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Homeopathy for Everyone June 2007

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Homeopathy for Everyone June 2007

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 Raise Your Voice! – Alan Schmukler

“The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (RLHH), the visible presence of homeopathy across the world for 150 years, is under threat of closure….. “

Letters to the Editor

Hot-Seat Interview
  Dr. Ulrich Welte – interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

“Handwriting is indeed often a good confirming symptom, because it represents the frozen individual movements of the person.”

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New Papers
   Crisis in Classical and Contemporary Thought– David Little

“Many practitioners do not have the background to understand when these experimental methods are leading in the wrong direction.”

The Psychosomatic Dimension of Homeopathy including Cancer Cases – Dietmar Payrhuber

“…even unknown and unproved remedies can be understood in their essence and used for prescriptions.”

Homeopathy: Understanding the Terminology -III – Rudi Verspoor

“Symptoms due to deficiency cannot be corrected by medicine, and symptoms due to disease cannot be corrected using regimental measures.”

A Dialogue on Hahnemann’s “Spirit-like Vital Force” – Rudi verspoor & Neil D. Shere

“Hahnemann…. understood that the inner world of natural things was not spiritual, but spirit-like in that it was beyond the sense world and the world of cognition due to sense data.”

Homeoprophylaxis: In Support of Isaac Golden – Mati Fuller

“The idea of homeoprophylaxis is built upon a really simple principle – that you can’t have two similar diseases in the body at the same time.”

Some History of the Treatment of Epidemics with Homeopathy – Julian Winston

“… 24,000 cases of flu treated allopathically had a mortality rate of 28.2% while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05%.”

Homeopathy  and the Treatment of Epidemic Diseases (pps/127kb) – Sally Tamplin

“Homeopathic doctors rose to the challenge of the most appalling influenza pandemic in history and they did so without the fear and uncertainty that paralyzed their allopathic colleagues.”

Lectures on Organon of Medicine

Understanding ‘Aphorism Seventy-Four’ – Dr. Leela D’Souza

“Understanding the significance of Hahnemann’s clinical advice in aphorism 74 is pivotal in managing the complicated expression of disease.”

Tips and Secrets – 2– Alan Schmukler

“Magnesia Carbonicum is to exhausted nerves, what Cinchona is to exhaustion from loss of fluid.”

Gastritis– Dr. Rehana Khan

“Chemotherapy and radiation given in cancer can cause irreversible erosions of the stomach lining and destruction of acid-producing glands.”

From the Clinic
  A Case of Schizophrenia – George Vithoulkas

“She says she cries with difficulty which happened after the electro-shock treatment.”

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in a Teenager – Dr. Jawahar Shah

“Much to his dislike, his father is strict and abusing.”

Chronic Tonsillitis  and Bronchitis – Grant Bentley

“He is so shy that he won’t say anything until he gets to know people – it may take weeks before he warms up to them.”

A Case of Urinary  Tract Infection – Dr. Santosh Joshi

“The patient had always responded very quickly
in acute conditions and this was the first time that he was not responding.”

Materia Medica
 Curare – Dr. Marc Brunson

“It is a living person in a dead body….”

 Cool Charles, The Cat– Edward De Beaukelaer, DVM

“Even when displaying heart problems he still went out catching a mouse.”

  Get on the Good Foot, Part 2– Kelly Young, Elaine Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “‘Get on the Good Foot!” – Elaine Lewis

and the winner is…

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