleep! Erections during sleep can also occur if your bladder is too full or due to sexual dreams and thoughts. In any case, it is nothing to be concerned about!

7. I discharge se-men during sleep. How do I correct it?

It is normal to have occasional involuntary nocturnal emissions, especially in males who do not mast-urbate or are deprived of sex for long periods. If it is occasional, do not bother. If it is happening nearly every day and without sexual arousal, then you might need to consult a physician.

8. I get some mucus discharge with urine.

The prostate gland is situated at the neck of the urinary bladder. The se-men is composed of sperms that are made in testes and prostatic fluid that is made in the prostate gland. It is not unusual to occasionally get some mucus discharge (coming from prostate) at the end of urination. If it is frequent or if the discharge is profuse or yellowish, then infections in prostate gland and urinary tract need to be ruled out.

9.  I ejaculate too early.

Young males often carry an impression that a sexual act has to continue for long duration as they see in porn movies. The fact is – a movie, is a movie and you should not take it as real. About 75% men ejaculate within 5 minutes of penetration.

Current evidence supports an average intravaginal ej-aculation latency time of six and a half minutes in 18-30 year olds. This may seem like a very short amount of time, but it can actually feel like much longer if sex is enjoyable. And sex as a whole isn’t just about the genitals – but about the body in its entirety.

Varying activities, increasing foreplay and manual stimulation, slowing down the pace, and learning techniques to delay ej-aculation can actually help men last longer.  At the end of the day, there are no specifics for this variable. Whatever makes you and your partner feel satisfied – is normal!

Male Nude10. I occasionally do not get an erection.

Your body doesn’t work very mechanically. The sexual excitement is controlled by your brain and not by your penis. If you are under any stress, anxiety, worry, excessive work load, have some other acute illness or just ‘don’t feel like it’ – then it is normal for men to not get an erection. Do not get alarmed if this happens some times with you. Just reduce your level of stress, exercise, eat healthy and take it in your stride.

About the author

Dr. Manish Bhatia

- BCA, M.Sc Homeopathy (UK), CICH (Greece), MD (Hom)
- Associate Professor, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, SKH Medical College, Jaipur
- Founder Director of Hpathy.com
- Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone
- Co-author - Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research
- Author - Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1, 2, 3. CCH Approved. (English, German, Bulgarian)
- Awardee - Raja Pajwan Dev Award for Excellence in the Field of Medicine; APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Homeopathy Education
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  • Phosphoric acid is a valued remedy for too early ejaculation.Psychological reasons for sexual impotence needs lycopodium .Selenium comes to help erectile deficiency.

  • Hi,
    In addition Male Sexual probleam
    ORGANIC: Problems/disorders with blood, blood vessels, nerves, neurotransmitters, penis structure, hormonal imbalance, medical conditions (like diabetes and hypertension) and certain medications.
    PSYCHOGENIC: Anxiety (general or performance), depression, relationship problems, confusion with sexual orientation/identity, and past negative sexual experiences (sexual abuse).
    LIFESTYLE: Smoking and alcohol use.
    MIXED: All or few of the above.

  • Dear Doctor Sahib,

    We are proud of you and sincerely appreciate your dedication and services to the human being. You are truely serving as a Doctor and benifiting so many patients with your education and practice and experience.

    We wish that God must take care of such people like you who are a boon to society.

    sincere Regards,
    Inder Jeet Singh

  • Respected batia sir, it is an excellent article sir, really it giving wide awareness ,clarifies about most common simple critical doubts of patients and people and students. i am very thankful to you sir as such a big practitioner you are allocating your time to articles of like this.

  • Dear Dr. Bhatia

    I am really thankful to you for your excellent article on this very important subject. Your kind help to thousands is highly appreciated. God bless you for spreading homoeopathy all over the world.

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  • The articcle “Male Sexual Health” is very informative removing lot of comfusions in the minds of new generation, preventive them from self medication or falling prey in the hands of people who have no medical knowledge. I appreciate the article.

