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Stomach Problems from Grief

Stomach Problems from Grief
Written by Petr Zacharias

Homeopath Petr Zacharias offers comparative analylsis of seven remedies with stomach problems from grief: Natrum carbonicum, Antimonium crudum, Colocynthis, Nux vomica, Staphysagria, Ignatia and Robinia.

Comparative Materia Medica

Reprinted courtesy Petr Zacharias from :Case Quizzes And Clinical Hints For Devoted Students Of Classical Homeopathy by Petr Zacharias© Petr Zacharias, 2017

We know that Ignatia belongs to the group of 7 remedies that we have to think of as first remedies when we see a patient who develops stomach problems after disappointment or grief. What are these 7 remedies including Ignatia? This group of remedies consists of Natrum carbonicum, Antimonium crudum, Colocynthis, Nux vomica, Staphysagria, Ignatia and Robinia.

One of the most important remedies having stomach affections as a result of a grief or disappointment is Natrum carbonicum. Of course it can develop from whatever reason but this one is very typical. The essence of this remedy is an inability to assimilate certain things which encompass the mental, emotional and physical plane. We can see an aversion to certain people but what does it mean? Everybody has aversion to certain people but what is this?

In Natrum carbonicum there is a very fine sensitivity to energies or moods of others. They feel the aversion that is a reaction to the “vibration of the person” and even though they do not have any real reason to feel this aversion,they just feel it. There is also an aversion to certain weather, which means that there is a very narrow range of temperatures in which she feels comfortable and a definite aversion to certain foods especially milk and farinaceous food. He must be kept on very strict diet and he when makes a little error in this diet, his stomach suffers a great deal. As Kent said: “It does not matter what is the problem but the stomach is always part ofit.“

Nux vomica is the remedy we have to think when we seeing gastric ulcers developing after the grief or disappointment. It does not matter that they cannot develop from other causes like alcohol or overworking, but now we‘re studying this remedy in connection to grief so that is why I mention this. Nux vomica is even more indicated in duodenal ulcers, of course when symptoms agree.

Antimonium crudum is a remedy in which George Vithoulkas wrote in his Essence of materia medica that it should be in a higher degree in the rubric Ailments from grief. The strong sentimentality that is triggered by moonlight or fever is often accompanied by stomach troubles, from simple neurosis to severe disturbances. In fever affections it is very similar to Chamomilla and must be thought of when Chamomilla failes and patient has a strong craving for cucumber.

Colocynthis also manifests its problems after grief, especially when there is an anger together with it that had been supressed. The suppression of anger is followed by strong cramping pains in the stomach that is ameliorated by bending double and from strong pressure against the affected part.

Staphysagria develops its symptoms also after suppressed anger but we often find  humiliation as well. The very important keynote that serves us as a confirmation is marked aggravation after afternoon sleep.

Robinia is indicated in hyperacidity of the stomach with strong heartburn that is aggravated at night after lying down and prevents the patient from falling asleep. The combination of heartburn and sleeplessness goes to the idea of this remedy.

Now it is very important to know that it absolutely does not mean that when we encounter the case of stomach problems after the grief, one of these seven remedies will always be indicated. That is not true. It only means that for these remedies to manifest this is very characteristic and we have to differentiate them first. But of course any remedy can be indicated in any particular case.

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Petr Zacharias

Petr Zacharias is the founder and main teacher at the Prague College of Classical Homeopathy. He studied with George Vithoulkas at the IACH and has conducted seminars with Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan, Dr. S. K. Banerjea, Dr. Jorgos Kavouras and Erik van Woensel.

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