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Homeopathy for Everyone July 2021

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Read the amazing Homeopathy for Everyone, Seventh issue of 2021. Rich collection of articles, cases, research, book reviews, veterinary and agrohomeopathy and much more!

–– Are Your Remedies Being Erased? – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Feedback from June 2021 –

–– Dr. Manpreet S. Bindra -author of Dr. Bindra’s Clinical Desk Reference – Homoeopathic Cardiology, is interviewed by Dr. Leela D’Souza Francisco

–– Manfred Mueller, author of Homeopathic Cancer Drugs – Oncology Materia Medica, interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

–– Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

–– 50% Discount on Homeopathy Foundation Course

–– Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOLUME 3 now available!!

–– The Viral Panic – Tips on Preventing Covid  – Joe Rozencwajg

–– The Immune Powered Human Against Microbes – Chetna N shukla

––  Covid RemediesManpreet Bindra

–– A Homeopathic Approach to Covid – Gaurang Gaikwad

–– A Warning on Lycopodium – Pierre Schmidt

–– A Promise of Health (APOH) Miraculous Co-Creators, all of us together. Thank You – Barbara Grannell and Bill Grannell

–– The Soul of Remedies – Coffea cruda – Rajan Sankaran

–– Tidbits 81:   Splinter In The Foot—A Child’s Solution – Elaine Lewis

–– Tips & Secrets – July 2021 – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Free Homeopathy Books Online

–– Best Homeopathy Course for Beginners

–– The Best Book to Study Organon!

–– Cervical Squamous Intraepithelial Neoplasia 1 & 2 – Olga Habchi

–– Absolute Kidney Failure in a Child – Joachim F. Grätz

–– Aethusa Cynapium – Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton

–– A Case of Ventricular Septal Defect – Manpreet Bindra

–– A Case of Atrial Septal Defect & Down’s Syndrome – Manpreet Bindra

–– CA Tongue – Stage 3 Relapse – Manpreet Bindra

–– Covid 19 in a Man of 56 – Amit Arora and Udesh Kumar

–– Acute Intestinal Obstruction in a Man of 61 – AP Sivakumaran

–– Dermoid Cyst of Left Ovary – Woman of 28 – Piyu Amit Uttamchandani

–– Covid-19 in a Man of 21 – Shraddha Samant

–– Opioid-free Recovery from Major Surgery with Homeopathy – Swapna Honavar

–– Migraine in a Boy of 10 – Krunal Kosada

–– Electrohypersensitivity as a Newly Identified and Characterized Neurologic Pathological Disorder: How to Diagnose, Treat, and Prevent It – Dominique Belpomme, Philippe Irigaray
–– Healing Complex Children with Homeopathy by Angelica Lemke, ND, is reviewed by Vatsala Sperling
–– Ask The Holistic Vet – July 2021 – Deva Khalsa
–– The Plant Doctor – July 2021 – Radko Tichavsky
–– 5th Generation of Greed – Alan V. Schmukler
–– Homeopathy Crossword July 2021
–– QUIZ- I  DON’T CARE  – Elaine Lewis

–– Revisiting: Headache, Worse Yelling and Cheering! – Elaine Lewis

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