  • sir i am extremely proud to be a homeopath and sharing the same field with such great and noble personalities of this system of science and art of true healing. i appreciate your work wholeheartedly and am really very proud to be able to post a comment to you and KUDOS to your knowledge. there being no worng and flaws about the infirmation that you have imparted to everybody however i wished that you might have stated few medicine for the above given queries of which i am sure there has to be a remedy indicated. this i ask in regards that my friend suffering from a similar condition of ejaculating too soon as a result of which his sexual life initially was in jeopardy and he sought my help in return of which i could not help him much medicinally just gave a counselling to him and his wife but he wants such a condition to be rectified for which i have called upon for your help i tried giving him GINSENG but to no avail with not much progress and i should specify thid that he has no psychological stress os anything related to his psyche which might affect his perfomance. so sir it would be extremely kind of you to help me out with what different excercise that might help him with delaying the ejaculation along with keeping the erection and what remedy should i prescribe which might help him get over with this problem. will be waiting for your answer the act of kindness for which i shall always pray. thank you a great follower of homeopathy and a big fan of your website specifically your interviews.

    • The article is excellent. In India particularly very few parents discuss or advise their children on the subject. one of the reasons is that children are handled with authority so the children are afraid of being scolded for asking such questions.

  • Dr. Bhatia,
    You deserve all congratulations and compliments for such an elaborate article on such a difficult topic. I think, it should be incuded in the text books of physiology at the secondary stage of shooling when the budding adolescents get astray by vulgar literature and misleading ads. Dr Bhatia, you are wonderful, may God bless you all through your life!

  • Many many thanks to Dr Bhatia for this type of paper as even some so called medical practioner have a clearcut view about male sexual disorder,neither can counsel nor can give assurance to the patient,me think that it will be helpful to them also.

  • The article is good, especially in simple language. I appreciate it. People have to understand that most energy produced by the body in the younger age is used for the purpose of growth. As people get mature the semen has to find ways to get out of the body regularly to keep the system clean and healthy. It is just like passing body fluids and waste just as urine, stool, perspiration and saliva and tears. Human body needs to eliminate semen periodically so that fresh semen can be produced. As an engine need oil change, human body need oil change for smooth functioning. Hypertension, sleeplessness, depression and insanity, etc. can cause due to the pressure build up if semen is not emitted periodicall

    • Well..it is not necessary to ejaculate all the sperms you produce. The body reabsorbs some percentage of undischarged sperms. The sperm are moved from the seminiferous tubules within the testicular structure to the epididymus for maturing and storing. They stay in the epididymus for about a month, and at the end of this time are either degenerated and absorbed, or are expelled to begin the journey up the vas deferens to the ampulla for storage prior to ejaculation.

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    The article is very educative and timely. i’m sure lots of misconception will be removed by this articles. It would have ben more helpful if u could mention a cut off point for each of them, when one should go for medication.

    [email protected]

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    You wrote a very nice article to protect and educate our young generation.

    H.Dr M.Ahsan Khan

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    Excellent article. Will be more beneficial, if possible remedies be told with details of Myths!

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    Although my penis is not too big, average about 4.5″ in erection condition but my stemana was good during my youth days. Now I have completed 49 years of my age but my penis does not erected like old days and now 3 to 5 minutes ejaculation and my partner could not satisfy with such short and not duly erected penis. Kindly suggest some homeopethic medicine to me for resolving this problem. I will highly be grateful to you please. With kind regards, Anupam

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    Thanks for your article.. You are very knowledgeable. You mentioned that doing excess masturbation is bad for health. I’ m feeling weakness for this activity. Is the a remedy for this?

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    Can u kindly tell d difference between:::

    Centessimal & Decimal Potencies
    LM Potency
    Mother Tincture
    Wud dere be any diffrence in deir result if damiana is taken in any of the above form? I am adviced to take damiana for premature ejaculation (due to masturbation from age 15-26)

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  • Iam a 37 year old gay male,when i masturbate my semen doesnt seem to spurt like iy used to it just comes out how can i get it to spurt again?

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    I need your help. How can I contact you? Its quite personal to discuss.


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