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Hpathy Editorial Board

Here is the illustrious homeopathic team of this international project called Hpathy! Spread across Asia, Europe, America, Canada & Australia, this team works day and night to take – Homeopathy to Everyone.

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The Directors

The Directors
Dr. Manish Bhatia
Dr. Manish Bhatia Dr. Manisha Bhatia
Chief Editor
Alan Schmukler
The Editorial Team
Katja Schütt Shirley Reischman Elaine Lewis
Rochelle Marsden Leela D’Souza Edward De Beukelaer
Firuzi Mehta Neil D. Shere Carole Franske
Gina Tyler David Johnson David Kempson
Kelly Young John Harvey Thierry Clerc
Isaac Golden Frauke Girus-Nowoczyn
Urvi Chauhan S. V. Swamy Janice King
Nancy Malik Ashish Sharma  
There are others who belong to the non-homeopathic community and prefer to remain invisible (our councellors, advisors, office staff). Hpathy is grateful and thankful to all these people who work tirelessly to create and maintain the world’s NO. 1 Homeopathy Portal –!!JOIN HPATHY TEAMIf you would like to volunteer as an editor/moderator/translator or in some other capacity, drop us an email at


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