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Homeopathy for Everyone February 2009

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Homeopathy for Everyone February 2009

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Homeopathic Facial Analysis
A New Paragdigm for Potentization
 Alan V. Schmukler

“When we make a homeopathic remedy, we are not just making dilutions, we are making copies.”

Letters to the Editor

“Your articles are the best in the homeopathic literature
and very useful for clinical practice.”

 Homeopath in the Hot Seat
Grant Bentley – interviewed
by Louise Barton & others.

“I remember thinking, ‘Can you really figure out a person’s
miasm by the facial features they have?

 New Papers on Facial Analysis
  Case taking with Homoeopathic Facial Analysis– Grant Bentley

“In Homoeopathic Facial Analysis the mentals are not regarded as the key to unlocking the remedy.”

History of Homoeopathic Facial Analysis – Grant Bentley

“Homoeopathic Facial Analysis is homoeopathy made easy –
or at least as easy as something as complicated as homoeopathy
can be.”

Soul & Survival Concepts – Grant Bentley

“Homoeopathic philosophy … is more than finding a
remedy and deeper than matching a person to a remedy picture.”

Homœopathic Facial Analysis – HFA – Louise Barton

“HFA is an observable diagnostic method of prescribing,
based on Hahnemann’s trilogy of three miasms – psora,
sycosis and syphilis.”

Using HFA in the Clinic – Robyn Williams

“HFA has been a watershed experience for both myself and my clinic.”


Michael Quinn, Founder, President and Chief Pharmacist of Hahnemann Laboratories

Luc Chaltin, Founder, Newton Homeopathics

William Tankard-Hahnemann, Great, great, great grandson of     Samuel Hahnemann

 College in Focus
  Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy, Australia
 New Papers
A Dialogue with Francis Treuherz– Rowena J. Ronson

“The spider is nothing but a representation at the physical
level of an archetypal way of being.”

Tips and Secrets 22 – Alan Schmukler

“Patients on Belladonna or Borax should avoid vinegar, as
it retards the action of those remedies”

The Role of Dietary Restrictions in Homeopathic Treatment –             Dr. Manish Bhatia

“A small survey or homeopathic websites revealed that the majority of homeopaths believe in dietary restrictions to some extent.”

The Foundations of a New System (1790-1805) – Rudi Verspoor

“Primary, constant nature diseases are those that have a
specific remedy that remains so for all persons and all time.”

 More Than Words!
  February 09 Cartoon – Evidence Based Medicine– Alan Schmukler

Look for a new cartoon every month in this new section of the ezine!

 From the Clinic – Cases Highligting Facial Analysis Method
Haemachromatosis and Asthma– Vivien Pells

“The doctor has taken a blood test and her iron levels have reduced.”

Sjogrens Syndrome – Robyn William

“She expressed a lot of anxiety regarding her health  saying that she felt like a ticking time bomb.”

Tourettes Syndrome – Robyn William

“.. She had not experienced the Tourette symptoms for 21/2 years from taking the remedy.”

Coeliac- Ketotic Hypoglycemia – Janine McClelland

“She often becomes sicker than normal whilst her father
is away.”

Alzheimer’s / Stroke– Rose Italiano

“He became more present, making eye contact, and smiling in recognition.”

Depression – Rogér Walti

“Every now and then she wakes at 4.30am, but now can go back to sleep.”

Depression, Nausea and Suicidal Thoughts – Leanne Satherley

“I’m a beached whale now, I’ve got no energy.”

Menopause, Migraines and Anxiety – Maria Humphries

“This all causes her considerable anxiety, and she often
becomes teary at work.”

Psoriasis – Amtulnaseer Lubna Ahmad

“She is very independent, easy going and very careless.
Likes to study. Likes doing additions and has lots of friends. She is always in a hurry and is very untidy.”

Migraines and Eye Problems– Louise Barton

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting “No One Said Being A Homeopath Was Easy!” –               Elaine Lewis

Answer to the last month’s case quiz.

 Book Reviews
Soul & Survival – The Common Human Experienceby Grant Bentley Looking Back , Moving Forward by Rowenna Ronson
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