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Homeopathy for Everyone July 2023

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–– When Computers Lie – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Letters from the Readers of June issue


–– Dr. Keith Souter is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler


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–– The Science of Homeopathy and Levels of Health – Viraj Shah, Seema Mahesh

–– Kali iod: Three Cases of Different Pathologies, One RemedyNatalia Kolomiiets

–– Idiopathic Facial Nerve Palsy – Aaditi Lakshmana

–– Uterine Polyps Treated Homeopathically – Sabina Negrut / Adriana Sirbu

–– Atopic Dermatitis Managed with Classical Homeopathy – Tamara Kozymenko

–– Digestive Issues Treated Using Levels of Health Methodology – Mansoor Shafi

–– Migraine Treated with Classical Homeopathy – Varangkana Tongkhamsai

–– Anaemia Associated with Depression – Case ReportLay NeeGoay,  Aaditi Lakshmana

–– Large Aural Haematoma in a Dog – Archana Dethe


–– The Scorpion V’s the Spike Protein – Isaac Golden

–– Questions Patients Ask 31 – Spotlight on Meningitis – Elaine Lewis

–– How I became a Homeopath – Bonnie Camo

­–– If Homeopaths Don’t Learn From their History 1847-2023 – Sue Young

­–– Veratrum Album – Edouard Broussalian

–– Drug ProvingAdolphe Lippe

­–– The Tree, the Boy and the Interconnections in Life – Caroline Durieu

–– Situational Materia Medica – The Paradigm of Clear Understanding – Kamlesh Kakde

–– Homeopathy Tips & Important News July 2023 – Alan V. Schmukler


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–– Free Homeopathy Books Online


–– Bilateral Grade II Chronic Diffuse Renal Parenchymal Abnormality Cured with Homeopathy – Kavita Chandak

–– Palliative Care Provided as an End of Life SupportRekha Karnam Srinivasan

–– Atopic Dermatitis Treated with an Anti-Miasmatic Approach – Prajot N. Parmar  / Kinjal Sanghavi

–– Ovarian Cyst in a Married Woman of 47 – Divya Yadav, Ram Prasad Yadav, Vineeta Singh

–– Spina bifida in a Girl of 3 – Shyamji Rai

–– Senility in YouthRoma Buchimensky

–– Overcoming the Effects of Bullying – Erzsébet Túrós


–– The Art and Skill of Case Taking – A Practical Integration Tool –  by Dr. Shrikant Talari is reviewed by Heather Kaiser-Smith


–– Ask the Holistic Vet – July 2023 – Deva Khalsa


–– Ask the Plant Doctor, July 2023 – Radko Tichavsky


–– FDA Once Again! Alan V. Schmukler


–– Homeopathy Crossword – July 2023 – Alan V. Schmukler


–– QUIZ – Like a Headache, But in my Face! – Elaine Lewis

–– Revisiting: SOS after Fainting – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

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