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Homeopathy for Everyone October 2019

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The rich October 2019 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone – WORLD’S most popular homeopathy journal!


–– Homeopathy in Drug Resistant Infections – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Feedback Letters from September 2019 –


––Dr. Rajan Sankaran is interviewed by homeopath Vatsala Sperling.


–– Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

–– Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOL 2 by Dr. Manish BhatiaAVAILABLE NOW!


–– The Soul of Remedies – Argentum Nitricum – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

–– A New Concept of the Origin of Homeopathic Psycho-Types -Luetic Group – Dr. Michail Lyakhovich

–– The Case of Merlin and the Red Onion – Marcus Cristo

–– Noetic Mirroring – An untapped method of healing our planet  -Doug Brown

–– What is neuropathy and how do you treat it?  – Allyson McQuinn

–– The Tongue in Disease and Remedial Diagnosis – Dr. Muhammed Rafeeque

–– Ten simple rules to find the appropriate homeopathic remedy – Dr. Filip Degroote

–– Bronchial asthma and its lesser known remedies – Drs. Minakshi Kamboj & Nitesh Jangid

–– Application of David Owen’s Models of Health in Homeopathic Practice – Dr. Anuradha Rao

–– BAAH 7th National Seminar – Kolkata – 2019

–– TIDBITS 66: A Second Look At Donald Trump    –  Elaine Lewis

–– TIPS & SECRETS – Alan V. Schmukler


–– Snake Bite – Rattlesnake – Ellen Kire

–– Sudden Facial Neuralgia – Diderik Finne

–– Defective Heart in a Young Dog  – Madeleine Innocent

–– Remarkable Short Stories: Cases to Remember: Part-2 – Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

–– “I want to disappear”  -Anke Zimmerman 

–– Migraine in a Man of 24 – Dr. Ajmal Saif

–– Urolithiasis Treated with Sepia – Drs. Jaya Gupta / Deepti Dewan

–– Traumatic Right Basal Ganglion Bleed – Dr. Peeyush Gautam

–– Periungual Warts in a man of 19 – Dr. Jitesh Sharma

–– Recurrent Laryngitis in a man of 31 – Dr. Chaitra Raju


–– Homeopathy: Good Science, How New Science Validates Homeopathy by Peter Adams – Reviewed by Vatsala Sperling

–– Finding Your Way Through The Forest of Symptoms by Ton Jansen –  Reviewed by Rochelle Marsden


–– ASK THE HOLISTIC VET – October 2019 – Dr. Deva Khalsa


–– Efficacy of Homeopathy in PCOS – Dr. Sutapa Nandi 


–– CROSSWORD October 2019 – Alan V. Schmukler


–– Minor Operation  – Alan V. Schmukler


–– Would You Be Sad If I Hung Myself? – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

–– Revisiting: From Really Weird to Shockingly Great! – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis


–– THE PLANT DOCTOR – October 2019 – Radko Tichavsky

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