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Homeopathy for Everyone December 2023

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Read the amazing December 2023 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. An special interview, lots of new cases, some fresh and some historical articles, agrohomeopathy, case-quiz, cartoon, research and book reviews – it’s a plate full!

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–– We Are Going Bimonthly! – Alan Schmukler

–– Letters to The Editor


–– An Interview with Arthur B. Green (1884-1977). He was Editor of the homeopathy journal, The Layman Speaks for 41 years – John Duffy, Martin Kaufman


–– Master Case Taking with The Masters Course – register TODAY!

–– Mastering Delusion Rubrics – Course by Dr Bhatia


–– 50 Years Since Liberation  –  Vertigo for 50 years – Francis Treuherz

–– Impact of Childhood Trauma On Adult Life – Petra Cihlářová

–– Homeopathic Management of Swine Flu Complicated by Pleural Effusion – Devang Shah

–– Evolving the Miasmatic Activity of Psoriasis Through a Case – Ardeshir T. Jagose

–– Infective Suppurative Cellulitis with Latent Diabetes Mellitus managed with Tarentula Cubensis replacing Surgical Knife – Rakesh Gupta / Sheetal Jaisingh

–– Hirsutism in a Womam of 18 – Kathrine Dehn

–– Infantile Colic in a Month Old Baby – Aarti Alwani, Sonali Chauhan

–– Persistent Pain in Leg after Covid  -Woman of 72 – Chanda Shah

–– Thoughts Vanishing – Mir Zahed

–– Depression in a Woman of 46 – Maitri Sukhadia

–– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Shweta Shah


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–– The Fireside Book of Homeopathy Tales Now on Kindle

– Get the best homeopathic storybook ever written… includes 16 award-winning stories from the first International Homeopathic Story Competition.

–– Free Homeopathy Books Online


–– Tracing some of the homeopathy’s history in Germany: S. C. F. Hahnemann – Carola Scheuren

–– Standardization of the selection of symptoms for homeopathic repertorization according to objective criteria  -Part 1 – Philipp Zippermayr

–– Standardization of the selection of symptoms for homeopathic repertorization according to objective criteria  -Part 2 – Philipp Zippermayr

–– Niccolum Metallicum –( the Niccolum Horse ) – Tim Couzens

–– Effectiveness of Homeopathy in Systemic and Family Therapy – Michail Lyakhovich

–– Partners in Healing – The Ghana Homeopathy Project – Jacqueline Smith

–– Palpitation of the Heart (Acute) – Constantine Hering

–– A Remembrance of Carroll Dunham, M. D.   1828-1887 – William Harvey King

–– From Allopathic Palliation to Homeopathic True Healing/ Prevention – Francesco Candeloro

–– Questions Patients Ask – 32 – Elaine Lewis

–– Homeopathy Tips & Important News Dec. 2023 – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Why should the homeopath master different methods of case taking? – Keyur Vakharia


–– Organon Reflections, Bringing Homeopathic Philosophy Into Today’s Medical Practice by Dr. Wendy Jensen – reviewed by Vatsala Sperling

–– Healing Women with Homeopathy by Dr. Kavita Chandak – reviewed by Joachim F. Grätz


–– More Research on Homeopathy – Robert Medhurst

–– Some Research on Arnica – Sarah Penrose

–– Science Pertinent to Homeopathy Addresses Skeptics’ Doubts – C R Mahata


–– Ask the Holistic Vet – Dec. 2023 – Dr. Deva Khalsa

An enquiry into the experiences of farmers using classical homoeopathy as part of their over-all health management strategy – Christine Lee


–– Ask the Plant Doctor, Dec. 2023 – Radko Tichavsky


 –– The King’s New Doctor – Alan V. Schmukler


–– QUIZ – Sick Headache – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

–– Revisiting: Husband Falls Through Ceiling – Elaine Lewis

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