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Homeopathy for Everyone July 2007

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Homeopathy for Everyone July 2007

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Manish Bhatia
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Neil D. Shere
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 A Note for the Students – Dr. Manish Bhatia

“I realized that my failures came from my own incapacities. I can not practice like Sankaran just by reading his books. I was not as ‘his level‘. “

Letters to the Editor

Hot-Seat Interview
 Dr. Rajan Sankaran – interviewed by Dr. Manish Bhatia

“After about two months on the remedy, an X-Ray of the affected foot was repeated. The bones that had dissolved re-appeared!”

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New Papers
   The Vital Sensation – Dr. Urvi Chauhan

“…the vital sensation is the common sensation that connects mind and body….”

Who Heals is Right – Bärbel Tschech

“…Their efficacy against certain diseases can be proved by studies meeting the medical criteria of evidence based medicine “

The Psychosomatic Dimension of Homeopathy -II – Dietmar Payrhuber

“Prescribing the remedy, we trigger a deep action upon the psychological constellation of the patient which may even be able to dissolve malignant tissues to restore health.”

Exchange on Homeoprophylaxis

Video Lecture on Homeoprophylaxis – George Vithoulkas

“This video is an excerpt from Prof. Vithoulkas’ Open Homeopathic Seminar (2007) in Alonissos.”

A Question on Homeoprophylaxis– Dr. Manish Bhatia, George Vithoulkas

“…how can we claim to have a long term prophylactic effect from certain remedies when we claim that provings don’t continue indefinitely.”

Immunization in Hahnemann’s System of Medicine – Rudi Verspoor

“Provings are by their very nature an immunization against the disease similar in nature (cause) to the substance being used..”

Lectures on Organon of Medicine

Understanding ‘Aphorism Five Part 2’ – Dr. Manish Bhatia

“There is nothing wrong in understanding the ‘person’ BUT the problem started when people in some schools started to ignore the physical generals, the disease symptoms and the pathology and started prescribing only on the constitutional essence of the patient.”

# Understanding Aphorisms ‘Seventy-Five’ & ‘Seventy-Six’ – Dr. Leela D’Souza

“A colleague asked me a question. How come there is so much lack of uniformity in remedy choice and management today in homeopathy? How come every body seems to be practicing their ‘home-own-pathy’?”

Tips and Secrets – 3 – Alan Schmukler

“In cancer of lip with painful cracks in the corners of the mouth, explore Condurango.”

Drooling / Ptyalism / Salivation – Dr. Rehana Khan

“Sudden onset of drooling indicates poisoning, or reaction to snake or insect venom.”

From the Clinic
 Breaking Out – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

“You get the feeling that you want to poke a hole, or put a bullet into it, and it will come out or something like that (laughs and shows gesture of a gun)….”

A Fish Out of Water – Dr. Sujit Chatterjee

“….in the initial elements like Lithium, Beryllium, Boron we see no separation and there is an intense dependence on the mother figure.”

A Case of Cactina – Dr. Sudheer Baldota

“In Cactaceae, there is a marked sensitivity shown towards the vital sensation of constriction, ……. which is paired up with the opposite expressions such as expansion, becoming bigger.”

I am Locked in a Cage With a Mad Animal – Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

“We were going to South Africa we were in the plane- now even before the pilot could detect that there is some fault in the plane, I told my husband that the flaps of the wings are not opening and the plane is retarding.”

Moving Through Life’s Transitions – David Johnson

“….a patient can often provide a clear picture of the substance in nature that they need for healing.”

 A Repertory of Toothache – Dr. S. C. Kursija

“A single characteristic, uncommon, and peculiar symptom is of more value than half a dozen symptoms.”

 A Pig in the Dark – Edward De Beaukelaer, DVM

“We have to find out what happened before Chestnut stopped drinking and eating.”

 Doin’ “The Walk”! – Kelly Young, Elaine Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “‘Get on the Good Foot, Part 2” – Elaine Lewis

and the winner is…

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