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Letters from readers from January 2018

From: 6 Reasons Why Homeopaths Should Not Practise Allopathy – Dr. Firuzi Mehta.

Thanks for writing such an article. Homoeopathy should be the first choice of medicine in the rural areas.


Firuzi, this is very good! There is nothing quite so useless as an allopathic education, as you will use it maybe 10 percent of the time, with homeopathy covering the rest–that is if you hang around long enough to get a proper education in it, as you pointed out!

Elaine Lewis

Thanks Dr Firuzi for your post. I want to know why a homoeopath would be lured to prescribe allopathic medicines? We have our own scope as well as limitations like any other system of medicine We should do our best as homoeopaths only.

Santimoy Mukherjee

If medical doctors of systems other than conventional medicine are allowed to practice conventional medicine, they are digging their own grave. In the long run, they will meet the same fate as Ayurvedic doctors had in India. Slowly over the decades, they lost the art and science of Ayurveda.

Dr. Nancy Malik

If allopathy is allowed to be practiced by homeopathy practitioners, this may dilute the knowledge they have of homeopathy. Two systems with opposite thinking cannot coexist. You suppress the very symptoms that you depend on for your diagnosis. It will definitely lead to poor diagnosis and poorer recognition for homeopathy.




From:  Homeopathy Misapplied – Katja Schütt

Homeopathy Misapplied

Excellent article. Having expressed the importance of adhering to the principles established by Hahnemann, how do we deal with so many teachers of homeopathy ignoring these principles?

Richard Pitcairn

The Principles of homeopathy were written for a reason, to underlie exactly what homeopathy is and how it should be practiced. Once one has read all editions of The Organon, this can be interpreted as one wishes, but only by adhering to all the basic tenets, and practicing within these confines. Anything else is not homeopathy but simply an improvised version, which loosely relates. I agree with this sentence Katja and totally agree: ‘Misapplication is defined as the application of something in a way that is incorrect or wrong.’

Gill Graham


From: Editorial –Burying the Evidence – Alan V. Schmukler

Good article. We veterinarians that use homeopathy look at these kinds of statements with puzzlement. When there is so much evidence that homeopathy is effective, what kind of mind can these people have developed for themselves? They are so blinded that they cannot even see what is in front of them?

Richard Pitcairn DVM

Editor’s note: Richard Pitcairn is a co-founder and past president of The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. He recently co-authored The New World Veterinary Repertory.


From:  Addiction: The Compassionate Search for the Lost Soul – Declan Hammond

Thank you for this insightful article. As a kiwi homeopath of 30 plus years and a shamanic practitioner of considerably less, I have found shamanic work truly facilitates and grounds homeopathic treatment to release patterns that would otherwise create continuing relapse. “Experimenting” with many modalities over the years, shamanic healing is the one complement I have found to my homeopathic practice to effect profound shifts and create new patterns that support client’s living their passion fully.

Pauline Wilson LCH RCHom.


From:  Interview with Jason-Aeric Huenecke – Linda Nurra

Provings: An Interview with Jason-Aeric Huenecke

Thank you Linda Nurra for such an informative interview. Few of us think about provings anymore, yet they are the basis of our practice.  Jason-Aeric is clearly a master and one of very few.

Martin Earl


From:  Recurrent Broncitis – Petr Hoffman

Recurrent Bronchitis

This case report is like a master class in homeopathic prescribing. Thank you Petr!



From: Senile Dementia: A Homoeopathic Perspective! – Dr. Aparna Joshi

Senile Dementia: A Homoeopathic Perspective!

Very Interesting article. However I would suggest two things:  First use less unexplained acronyms such as: NAD, CVS, P/A  and second, provide more repertorization details with exact chosen rubrics. For exemple repertorization for Case 2 can lead also to Arsenicum album.



From:  Tidbits –54 –  Homeopathy 4 Idiots – Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 54: Homeopathy 4 Idiots

Thanks again Elaine for another excellent Tidbits column!  Only someone who really understands a subject can explain it so simply.  The video clip about Dr. Burzynski was icing on the cake.

Alan V. Schmukler


From:  Aurum Metallicum – Dr. Luc De Schepper

Aurum Metallicum

Dear Dr.,

Thanks for this article. Aurum sings a song:  “ham ji ke kya krein ge jub dil hi toot gaia”. It is a famous Indian song that means there is no use to live with a broken heart!
Dr. CS Gupta


From: Encephalitis with Right Sided Pneumonia –Dr. Rajiv Peres

Encephalitis with Right Sided Pneumonia

Dear Dr Peres,
The case was very difficult. and it was it was difficult to repertorize it. The vital force was weak and further weakened by steroid and antibiotics given in hospital. Anyhow you made good efforts.

Thank you

Dr  C.S. Gupta


From:  Cartoon: Royal College of Veterinary Surgery  – Alan V. Schmukler

Royal College of Veterinary Surgery

Ha-ha! Very good Alan! Great drawings as usual!

Elaine Lewis


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